New Years Resolution for 2018: Improve your fitness

Get in shape and create a healthier you with these handy tips to improve your fitness.

Have you ever wanted to achieve a higher level of fitness? Most of us would just love to be fitter than we currently are, as even average fitness can open so many new doors in life.

Improving your fitness helps you feel healthier and more energetic as you progress through life. Regularly walking for an hour each day improves your muscle strength, heart rhythm and metabolic rate. It can also mean less aches and pains and less visits to a doctor. A reasonable level of fitness can also reduce the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes and joint problems.

What do you need to buy to help you improve your fitness?

No, we're not saying you need to buy EVERYTHING here. That would be silly. But if you do need to stock up on some exercise apparel, workout equipment, or even just a new pair of running shoes, here's some inspiration for you.

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Where to buy exercise apparel online

Top 10 tips for getting fit and healthy

1. The beginning of any fitness program starts with your diet

Evaluate your diet and consult a calories guide so that you can study ways that you can reduce your intake of calorie-rich foods. One example is to substitute a chocolate snack with an apple, or to consume a sugar-free soda rather than a sugar-based one. A third option is substituting pork for lean chicken. These slight changes can knock plenty of calories off your daily intake.

2. Plan a suitable diet

Carefully write down your average daily food consumption and calculate how many kilojoules you are consuming. You may wish to consult a medical professional to find out a suitable kilojoule intake. You can now consult a book with food and kilojoule amounts in it to plan a suitable diet. You'll be surprised how diet changes can bring you a new lease of life in terms of energy.

3. An exercise program comes next

Once you've started to control your diet, you'll soon discover that you have more energy to exercise. You don’t have to join a fitness centre to get fit; you can do it from home or even at work. A simple home-based exercise is to up the pace when doing any normal household activities, for example going up and down stairs. You can also purchase books and DVDs of home exercise routines. Get into a routine of 30 minutes a day, starting with light exercises such as touching your toes and moving on to more challenging press-ups.

4. Take up a sport

This is a great time to take up a new sport. It could be riding a bicycle, going to the swimming pool or even going hiking in a national park every weekend. Whatever you do, it’ll help improve your fitness level.

5. Extreme fitness might be your goal

If you intend to get super fit you may either wish to join a gym or set up your own gym at home. You must be careful when trying to get extremely fit as you may try activities that are too extreme too early.

6. Join a gym or fitness centre

A gym or fitness centre can plan a program that builds up your fitness level gradually. Gyms stock all the devices that you can use to build up strength in different parts of your body.

7. Become a marathon runner

Many people dream of being a marathon runner. It requires a high level of fitness, but most of us can build up to this level over time. Running needs little in terms of equipment, but requires the time to be outdoors increasing those kilometres every day. You can start by walking one kilometre every day for a week. The second week you increase your pace. and the third week you break out of the walking pace and into a jog. After a few months of perseverance you will be ready to try your first half marathon.

8. Have a medical examination

Adjusting your diet, running up and down stairs at home, jogging with the dog or avoiding the elevator at work does not require serious exertion. Taking up extreme exercise such as marathon training really requires a medical examination first just to ensure you don’t overdo it.

9. Getting fitter is for life

Once you've established your desired fitness level, make every effort to maintain it and think long-term. Do whatever it takes it keep motivated, such as putting posters up on your wall or keep paying that gym membership to force you to go. Keep an exercise and diet plan at your fingertips.

10. Make sure you rest

Remember: there's nothing wrong with taking a day or two off from your fitness routine. This gives you time to reflect on your achievements and plan other activities you could participate in to keep up your fitness level. It also gives your body a chance to recover.

Reaching your ultimate fitness level is really a matter of perseverance. If you want to be a marathon runner, you’ll need to establish a committed training program that may take several months to complete. If you simply want to improve your fitness level so that you feel and look healthier, a fitness plan is still required but it doesn’t have to be so rigorous. It’s also important to monitor your diet carefully and exercise regularly - even after you've reached your fitness goal.

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