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Best stand mixers in Australia

Our team found the best stand mixers for a variety of purposes and price points.

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Best stand mixers in Australia

A stand mixer is a handy kitchen appliance that helps with mixing, whipping, beating and combining a wide range of ingredients to make tasty dishes. It has a powerful motor and comes with different attachments to address various tasks. Also known as a kitchen mixer, this electric appliance makes meal preps a lot easier compared to manual mixing. You can also get fantastic results with this tool.

To find the best stand mixer for your kitchen needs, consider your budget, the mixer's power, speed settings and bowl capacity. Ease of use and cleaning are also other factors you need to think about.

We've examined numerous stand mixers found at various retailers online to help you pick the right model. We chose products based on customer reviews and ratings. We also considered key product features like motor power, attachments, price and design when picking stand mixers for each category.

Read our full methodology below.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Best overall stand mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Large bowl capacity
  • Versatile


  • Some said it’s a bit difficult to clean
  • Bulkier than other stand mixers

We picked the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer as the best overall stand mixer. On Appliances Online, it has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Named the best-rated brand of food mixer at the 2020/2021 Finder Retail Awards, KitchenAid makes some of the most iconic kitchen appliances out there, including the Artisan Stand Mixer. This mixer offers planetary mixing action and full metal construction. The 4.8L bowl is perfect for mixing a huge amount of ingredients for the whole family. You also get 10 speed selections and multiple attachments for any mixing tasks.

This kitchen mixer comes with a flat beater, wire whisk and dough hook for all your baking needs. The attachment hub can also transform this simple appliance into a pasta maker, ice cream maker and meat mincer. Customers said this mixer is quite user-friendly, but others mentioned that it's not the easiest appliance to clean.

Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Patissier Stand Mixer

Best large stand mixer

Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Patissier Stand Mixer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to clean


  • Complicated operation
  • Expensive

With a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, we recommend Kenwood's Chef XL Titanium Patissier Stand Mixer if you're looking for a large kitchen mixer.

This Kenwood kitchen mixer can handle all of your heavy baking needs, thanks to its planetary mix action and useful features. It has a LightLift head that makes adding ingredients easy. The BowlBright light also gives shadowless visibility, while the stainless steel K-Beater helps reach all areas of the 6.7L bowl. Apart from a digitally controlled 1400W motor, it comes with a dough tool, beater and whisk.

Customers praised the product's versatility, large capacity and sturdy construction. While it's got a steep price, this stand mixer is a great investment for both personal and professional use. The appliance has electronic speed control, fold function and dishwasher-safe parts. You can also buy 20 different attachments for different tasks.

Breville the Bakery Chef Hub Stand Mixer

Best multi-purpose stand mixer

Breville the Bakery Chef Hub Stand Mixer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Value for money
  • Easy to use


  • Some customers said the whisk attachment doesn’t reach the bottom of the bowl
  • A few people had issues with the paint chipping off easily

Breville's the Bakery Chef Hub Stand Mixer is our choice for the best multi-purpose option. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Harvey Norman.

With a powerful 1000W motor and planetary mixing action, the Baker Chef Hub Stand Mixer offers 7 speed settings and a convenient push-to-pause function. It comes with a 5L bowl and internal cord storage to reduce clutter when not in use. According to the manufacturer, this kitchen mixer is made with a double-sided scraper beater with flexible edges, so it can wipe the sides and bottom of the bowl. It has a concealed attachment hub for various attachments as well.

Numerous buyers were impressed by the appliance's sleek design, sturdy construction and value for money. It has some of the bells and whistles of higher-end models but at a more affordable price. Customers said it is easy to use and clean. It also includes a double-sided scraper beater, wire whisk and a dough hook. However, you can buy separate attachments for making ice cream, pasta and other tasty dishes.

Sunbeam MX5950 Mixmaster Compact Pro Food Mixer

Best small stand mixer

Sunbeam MX5950 Mixmaster Compact Pro Food Mixer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Won’t break the bank
  • Convertible to a hand mixer


  • Motor is not powerful enough for heavier-duty tasks
  • Not for commercial use
For the best small stand mixer, we picked the Sunbeam MX5950 Mixmaster Compact Pro. On Amazon and Myer, it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sunbeam's MX5950 is a compact stand mixer with a 400W motor and a 3.1L bowl. It offers a 3-way beating action for a thorough mix and a tilt-back locking head, allowing you to add ingredients a lot easier. Apart from 10 speed settings, it has a dual bowl speed control and a soft touch grip.

The general sentiment is that this is a fantastic, budget-friendly option for beginners. It is easy to use and comes with basic, must-have attachments for mixing ingredients. You can also convert the kitchen mixer into a hand mixer by detaching the head from the mixing stand. However, it is worth noting that this model is not for commercial use.

Kenwood 6.7L Cooking Chef WiFi Connect XL Mixer

Best premium stand mixer

Kenwood 6.7L Cooking Chef WiFi Connect XL Mixer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Large-capacity bowl
  • Features presets for convenient mixing


  • Not cheap
  • Bulky design

Kenwood's 6.7L Cooking Chef WiFi Connect XL Mixer is our pick for the best premium kitchen mixer. It has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Harvey Norman.

This Kenwood stand mixer has a digitally controlled, heavy-duty 1500W motor. It is powerful enough to handle various tasks effortlessly. Apart from 12 speeds, it features a coloured touchscreen, offering a wide range of pre-sets for added convenience. You can also connect this kitchen mixer to the brand's recipe app that lets you create complex yet tasty dishes and sauces.

This appliance comes with a large-capacity 6.7L bowl made of stainless steel. It also features a pulse function and 4 stir intervals for any task. Apart from a stainless-steel whisk and dough tool, it features a splash guard with a large chute, preventing your precious mixture from spilling and splashing all over the place. Users added that this machine is easy to clean, despite being quite bulky.

Healthy Choice Kitchen Stand Mixer

Best cheap stand mixer

Healthy Choice Kitchen Stand Mixer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Has a 5L bowl
  • Compact design


  • Noisier than other kitchen mixers
  • Customers said it only has 400W of usable power

If you're looking for the best cheap option, we chose the Healthy Choice Kitchen Stand Mixer. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Healthy Choice's Kitchen Stand Mixer has a robust gear mechanism and planetary mixing action. It features step-less speed settings for making dough, mixing eggs and blending other ingredients. Apart from a 5L stainless-steel bowl, it comes with an egg whisk, dough hook and paddle beater.

Customers gave positive feedback on the mixer's value for money, compact design and large bowl capacity. It is extremely user-friendly, and perfect for beginners. The attachments also scrape the mixture on the bottom of the bowl for a thorough mix. But despite claims of having a 1200W motor, several customers said it only has a 400W usable power.


Brands considered
Products compared
Best products chosen

Why you can trust our picks

For this list, we examined stand mixers listed at Amazon, Appliances Online and Harvey Norman. We evaluated models from the following brands:

  • Ausbuy
  • Belaco
  • Breville
  • Cuisinart
  • Delish by Dash
  • Healthy Choice
  • Kenwood
  • KitchenAid
  • Morphy
  • Russell Hobbs
  • Sage
  • Smeg
  • Sunbeam
  • TODO
  • Tower

We narrowed down our picks based on customer reviews and ratings (as of April 2022). We also considered each mixer's value for money, design, attachments and speed settings. We came up with what we believe to be the 6 best stand mixers available online.

We value our editorial independence, basing our comparison results, content and reviews on objective analysis without bias. However, Finder may receive compensation when you click some links on our site. Learn more about how we make money from our partners and why you can trust our guides.

What is a mixer?

A mixer is an electrical appliance used to mix, beat, whip, whisk and combine foods. It features 1 or more beaters to make these common food prep tasks quicker and easier.

A mixer can make food prep a whole lot less labour-intensive than not using one. With a mixer on your benchtop, you can whisk eggs, whip cream, knead dough and perform a wide range of other common kitchen tasks at the push of a button. It's much quicker and easier than the old-fashioned way of mixing, which gives your elbows and wrists a solid workout and makes baking seem like more of a chore.

You can also expect better results from a good-quality electric mixer. Mixers allow you to follow a recipe to the letter and hopefully create dishes with improved texture and consistency.

If you bake regularly and are looking for an appliance that will make your time in the kitchen a little easier, buying a mixer could be a wise decision.

Mixers vs blenders

While mixers combine ingredients together, blenders break ingredients down and are capable of turning soft foods into liquid. Find out more in our guide to the best blenders.

What types are available?

There are a few options to consider when choosing a mixer:

Stand mixers

Also called a bench mixer or a benchtop mixer, these appliances feature a motorised base with a head that houses the beater attachments and a removable bowl that you can lock into place when in use.

They offer more power over hand mixers and can tackle heavier doughs, while most come with several different attachments, from beaters and whisks to dough hooks and food grinders, that provide extra versatility. They're a completely hands-free mixing option.

However, they can be expensive and also take up a fair bit of space in your kitchen.

There are 2 main types of stand mixer available:

  • Planetary mixers. These models feature beaters that rotate in an elliptical path around a stationary bowl, providing an even mix throughout the bowl and usually performing well with heavy dough.
  • Fixed-beater mixers. These models feature off-centre beaters in a bowl that rotates. They're cheaper than planetary mixers but may not offer the same level of performance.

Hand and stick mixers

If you're looking for something a little smaller that won't take up as much cupboard space, you may want to consider a hand mixer. These handheld appliances often have twin beaters and are handy for light-duty tasks like whipping cream or preparing cakes and mousses. They're best suited to occasional bakers and those that aren't sure whether spending big money on a stand mixer is worth it.

However, they're not as powerful as stand mixers and come with fewer attachments and features.

Stick mixers are the most compact option available and are often referred to as hand blenders. They're easy to use and usually feature several attachments including a whisk, but are generally more for blending and pureeing. Check out our guide to choosing a stick blender for more info.

How to compare kitchen mixers

Before buying a mixer, you'll need to think about the type of cooking you do and the amount of money you want to spend. For example, a passionate home cook who is baking every other day and always testing out complicated recipes may want a top-spec stand mixer with several attachments, while someone who simply wants to bake the occasional birthday cake or sweet treat may prefer a hand mixer.

While you can pick up a compact, entry-level stand mixer for less than $100, most models are $200 and above. Top-of-the-line stand mixers cost several hundred dollars and even more than $1,000 in some cases. Hand mixers start around the $20 mark, and you'll find plenty of choice for less than $100.

In addition to price, consider the following factors:


Most mixers offer anywhere between 300 and 1,700 watts. However, more power doesn't necessarily mean better performance; you will need to consider the torque a motor exerts and how efficiently it uses the available power.


Multiple speed settings allow you to perform a variety of food preparation tasks, for example whisking at high speeds and kneading dough at a much slower pace. Check the number of speed settings available – most bench mixers offer between 6 and 12 options.


While the heavy-duty beater will probably get the most use, other common attachments include scraper beaters (which scrape the edge of the bowl), dough hooks and whisks.

Some bench mixers also offer attachments for meat grinding, spiralising, making pasta and making ice cream.

Tilt-head or bowl-lift

Most stand mixers feature a tilt-head lever so you can lift the beater away from the bowl to remove attachments or the bowl. However, some large models have a lever that you can use to raise the bowl to the attachments and lower it when you need to remove it.

Bowl-lift mixers usually have a larger capacity but tilt-head mixers provide easier access to the bowl when in use.

Ease of use

Are the controls easy to understand and use? Is there sufficient room for you to add ingredients to the bowl while mixing? Are all the accessories simple to attach and remove? Can you adjust the height of the mixing tools to meet your needs? If choosing a hand mixer, is it lightweight and comfortable to hold?

Bowl capacity

Bowl capacities can range anywhere from 1-7 litres, while some models offer multiple bowl sizes that can be swapped in and out as needed. Make sure to consider how many people you'll be cooking for and the size of the batches you'll be mixing. Some bowls also come with a handle for easier pouring.


If your mixer will stay out on your kitchen bench at all times, you may also want to consider its looks. Some brands offer multiple colour choices and funky retro designs to add some punch to your kitchen decor.


Can you lock the bowl in place so it doesn't move around while the unit is in use? Some models feature suction feet so the mixer remains stable on your kitchen benchtop when operating at full power or kneading heavy dough.

Dimensions and weight

Check the specs sheet to find out how much space a mixer will take up on your benchtop or in a cupboard or drawer. Weight is also important – while some models only weigh 2-3 kilograms, others tip the scales at around 12 kilograms and may be difficult to move when needed.


Many mixers feature a timer to allow you to follow a recipe's instructions precisely.

Splash guard

Most models feature some sort of splatter guard to prevent spills when mixing or when adding ingredients to the bowl.

Overhead light

Some stand mixers include an overhead light so you can easily check the texture and consistency of your mixture.

Frequently asked questions

Best Stand Mixer

Best Rated Stand Mixer Brand: KitchenAid

The KitchenAid stand mixer is one of this year's standouts, beating the competition across the board. Easy to use? Tick. Value for money? Tick. Performance? Tick.

Best rated food mixer brand award breakdown

Total Score Overall rating Value for Money Cleaning & maintenance Ease of use Performance
KitchenAid 8.29 4.53 4.43 4.51 4.57 4.49
Breville 7.97 4.38 4.12 4.28 4.38 4.26
Ambiano (Aldi) 7.96 4.30 4.30 4.28 4.30 4.33
Kenwood 7.92 4.36 4.26 4.26 4.40 4.30
Philips 7.91 4.31 4.29 4.22 4.18 4.37
Other 7.82 4.36 4.09 4.00 4.36 4.18
Sunbeam 7.70 4.25 4.20 4.14 4.30 4.23
Kmart 7.51 4.02 4.12 4.29 4.18 4.04
Russell Hobbs 7.49 4.12 4.12 4.16 4.12 4.20
Braun 7.48 4.04 4.09 4.09 4.02 4.09
Kambrook 7.34 4.02 4.14 3.96 4.02 3.98
Data: Finder Retail Brand Survey, 2020, Kantar. Metric out of 5 stars unless indicated. Methodology and more info. Kantar logo

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