What happens online when you die?

How do I start preparing now?

What would your digital legacy be like if you died tomorrow? The fact is, none of us really knows what happens to our spiritual self when we die, but whether you believe you'll be looking down on your loved ones from a better place, or there really is nothing for you after your last status update, your digital self is already out there, in the cloud, more far reaching and powerful than you could have ever imagined. Therefore take the opportunity to decide now, whether who you are online is really who you are in life, and if this is how you want to be remembered.

As confronting as it is to think about the afterlife, or simply what happens after life, a well lived life is one from which you will be missed. Therefore if there are friends or family you will leave behind when you die wouldn't it be nice to know you'll be able to touch their lives in a positive way after you're gone, and that your digital legacy has been preserved as the valuable social, historical and archaeological artefact that it is? That we all are?

Therefore, use the resources below to find out more about the issues surrounding digital death, how those issues will change and affect you into the future. You will also find listed below websites which can help you decide whether you do want your digital self to live forever and if so in what form. Once you've made these decisions you can start making arrangements to prepare for your digital death or afterlife.

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