Google to announce new Pixel phones on 5 October

Alex Kidman 21 September 2016 NEWS


Google’s latest premium phones will be along shortly, although you'll have to wait for specific details.

Phone launches are always one part detail, one part hype, with the hype usually coming before the detail. That’s definitely the case for Google’s upcoming release of phones, which are widely tipped to be carrying the new “Pixel” branding rather than the “Nexus” branding we've seen in previous generations of phones like the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

Google’s not said much on the record about its Pixel phones, but it has released a quick teaser for the upcoming phones that suggests it’ll announce them on 4 October in the US, which would equate to early on 5 October here in Australia.

It’s also set up a site at which further hints at the altered branding strategy, although it’s expected that the new phones will in fact be manufactured by HTC on Google’s behalf. From that site, you can sign up for any future update notifications in terms of phone availability. It’s expected that Google will livestream the announcement via subsidiary YouTube.

Current rumours suggest that we’ll see two phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, with the XL variant predictably being a larger phablet-style device designed to compete with offerings such as the Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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