Vodafone TV Box: Everything you need to know

Vodafone has entered the crowded streaming space with a new device. Should you care?

Australian telcos are no strangers to the world of streaming. Telstra has Telstra TV; Optus pushes Fetch; and OVO offers a unique sports streaming service. Now Australia's third-most popular telecommunications network, Vodafone, is offering their own streaming solution, aptly named Vodafone TV. Vodafone's foray into the streaming space, for the known future, will focus on streaming hardware rather than original content unlike services like Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Now.

This is everything you need to know about Voda's form-fit streaming box.

What does Vodafone TV do?

The easiest product to compare Vodafone TV to is Telstra's re-purposed Roku, Telstra TV. Both products are close to the size and shape of an Apple TV device, and both lean on the various streaming services to deliver content through their individual hardware options.

Vodafone TV runs on Google's Android operating system and will have access to the Google Play store, allowing users to download compatible apps and stay on top of regular software updates. That also means Vodafone TV will feature Google Assistant voice search, which allows you to search for your favourite TV shows and movies with your voice.

Staying on the cutting edge of streaming technology, the Vodafone TV box will also offer 4K streaming across compatible services.

What services will Vodafone TV be compatible with?

While we don't know for sure exactly which services Vodafone TV will be compatible with, we do know that Vodafone is focusing on Netflix customers.

The Vodafone New Zealand website lists channels such as Viceland, Nickelodeon, SoHo and Sky Sport as well as on-demand services such as YouTube and Netflix in the mix.

How much will Vodafone TV cost?

Vodafone TV will be available as an add-on with the provider's 24-month mobile and broadband plans or as an outright purchase.

On any 24-month plan, Vodafone TV will cost you an additional $5 per month on top of your usual monthly bill. Purchasing outright will set you back $120, which works out the same either way so you're really only bundling for convenience.

That is, unless, you bundle with one of Vodafone's 24-month Essential Plus or Premium NBN plans. Signing up for these plans will score you a 12-month subscription to Netflix, which is valued at a minimum saving of $120.

When does Vodafone TV release?

Vodafone TV is set to launch April 2017 in Vodafone retail stores across Australia.

What plans will Vodafone TV be available on?

While 24-month NBN plans will score you a free Netflix subscription, you can add Vodafone TV to any of the plans below.

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