How to get a credit card in time for christmas

If you’re planning to put this year’s Christmas shopping on your new credit card, here’s how to make sure it arrives on time.

Christmas is a time of giving and feasting, cozy family get-togethers and fabulous end-of-year parties. It’s also most certainly a time for spending, and if you’re looking to finance your Christmas gifts and festivities with a credit card, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve applied for it with plenty of time to spare. This guide will tell you how much time you need to give your application and how you can speed up the process. It will also suggest some appropriate credit card type options for covering your Christmas costs if you haven’t already set your heart on one.

How long will it take to apply for a credit card and when will I receive it?

Card providerApplication timeApproval timeEstimated time to receive card
American Express10 minutes60 seconds5 to 10 business days
ANZ5 minutes60 seconds5 business days (your PIN will be mailed 2 days after the card is issued)
BankSA5 to 10 minutes60 secondsUp to 7 business days
Bankwest10 to 15 minutes60 seconds5 business days
Bank of Melbourne5 to 10 minutes60 seconds5 to 7 business days
Bank of Queensland10 to 20 minutesWithin 2 business days7 to 10 business days
Citi15 minutes60 seconds7 to 10 business days
Commonwealth Bank10-15 minutes60 secondsUp to 10 business days
HSBC15 minutes60 seconds3 to 5 business days
ME Bank5 to 10 minutesWithin 2 business days5 to 10 business days
NAB15 minutes60 seconds5 to 10 business days
St.George10 to 15 minutes60 seconds7 to 10 business days
Suncorp Bank10 minutes60 seconds5 to 7 business days
Virgin Money10 minutes60 secondsUp to 10 business days
Westpac10 minutes60 seconds5 to 10 business days


How can I speed up the application process?

The above time frames are only estimates, and can be shortened or drawn out depending on your application. You can help speed up this process by making sure that you meet all the card’s eligibility requirements and by organising all the necessary documents before you apply. The specific eligibility requirements will also vary from card to card, but you can compare some of the standard criteria you'll need to meet below:

Eligibility criteria you'll need to meet

  • Age. Applicants must usually be at least 18 years of age.
  • Residential status. Most cards require that applicants are Australian citizens or permanent residents, but some cards cater for certain visa holders.
  • Minimum income. This varies among cards, but the minimum is usually at least $15,000 per annum. Make sure to check that you meet your chosen card’s income requirement.
  • Credit history. Most credit cards will require that you have a very good credit history and credit score. Having a poor credit history and rating will likely result in your application being declined.

Documents and info to include

  • Proof of identification. These will include copies of your driver’s licence and passport.
  • Financial information. You may be asked to provide copies of invoices, bank statements and other proof of finances.
  • Employment details. These generally include your employment contract and recent payslips or tax assessment documents and accountant's details if you’re self-employed.
  • Assets and liabilities. You may need to provide details of any assets (such as property or investments) or liabilities (such as other debts) you have.

What type of credit card should I get this Christmas?

There is no one best credit card to use this holiday season. Whether you want to save on purchase rates or earn points as you spend, you can compare the different credit cards to consider this Christmas below:

0% purchase credit cards

0% purchase credit cards offer an interest-free period on your purchases, usually for a fixed time between 3 and 18 months depending on the card. This means that you’ll pay 0% interest on all purchases made with the card during this promotional period. This could be a good way to free up your cash flow over Christmas and repay your balance well into the new year without accruing any additional interest. The 0% interest rate will revert to a higher standard purchase rate at the end of the promotional period, so make sure you've repaid your entire debt before this kicks in.

Rewards and frequent flyer credit cards

You can reward your generosity this Christmas by spending with a frequent flyer or rewards credit card. These cards usually allow you to earn points per $1 you spend, which you can redeem for flights, travel perks, merchandise, gift cards, cashback and more. Some of these cards also come with massive introductory bonus points offers, which can help you give your balance a boost.. These cards usually come with higher interest rates and annual fees though, so they're best suited to cardholders who can pay their balance in full each statement period and will earn enough points to offset the costs.

No annual fee credit cards

No annual fee credit cards offer an opportunity to save by avoiding the yearly administrative fee. While some cards offer an annual fee waiver for a promotional period, such as the first year or two, others come with $0 annual fee for the life of the card. These cards may offset the absence of an annual fee with a high interest rate, so you can avoid any extra costs by paying your balance in full each statement period.

Balance transfer credit cards

If you’re already carrying some debt on your existing credit card(s), a balance transfer credit card could be just the thing you need for Christmas. This type of card allows you to transfer your existing credit card debt onto the new card at a lower or 0% interest rate for the promotional period. With introductory offers lasting between 6 and 24 months, this means you’ll get a breather from paying interest on your existing debt and can shop easier knowing that you’ve got more time to make repayments without having to worry about interest accumulating.

Whichever card you choose, make sure that you give yourself ample time to apply and wait for your new card delivery. It can be an easy and quick online process these days, just as long as you have all your documents scanned and ready to upload with your application.

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