How to send money to Mauritania

Find out how to make a fast, cost-effective and secure transfer to Mauritania.

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Sending money to Mauritania? Get more ouguiya for your buck by comparing your options before you do.

Cash pick-ups are the most popular transfer option in Mauritania, but there are still some alternatives to compare – keep reading to learn more.

How much does it cost to send money to Mauritania? Compare your options

The calculator below shows how much it may cost to send money to Mauritania with some different providers. Simply enter your transfer amount into the table below and it will crunch the numbers.

Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
AUD 1 Within an hour AUD 3.99 244.419 MRO
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The "Rate" and "Amount Received" displayed are indicative rates that have been supplied by each brand or gathered by Finder.

Exchange rates are volatile and change often. As a result, the exchange rate listed on Finder may vary to the actual exchange rate quoted for the brand. Please confirm the actual exchange rate and mention "Finder" before you commit to a brand.

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Step-by-step: How to send money to Mauritania

To send money to Mauritania:

  1. Compare options above and pick the transfer service that's a good match for your needs.
  2. Create an account by visiting that service's website.
  3. Fill out your transfer details, including the recipient and amount you want to send.
  4. Double check the details and make your payment. Your money is on its way!

What's the best way to send money to Mauritania?

There are several different basic ways of sending money to Mauritania.

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Mobile money services

There is an expanding mobile money network in Mauritania and it may suit some recipients.

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Cash transfer services

Cash transfers may be one of the easiest and most widely-available types of transfers for Mauritania. Certified cheques are also widely used.

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Some banks will let you send money to Mauritania, but transfers can be slow and expensive, and bank availability may be limited.

Let's crunch the numbers: Sending $1,000 to Mauritania

The table below shows how much it costs to send $1,000 to Mauritania with two different cash transfer services. You can see how the costs can vary and how much you can save by comparing your options.

Cash transfer A Cash transfer B
Fee $25 $14,99
Exchange rate 1 AUD = 24.3650 MRU 1 AUD = 25.40173
Transfer speed Instant transfer Instant transfer
Amount received MRU23,756 MRU25,021
Overall MRU1,265 less MRU1,265 more

Both services are almost identical, but one of them has lower fees and better rates than the other. This means the recipient will get an extra MRU1,265 (roughly $50) on a $1,000 transfer.

How long will it take to send money to Mauritania?

How long it takes to send money to Mauritania depends on the situation. Generally, cash transfers can be processed immediately if you're paying by card or cash. However, there may be processing delays on the recipient's end depending on where they're picking up the funds.

Emergency cash transfer

If you want to send money as fast as possible, try to find an instant payment method and look for a cash pick-up point that suits the recipient best.

How to send money to Mauritania without a bank account

You can send money to Mauritania without a bank account by paying with cash at an agent location near you.

Your recipient can also pick up cash or a certified cheque without a bank account, although they will often have to visit a bank to do so.

What to watch out for

Mauritania re-denominated its currency at the start of 2018, switching from MRO to MRU. One new MRU is worth ten old MRO. Make sure you know which one you're looking at when sending money so you know exactly what you're getting.

Mauritania's payment network is also very much driven by cash and physical cheques, and sending or receiving money in Mauritania can mean contending with queues or extensive travel times.

At the same time, the only interbank system in Mauritania is the manual cheque clearing system operated by the central bank.

Although it's easy enough to send your funds on their way to Mauritania, there can still be unpredictable factors on the other end.

Documentation you'll need to send money to Mauritania

You will generally need to provide several types of documentation to send money overseas.

  • Your details and identification. This means your own details, such as name and contact information. You'll also need to verify your identity by showing identification such as a driver's licence.
  • Transfer details. You will have to provide some information on the transfer, including the amount you want to send and the reason for sending the money.
  • Recipient's information. Transfer services will require the recipient's information to make sure the money finds its rightful owner in Mauritania.

What to compare to get the best deal

There are several factors to consider when comparing money transfer services for Mauritania.

  • Fees. How much are you being charged for sending the transfer?
  • Exchange rates. How much of one currency are you getting for the other?
  • Transfer speed. How long will it take the funds to arrive?
  • Payment options. What are the different ways you can pay for the transfer?
  • Delivery methods. How can the recipient receive the funds? Which bank can they pick up the money at?
  • Customer service. Who do you contact in case something goes wrong?

Foreign exchange rates explained

Foreign exchange rates are how much of one currency you get the other. In this case, how many ouguiya (MRU) you get for the other currency.

Different providers may have different rates and they change all the time, so check the rates prior to making a transfer.

Cash pick-up locations in Mauritania

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