Best home alarm systems in Australia

Protect your home and your family with the best home alarm and security systems you can buy right now.

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The best home alarm systems in Australia

How did we pick this list?

Our editorial team selected the products on this list based on key product specs and actual customer reviews on sites like JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman and Amazon. For each category, we identified key parameters based on our research and selected the highest-rated home security products within those parameters.

Read more detail on our methodology below.

Best overall home security system: Eufy Security eufyCam 2C Pro 2K Wireless Home Security System


  • Wireless set-up with easy installation
  • Affordable


  • No extra features such as door and window sensors or alarms
  • Users reported the motion sensing range at night could be better
Price (RRP): $429.99
eBay price: From $399.00 to $1829.93
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Why we chose it

The eufyCam 2C Pro 2K Wireless Home Security System is the best overall home security system for most people. This 2-camera system offers the convenience of wireless home security, night vision, human detection technology and smart features.

Combined with a competitive price-tag, it's been well received by consumers with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 from over 25 Google reviews.

It's designed to offer easy wireless monitoring of your property. Each camera captures 2K footage for clear images, and offer up to 180 days of battery life from a single charge.

Night vision ensures that you can always get a clear view of what goes on after dark, with built-in technology to detect body shapes and patterns. You'll be alerted when a person approaches your home with much less risk of any false alarms.

The IP67 weatherproof rating means you can set the cameras up outside without having to worry whether they can stand up to harsh Australian conditions. The Eufy Security system also supports the Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Finally, with a price tag of less than $450, the Eufy Security eufyCam 2C Pro 2K Wireless Home Security System offers the peace of mind of protection and the convenience of wireless at a price that isn't going to break the bank.

Best home security camera system: Swann SecureAlert 4 Camera 4 Channel 4K Ultra HD Wi-Fi NVR Security System


  • 4K footage
  • Heat and motion detection


  • Expensive
  • Some complaints about W-iFi issues
Price (RRP): $899.95
eBay price: From $989.73
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Why we chose it

Searching for a home security camera system that can provide maximum coverage for your property? We recommend checking out the Swann SecureAlert 4 Camera 4 Channel 4K Ultra HD Wi-Fi NVR Security System.

This powerful system offers 4K video quality, two-way audio, and features like flashing lights, sirens and spotlights to deter intruders. And with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 65 Google reviews, this Swann SecureAlert system is our top pick as the best home security camera system.

The headline feature of this system is that it records footage in 4K Ultra HD, allowing you to see important details like faces and number plates with added clarity. And with Swann's Night2Day feature, you can also see colour video at night up to a distance of 10 metres (black and white at night up to 35 metres).

Other features include: heat and motion sensing technology, motion activated red and blue flashing lights, spotlights and sirens to deter potential intruders. You'll also receive push notifications when the system detects heat from people or cars.

Footage is recorded on a 1TB hard drive and backed up in the cloud, and the cameras have an IP66 weatherproof rating. The system is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for added convenience.

If you want a professional level of security in your home camera system, the Swann SecureAlert 4 Camera 4 Channel 4K Ultra HD Wi-Fi NVR Security System could be the system for you.

Best home alarm system: Eufy Security 5-Piece Alarm Kit


  • Easy set-up
  • Easy management via app


  • Users report alarms not loud enough
  • No outdoors siren
Price (RRP): $349.95
eBay price: From $279.20 to $349.95 Amazon price: From $249.00
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Why we chose it

If you're searching for an affordable and reliable home alarm system, it's hard to go past the Eufy Security 5-Piece Alarm Kit. This system is easy to install, easy to use on a daily basis, and offers all the essentials you need to enjoy an increased level of home security.

It's also picked up its fair share of positive customer reviews, with average ratings of 4.6 out of 5 from 14 Amazon customer reviews and 4.8 out of 5 from 12 JB Hi-Fi customer reviews. As a result, the Eufy Security 5-Piece Alarm Kit takes the win here as the best home alarm system.

Pick up one of these systems and you'll get a Eufy HomeBase, a keypad, a motion sensor and 2 entry sensors. It's also designed with ease of use in mind, so you'll be able to install the system within minutes and without any professional help. Mounts are included so you can attach the motion sensor and keypad to the wall while the entry sensors magnetically attach to their own mounts.

When motion or unauthorised entry is detected, an alarm will sound and you'll receive an instant alert via the Eufy Security app. The app itself has picked up plenty of positive reviews (an average of 4.2 out of 5 from over 14,000 Google Play customer reviews) and can be used to arm and disarm the system. Alternatively, you can just use the keypad to enter your password.

And with a long battery life for the keypad and sensors, long-distance connectivity, and the ability to pair the system with one or more Eufy cameras, there's a lot to like about the Eufy Security 5-Piece Alarm Kit.

Best cheap home alarm: GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm


  • Easy installation
  • 120dB alarm


  • Basic
  • Users note that alarm is "too loud"
Price (RRP): $87.88 (12-pack) plus delivery
Amazon price: From $91.58
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Why we chose it

If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to deter intruders, we recommend checking out the GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm. You can pick up a 4-pack for around $30 or a 12-pack for less than $90. This simple alarm is easy to install, packs a pretty big punch and is our pick for the best cheap home alarm.

This no-frills product is designed to sound an alarm when a door or window is opened. Capable of emitting a 120dB alarm, it's got more than enough oomph to make potential intruders think twice. It's also picked up lots of positive reviews, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5 from over 2,000 customer reviews on Amazon.

You can switch the alarm off when it's not required, or set it to a chime if you just want to know when someone has entered the room. You can simply install the alarm using double-sided tape to attach it to your surface. The home alarm is powered by 4 LR44 button batteries and you can check the remaining battery life using the built-in low-battery test.

There's nothing particularly fancy about this alarm, but it's a simple way to deter intruders and enjoy a greater peace of mind. The GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm is an affordable addition to any home security set-up.

Best alarm system for large homes: Chuango Large Home Security Starter Kit


  • Easy set-up
  • Expandable


  • No cameras included
  • App has mixed reviews
Price (RRP): $799
eBay price: From $549.00
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Why we chose it

If you live in a big house, there's a lot you need to consider if your home security system is going to offer complete protection. With plenty of positive feedback from SmartHome customers, the Chuango Large Home Security Starter Kit is our choice as the best alarm system for large homes.

This handy kit includes all the essentials you need to protect your home against intruders and burglars including convenient features such as voice control and can easily be expanded if you need extra protection.

The main feature in this kit is the Chuango H4-LTE Security Hub. Easy to install and boasting a streamlined design, the H4-LTE features Wi-Fi & 4G LTE dual protection. It can emit a loud siren to deter intruders and also has a cellular back-up in case your Wi-Fi is down.

The Large Home Security Starter Kit also includes 5 wireless motion sensors, 3 wireless door and window sensors, a wireless indoor siren, an outdoor siren that runs on mains power, and 4 keychain remote controls. Most reviewers report that set-up and installation are relatively easy. The system also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistant.

This is a self-monitored system, and is compatible with a free iPhone and Android app that you can share with up to 10 family members. If an alarm is triggered, you'll receive an SMS, phone call or a push notification to your mobile. It's also easy to arm and disarm the system via your phone, and the system is backed by a 3-year replacement warranty for added peace of mind.

Best smart indoor security camera: TP-Link Tapo C200


  • Pans and tilts
  • HD images


  • App not user-friendly
  • No cloud storage
Average online price: $64

eBay price: From $66.80 Amazon price: From $47.90

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Why we chose it

Searching for a smart indoor security camera to keep an eye on things at home? There's a lot to like about the TP-Link Tapo C200 Home Security Wi-Fi camera.

This camera has an average score of 4.5 out of 5 from a whopping 30,000 plus Amazon customer reviews and an average of 4.7 out of 5 from over 1,400 Google reviews. Throw in a very affordable price tag, and it's easy to see why we think it's the best smart indoor security camera.

Whether you want to secure your home or just check what the dog gets up to while you're out, the TP-Link Tapo C200 offers everything you need. Capturing Full HD 1,080p images, this camera can pan through 360 degrees and tilt through 114 degrees of vertical range. And with night vision also included, you'll be able to see as far as 9 metres after dark.

You'll receive a notification when the camera detects movement, plus you can trigger sound and light alarms should you need to scare off an intruder. The built-in microphone and speaker and two-way audio allows you to converse remotely with whoever is in your house, which could be very handy if you want to tell the dog to stop chewing up your lounge cushions.

You can capture up to 16 days of footage on a 128GB microSD card. Another big selling point is that the camera is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Best of all, we found the TP-Link Tapo C200 selling for less than $70 from multiple retailers, so you can improve your home security protection without having to dip too far into your bank balance.

Best video doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell 4


  • HD video
  • Plenty of handy features


  • Privacy concerns
  • Expensive
Price (RRP): $329

eBay price: From $253.00 Amazon price: From $249.00

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Why we chose it

Whether you're at home or out and about, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 is clearly the best choice of video doorbells. This popular home security option is easy to set up and use and is loaded with features to help make it simple to manage all the comings and goings at your front door.

Even better, it has impressed plenty of buyers earning an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 280 Google reviews.

It offers HD video with night vision for image clarity, while the Colour Pre-Roll feature starts recording up to four seconds before motion is detected.

The Ring is compatible with Amazon Alexa and offers two-way audio, allowing you to speak to the person at the door wants before you unlock. There's also a Quick Replies feature, so you can respond with one of six preset messages when you don't have time to answer the door yourself. You can also view footage and notifications in real time using Ring's user-friendly app, and the camera offers a wide, 160 degree, field of view.

One potential downside for prospective buyers is that Ring has found itself at the centre of privacy scandals in the US and the UK. It's worth reading up on those much-publicised incidents before deciding whether the Ring Video Doorbell 4 is the right fit for your home.

Best smart lock: Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro


  • Multiple entry methods
  • Affordable


  • Travel adapter required for Wi-Fi Bridge
  • User report fingerprint scanner isn't always reliable
Average online price: $374

eBay price: From $468.95 Amazon price: From $249.99

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Why we chose it

Searching for the best smart lock to add an extra layer of security to your home? There are plenty of good reasons why you should check out the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro.

This smart deadbolt offers secure keyless entry to your home and is loaded with clever features that maximise both ease of use and peace of mind. It's no stranger to positive feedback either, with an average score of 4.4 out of 5 from over 3,700 Amazon customer ratings. That's why it's our top pick as the best smart lock.

Before we go any further, it's worth mentioning that the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro faced stiff competition in this category from the Samsung Smart Wi-Fi Fingerprint Mortise Door Lock, which also comes highly rated by Aussie consumers. But, the much cheaper price tag on the Ultraloq sees it take the win here.

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro digital door lock is a versatile option for anyone looking to increase their home security. It offers easy installation and provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure multiple access options. You can use fingerprint ID, enter a code, use a compatible smartphone app or even use the Magic Shake feature and shake your smartphone to unlock the door. And if you ever need to override the system in an emergency, it also comes with a backup key.

The U-Bolt Pro is also packed with clever features to make it as user-friendly as possible. You can share temporary codes and ekeys with guests or use the auto lock and unlock feature to ensure that your door is locked when needed or unlocked when you need to get inside.

The U-Bolt Pro is also IP65 rated, compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and offers up to 1 year of battery life using AA batteries, so it's definitely worth a look if you're searching for a versatile smart home lock.

Best driveway alarm: Hosmart Rechargeable Wireless Driveway Alarm


  • Easy installation
  • Can be expanded to include up to 4 sensors


  • Some complaints about false alarms
  • Limited choice of chimes
Price on Amazon: $85.99 (1 receiver and 1 sensor)
Amazon price: From $85.99
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Why we chose it

If the entrance to your property isn't visible from your house, a driveway alarm can alert you to the arrival of guests – whether they're expected or not. And if you're shopping around for a quality driveway alarm, we recommend checking out the Hosmart Rechargeable Wireless Driveway Alarm.

This handy alarm is easy to set up, offers long-range operation, and is designed with durability in mind. It's also picked up many positive customer reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from almost 300 Amazon customer reviews (including several buyers in Australia), so it's our top pick as the best driveway alarm.

Featuring an AC-powered base receiver and a motion sensor powered by a lithium-ion battery, the Hosmart Rechargeable Wireless Driveway Alarm offers a range of up to approximately 400 metres between the receiver and the sensor in ideal conditions. When a vehicle or pedestrian approaches within approximately a 9-metre radius of the sensor, it uses sound and light to alert you.

This system is priced at less than $90 with just 1 sensor and the base receiver, but it can be expanded to include up to 4 sensors if required. You can choose from 4 different chimes depending on your preferences, and you can assign a unique chime to each sensor so you instantly know which alarm has been triggered.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the sensor and adjust the exact direction of the mount to reduce the incidence of false alarms. And with the sensor featuring an industrial-grade PVC housing, a weather-resistant seal and a sunshade, there's plenty to like about this convenient driveway alarm.

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Brands considered
Products compared
Best products chosen
  • We considered security and alarm systems from over 30 brands.
  • We chose our top picks based on key product features and real customer reviews.
  • The products on this list were chosen by our editorial team and are not selected based on commercial relationships.
Best Home Alarm Systems

Best Rated Home Alarm Systems Brand: Abode

Abode home alarm systems scored highly for performance, features, ease of installation and value for money.

Key facts about comparing home alarm systems:

  • If you want to secure your home and belongings against burglars, a home security system could be a wise investment.
  • Today's home security systems come with a huge array of features, so how do you choose a system that's right for you?
  • The most important features to consider when choosing a home alarm system are whether you want a DIY or professionally monitored system, the equipment you want to include, and the level of smart home integration you want to achieve.

What are my main options?

If you're in the market for a home alarm system, there are two main options to choose from:

  • DIY home security systems. These wireless systems are becoming increasingly widespread and offer a number of advantages over traditional wired set-ups. They're quick and easy to install, they're cheaper than professionally installed systems, and they can be customised with a wide range of features and smart home automation. You also have the option of setting up a system you can self-monitor or signing up to a professional monitoring service.
  • Professional home security systems. These wired systems require professional installation by an alarm company. They're then monitored by the alarm company, but you'll need to consider the upfront purchase price as well as ongoing monitoring costs if you choose one of these systems. With the rise of wireless smart home security systems, wired set-ups are becoming less popular.

The items and technology included in a home alarm system also vary greatly depending on your home and your security needs. System features commonly include:

  • Base station or central hub that connects to and communicates with all system components
  • Contact sensors to detect when doors and windows are opened
  • Motion sensors to detect movement inside or outside your home
  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Doorbell camera that allows you to see who is at your door and communicate with them via two-way audio

The features that come standard with a home security system vary between brands. You may also have the option to customise your system with additional features, such as extra cameras or technology like smart locks, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

How to compare home alarm systems

Make sure you compare home alarm systems before deciding which one is right for your security needs. Consider the following features when comparing your options:


The cost of a home security system depends on the equipment included, so it's impossible to define a one-size-fits-all price range.

Be sure to check exactly what the price covers. Basic systems may start out cheap, but by the time you add all the cameras and sensors you need for your home, the price can quickly skyrocket.


Smart home security systems can be managed via a compatible smartphone app. You can usually use the app to receive alerts, monitor security camera footage and arm or disarm the system. Check what tasks you can perform via the app and take a look at some reviews to find out whether it's user-friendly.

Home automation features

Check whether the system you choose offers smart home integration features that help it automate a wide range of tasks around the home. For example, does the system offer integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to use voice control? Does it allow you to control your door locks and lights using an app?


On the most basic level, a home security system offers protection against break-ins and theft. But it's also possible to add extra features to your system to detect fires, smoke, carbon monoxide leaks, floods, and to monitor the temperature in your home.


If you need a higher level of security for your home, what extra cameras, sensors or other features can be added to the system? Can the system integrate with security devices from other brands? Be sure to check the cost of any add-on equipment too.

System monitoring

Will the system be self-monitored or monitored by a professional service? If it's professionally monitored, check how much monitoring costs per month and whether you'll be required to sign up to a long-term contract.

Backup battery and connectivity

Check whether the system has a backup battery so it'll keep working if there's a power failure. Can it switch to cellular connectivity if your Wi-Fi is down?

Ease of installation

Check what's involved in the installation process. Is the system ready to use straight out of the box? What do you need to do to add extra equipment to the system?

Wi-Fi range

If you live in a large house, make sure the system has sufficient Wi-Fi range to communicate with all connected devices.

How common is burglary in Australia?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2019 there were 173,344 victims of unlawful entry with intent around Australia, with 72% (or 124,026) of those offences occurring at residential locations. States that recorded a high number of incidences included:

  • NSW: 34,564 victims (74% of these occurred at residential locations)
  • Queensland: 41,912 victims (73% of these occurred at residential locations)
  • SA: 14,619 victims (80% of these occurred at residential locations)

4 things to consider

There are a few other factors you should take into account before you buy a home alarm system:

  • Two-way talk. When choosing cameras for your home security system, one feature you may want to consider is two-way talk. This means you can confront intruders remotely and check the audio where the camera is located. Some cameras can also be used as spotlights, which can be an effective deterrent against any would-be intruders.
  • Do you really need a full security system? If you live in a small apartment, a full home security set-up may be overkill. A standalone security camera, or a cheap plug-and-play unit that works straight out of the box and can be self-monitored, may be all you need. Consider your key security requirements carefully before spending any money.
  • Home and contents insurance. One of the common questions insurers ask when you take out home and contents cover is whether or not you have a home security system installed. If there's a system in place, your insurer might offer you cheaper premiums – so make sure you inform them of this when you apply for a policy.
  • Cross-brand compatibility. Finally, be aware that some security devices will only work with systems made by the same brand. Others are compatible with multiple brands, which may mean you have more choice when hooking up extra gadgets to your system.

Best-rated home alarm system brand award breakdown

Brand Total Score Overall rating Value for Money Ease of Installation Features Performance Recommended
Abode 7.96 4.33 4.3 4.16 4.23 4.37 95%
Vivint 7.87 4.29 4.21 4.57 4.36 4.43 79%
ADACS 7.72 4.08 4.38 4.15 4.31 4.42 92%
Nest Secure 7.71 4.2 4.16 4.18 4.2 4.12 88%
Link Interactive 7.62 4.07 4.1 4 4.31 4.24 93%
Frontpoint 7.41 4.06 4.06 4.22 3.94 4.28 72%
SimpliSafe 7.41 4.12 3.96 4.04 3.92 4.04 76%
ADT 7.39 4.07 4.02 4.07 4.05 4.27 70%
Data: Finder Retail Brand Survey, 2020, Kantar. Metric out of 5 stars unless indicated. Methodology and more info. Kantar logo

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