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2017 Holden Colorado Review

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finder score: 80.00%

Avg. critics score: 80.00%
4 critics
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Critic reviews

WebsiteRatingNotable quotes
Cars Guide80%"All-in-all, the latest Holden Colorado is an impressive piece of gear."Read more
Cars Showroom80%"This new version, though, has given Holden a much needed boost to bring it back in prime contention."Read more
WhichCar80%"The much-improved Holden Colorado is a well equipped ute with an excellent diesel engine and the option of dual-range four-wheel drive."Read more
CarAdvice80%"It’s with little surprise that Holden has done everything in its power to ensure the 2017 Holden Colorado fits the bill on all fronts."Read more

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How does the Holden Colorado compare with its peers?

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Payload ANCAP rating Price (from) Finder Score Read review
Ford Ranger
945 kg
5 stars
Volkswagen Amarok
1,020 kg
5 stars
Mitsubishi Triton
855 kg
5 stars
Holden Colorado
1,029 kg
5 stars
Mazda BT-50
1,039 kg
5 stars
Toyota HiLux
924 kg
5 stars
Nissan Navara
930 kg
5 stars
Isuzu D-Max
924 kg
5 stars
Mercedes-Benz X-Class
1,188 kg
5 stars

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The complete Holden Colorado review

Holden Colorado Pricing

The Colorado range consists of 26 different body/gearbox/trim combinations. Base level spec LS models are the cheapest, starting at $33,021 for a 4x2 Manual Single Cab Chassis ute, with no tray.

Each grade progressively adds additional equipment and features. After the LS comes the LT, then the LTZ and finally the range-topping Z71. Currently, Holden is also selling a limited edition, 1000 vehicle run of the LSX model.

Single Cab

2.8L RWD Cab Chassis Diesel Manual – $33,021
2.8L RWD Cab Chassis Diesel Automatic – $35,287
2.8L 4WD Cab Chassis Diesel Manual – $37,011
2.8L 4WD Cab Chassis Diesel Automatic – $39,277

Space Cab

2.8L 4WD Cab Chassis Diesel Manual – $40,721
2.8L 4WD Cab Chassis Diesel Automatic – $43,031
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Manual – $50,526
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Automatic – $52,836

Crew Cab

LSLTLSX (Limited Edition)LTZZ71
2.8L RWD Cab Chassis Diesel Manual – $38,171
2.8L RWD Cab Chassis Diesel Automatic – $40,437
2.8L RWD Pick-up Diesel Manual - $39,716
2.8L RWD Pick-up Diesel Automatic - $41,982
2.8L 4WD Cab Chassis Diesel Manual – $43,201
2.8L 4WD Cab Chassis Diesel Automatic – $45,511
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Manual - $39,990
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Automatic - $41,990
2.8L RWD Pick-up Diesel Manual - $42,806
2.8L RWD Pick-up Diesel Automatic - $45,072
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Manual - $41,990
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Automatic - $43,990
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Manual – $44,990
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Automatic – $47,190
2.8L 4WD Cab Chassis Diesel Manual – $50,055
2.8L 4WD Cab Chassis Diesel Automatic – $52,255
2.8L RWD Pick-up Diesel Manual - $46,411
2.8L RWD Pick-up Diesel Automatic - $48,711
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Manual - $49,990
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Automatic - $51,990
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Manual - $56,826
2.8L 4WD Pick-up Diesel Automatic - $59,136


The Colorado is highly competitive on price, has a well-rated diesel engine that’s class-leading amongst four-cylinder utes and generally offers a solid alternative to more expensive utes like the Hilux and Ranger.

Journalists have had very few negative things to say about the Colorado, other than some press vehicles had iffy interior trim pieces. The Colorado is also criticized for omitting a locking rear diff which makes it a midfielder off-road at best. Generally, though, reviews are favourable.

ProsConsNotable quote
  • Steering and handling improved
  • Refined transmissions, quieter engine
  • Rear camera on all pick-ups
  • Trayliner and towbar optional on LTZ
  • Premium sound system is lacklustre
  • Needs more active tech
β€œThis long overdue update has created a better truck with more equipment and, on most models, a sharper drive-away price. ”
  • More refined than last model
  • Pliant ride for a ute
  • Some Colorados tested had ill-fitting trim pieces
β€œIt isn’t cheap, but neither are its rivals, and it is able to play the dual role modern utes are required to.”
  • Good engine
  • Road-holding
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Dealer network
  • Less able than rivals off-road
β€œThe much-improved Holden Colorado is a well-equipped ute with an excellent diesel engine and the option of dual-range four-wheel drive.”
  • Step forward, more refined than before
  • Strong, powerful engine
  • Ergonomically designed cabin
  • Five-star ANCAP rating
  • More workhorse orientated than rivals
  • Laboured initial throttle response
  • Mid-fielder off-road
β€œIn context, like the Isuzu D-MAX and Mazda BT-50, the Holden’s overall package leans towards workhorse more than all-rounder – a point of differentiation to more refined rivals”

Engine and performance

Holden presents the Colorado with a single 2.8L, turbocharged Duramax diesel, from parent GM’s Thai factory. The Duramax diesel generates 147kW of power and 440Nm with a manual gearbox. Holden’s manual transmission cannot handle the full torque output of the engine and consequently is slightly detuned.

The automatic self-shifter produces 500Nm. That’s approaching VW Amarok V6 levels! Improvements made to the six-speed automatic include a 32-bit advanced transmission computer and shock absorbing torque converter, that both help deliver smooth and precise shifts.

The first gear ratio helps off-the-mark acceleration and gets the ute (plus any payload) up to speed quickly. The manual also benefits from a similar low-end biased gear ratio.

The company's engineers made numerous refinements to the Duramax to improve fuel efficiency, performance and noise/vibration/harshness (NVH) characteristics. Changes made include bolstering key areas of the engine block material to lower NVH and developing a new engine acoustic pack for quieter operation.

Engine performance outputs remain the same across the entire range, surprisingly even in the Ford Raptor-like HSV Sportscat Colorados.

The 2.8L Duramax is a powerful and gutsy engine, outperforming four-cylinder rivals like the Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Isuzu D-MAX and even the sales leader, the Toyota Hilux.

Journalists said the Duramax is a strong and β€œmuscled” engine, with solid mid-range performance. Drivers sense the unrelenting power particularly on hill climbs and when overtaking. Reviewers discovered that Holden’s engine of choice is quicker than the larger five-cylinder, 3.2L engine that Ford uses in their Ranger.

However, a few pointed out that the engine in low-range struggled to maintain revs, with a laboured response.

Engine type- Turbocharged, common rail injection, 16-valve with double overhead camEngine typeDrivetrain

- RWD or 4WDEngine size/displacement- 2.8L, 2,776ccFuel type- DieselCylinders- Inline 4Fuel tank capacity- 76 litresMax. torque - Manual: 440Nm @ 2,000rpm
- Auto: 500Nm @ 2,000rpmFuel consumption (best model LS 4x2 / 4x4 Single Cab Chassis manual) - combined- 7.9L/100kmMax. power- 147kW @ 3,600rpmCombined CO2 emissions- 210g/km - 228g/km 4x2
210g/km - 230g/km 4x4Acceleration- N/AEmissions standard- Euro 5Top speed- N/ASecurity- Engine immobiliserTransmission- 6-speed manual or
- 6-speed automaticTowing capacity (braked/unbraked)- 3500kg/750kg

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency for the 2.8L Duramax engine varies across the range, depending on the specific gearbox/body and driveline configuration. For example, the lowest fuel users in the Colorado line-up are the single cab chassis LS spec models. Both the 4x2 and 4x4 work trucks drink just 7.9l/100km combined, which is quite compatible with most of the Colorado's competitors.

Moving up the range, the more thoroughly equipped crew cab pick-ups in premium Z71 and LTZ trims use as much as 8.7l/100km. Bear in mind these figures are often much lower than is achievable in real-world driving. Some reviewers expected fuel economy to reach as high as 10+ litres per 100km. However, it must be noted that a few testers actually achieved the factory published figures of 8.7L/100km with an LTZ crew-cab pick-up.

Manual gearboxes are the most economical, expect the auto box to increase fuel usage by up to 10%.

Handling and off-road

For a ute with its load-lugging spec suspension, the Colorado handles rather well. Even Holden itself describes the Colorado as more car-like to drive. This is in part thanks to an electric power steering system, working in tandem with a faster steering rack that needs fewer turns lock-to-lock than its predecessor.

The steering was a joint development between Brazilian GM engineers and Australian based Holden technicians. Electric powered steering, rather than a traditional hydraulically assisted set-up, reduces the effort needed to change course.

Holden’s Australian engineering team also spent countless hours and thousands of kilometres tuning the revised suspension. Changes include a larger front stabiliser bar, altered front and rear spring rates and improved chassis damping technology. The goal was to isolate the cabin from the road, improving comfort and restricting body roll.

How did reviewers find the suspension and steering enhancements? Overall, really rather good! The steering is said to provide excellent response to the driver. Parking the Colorado is almost effortless thanks to the light steering and assistance levels decrease with rising speed, for a very natural experience.

That said, the steering wheel lacks reach adjustment, which a few testers picked up. It should be noted many of the Colorado’s rivals also lack adjustment on the steering column.

Summing up the ride, drivers said it was decent, whether laden or unladen. Utes will never ride like a car – they are too big and the suspension favours heavy loads. However, testers found the Colorado is comfortable and less fidgety than some of its adversaries.

Media outlets did find the Colorado less capable off-road than they’d have liked. There’s no locking rear-differential even as an option and so the electronic traction control can come unstuck, spinning the wheels and hampering progress. Ground clearance is comparable with the Toyota Hilux, but the Colorado ranks as a midfield offroader at best.

Interior and other features

Internally, the Colorado is reasonably well-equipped and designed. The dash is simple and clean, with large controls that are easy to use even on bouncy tracks. There’s an intuitive 7” screen placed centrally on the dash, which increases in size to 8” on LTZ and upward models.

Front passenger seating received criticism for being too flat. This means passengers struggle to stay on the seats when rounding corners at speed or traversing steep side slopes off-road. Journos also lamented the lack of any rear passenger air con or heating vents as well as an active cruise control system.

The cabin does have plenty of practical storage cubbies/pockets and all Colorados feature Holden’s MyLink infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Holden says the Colorado was the first ute in Australia to offer IOS phone syncing technology.

Other standard features include cruise control, A/C plus keyfob remote opening windows, a reversing camera with parking assist (on pick-ups), LED daytime running lights, auto headlamps, a limited slip differential, hill start assist, hill descent and trailer sway control.

The fit out is very impressive for a work-spec truck.

Moving through the ranks, LT trucks receive carpet rather than vinyl flooring, front fog lamps and side steps, plus 17” alloys. LT spec and upwards are ideally suited to owners looking for a dual-use lifestyle vehicle.

The LTZ adds 18” machined alloy wheels, the aforementioned larger touchscreen with an additional speaker, remote starting via the key fob (only on autos), front parking assist, climate control, forward collision alert with a heads-up display, lane departure warning, tyre pressure monitoring, LED rear lights, an alloy sports bar, rain-sensing wipers, a 6-way adjustable electric drivers seat and chrome exterior accessories.

Finally, the top-spec Z71 boasts Arsenal grey alloy wheels, a sailplane sports bar, a soft tonneau cover, heated leather seats, embroidered Z71 badges on headrests, hood decals, black exterior components, a gloss black front grille and an integrated nudge bar.

In August 2016, Holden added to its sizeable accessory catalogue with an updated snorkel and other bodywork protectors.

ANCAP awarded the Colorado a maximum five-star safety rating as of August 2016.

Holden Colorado Features

2.8L Duramax Turbo Dieselβœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
6-speed manual transmission βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
6-speed manual automatic OPTOPTOPTOPT
Locking rear differentialβœ—βœ—βœ—βœ—
Limited slip diffβœ—βœ—βœ—βœ—
Reversing camera and rear parking assistPICK-UPSPICK-UPSPICK-UPSPICK-UPS
Front parking assistβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
MyLink 7” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay & Android Autoβœ”βœ”βœ—βœ—
MyLink 8” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay & Android Autoβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Steering wheel mounted controlsβœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
Cruise controlβœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
Rear leaf suspensionβœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
Front independent coil suspensionβœ”βœ”βœ”βœ—
LED DRLβœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
LED tail lightsβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Power windowsβœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
16” steel wheelsβœ”βœ—βœ—βœ—
17” alloy wheelsβœ—βœ”βœ—βœ—
18” alloy wheelsβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ—
18” metallic grey wheelsβœ—βœ—βœ—βœ”
Side stepsβœ—βœ”βœ”βœ”
Front fog lampsβœ—βœ”βœ”βœ”
6-speaker sound systemβœ”βœ”βœ—βœ—
7-speaker sound systemβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Tyre pressure monitorβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
8-inch touchscreenβœ—βœ—βœ—βœ—
Remote start via key fobβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Electronic climate controlβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Lane departure warningβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Alloy sports barβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Heated mirrorsβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Soft tonneau coverβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Rain sensing wipersβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Heated and power folding mirrorsβœ—βœ—βœ”βœ”
Heated front seatsβœ—βœ—OPTβœ”
Leather seats and trimβœ—βœ—OPTβœ”
Z71 decals / embroidered seatsβœ—βœ—βœ—βœ”
Roof railsβœ—βœ—βœ—βœ”
Vinyl flooringβœ”βœ—βœ—βœ—
Carpet flooringβœ—βœ”βœ”βœ”


The Holden Colorado is a competent ute, whether you plan to use it for your business or as a family car. The 2.8L diesel engine Holden has opted for is pretty economical and the most powerful four-cylinder in automatic guise on the market.

The Colorado also has plenty of tech and prices are pretty competitive. Right now, you can get some sharp deals on 2017 model year runout models. The Colorado is Brazilian designed, Thai built (as are a number of other utes on the market) but tailored to Australian roads by engineers at Holden.

With an all-new replacement not expected until around 2020, now’s the perfect time to purchase a Colorado.

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