Typical Rebecca

This is Rebecca,
she represents the average Australian...

Right now, she has:

  • $2,172 in monthly home repayments
  • $4,800 outstanding on her car loan
  • $3,192 to payback on her credit card

She could be finding a better deal on all of these.
Here's how.

Rebecca's current mortgage of $377,600 is costing her
a whopping $2,052 a month.

When she compared home loans on finder.com.au, she discovered:

When she compared home loans on finder.com.au.. She discovered:

  • There were many loans offering a lower interest
    rate than her current mortgage, meaning lower
    monthly and overall costs.
  • She could save hundreds of dollars a month,
    just for switching to another provider.
  • Some of them even had better features
    than her current mortgage, such as a 100%
    offset account or free redraws.

Rebecca’s current car loan of $4,800 is a pretty looming expense, and she needs a bit more time to pay it off.

She jumped onto finder.com.au.. And found out that:

She jumped onto finder.com.au, and found out that:

  • Not only could she be getting a better rate, she could have it for a more ideal length of time.
  • Application fees don’t have to be something she pays – ever again!
  • Some loans had pre-approval, so she’d know if she would qualify for a loan before she applied.

Rebecca loves to shop, which is evident in her outstanding credit card balance of $3,192. Of this, $1,971 is accruing interest.

This has to change, so Rebecca jumped on creditcardfinder.com.au to find a better deal.. Here’s what she found:

This has to change, so Rebecca jumped on creditcardfinder.com.au to find a better deal – here’s what she found:

  • She was paying an annual fee on her current card that she wasn’t aware of – and it was setting her back $100 every year!
  • There were some cards that would minimise the fees incurred from overseas purchases, meaning she could buy from the U.K. fee-free.
  • Opting for a 0% purchase card would mean no interest on her shopping for a period of time.

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