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Australians are spoilt for choice in many areas which make us the envy of other nations – our choice of beautiful beaches, our choice employment, our choice of home and neighbourhood. Unfortunately, one choice you don’t want to be overwhelmed with options for is your choice of home loan and home loan provider because there are so many other decisions to make and questions to answer when it comes time to buy that you want your choice of loan and lender to be simple.

Super Rate home loan products

Super Rate home loans do not have any hidden fees, but make sure to provide you with a fully featured loan which is easy and affordable to use, and helps you pay off your loan sooner. For example, the Super Rate home loan interest rate is up to 1% lower than most other Australian lenders because Super Rate is funded by ING DIRECT which is a direct bank, with lower overheads, who is able to pass their savings onto their customers.

Your low interest rate with Super Rate will also stay low for the life of the loan, unlike many introductory or honeymoon interest rates which are discounted for just 12 months, before jumping up to a high standard variable interest rate.

How do Super Rate home loans work?

Forget everything you’re dreading about a tedious, expensive, drawn out home loan application process, because when you apply for a home loan with Super Rate you follow just a few simple steps to your dream home:

  • Complete an online enquiry form. You can fill out a short enquiry form on the Super Rate website where you simply enter your name and address details, the loan amount you want to borrow and the purpose of the loan. There is a comments section too if you want to provide more information, but you don’t have to because Super Rate will contact you at your preferred time to discuss your needs in detail.
  • A Telesales Consultant will contact you. From your enquiry form you will receive a call from Super Rate where they ask about your income, your expenses, your assets and your liabilities to gain a picture of your financial situation.
  • Your own personal consultant. From there you will be appointed a personal consultant who will take a few more details over the phone, at a time which suits you. This means you don’t need to travel to a broker or branch office and be judged by loan officers. You can complete your entire application process from your home.
  • Your choice of home loan. Your home loan consultant will suggest loan types and features which they see will suit you based on the information you have provided, and their experience, training and certification. However, the final decision is always up to you and you won’t be pressured into a loan you’re not happy with.
  • Electronic communications. As Super Rate is a direct lender there are no branches so while you won’t deal with your consultant face to face, you will be able to correspond with them at any time over the phone or via email.

Who are Super Rate?

Super Rate is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has over $18 billion under management so you know you are dealing with a strong, reputable company. Plus, Super Rate focuses on ensuring fast loan approvals and outstanding customer service, to set them apart from their competition. For example, instead of waiting the two or three weeks you could expect with a traditional lender, Super Rate will take all of your details, handle the application form and paperwork and your pre-approval can take just two minutes. You will also deal with just one loan consultant so you don’t have to repeat your details to someone in each department, saving you hassle and stress – and even more time.

Super Rate are a direct lender which means they don’t have any branches which is one main reason they are able to offer such competitive home loan products, because they have lower overheads, and they pass these savings on to you. Super Rate is also funded by ING DIRECT and was established in 2007 as a way to offer discounted mortgage products to employees of super funds and clients of the Sherlock Group. As a division of the Sherlock Group, Super Rate continue to offer genuine financial benefits to all Australian employees who are interested in their loan products. The Sherlock Group has been operating in the financial planning and investment industry since 1969, planning financial futures and helping their clients achieve their financial goals.

Today, Super Rate continue their dedication to providing the highest level of service and advice, as well as ensuring you have a complete financial product and plan for your future because a mortgage doesn't have to be a product you are saddled with for life if properly managed. You can also be sure your home loan and funds are secure with Super Rate as their backer ING DIRECT has a higher credit rating than any of the Big Four Banks. ING DIRECT is the institution who holds the mortgage over your property, and they are an internationally recognised lending and investment institution in their own right.

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