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Big Sky Home Loans

Big Sky Home Loans

Big Sky is an Australia-wide financial services organisation that has been serving its customers for more than 40 years. With customers spread throughout metropolitan, regional and remote Australia, Big Sky offers banking, financial advice and insurance.

Loans offered by Big Sky

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Big Sky Fixed Rate - 5 Years (Owner Occupier, P&I)
A fixed rate home loan that comes with a competitive rate and great savings on interest cost.
4.55% 5.01% $600 $0 p.a. 95% Enquire now More info
4.50% 5.05% $600 $0 p.a. 95% Enquire now More info
4.40% 5.08% $600 $0 p.a. 95% Enquire now More info
Big Sky SMSF Limited Recourse Investment Loan - 3 Years Fixed, P&I
Protect yourself from the rising interest cost when you lock in a rate for 3 years.
5.94% 6.29% $0 $1,000 p.a. 80% Enquire now More info
Big Sky Fixed Rate - 2 Years (Owner Occupier, P&I)
Borrow from $20000 up to $3000000.
4.35% 5.15% $600 $0 p.a. 95% Enquire now More info
Big Sky SMSF Limited Recourse Investment Loan - 4 Years Fixed, P&I
Great savings on interest cost and have the ease of budgeting.
6.05% 6.31% $0 $1,000 p.a. 80% Enquire now More info
6.18% 6.36% $0 $1,000 p.a. 80% Enquire now More info
Big Sky SMSF Limited Recourse Investment Loan - 5 Years Fixed, P&I
Product with great savings when you lock in rate for 5 years.
6.10% 6.32% $0 $1,000 p.a. 80% Enquire now More info
5.70% 6.31% $0 $1,000 p.a. 80% Enquire now More info
Big Sky Fixed Rate - 1 Year (Owner Occupier, P&I)
Access the equity in your home to finance a range of purposes.
4.30% 5.23% $600 $0 p.a. 95% Enquire now More info
5.74% 6.27% $0 $1,000 p.a. 80% Enquire now More info
Big Sky Premium Choice - Variable $250K+ (Owner Occupier, P&I)
Pay no application fee and borrow more than $250K plus great features and benefits.
4.59% 4.96% $0 $399 p.a. 95% Enquire now More info
Big Sky Premium Choice - Variable $100K - $250K (Owner Occupier, P&I)
A competitive variable home loan that comes with great benefits and wide range of features that suits your needs.
4.79% 5.16% $0 $399 p.a. 95% Enquire now More info
Big Sky Premium Choice - Variable <$100,000 (Owner Occupier, P&I)
Experience the package benefits such as additional repayments options, offset account and more!
4.99% 5.35% $0 $399 p.a. 95% Enquire now More info

Awards that Big Sky has earned

  • 2013 Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Cash Management Account of the Year
  • Finalist, 2013 Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Building Society of the Year

Who is Big Sky / What does Big Sky do?

With strong links to the resources industry, Big Sky has more than 30,000 customers. As well as a range of personal banking solutions, Big Sky offers a number of home loans to prospective borrowers.

Designed to help borrowers own their home or investment property sooner, Big Sky’s loans feature fixed or variable rates, or a combination of the two. Interest-only loans are also available, while Big Sky offers bridging loans to help with your home purchase.

Home loans offered by Big Sky

Basic Choice Home Loan

This no-frills option is designed to be an easy-to-manage home loan. It boasts a competitive rate and some basic features, including the option of making principal and interest or interest-only repayments. A redraw facility is available, and this loan attracts no application fee and no fees for making extra repayments.

Standard Choice Home Loan

This loan offering includes a broader range of features than the Basic option and is available with fixed or variable rates. A redraw facility and offset account are both available, while you have the option of making repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly. There’s no application fee, no extra repayment fee, and no minimum redraw.

Premium Choice Home Loan

This option boasts a competitive rate and a number of extra features and benefits. Repayments can be principal and interest or interest-only, while redraw and offset facilities and a loan split option are all available. This loan offers a discount on the fixed rate and a discount on general insurance products. There is no application fee, no extra repayment fee and no minimum redraw amount.

Fixed Rate Home Loan

This loan offers the certainty of knowing how much your repayments will be for a set period. Boasting a competitive rate, this loan features no application fee, no monthly fee, and no extra repayment fee. Free Internet and phone banking is available, as is a loan split option.

Secured Line of Credit

This Big Sky loan lets you maintain an overdraft up to a pre-approval limit secured by the equity in your property. It’s a great way to access funds to renovate your home or purchase an investment. Features include a variable rate, no extra repayment fee, and free internet and phone banking.

About how to compare home loans

Pros and cons of Big Sky home loans


  • Competitive rates. Big Sky offers competitive interest rates on all its loans to help borrowers make the most of their money.
  • Flexible repayments. Big Sky lets you make early repayments on your loan without attracting a penalty.
  • Online tools. Big Sky’s website features a number of calculators and fact sheets to help you determine how much you can borrow and find the right loan for you.


  • Fees. Keep an eye out for things like redraw fees attached to Big Sky home loans.

How to apply for a Big Sky home loan

The process of applying for a Big Sky home loan is simple and straightforward. You can:

  • Access an application form online
  • Phone Big Sky
  • Visit a branch

Documents needed to apply for a Big Sky home loan

Personal information

Big Sky will require you to provide some personal information that can help to prove your identity. This documentation is required by law and must be provided to Big Sky before your home loan can be finalised.

  • Tax File Number. Big Sky will need to have your Tax File Number (TFN) on hand to include on the loan paperwork.
  • Proof of identification. Like all lenders across the country, Big Sky uses the government’s 100-point identification system to help prove your identity. You will be required to give the bank the proper identification to meet the 100-point threshold in order to have your loan processed.

Property information

You will also need to provide several pieces of documentation pertaining to the purchase of your home. Each home loan may require different documentation, so be sure to talk with your agent to see what your specific requirements are. However, here’s a list of the most common property documentation required:

  • Property valuation. When you obtain a loan from the bank, a proper assessment will need to be done on the property to determine its true value. This will ensure that the loan you are obtaining is equal to the value of the home being purchased.
  • Proof of title for property. Big Sky will need to obtain a copy of the title for the property being purchased. This will guarantee that the party selling you the property is the actual owner of the property and has the rights to sell it.
  • Property sales contract. Before closing on your loan, Big Sky will need a copy of the sales contract for the property. This will provide all the details about the sale of the property.

Financial information

Although you will provide Big Sky with your financial information at the initial stages of the application, you will also need to provide proof of that information. You’ll need to provide:

  • Proof of earnings. You must provide documentation that can prove your annual earnings. If you earn a wage, copies of your payslips should be adequate. If you are self-employed, however, you may need to submit copies of your tax returns.
  • Documentation for outstanding debt. If you have any outstanding debt that you listed on your home loan application, you will need to provide Big Sky with a copy of the latest statement for those accounts.
  • Proof of assets. Big Sky will need documents that can prove the value of any additional assets or income that you disclosed on your initial home loan application.

Big Sky offers some viable home loan options for prospective borrowers, but make sure to seek expert advice and compare your options so you find the best loan available for your needs.

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