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Best last minute Halloween 2019 costumes ideas

If you're in a rush to get your Halloween costume sorted, never fear! We've got you covered with these quick and easy costume ideas.

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and sometimes you just don't have time to go all out and make your own incredible DIY costume as planned.

But all is not lost - these costume ideas are simple and don't take long to whip up, so you'll dressed and ready with time to spare. Trick or treating never looked so good!

Muggle costume
Image: Instagram

1. Muggle

To our absolute devastation, we're all still waiting for our Hogwarts letters. But being a muggle isn't so bad - it's the easiest Halloween costume out there! Simply wear your regular clothes and have a constant expression of fear and confusion any time you see anything magical.

To Do List costume
Image: Shutterstock

2. To-Do List

You're a very busy person - which is exactly why you're having to rush and make a last-minute Halloween costume, right? Show the world just how busy you are by attaching your giant to-do list to your body via Post-Its. Bonus points notes are party-related so you can tick them off as you go!

Medusa costume
Image: Instagram

3. Medusa

She's the Greek legend who could turn a man to stone just with her eyes... and she's an easy Halloween costume idea to boot. Simply wear a nice, flowy Grecian-style dress, glare at everyone and stick fake snakes in your hair with pins. You could even use lolly snakes for both a trick and a treat!

lumberjack costume
Image: Shutterstock

4. Lumberjack/Woodsman

This one's for the blokes who boast a big, bristly beard! If you're stuck for ideas, pop on your oldest flannel shirt with jeans or overalls and make yourself a fake axe out of foam. For couples costumes, the other person could go as the tree, Red Riding Hood, or even the Big Bad Wolf!

Regina George costume
Image: Warner Bros.

5. Regina George

Mean Girls is a classic, and Regina George is the most iconic of the lot. This costume is super simple: just grab an old white singlet and cut two holes in it! For extra effort you could bring along a Burn Book, but remember - next time Halloween falls on a Wednesday, you'll have to wear pink.

Image: Reddit

6. Life

Not only is this costume easy, it's also really funny and will definitely work as a conversation starter. All you need is a white t-shirt, permanent marker and a bag of lemons. Write the word LIFE in big letters across the front of your shirt, and as for the lemons, hand them out to answer the age-old question.

Wheres Wally costume
Image: Instagram

7. Where's Wally?

An oldie but a goodie. Where's Wally is a really easy costume that will have people shouting "Found him!" whenever they see you. Simply pop on a red and white striped shirt or jumper, a pair of glasses (fake ones will do) and a red beanie - then all you have to do is wander around until you're spotted!

Sia Costume
Image: Instagram

8. Sia

Don't worry, this costume won't have you swinging from any Chandeliers or dancing around Shia Le Boeuf in a cage. Choose between a black and white or all nude ensemble, and source a cheap Sia wig online or at a costume shop. Cruella De Vil wigs work quite well if you're in a pinch!

Ladybug costume
Image: Instagram

9. Ladybug

The best bug in the animal kingdom! Ladybugs are adorable and a really easy costume to DIY if you're running low on time. Simply wear an all red outfit and cut out a number of different sized dots out of black cardboard. Stick the dots onto your clothes, pop on a headband with antennas and you're done!

Nudist On Strike
Image: Pinterest

10. Nudist on strike

This costume is a bit tongue in cheek! This is for the really, really last minute - if you're just leaving work and haven't got time to duck home before going to a costume party, simply make a hanging sign out of cardboard and string, label it 'Nudist on Strike', hang it over your head and go!

Image: Instagram

11. Dominos

No, not the pizza! This works best in a group of friends, but it's an easy and recognisable costume regardless. Make sure you're wearing black from head to toe, and use white paint or cardboard to mark out the dots on a domino over your body. Bonus points if your group plays a game!

Mime costume
Image: Instagram

12. Mime

Shhh! Mimes are easy to model a costume after because they've got such a recognisable look. All you need is black pants, a black and white striped top, white face paint or foundation, suspenders and a black hat. Just be prepared that you might need to perform a trick or two to get your treats.

Frida Kahlo costume
Image: Instagram

13. Frida Kahlo

Frida is iconic, and her look is so easy to achieve on a time limit. All you need is a big flower crown, a colourful dress and an eyebrow pencil. Put your hair up in a low bun and use the eyebrow pencil to lightly create the illusion of a monobrow. Don't forget to add some bling.

Image: Instagram

14. Instagram photo

We all know your Halloween photos are going to end up on Instagram anyway - why not give them a head start! With this costume, you can wear whatever clothes you like. Just cut out a cardboard frame and write the Instagram details on the front - you can even choose a good hashtag.

Image: Instagram

15. Skeleton

Would it really be Halloween if you didn't see at least one skeleton wandering around? There are stacks of stores that have skeleton-themed t-shirts, and even then if you can't find one just experiment with makeup and wear black! Skull makeup is easy and there are tutorials everywhere.

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