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finder score: 72.5%

Avg. critics score: 72.5%
4 critics
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Critic reviews

WebsiteRatingNotable quotes
CarAdvice79%"It perhaps makes sense to think of it as a luxury-ish SUV with a tray, a high-end boat or trailer-tower for that chunk of the population with money to burn, or at the very least a good accountant."Read more
CarsGuide74%"Does the Mercedes-Benz X-Class ute move the game on? No, it doesn't. But what it does do is offer yet another quality vehicle in the highly competitive dual cab ute segment..."Read more
Motoring72%"There's more than enough Benz engineering in the X 350d to ensure its popularity for those buying in the upper echelon of the market segment."Read more
Drive65%"Ultimately, it's the hefty price premium that makes the X difficult to recommend, although it'll depend how much you value the three-pointed star badge."Read more

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How does the Mercedes Benz X-Class compare with its peers?

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Payload ANCAP rating Price (from) Finder Score Read Review | Find a deal
Ford Ranger
945 kg
5 stars
Read Review
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on Georgie’s website
Volkswagen Amarok
1,020 kg
5 stars
Read Review
Find a Deal
on Georgie’s website
Mitsubishi Triton
855 kg
5 stars
Read Review
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on Georgie’s website
Holden Colorado
1,029 kg
5 stars
Read Review
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on Georgie’s website
Toyota HiLux
995 kg
5 stars
Read Review
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on Georgie’s website
Mazda BT-50
1,039 kg
5 stars
Read Review
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on Georgie’s website
Nissan Navara
930 kg
5 stars
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on Georgie’s website
Isuzu D-Max
924 kg
5 stars
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on Georgie’s website
Mercedes-Benz X-Class
1,188 kg
5 stars
Read Review
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on Georgie’s website

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The complete Mercedes Benz X-Class review

Mercedes Benz X-Class Pricing

The X-Class ute starts from $51,554.85. This has to be the most expensive work spec ute on the market. For the money, you'll get a two-wheel-drive ute with a cab chassis, ready for fitting a tray. This model has more plastic trim around the body for increased protection.

The most expensive ute is the X350d POWER model with 4WD and a seven-speed automatic gearbox. This model retails for $86,933.85 drive away.

Metallic paints are an optional extra cost.

Prices shown are for NSW.

Click on the model you're interested in to compare finance options.

X-Class PURE

X-Class PURE pricingDrive away price
X220d Dual Cab 2WD Cab Chassis 6-speed manual$51,554.85
X220d Dual Cab 2WD 6-speed manual$52,925.85
X220d Dual Cab 4MATIC Cab Chassis 6-speed manual$56,651.85
X220d Dual Cab 4MATIC Cab Chassis 6-speed manual$57,734.85
X220d Dual Cab 4MATIC 6-speed manual$59,105.85
X220d Dual Cab 4MATIC Cab Chassis 7-speed auto$60,721.85
X220d Dual Cab 4MATIC 7-speed auto$62,092.85


X-Class PROGRESSIVE pricingDrive away price
X250d Dual Cab 4MATIC Cab Chassis 6-speed manual$60,309.85
X250d Dual Cab 4MATIC 6-speed manual$61,680.85
X250d Dual Cab 4MATIC 7-speed auto$64,667.85
X250d Dual Cab 4MATIC Cab Chassis 7-speed auto$63,296.85
X350d Dual Cab 4MATIC Cab Chassis 7-speed auto$80,602.85


Mercedes-Benz X-Class POWER pricingDrive away price
X250d Dual Cab 4MATIC 6-speed manual$68,581.85
X250d Dual Cab 4MATIC 7-speed automatic$71,568.85
X350d Dual Cab 4MATIC 7-speed automatic$86,933.85

The above prices are the manufacturer's recommended driveaway price (MRDP). These costs include 12 months' rego and compulsory third-party insurance (average cost for a 40-year-old driver). They also include dealer-delivery rates and stamp duty.


It's hard to look beyond the price of the X-Class. It carries a hefty price tag. The V6 X350d is, according to car reviewers, a great car to drive. But you're paying a lot for the badge. For some people, that may have an appeal. Others might want to look to class-leading utes and go to town on the options list, with change to spare.

WebsiteProsConsNotable quote
  • V6 drivetrain
  • Refined
  • Suave interior
  • Adept towing
  • Brand reputation
  • Safety equipment
  • Price
  • Snug rear seats
  • Handling once laden
  • No MBUX system
  • Less storage than Navara
"It perhaps makes sense to think of it as a luxury-ish SUV with a tray, a high-end boat or trailer-tower for that chunk of the population with money to burn, or at the very least a good accountant."
  • Varied range
  • AEB as standard
  • Top of the range model is plush
  • No reversing camera on cab chassis utes
  • Snug rear interior
  • No RWD automatic
"[Mercedes] offers yet another quality vehicle in the highly competitive dual cab ute segment, one that could be very compelling to existing Benz owners looking to get rid of a different brand of ute on their driveway."
  • Quiet and strong V6 option
  • Ride/handling
  • Low-range shift on the fly
  • Nissan carryovers
  • Pricing
  • "Little else"
"Price will be a deciding factor for the success of the V6-powered Mercedes-Benz X 350d ute."
  • Class-leading safety assists
  • Striking exterior/interior styling
  • The most quiet workhorse ute on the market
  • Quite pricey
  • Basic equipment levels
  • Saggy laden rear coil-suspension
"Those expecting a luxury vehicle may be disappointed with the X-Class."

Engine and performance

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is available with either a 2.3-litre four-cylinder diesel or a V6 diesel. The four-cylinder diesel was jointly developed by Nissan and Renault and comes in two different tunes. As the X220d, it makes 120kw @ 3,750rpm. 403 Nm of torque hits between 1,500rpm and 2,500rpm. Benz turns up the dial on the engine for the X250d Pure, Progressive and Power models. This engine is twin turbocharged (as opposed to single) and creates another 20kw, making 140kw @ 3,750rpm. Torque figures also jump to a pretty much class standard of 450 Nm @ 1,500-2,500rpm.

Mercedes also gives buyers the option of a V6 engine. This 3.0-litre monster is an all Benz engine and appears to be gunning for homeland competitors like VW's Amarok V6.

Buyers after the larger V6 can pick between the X350d Progressive or X350d Power. In these utes, the engine conjures up 190kW @ 3,400rpm. Regular trailer and caravan towers will enjoy 550 Nm of torque at their disposal from 1,400-3,200rpm.

Car reviewers thoughts on the Mercedes-Benz X-Class engine/gearbox line-up

How did reviewers rate the Merc's engine solid and transmission pairings? For the 250d, testers felt the engine was refined and was highly useable. With the seven-speed auto making use of taller gearing, journalists applauded Mercedes for a commendable effort.

On the roads, it was summed up as delivering a solid performance. It seems that most testers preferred the V6, but with a larger displacement, power output and kerb weight, it will drink more fuel than the four-cylinder-equipped utes. Merc invited reviewers to a Slovenia launch for the V6 X-Class. There, the speed limit is 130km/h and many journos said even at that speed, the engine was barely having to work. The 350d trim was also described as flagship, with more Mercedes parts added to the Nissan F-Alpha platform-based pick-up.

Transmission-wise, the X-Class can be had with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic gearbox. Across all four-cylinder X-Class utes, the manual transmission is a standard fitment. For 250d Pure and Progressive dual-cabs, you can opt for the automatic and on V6 models the automatic is your only option. Unusually for the ute market, there's no automatic RWD model. Instead, your automatic Benz pick-up is permanently 4WD.

Reviewers praised the autobox models for snappy shifts and the ability to select comfort or sport modes. One or two noted while cog-swapping is generally seamless, when towing, downshifts are occasionally clunky.

For those who need to venture beyond the asphalt, there's the ability to swap into low-range and an optional locking diff.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class engine and transmission statistics

Engine type
Four-cylinder, turbocharged
Six-cylinder, twin-turbocharged V6
DrivetrainRWD or 4WD4WD4WD
Engine size/displacement
Fuel type
Fuel tank capacity
Max torque403Nm@1,500-2,500rpm450Nm@1,500-2,500rpm550Nm@1,400-3,200rpm
Fuel consumption (combined)7.6L/100km7.7L/7.9L/100km

Manual / Auto

Acceleration (0-100km/h)N/AN/AN/A
Emissions standard
Euro 6
Top speedN/AN/AN/A
Factory immobiliser
TransmissionSix-speed manualSix-speed manual or optional seven-speed autoSeven-speed auto
Towing capacity (unbraked/braked)750/3,200kg750/3,500kg750/3,500kg

Fuel Efficiency

X-Class fuel economy figures are pretty much in line with those of its competitors. We've listed the official figures below.

For the X220d PURE RWD X-Class model, fuel usage is listed as follows:

  • Combined: 7.6L/100km
  • Urban: 8.3L/100km
  • Extra urban: 7.2L/100km

4MATIC PURE models with the extra set of driven wheels have more rotating mass to the drivetrain and a higher kerb weight.

  • Combined: 7.8L/100km
  • Urban: 8.5L/100km
  • Extra urban: 7.4L/100km

The X250d engine has more power and torque, again affecting fuel consumption.

  • Combined: 7.7L/100km manual or 7.9L/100km automatic
  • Urban: 8.5L/100km manual or 9.7L/100km automatic
  • Extra urban: 7.3L/100km manual or 6.9L/100km automatic

Finally, the X350d models are heavier again, with more equipment and the larger engine adding kilos on to the kerb weight.

  • Combined: 8.8L/100km
  • Urban: 10L/100km
  • Extra urban: 8.1L/100km

If fuel use is a concern or you spend a lot of time driving around urban areas, the V6 will prove pretty costly. On the other hand, an X220d Pure RWD is acceptably frugal.

One thing to note: the official figures are calculated using 81/02 ADR tests. Real-world and achievable fuel economy numbers differ from these tests. On public roads, there are many factors that will impact on fuel usage including an individual's driving style, road conditions, traffic, environmental factors, vehicle maintenance and the number of accessories fitted. Use these brochure numbers only as a guide for comparing different models.

Testers typically achieved figures about 0.7L/100km higher and when towing the difference can grow up to 15% from the factory figures.


Overall, it seems the X-Class improves upon the Navara’s handling, thanks to a few key changes. Merc engineers widened the track by 70mm and sped up the steering rack. This contributes to what most appraisers said was a planted drive. While not class-leading, one motoring critic said it was “fairly impressive”.

Other media outlets warned buyers not to expect a Mercedes passenger car-like ride. But let’s be fair, this is a ute. You should anticipate the handling to be firm. Testers found the X-Class to occasionally jolt over large bumps at the rear but discovered the suspension settled things down pretty quickly. Other reviews talked about the steering on the X-Class being reasonably responsive.

Like its twin under the skin, the Navara, things become unstuck once loaded up. This is in part thanks to the rear coil-spring suspension, where most ute builders fit some good old fashioned leaf-springs. In pictures of the X-Class carrying loads back in the tray, you’ll see it sags noticeably.

Off-road, an X-Class can hold its own. Thanks to a high/low range transfer case, Hill Descent Control and other clever tech such as a 360-degree camera, journalists realised that the X-Class works well once the terrain gets uneven. It doesn’t have best in class offroad dimensions but it certainly appears to get by.


The ute market has evolved a lot over the last decade, with buyers asking manufacturers to create high-end premium lifestyle dual-cabs, in addition to workhorse models. Mercedes is no exception.

First, universally all reviewers picked up on how the Merc is extremely quiet internally. Engineers obviously spent a lot of time endeavouring to lower the noise, vibration and harshness. Their efforts were not in vain. Some testers even likened it to a passenger car in terms of cancelling out the droning rumble of wind and tyres.

Tradies and farmers, who can be quite hard on their vehicles, should probably stick to Pure line utes. Mercedes strips out the high-end cabin luxuries of the premium models and sticks to tough plastics. You’ll find that the steering wheel and gear selector are plastic and that the centre console lacks a lid. Rubber floors finish off this utilitarian interior.

Progressive spec starts to move away from the basic workhorse cabin and brings with it a DAB radio and eight speakers. The steering wheel is covered in a leather material with chrome highlights.

For buyers who want a little refinement and class, the Power trim introduces man-made leather to the steering wheel and seats. You also get keyless entry, dual-zone climate control and a larger 8.4-inch infotainment screen.

Most reviewers lamented the lack of interior storage when compared with the Navara. The rear of the cabin, despite being wider than the Navara, was still said to be too cramped to be properly comfortable.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class safety and driver assists

The X-Class has a long list of safety equipment as standard.

X-Class PureX-Class ProgressiveX-Class Power
Reversing camera on dual-cabs360°
Front passenger airbags
A-D pillar airbags
Knee airbag for driver
Automatic emergency braking
Lane keeping-assist
Active lane keep assist✖️V6V6
Electronic stability program
Anti-lock braking system
Acceleration skid control
Electronic brake force distribution
Trailer stability assist
Daytime running lights
Hill start assist
Tyre pressure monitoring system
Seatbelt reminder
Rain-sensing windscreen wipers✖️
Cruise control
Hill descent control (4 MATIC models only)

Mercedes-Benz X-Class communication and in-vehicle features

X-Class PureX-Class ProgressiveX-Class Power
Audio 20 CD infotainment system with 7" HD screen, Bluetooth audio and media interface
4-speaker sound system✖️✖️
DAB digital radio with 8 speakers✖️
Keyless go✖️V6
Garmin MAP PILOT NavigationOPT✖️
Command Online Navigation✖️OPT
5.4" instrument cluster with colour display
Multifunction three-spoke steering wheel with 12 buttons
Leather steering wheel, gear shift lever and handbrake✖️
Manually adjusted front passenger seats✖️
8-way electrically adjustable front seats, with lumbar adjustment✖️OPT
Black fabric upholstery✖️✖️
Posadas black fabric upholstery✖️✖️
Artico man-made leather with Dinamica upholstery✖️OPT
Aluminium dashboard trim✖️✖️OPT/V6 std.
Semi-automatic AC✖️
Thermotronic automatic dual zone climate control✖️OPT/V6 std.
Plastic flooring✖️✖️
Carpet flooring✖️✖️

Mercedes-Benz X-Class exterior features

X-Class PureX-Class ProgressiveX-Class Power
Radiator grille with matte black finish✖️✖️
Radiator grille in iridium finish✖️
Front bumper in matte black with simulated under guard, matte black✖️✖️
Front bumper in body colour, plus matte black simulated under guard✖️✖️
Front bumper in body colour with chrome simulated under guard✖️✖️
Matte black rear bumper with built-in step✖️✖️
Body colour rear bumper with integrated step✖️✖️
Chrome rear bumper with built-in step✖️✖️
Fog lamps✖️
Chrome fog lamps✖️✖️
Halogen headlights✖️
LED headlights with cleaning system✖️OPT
Tray tie-down points✖️✖️
17" alloy wheelsOPT4 cyl.✖️
18" alloy wheels✖️OPT/V6 std.4 cyl
19" alloy wheels✖️OPTOPT/V6 std.


The X-Class is well equipped, well built and has a long list of safety tech and equipment. Almost all reviews couldn't overlook the price. It has to be one of the most expensive, non-American import utes in Australia. While it offers a lot of goodies to make up for that, including a quiet interior, a silky smooth V6 and the Benz badge, you may consider opting instead for something like a V6 Amarok.

Compare some options to finance a Mercedes Benz X-Class

Data indicated here is updated regularly
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Latitude Personal Loan (Secured)
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Pictures: Mercedes Benz

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