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Microsoft Project Scorpio to launch in 2017 as a 4K VR powerhouse



Microsoft closed out its E3 keynote by trying to end the notion of console generations with the announcement of Project Scorpio.

Not content to kick off its keynote with the new Xbox One S console, Microsoft decided to officially confirm the existence of the next Microsoft console as well. Currently called Project Scorpio, the next console to join the Xbox One family is set to launch in 2017, and will deliver true 4K gaming and VR support to Xbox users.

Onstage during his E3 keynote, Microsoft's Phil Spencer was eager to emphasise the fact that all three consoles – the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio – will all support the exact same software, regardless of the console, meaning that the age of waiting seven years between console launches could be over.

From a specs perspective, Project Scorpio will offer six teraflops of GPU power running at 60Hz, which according to Microsoft will make it the most powerful games console on the market.

While the Virtual Reality aspect of the console was thrown around a little during the presentation video, no details there are officially known, other than Bethesda will be making Fallout 4 in VR for the console.

While that in itself will be enough to sell some units, Microsoft's confirmation that Project Scorpio exists so far out from launch could potentially hinder sales of the Xbox One and even the newly announced Xbox One S.

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