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List of cruelty free beauty brands

We've put together a list of over 1300 cruelty free beauty brands for all you discerning beauty buffs out there.

Cruelty free beauty is something that many Australians feel to be the most important factor for them when shopping for beauty products. So we decided to help customer shop more ethically with our comprehensive list of cruelty free beauty brands. We looked to numerous sources such as accredited organisations like PETA when compiling this list to ensure we had legitimate information.

Cruelty free transparency is all about giving customers the ability to choose products that makes sense for them. In line with this idea, we've included a few brands in this list that don't meet the strict cruelty free standards of PETA, but maybe help in other ways - for example MAC is sold in China but it makes significant monetary contributions to work towards a cruelty free future. We've also included some brands where it is unclear as to their current cruelty free status.

In each of these instances we've made clear notations so you can be as informed as possible. We've also included links to top rated beauty stores that ship to Australia. Because shoppers deserve to make an informed decision when buying beauty products.

Brand Where to buy Is there grey area? Is it sold in China?
#MPWR Skincare
100% Pure Cosmetics Nourished Life
1121 Apothecary
3rd Rock Sunblock
4 Elements Bath Products
7th Heaven
80 Acres
808 Dude Nourished Life
A Girl’s Gotta Spa Bath & Body Products
A Wild Soap Bar
A.Dorn Nail Paint
Abba Pure Performance Hair Care
Abbey Essentials
Abra Therapeutics
Absolutely Gorgeous
Action Wipes
Acure Organics Nourished Life
Adorable Baby
Adorn Cosmetics
Affordable Mineral Makeup
AFK Cosmetics
African Pacific
Afterglow Cosmetics
Agaia, Inc.
Agent Nateur Nourished Life
Airelle Skincare
Ajani Cosmetics
AKM Holistic
Alamo Organics
Alaska Glacial Mud Co
Alba Botanica
Alchimie Forever
Alex and Ani
Ali’s Natural Health Products
Alima Pure
All Good
Allen’s Naturally
Aloha Nani
Alpha Hydroxy
Amadeya Natural Body care
Amal Oils
Amanda Ross Skincare
Amaris Botanicals
Amazing Oils Nourished Life
Amber Blue
American Botanics
Anastasia Beverly Hills, Adore Beauty, Urban Outfitters, FacialCo
Ancient Egyptian Bath and Body Elixirs
Ancient Minerals Nourished Life
Ancient Secrets
Andalou Naturals Nourished Life
Angelina Organic Skincare
Angie Watts
Annemarie Börlind
Annmarie Skincare
Annod Natural Skincare
Antiquity BC
April Rain Skin Science
Aqua Natural
Arch Addicts
Archer Skincare
Arctic Fox
Ares Sports Rub
Aroma Bella
Aroma Naturals Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Aroma Rebel
Aromatic Essentials
Artisan Naturals
Artisans Bungalow Nourished Life
Asili LLC-Marula Oil
Astrida Naturals
Atelier de cosmetique
Au Naturel Botanicals
Aubrey Organics Cosme De
Aunt Bee’s Skin Care
Aussie Squatter Nourished Life
Austin Rose
Australian Bush Flower Essences
Australian Natural Soap Company
Australian Organic Biologika Nourished Life
Australian Pure
Australis Priceline
Avalon Organics
Aveda , Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Cosme De Owned by Estee Lauder which does test on animals. Aveda itself doesn't test nor are its products sold in China but Aveda does have a company policy that states it will test on animals when required by law.
B True Beauty
B-Leaf Botanics
Baby Moonshine
Baby Organics
Bach Flower Remedies Nourished Life
Badger Balm Nourished Life
Balm Envy
Bambola Beauty
Bare Body Soaps Organics
Bare Minerals, Not sold in China but owned by Shiseido which is.
Barry M ASOS
Basic Earth Essentials
Bassu Gold
Bath Body and Candle Moments
Batty’s Bath
Bdellium Tools
Be genki
Be-Live Naturals
Beach Organics Skincare
Beaming White
Bean & Lily
Bean Alainn
Beaute Mineral
Beautiful Birdie Cosmetics
Beautiful Me
Beautisol Self Tanner
Beauty Blender Sold in China. But tools and applicators should be exempt from testing.
Beauty Boosters Nourished Life
Beauty by Earth
Beauty By Nature
Beauty from the Earth
Beauty Without Cruelty
Becca Sephora,, , StrawberryNET, Adore Beauty, SkincareStore, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, Cosme De Becca is owned by Estee Lauder. EL has plans to expand Becca in China but the brand remains cruelty free for now.
Bee Naturals
Beecause Organics
Beeswax Candles Nourished Life
Bellabeat Nourished Life
belle & Bianca
Belle Mi
Belli & Baby
Bello Moi
Belly Buttons & Babies
Belonger Botanicals
Ben Nye
Benecos Nourished Life
Bésso de Natúra
Best Bath Store
Better Botanicals
Better Life
BFTE Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics Urban Outfitters
Bio Aromes
Bio Follicle Vegan Plant Derived Hair Products
Biogime Skin Care
biOrganics Hair Therapy
Bite Beauty Sephora, Adore Beauty,, Nourished Life, Skincarestore Bought by Kendo which does sell in China. But this doesn't mean Bite Beauty necessarily will too. Kendo also owns Kat Von D Beauty which is completely cruelty free.
Black Chicken Remedies Urban Outfitters, Adore Beauty, Nourished Life
Black Dahlia Lacquer
Black Magik Aromatherapy
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL)
Blessed Botanicals
Blisume Nourished Life
Bloom Naturals
Blooming Lotus
blossom eco skin care
Blue Balm Soap Company
Blue Lotus Botanicals
BM Beauty
Body & Face St Cyrus
Body Bistro
Body Butter Factory
Bodyography Cosmetics
Bold For Men
Bondi Wash Nourished Life, Adore Beauty
Bonicca Natural Body Care
Booda Organics
Born Skincare
Boscia Sephora Definite grey area. Removed cruelty free claim and possibly sold in China.
Botanic Beauty Products
Botanic Organic
Botanical Signature
Botanical Skin Works
Botanie Soap
Box Naturals
Brew City Botanicals
BrioGeo I Am Natural Store, Urban Outfitters
Bronzo Sensuale
Brooklan Tree
Bubble & Bee Organic
Bubble Genius
Buckley & Phillips
Buddy Scrub Nourished Life
Bug grrr Off Nourished Life
Bulldog Natural Grooming
Buloke Park Olives
Burt’s Bees Priceline Yes, Burt's Bees is sold in China. It still markets itself as a cruelty free brand and claims to use loopholes to avoid Chinese animal testing.
butter LONDON StrawberryNET, Adore Beauty,, SkincareStore, Nourished Life, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics Grey area. Claim not to but we can't find any definitive evidence
Buxom Not sold in China but owned by Shiseido which is.
By Valenti Organics
Bye Bye Parabens
Byron Bay Skincare
Byron Nature’s Gift
Cactus & Ivy
CAILYN Cosmetics
Caim and Able Nourished Life
Cake Beauty
California North
Camillas Naturprodukter och Ört Terapi
Candied Soap Bakery
Carabella Cosmetics & Skincare
Care You Love
Castle Baths
Cate McNabb Cosmetics
Cedar and Stone
CELSUS Nourished Life
Ceres Aromoaterapi
Certain Dri
Chae Organics
Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve
Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Tilbury, Net a Porter
Chella Beauty
Cherry Brown
Cherlyn Skincare
Chinta Island
Christine Valmy, Inc.
Chrome Girl Nail Polish
Cibe Laboratori
CIRCA by Eva Mendes
Circle of Life Botanicals
Cire d’Abeille
City Cosmetics
Clean Conscience
Clean George
Clean Kids Naturally
CLEAN Perfumes
Clean River Products
Clean Slate Skin Care
Clear Conscience
Clearly Natural
Co-operative Group, The (Co-op)
Coastal Classic Creations
Coastal Scents (grey area – waiting on an update from the brand)
Cobra Cleanse
Coconut Magic Nourished Life
Coconut Tree
Color Me Krazy
Color My Image
Colorescience StrawberryNET, Alive Skin + Hair, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, Adore Beauty
Colour by TBN
ColourPop Cosmetics
Comforts for the Mind, Body and Spirit
Common Good
Comptoir des Lys
Comptoir Provençal des Argiles
Concrete Minerals
Conscious Choice
Control Corrective Skincare Systems
COOLA StrawberryNET, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics
Coop Italia
Copper Lotus Cosmetics
Core Cosmetic
Cosima Skincare
Cottage Oil
Couleur Caramel
CoverFX Sephora
Crane and Wilton Organics
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Rumors
Cruelty Free Cosmetics
Cruelty Free Shop FACE
Crystal Essence Body Deodorant
Cuccio Naturalé
Curelle Natural Hair Care Nourished Life
Daddy Van’s
Daisy Blue Naturals
Dale Audrey/Oral Fitness, Inc
Dancing Dingo
Darla Makeup
Davina Peace
Davroe SkincareStore
De La Terre Skincare
DE LORENZO, FacialCo., GlamaCo
de’bee signature balms
Deborah Lippmann Adore Beauty, Net a Porter, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Delicious Skin
Dena Corporation
Deodorant Stones of America
DERMAdoctor StrawberryNET, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics,, FacialCo.
Dermalogica, Alive Skin + Hair, , Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, SkincareStore, StrawberryNET, Urban Outfitters, FacialCo., Adore Beauty, Cosme De Not sold in China anymore. Pulled out in 2012. But is owned by Unilever which sell products in the Chinese market.
DermaQuest Skin therapy
DermOrganic Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Desert Essence Cosme De
Desert Mermaid
Desert Shadow Nourished Life
Designer Brands Adore Beauty
DeVita Natural Skincare Systems
Dieci Colori
Dindi Naturals
Diptyque Paris
Divine By Therese Kerr
Divine Goddess Nourished Life
DNJ Spa Candle
Dolce Mia Skin Care Systems
Dolma Vegan Perfumes
Dose of Colors
Doux Me
Dr Alkaitis Skin Care Nourished Life
Dr Brite Nourished Life
Dr Taffi
Dr Tungs Nourished Life
Dr. Bronner’s
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare StrawberryNET, Net a Porter
Dr. Goodpet
Dr. Hauschka FacialCo., Adore Beauty, Cosme De, StrawberryNET, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, Nourished Life
Dr. Ken’s (Floss & Go)
Dr. Sharp’s
Dr. Wood’s Products
Dreams By Neihule
Dry Bar (Drybar)
Duchess Marden
Dusk by Adele
DuWop Adore Beauty
Earth Alive
Earth Choice
Earth Dance Botanical Bodycare
Earth Diva Minerals
Earth Natural Essentials
earth skinfoods
Earth Solutions
Earth’s Beauty
Earthly Body
Earths Purities Nourished Life
Ecco Bella
Eclair Naturals
Eco Kid Nourished Life
Eco Lips Nourished Life
Eco Logic Cosmetics
ECO Minerals Nourished Life
ECO Modern Essentials Nourished Life
Eco Sunscreen Nourished Life
Eco Tan, Urban Outfitters, Adore Beauty, Nourished Life
Eco Tools
Eco-Dent International
EcoGlo Minerals
Ecostore Priceline
Edible Beauty Sephora, Nourished Life
Edible Bubba Nourished Life
Egyptian Magic, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, SkincareStore, StrawberryNET, Nourished Life, Urban Outfitters, Adore Beauty, Cosme De, Priceline
Elate Clean Cosmetics
Elektra Magnesium Nourished Life
Elemental Herbs
ELF cosmetics
Elizabeth Grant Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oil Therapy Inc
Ellis Faas Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Net a Porter
Eminence Organic Skin Care
Emma Organics
Emtage Hair
Enzyme Wizard
EO Products
Ere Perez
Essence of Wellbeing
Essentially Yours
Essie, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, FacialCo., Adore Beauty, Priceline, Bought by L'Oreal which does test on animals. Essie has not clarified whether or not its policy against animal testing will change post acquisition.
Ethical Nutrients Nourished Life, Priceline
Every Man Jack
Everyday Good Co
Everyday Minerals
Evolve Beauty
Exfoliating Minerals
Eye of Horus Alive Skin + Hair,
Eylure ASOS, Priceline, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Face Atelier
FACEFACTS by Lori, Inc
Fairy Girl
Faith in Nature
Fake Bake Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, SkincareStore, StrawberryNET, Priceline, Adore Beauty
Famille Mary
FAR Botanicals
Färg & Förändring
Farm Dog Naturals
Farmacy Farmacy
Fatigue Fighter Nourished Life
Fevour Cosmetics
Fiji Spice Queen
Fiona Styles
FiOR Mineral Cosmetics
First Aid Beauty Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Sephora
First Light Organics
First Love Organics
Fitglow Beauty
Fleabusters/Rx For Fleas
Fleur des Mauges
Flexi Nail
Flora srl
Floradix Nourished Life
Florentine Gold
FOLK soap
Föllinge Nature of Sweden
Forces of Nature
Foreo Sephora,, ASOS, Adore Beauty, SkincareStore, , Urban Outfitters, FacialCo.
Forest Secrets Skincare
Forever New International
Formula 10.0.6 Priceline
Formulary 55
Forsythe Cosmetic Group
Fourth Coast Soaps
Fran Kramer
Fresca Natural Deodorant Nourished Life
Fresh Therapies Nourished Life
Fundamental Earth
Funtime Bubble Bath
Furless Cosmetics
Furless Makeup Brushes
Fusion of Color
Future Face
Gabriel Cosmetics
GAIA Skin Naturals
Georgie Beauty
Giovanni Cosmetics
Girlactik Beauty
Glad Rags
Glam Natural
Glamour Dolls
Glossier Net a Porter
Go-To Skincare
God’s Gift Cosmetics
Golden Path Alchemy Skincare
Good 4 You Aromatherapy
Good Home Company, The
GOSH Cosmetics
Gourmet Body Treats
Grandpa Brands Company
Grants of Australia Nourished Life
Grateful Body
Green & Glam
Green Girl Basics
Green People Adore Beauty
Greenridge Herbals
Greenwood Naturals
Grime Eater Products
Hab Shifa
Habit Cosmetics
Hain Celestial
HairPrint Nourished Life
Halo Organics
Hamadi Beauty
HAN Skincare Cosmetics
Hanako Therapies Nourished Life
Hanami Cosmetics
Handmade Natural Beauty
Happy Me Skincare
Happy Seeds
Happy Skincare Nourished Life
Hard Candy Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET,
Harmonis Kiss Organic Skin Care Nourished Life
Harvey Prince
Healingscents Aromatherapy
Healthy Times Baby’s Herbal Garden
Heather’s Natural Organic Cleaning Products
Helan Cosmesi di Laboratorio
Hello Hair
hello i’m roar
Hello Toothpaste
Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics
Hempz Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Henna Color Lab
Herb Doctor
Herb UK
Herbal Choice Mar
Herbal Secrets
Herban Cowboy
Herban Lifestyle
Heritage Botanicals
Hollybeth’s Natural Luxury
Honesty Cosmetics
Honeymark International
Hourglass Cosmetics
House of Lashes Urban Outfitters
Hugo Naturals
HUM Nutrition Urban Outfitters
HURRAW!, Nourished Life
Hush Hush Essentials
Hydrea London Nourished Life
Hydropeptide Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, SkincareStore, FacialCo., Adore Beauty, StrawberryNET
Hynt Beauty
Hyteck Aroma-Zone
I Love Inky
I’m Fabulous Cosmetics
ILIA Net a Porter
Illamasqua SkincareStore, Cosme De, ASOS, Net a Porter
Imaage Mineral Makeup
Imago Dei, Inc.
ime natural perfume
In Essence Priceline,
Indica sas
Indie Lee & Co.
Infinite Aloe
Infusion-Naturally Pure
Inika Mineral Cosmetics Nourished Life
INK Nourished Life
Innocent Beans Nourished Life
Innoxa Priceline
Integrity Cosmetics
Intelligent Nutrients
Intuitive Skin Nourishment
Irie Star
Is Clinical
ISH Ionic Rescue
Isis Essentials
It Cosmetics Sephora Cannot clarify whether sold in China.
It’s A 10 Haircare
Its Elixir
J Squared Organics
Jaboneria Marianella Net a Porter
Jack Black StrawberryNET, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics
Jack N’ Jill Kids
Jacki’s Magic Lotion
Jan Marini Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Jane Carter Solutions
Jane Iredale, Alive Skin + Hair, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, SkincareStore, StrawberryNET, FacialCo., Adore Beauty, Cosme De
Jar Body Nourished Life
Jasmin Skincare
Jason Natural Cosmetics
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Showpo, Princess Polly
JellySpon Konjac Sponges
Jergens Priceline
Jess’ Bee Natural Lip Balm
Jeune D’Age Organics
Jing Ai Organic and Natural Cosmetics
Joe Blasco Cosmetics
Joel Alexander
John Frieda Priceline Another site said they are rumoured to do third party testing in Japan.
John Russo Beauty
JOI Pure Natural Skincare
JOLI Natural Skincare
Jonathan Hair Product
Jordana – NOW Leaping Bunny certified!
Josh Rosebrook Skin & Hair Care
Josi Essentials
Josie Maran Cosmetics
Jouer Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Joyful Hands Holistic Pet Care
JR Liggett
Juice Beauty Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
JuJu Nourished Life
Juniper Skincare Nourished Life
JW Watkins
Kahina Giving Beauty Net a Porter
Kaia Naturals
Karawan Authentic
Karma Healing Solutions
Kat & Dog
Kat Von D Beauty Sephora
Katherine Botanicals
Katherine Cosmetics
Keeki Pure & Simple
Keeko Urban Outfitters, Nourished Life
Kelapa Organics Nourished Life
Kelly Teegarden Organics
Kelly-Nehemiah Cosmetics
Kenteco Nourished Life
Kester Black Nourished Life, Adore Beauty
Kevin Murphy
Kiehl's Cosme De, , Fresh Fragrance and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET Owned by Estee Lauder which does test on animals. Kiehl's itself doesn't test on animals. But Kiehl's is sadly sold in China.
Kimberly Parry Organics
Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste
Kintra Foods Nourished Life
Kiori Perfume
Kirk’s Natural Products
Kiss My Face
KissNMakeup Minerals
Kiwiherb Nourished Life
Klara Cosmetics Priceline
Klorane StrawberryNET, Adore Beauty, Priceline
Knotty Boy
Kobashi Essential Oils
Koh Gen Do Sephora, Adore Beauty, Cosme De
KOJA Nourished Life
Komenuka Bijin
KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr Nourished Life, , Adore Beauty, Net a Porter
Korres ASOS, StrawberryNET, , Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, Urban Outfitters, Cosme De
KSA Jojoba
Kuomayé Bio
Kuvings , Nourished Life
La Bella Pink
LA Fresh
La Mav
LA Splash Cosmetics
Laboratoire Alvend
Laboratoire Body Nature
Laboratoire Gravier
Laboratoire Holistica International
Laboratoire Natescience
Laboratoire Phyt’s SAS
Laboratoire Phyto-Actif
Lakon Herbals
Lariese Purely Organic
Larissa Bright
Laughing Devil Designs
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques
Lauren Noi
LaVanila StrawberryNET,, Nourished Life, FacialCo.
Lavera Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Cosme De, Nourished Life
Laviol Organic
Le Reve
Le Secret Naturel
LEAP Organics
Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Nourished Life
Les ânes d’autan
Les Douces Angevines
Level Naturals
Lewin & Reilly
LFT Group
Life Basics by Nourished Life Nourished Life
Lifehair Oy
Light Mountain Natural Hair Color
Lil’Bit Better
Lilly’s Naturals
Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics
Lime Crime, Urban Outfitters, FacialCo.
Lip Glossarie
Lip-Ink International
Lippy Girl
Lipstick Queen Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Net a Porter
Little Forest Natural Baby
Little Innoscents Nourished Life
Little Twig
Little Urchin Nourished Life
Living Nature
Living Proof StrawberryNET, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics
Liz Earle Cosmetics
Logona Cosme De
Lotus Brands
Lotus Moon
Louise Bianco
Love the Planet
Loving Tan, , FacialCo., Adore Beauty
Luk Beautifood Nourished Life
Lulu Organics
Lust Mineral Cosmetics
Lux Aestiva Nourished Life
Luxie Beauty
Lynda Griparic Nourished Life
Ma Mi Skin Care
MAC MAC are very transparent. Its products are sold in China but the company supposedly says it doesn't condone animal testing and is actively working to end the practice.
Mad Hippie
Madara FacialCo., Nourished Life,
Made From Earth
Maggie’s Pure Land Products
Magic Moon SoapWorks
Magick Botanicals
Maharishi Ayurveda Nourished Life
Make-Up International (Face to Face)
Makeup Geek
Malcom’s Miracle For Sensitive Dry Skin
Malka Natural Skin Care
Manic Panic NYC
Manna Kadar Cosmetics
Manuka Biotic Nourished Life
Margaret River Hemp Co
Margarita Bloom
Marie Louise Cosmetics
Marie Veronique
Mario Badescu (has a store in Shanghai China)
Marrakesh GlamaCo
Matcha Maiden Nourished Life
Max Green Alchemy
Me & T’s Handmade Soap
Me! Bath
Meili Botanicals
Melanie Mills Hollywood
Melvita Cosme De Owned by L'Occitane. L'Occitane still test on animals but apparently Melvita remains cruelty free.
Meow Meow Tweet Urban Outfitters
Mia Rose
Michael Todd True Organics
Milk Makeup Urban Outfitters
Mindy Shear Makeup
Mineral Fusion
Mineral Obsession
Miod Skincare
Mirror Lake Organics
Miss Stephanie’s Potions
Mixed Chicks
MOA Nourished Life
Mode Cosmetics
Mode de Vie
ModelCo ModelCo, Adore Beauty,
Modern Minerals
Mondo Solidale
Monkey Balm
Monkey Sea Monkey Doo
Montagne Jeunesse Priceline
MOOM Nourished Life
Moon Valley Organics
Moon Willow
Morning Indigo
Morrocco Method Int’l
Most Wanted, Inc.
MOTD Cosmetics
Motherlove Herbal
Mountain Girl Botanics
Mountain Minerals Makeup
Mountain Ocean, Ltd
Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Sky
Mr. Bean Body Care
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Technically owned by SC Johnson.
MUD Cosmetics
Mukti Organics Nourished Life
Mummy Delivers
Murad StrawberryNET, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, Sephora Owned by Unilever. Murad still appear to be cruelty free though.
Musq FacialCo.,
My Konjac Sponge
My Lip Stuff
My Magic Mud Nourished Life
Mystic Wonders
Nabelle Company
Nadina’s Cremes
Nahla Beauty
Nail Aid
NAIWBE Natural As I Wanna Be, LLC
NakedHerbs, LLC
Napoleon Perdis, SkincareStore, FacialCo.,
NARS StrawberryNET, , Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, Adore Beauty, Cosme De Some confusion here but according to the brand they do not sell in China.
Natio Priceline,
Natracare Nourished Life
Natural Aroma Soaps
Natural Being
Natural by Nature Oils
Natural Grace
Natural Instinct Nourished Life, Priceline
Natural Soapworks, The
Natural Wonders
Natural Yukon Bodycare
Naturally Clean
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal
Naturals by Safety
Naturawl Being
Nature Clean
Nature’s Absorbing Oils
Nature’s Alchemy
Nature’s Clean
Nature’s Gate
Nature’s Quest
Nature’s Soap Dish
Natures Garden Therapies
Natures Organics
Naturity, LLC
Naturopathica Priceline
NCLA Urban Outfitters
Neal’s Yard Remedies
Necessity Nourished Life
Nectar Essences
NEEK Skin Organics
Neem Aura Naturals
Nellie’s All Natural
New Orleans Lip and Soap
New Vision
Nima Nyima
Nip + Fab, FacialCo., Priceline, ASOS
No Nasties Nourished Life
Noa Lane Cosmetics
Noosa Basics Nourished Life
Noosa Organic Skin Care
Nothing Nasty
Nourish Organics
Novena Maternal Skin Care
Nude by Nature Nude by Nature, Priceline
Nue Products
Nuggett & Charlie
Nurture My Body
Nut Milk Bag Co Nourished Life
Nutro Body Care
NYR Organics
NYX Urban Outfitters, Priceline, Owned by L'Oreal which does test on animals but NYX itself still cruelty free.
NZP Naturals
Nzuri Organics
OBIA Natural Hair Care
Obligé By Nature
Obsessive-Compulsive Cosmetics
Odara Cosmetics
Ofra Cosmetics
OHA Bio-Active Skincare
Oil Garden
Olive Oil Skin Care Company Nourished Life
Olivia Garden
Om Veda Naturals
One Seed Nourished Life
One With Nature
ONLY YOURx Skin Care
Onya Life Nourished Life
OPI Alive Skin + Hair, , SkincareStore, Cosme De, Adore Beauty, Priceline, GlamaCo Owned by COTY which does test on animals. However, information on the OPI website states that OPI remains cruelty free.
Opulence Cosmetics
Oracle Organics
Orange Mate
ORG Skincare
Organic Care
Organic Clean
Organic Colour Systems
Organic Formulations
Organic Health and Beauty
Organic Indulgence
Organic Kama
Organic Make-Up Company
Organic Male OM 4 Men
Organic Rosehip Skincare
Organic Selections
Organic Shop Nourished Life
Organique by Himalaya
Original Moxie
Orjene Organics
Orlane Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Cosme De
Orly GlamaCo, FacialCo.
Osea International
Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare
Ouch Nourished Life
Out of Eden
Outside/In Cosmetics
Overall Beauty
Own Products
P3 Beauty
Pacific Perfumes
Pai Skincare Nourished Life
Pangea Organics
Paradise City Herbal
Patrick Smith Natural Health
Patti Flynn, soapmaker
Paul Mitchell, StrawberryNET, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, GlamaCo Apparently cruelty free although sold in China. Very good explanation on
Paula’s Choice Paula's Choice
Payot, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, SkincareStore, StrawberryNET, FacialCo., Adore Beauty
Perfect Potion Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Cosme De
Perfume by Nature
Philip Stein Nourished Life
Physician’s Formula
Picture Polish
Pineapple Heads Nourished Life
Pittstown Soapworks
Pixi SkincareStore, ASOS, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Plain Jane Beauty
Planet Eve Organics
Polish Cosmetics
Pollen Botanicals Nourished Life
Posh in Clover
Positively Organic Skincare
Possets Perfume
Power Pellets
Prahy Cosmetics
Priori, SkincareStore, FacialCo., Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Adore Beauty
Pristine Beauty
Priti NYC
Pro-Tec Pet Health
Proactiv Priceline
Prophet Skincare
Provida Organics
Proxi (beauty only – not home care)
Prtty Peaushun
Pura Vida Spa… ahh!
Pure Anada Natural
Pure and Gentle Soap
Pure and Green Organics
PURE by Phytocare Nourished Life
Pure Natural Diva
Pure Nuff Stuff
Pure Organic
Pure Poppet Nourished Life
Pure Touch
Pureology, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, FacialCo., Adore Beauty Owned by L'Oreal which does test on animals. However PETA still has Pureology on its list as cruelty free so we're guessing they are.
Pureskin Sverige
Purple Prairie Botanicals
Queen Helene
Quinessence Aromatherapy
Rachel Perry
Radical Skincare , Net a Porter
Rahua Amazon Beauty Nourished Life
Rambilldeene Farm
Rare Natural Care, Inc.
Rasasara Skinfood Urban Outfitters
Raw Blend Nourished Life
Raw Elements USA
Raw Essentials
Raw Gaia
Raw Skin Food
REB Cosmetics
Red Barn Herb Farms
Red Hot Makeup
Redbud Natural Remedies
Reliq Minerals
Relogy Vegan Acne Skin Care
Renee Rouleau Skin Care
Renude Ringana
Revitalash Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Cosme De
Reviva Labs
Ria’s Natural Health
Riddells Creek Nourished Life
RJ Mineral Cosmetics
Rock Your Hair
Rockstar White
Rosagårdens Hudvårdsserie
Rose Hip Vital Nourished Life
Rosebud Perfume Company
RosehipPLUS Nourished Life
Rosemira Organics
Rouge Bunny Rouge
Royal Labs
Saaf International Ltd
Sacred Elements Essentials
Saison Beauty
Sally B’s Skin Yummies
Salon Naturals
SALONTEA by Tracy Stern
Salt and Glow Nourished Life
Sambora Beach Toes
Sanctum Skin Care Nourished Life
Sanoflore Cosme De
SanRe Organic Skinfood
Saponificio Gianasso srl
Sappo Hill Soapworks
Sassy Cosmetics
Sasy n Savy
Save Your World
Savi Organics
Savon Du Bois
Savvy Naturals
Say It With Polish
Scandia Spa
Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Nourished Life
Sci Fi Cosmetics
Scotch Naturals
Sea Chi Organics
Sea Siren Cosmetics
Seascape Soap Co.
Sensibility Soaps (Nourish)
Seventh Generation
Shaman Earthly Organic
Shea Moisture
Shea Terra Organics Cosme De
Shear Miracle Organics
SheAyurvedic Skin Care
Sia Botanics
Sibu Beauty
Sienna Byron Bay
Sigma (does not work with only cruelty free suppliers)
Simi Essentials
Simple As That Don't specifically say but mention that the brand is vegan so assuming this means not tested on animals.
Simple Chemistry Nourished Life
Simplers Botanicals
Simplicite Skin Care
Simply Gentle Nourished Life
Simply Rustic
Simply Soap
Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals
Skin Again
Skin All Natural
Skin Care for Athletes
Skin Couture
Skin Free Skincare
Skin Juice Nourished Life
Skin MD
Skinny & Co
SkLieN Care Products
Smashbox StrawberryNET, , Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics Owned by Estee Lauder which does test on animals. Smashbox itself doesn't test nor are its products sold in China but Smashbox does have a company policy that states it will test on animals when required by law.
So Essentiel
Soak Society
Soap & Glory Can't find official confirmation.
SoapNuts Australia
Soapwalla Kitchen
SOE Bioremedies
Solay Wellness
Soleil Organique
Soleo Organics Nourished Life
Soluzione Spa Products
Sombra Cosmetics, Inc.
Sonia Kashuk
Sonning Wildflower Beeswax Products
Sonoma Soap
Soul Spa Alchemy
Soulstice Spa
Sound Earth, LLC
South Side Soaps
Southern Cross Pottery Nourished Life
Soy Spacasso
SoyCare Incorporated
Spa Essence
Spa Organica
Spa Ritual
Spa Sonic
Spasome Balms
Spice Cosmetics
Spring Rain Botanicals
Squeakie Nourished Life
Squid Balm
St. John’s Herb Garden
Stark Skincare
Stasher Nourished Life
Stemology Skincare
Stila Cosmetics Stila has apparently removed all products from the Chinese market and is not considered cruelty free.
Style by Divine
SugarCane Skincare
Sugarpill Cosmetics
Sukin Organics
Suma Specialist
Sunfeather Natural Soap Co.
Suntegrity Skincare
Sunwarrior Nourished Life
Super Concentrates
Super Sudz
Surya Brasil
Susan Brown’s Baby Wholesalers
Susan’s Soaps & More
SUTOL Organic Skincare
Suvana Beauty
Sven’s Island
Swagger Cosmetics
Sweet Anthem
Sweet Lily
Sweetest Serendipity
Synergie Skin
Synthesis Organics
T&L Au Naturel
Tallulah Jane
TanOrganic, Nourished Life
Tarte Cosmetics Owned by Kose which is not a cruelty free brand. But according to PETA, Tarte remains cruelty free and not sold in China.
Taslie Skin Care
Tata Harper I Am Natural Store, Net a Porter
Tatcha Tatcha, , Net a Porter Despite a bit of debate, these guys are listed by PETA as cruelty free.
Tattoo Aftercare
Tattva’s Herbs
Temptu Adore Beauty, Net a Porter
Terra Dolce
Thalgo Alive Skin + Hair,, SkincareStore, FacialCo., Adore Beauty, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, Cosme De, StrawberryNET
That Red House Nourished Life
The All Natural Face
The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company
The Balm, ASOS
The Bearded Chap Nourished Life
The Beauty Chef Nourished Life, Adore Beauty
The Body Shop The Body Shop Recently pulled products from Chinese duty free stores. Still cruelty free.
The Damajon Group
The Essential Oil Company
The Fanciful Fox
The Goodnight Co
The Grapeseed Company
the herb farm
The Honest Co
The Ingrid Perri Range
The Jojoba Company Nourished Life,, FacialCo.
The Living Clay Company
The London Oil Refining Company
The Physic Garden
The Soap Opera
The Wonder Seed
Theorie Hair Products
Three Custom Color
Three Warriors
Tiki Bar Soap
Tilth Beauty / Vargas Cosmetics
Tints Of Nature Nourished Life
Toby and Rosie
Tokidoki Cosmetics
TOM Organic Nourished Life
Tom’s of Maine Owned by Colgate which is not cruelty free. Tom's of Maine itself has publicly written that it is still cruelty free.
Too Faced , Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET Owned by Estee Lauder which is not cruelty free. Too Faced itself remains cruelty free and is not sold in China.
Travertine Spa
Tri Nature
Trillium Organics
Trilogy, SkincareStore, FacialCo., Adore Beauty, Priceline, Cosme De, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
TriShave Priceline
Truly Inspired!
Turning Point
Tweezerman , ASOS, Priceline, StrawberryNET, Adore Beauty,, SkincareStore, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics Grooming tools not subject to animal testing in China. This brand is cruelty free.
Un-Petroleum Lip Care
Uni Organics Nourished Life
Uniquely Natural
Urban Decay , Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET, Cosme De Owned by L'Oreal which does test on animals but Urban Decay itself is still cruelty free.
US Organic
UV Natural Nourished Life
V.I.P. Soap Products
Valleberga örtprodukter
Van Der Faun Nourished Life
Vanessa Megan Nourished Life
Vanilla Mozi
Vapour Organic Beauty Nourished Life
VB Skin Systems
Vegan Cuts
VEGAN palm oil free
Vegan Tree Owl
Velana K
Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery
Vermont Soapworks
Vida Glow Nourished Life
Videlina Natura
Vita Liberata Priceline,
Vital Earth Traditions
Votre Vu
Vrindavan Body Care
W.S. Badger
Walkers Natural Body Care
Warm Earth Cosmetics
Warpaint Nourished Life
Welcome Home It appears a few products are sold in China but they still claim to be cruelty free. Lot's of grey area here.
Weleda , Adore Beauty, Cosme De, Nourished Life, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Well In Hand
WelleCo Nourished Life
WellSpring Naturals
WEN by Chaz Dean
Wet n Wild
Wet Willy
Whish Beauty Products
White Rabbit Beauty
Whole Foods Brands
Whole Spectrum
Wholefood Farmacy
Wholly Hemp
Wildflower Organic Bodycare
Wonder Seed
Woohoo! Natural Deodorant
Worldwide Skin
Wotnot GlamaCo,, Priceline, Nourished Life
WuChi by Maks
Xingu Amazonia
Y natural skincare
Y-Yo Australia
Yakshi Fragrances
Yarok Hair Nourished Life
Yes Pure Intimacy
Yes To Priceline, ASOS Despite what we read on other sites this brand is apparently certified by the leaping bunny.
Yon-Ka Cosme De
Youngblood SkincareStore, Cosme De, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics, StrawberryNET
Z Natural Life
Zatik Natural
Zen Spa
Zhang’s Lifebalm
Zia Natural Skincare
Zosimos Botanicals
Zuii Organic Nourished Life
ZuZu Luxe

Do you have a cruelty free beauty brand that we've missed? Or maybe we have a brand on there that should be removed? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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