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Life insurance for over 70s

Most life insurers set a maximum age limit of 65 or 69, but it is possible to find quality life insurance if you're over 70.

Life insurance is an important consideration at any time. However, many insurers have limits on the age they will accept applicants, usually ranging from 65-69.

While your insurance options shrink once you're over 70, there are some options and we want to help find the right ones for you.

Life insurance comparison Australia for over 70s

The table below shows which life insurance brands offer new policies to people aged 70 and over. Compare policy features and select "Get Quote" for more tailored information.
Name Product Maximum Cover Maximum Entry Age Policy Type Claims Acceptance Rate Average Claim Time Sum Insured
TAL Accelerated Protection Life Insurance
No set limit
Underwritten by an advisor
Data not available
1 months
$249,285 million
Our verdict: One of Australia's leading life insurers. Automatically includes child critical illness cover. Plus, it comes with a level premium option (e.g. costs remain similar as you get older).

⭐ Current offer: Get up to 15% off your TAL Life, Trauma or TPD insurance policy for life - if you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 19 and 28 at the time of your application. Offer T&Cs on insurer website apply.
Medibank Life Insurance
Apply directly online
Data not available
Data not available
Data not available
Our verdict: Medibank offers a higher payout limit ($2.5 million) than 15 other providers. Get a 10% discount if you're already a Medibank Health Insurance member.
OnePath Life Insurance
No limit
Underwritten via a broker
Data not available
Data not available
MLC Life Insurance
No limit
Underwritten via a broker
Data not available
Data not available
Data not available
Australian Seniors Life Insurance
Apply directly online
2.4 months
$53,238 million
Our verdict: Australian Seniors lets you take out cover up to the age of 79. No medical exams or blood tests needed to apply.

Keep in mind: Low cover limit of up to $100,000 and no option to add TPD or Trauma cover.
AIA Life Insurance
No limit
Underwritten via a broker
Data not available
Data not available
Data not available

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What insurers provide life insurance for seniors over 70?

The table below provides details of the entry age requirements for providers featured on Finder. It is worth noting that the maximum entry age may not apply for all benefits on the life cover plan:

BrandsLife cover maximum entry agePolicy expiry age
Medibank70No expiry – if premiums are paid

This table was last updated on 4 April 2023.

Be aware that the ages listed above may only apply to death cover. The maximum entry age will often be lower for policies that are funded through superannuation or that have a level premium structure.


What do underwriters take into consideration?

Just because you are within the age requirements of the policy does not necessarily guarantee that your application will be accepted. Each insurer will take their own steps to determine whether they are able to provide you with cover based on a number of different factors. These include:

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions. It's common for people over 50 to suffer from medical conditions that may present them as a greater risk to insurers. Any applicant with pre-existing conditions not automatically covered under the policy will be required to undergo medical underwriting. This may include completing a medical questionnaire and submitting details of their medical history.
  • Whether they smoke. An insurer will not reject a claim based on whether or not the applicant smokes, though it will increase the cost of the policy significantly.
  • Amount of cover required. Insurers will usually only provide reduced levels of cover for applicants over certain ages.
  • Risky pastimes or hobbies. The involvement in particularly dangerous activities may lead to the application being rejected by the insurer.

These are just some of the factors that an insurer may take into consideration when assessing whether they will provide cover to someone over 70 years of age. As mentioned previously, each insurer has different criteria for assessing applicants and just because one insurer rejects the application does not mean that they all will.

What are the benefits of taking out life insurance after 70?

It's an opportunity to ensure you have covered for the costs of the future. While someone in their 70s may not have the same cover requirements as someone in their early 30s, it is not uncommon for people in this age bracket to still have financial obligations that would need to be taken care of in the event of their death. Such financial obligations may include:

  • Legal fees
  • Cost of living for surviving partner or any other financial dependents
  • Provide legacy for children, grandchildren or charity

How much does life insurance for people over 70 cost?

There is no definitive answer for how much life insurance will cost for someone over 70 as each insurer will take into consideration different factors to help them determine an appropriate price.

Generally, the cost will be much higher than when you were younger. This is because the insurer will consider older applicants to have an increase risk of death from associated medical conditions.

Example: Cost for a 73 year old male retiree (non-smoking)

Here are several quotes from 29 July 2020 - your personal quote is likely to be different, but this can give you an idea of the cost of life insurance for someone in their 70s.

PolicyMonthly costs
OnePath OneCare$1462.71
AIA Priority Protection$1518.35
TAL Accelerated Protection$1590.05

Tips to find life insurance for people over 70

If you are over aged 70 years or over and looking to find reasonably priced policy with adequate cover, it is critical that you take the time to compare a range of different policies from different insurers. An insurance consultant can use their knowledge of the insurance industry to find insurers that are willing to provide cover. Increased competition among life insurance providers has meant that many providers are willing to make adjustments to policies in order to provide cover. Such adjustments include:

  • Increase premium pricing
  • Exclude certain events from cover

In any event, working with an insurer can greatly increase the chances of finding cover. This service is provided and there is absolutely no obligation to apply for cover.

Compare quotes for life insurance with an adviser

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