The Complete List of Indie Games on Xbox One

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There are currently 458 indie games available for purchase and download on the Xbox One. We have the full list below, including all their install sizes.

Indie games have become increasingly more important to a console’s success over recent generations. The Xbox One boasts a large and diverse library of titles to choose from. Indies may cost a lot less than their big blockbuster publisher-driven counterparts, and they may not take as long to complete, but they are the breeding ground for innovation and experimentation. In fact, indies are proving to be far more influential on the direction of gaming’s future than big brands like Call of Duty, Halo or Gears of War.

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Unfortunately, finding great indies can be difficult. With very little (if any) marketing spend, your only real discovery tool is the Xbox One store which can quickly usher older games into the depths of the user interface. Thankfully, we have a very handy list for you right here that can help you locate and enjoy titles you may have otherwise missed.

In this list of 458 games. there are 92 indies that are exclusive to the Xbox One, which pales in comparison to PlayStation 4's 575 exclusive indie games.

GameRelease dateSizePublisher
#IDARB01/30/15777.07 MBOther Ocean
10 Second Ninja X07/19/16435.2 MBCurve Digital
101 Ways To Die03/18/16352.86 MBVision Games Publishing Limited
2Dark03/10/171.66 GBBigben Interactive
7 Days to Die07/01/163.9 GBTelltale Publishing
88 Heroes08/08/17422.88 MBRising Star Games
8DAYS02/07/17295.74 MBBadLand Games
A Boy and His Blob01/20/162.19 GBMajesco Entertainment
A Walk in the Dark05/18/17534.95 MBFlying Turtle
Aaero04/11/172.09 GBReverb Triple XP
ABZU12/06/162.96 GB505 Games
Action Henk03/04/162.1 GBCurve Digital
Adam's Venture: Origins04/01/164.89 GBSOEDESCO Publishing
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations10/23/153.57 GBLittle Orbit
AER - Memories of Old10/25/171.43 GBDaedalic Entertainment GmbH
AereA06/30/173.78 GBSOEDESCO Publishing
AFL Evolution05/05/1714.09 GBHome Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd
Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders02/04/162.95 GBMicroids
Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space01/20/162.44 GBMerge Games Ltd.
Among the Sleep11/18/162.68 GBKrillbite Studio
Anima: Gate of Memories06/03/164.71 GBBadland Games
Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition06/25/14267.8 MBThe Digital Lounge
Anoxemia03/28/173.58 GBBadLand Games
ARK: Survival Evolved08/29/1752.03 GBStudio Wildcard
Armello08/30/161.78 GBLeague of Geeks
Armikrog08/23/162.9 GBVersus Evil
Assetto Corsa08/25/1622.14 GB505 Games S.r.l.
Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 105/12/17404.7 MBAtari
Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 203/31/17420.3 MBAtari
ATV Renegades04/18/17917.37 MBNighthawk Interactive
Aven Colony07/25/179.86 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd
Awesomenauts Assemble!09/07/162.36 GBRonimo Games
Azkend 2: The World Beneath05/06/16236.11 MB10tons Ltd.
Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition10/14/151.95 GBTelltale Games
BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition05/29/15264.48 MBFrogmind
Baja: Edge of Control HD09/14/176.21 GBTHQ Nordic
Baseball Riot04/26/16161.07 MB10tons Ltd.
Batman - The Telltale Series08/02/162.52 GBTelltale Games
Batman: The Enemy Within08/08/17N/ATelltale Games
Battle Chasers: Nightwar10/03/1711.7 GBTHQ Nordic
Beach Buggy Racing05/29/15246.41 MBVector Unit
Beatsplosion for Kinect05/24/16741.38 MBVirtual Air Guitar Company
Beyond Eyes08/04/151.34 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd
Big Buck Hunter Arcade10/25/166.82 GBGameMill Entertainment
Bike Mayhem 202/05/16248.56 MBGoldmark Studios
Black & White Bushido05/17/17843.08 MBGood Catch
Black The Fall07/11/171.72 GBSquare Enix Ltd
Blackguards 209/15/1728.36 GBKalypso Media
BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition08/08/171.67 GB1C Company
Blackwood Crossing04/05/174.29 GBVision Games Publishing LTD
Blast 'Em Bunnies03/11/16955.79 MBNnooo
Blood Bowl 209/22/154 GBFocus Home Interactive
Bloody Zombies09/22/177.34 GBnDreams Ltd
Bloons TD 503/03/17370.25 MBNinja Kiwi
Blue Estate02/18/154.14 GBHE SAW
Boom Ball for Kinect12/05/14506.32 MBVirtual Air Guitar Company
Brick Breaker04/26/16609.4 MBBigben Interactive
Bridge Constructor08/21/15282.52 MBHeadup Games
Bridge Constructor Stunts12/16/16353.22 MBHeadup Games
Broken Age06/23/172.34 GBDouble Fine Productions
Broken Sword 5 - the Serpents Curse09/04/154.96 GBRevolution Software
Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons08/12/153.64 GB505 Games
Bulb Boy10/06/172.44 GBBulbware
Candleman02/01/173.41 GBE-Home Entertainment Development Ltd.
Carmageddon: Max Damage07/08/1613.06 GBStainless Games Ltd
Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers11/08/16277.66 MBGameMill Entertainment
Cast of the Seven Godsends - Redux07/20/161.27 GBMerge Games Ltd.
Castle Crashers Remastered05/24/17287.77 MBThe Behemoth
Castles10/05/16776.95 MBBadland Games
CastleStorm - Definitive Edition09/24/14641.14 MBZen Studios
Cel Damage HD03/11/16703.52 MBFinish Line Games
Chariot10/01/14825.47 MBFrima Studio
Chess Ultra06/23/174.13 GBRipstone Ltd
Child of Light04/30/142.31 GBUbisoft
Cities: Skylines - Xbox One Edition04/21/172.02 GBParadox Interactive
Cobalt02/02/161.28 GBMojang/Microsoft Studios
Conan Exiles (Game Preview)28.6 GBFuncom
Constructor07/25/174.3 GBSystem 3 Software Ltd
Contrast06/26/141.94 GBCompulsion Games
Costume Quest 210/29/141.11 GBMidnight City
Crawl04/11/17425.37 MBPowerhoof
Crimsonland02/08/16190.27 MB10tons Ltd.
Crypt of the NecroDancer02/10/171.44 GBBrace Yourself Games
Cuphead09/29/1710.89 GBStudio MDHR
D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die09/19/148.81 GBMicrosoft Studios
Dangerous Golf06/03/166.08 GBThree Fields Entertainment Limited
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition10/27/1514.29 GBNordic Games GmbH
Darksiders Warmastered Edition11/22/1617.67 GBTHQ Nordic
Dead Alliance08/29/17N/AMaximum Games
Dead by Daylight: Special Edition06/23/1713.44 GBStarbreeze Publishing AB
Dead Effect 201/13/176.59 GBBadFly Interactive
Deadbeat Heroes10/10/17520.85 MBSquare Enix Ltd
Deadlight: Director's Cut06/21/165 GBDeep Silver
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition09/20/161.7 GBCurve Digital
Death Squared03/14/17733.42 MBSMG Studio
Deer Hunter: Reloaded10/24/175.39 GBGameMill Entertainment
Defense Grid 209/24/141.44 GB505 Games
Deformers04/21/175.56 GBGameTrust Games
Demon's Crystals05/12/171.28 GBBadland Games
Dex07/08/163.6 GBBadLand Games
Divekick10/08/143.61 GBIron Galaxy Studios
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition10/27/15N/AFocus Home Interactive
Don Bradman Cricket02/11/152.26 GBHome Entertainment Suppliers
Don Bradman Cricket 1712/15/169.97 GBHome Entertainment Suppliers
Don't Starve Together: Console Edition09/13/171.05 GBKlei Entertainment
Don't Starve: Giant Edition08/26/15782.69 MBKlei Entertainment
Dovetail Games Euro Fishing07/01/164 GBDovetail Games
Draw a Stickman: EPIC09/11/15423.64
Dreamfall Chapters05/05/1718.45 GBDeep Silver
Dungeon of the Endless03/16/16922.98 MBAmplitude Studios
Dungeons 310/13/175.59 GBKalypso Media
EARTH'S DAWN11/02/162.67 GBRising Star Games
Earthlock: Festival of Magic09/01/164.64 GBSnowcastle Games
Elex10/17/1727.61 GBTHQ Nordic
Elite Dangerous Standard Edition04/26/16N/AFrontier Developments Plc.
Enter The Gungeon04/04/171.36 GBDevolver Digital
Euro Fishing: Urban Edition07/20/17N/ADovetail Games
Exile's End10/26/16221.17 MBMagnetic Realms
Farming Simulator 1505/19/152.81 GBFocus Home Interactive
Farming Simulator 1710/25/166.34 GBFocus Home Interactive
Feist04/07/17401.9 MBFinji
Firefighters The Simulation02/16/171.25 GBUnited Independent Entertainment
Firefighters: Airport Fire Department09/28/171.17 GBUnited Independent Entertainment
Firewatch10/14/163.22 GBCampo Santo
FlatOut 4 : Total Insanity03/31/177.06 GBBigben Interactive
Flockers09/19/145.86 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd.
FORCED10/21/153.6 GBBetaDwarf
Fortified02/03/163.31 GBClapfoot Inc.
Friday the 13th: The Game05/26/175.29 GBGun Media
FRU10/07/161.58 GBThrough Games
Fruit Ninja Kinect 203/18/151.1 GBHalfbrick Studios
Furi12/02/164.15 GBThe Game Bakers
Game of Thrones - The Complete First Season05/18/15N/ATelltale Games
Gemini: Heroes Reborn03/04/1616.56 GBImperative Entertainment
Ghost of a Tale (Game Preview)3.55 GBSeithCG
Giana Sisters: Dream Runners08/19/152.17 GBEuroVideo Medien GmbH
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut05/01/172.33 GBBlack Forest Games GmbH
Ginger: Beyond the crystal10/25/166.92 GBBadland Games
Goat Simulator04/17/151.63 GBDouble Eleven Limited
God of Light: Remastered10/20/17623.93 MBPlaymous
Goliath06/30/174.94 GBE-Home Entertainment
Gone Home: Console Edition02/12/163.24 GBMidnight City
Goosebumps: The Game10/14/15514.36 MBGameMill Entertainment
GROW UP08/16/16843.53 MBUbisoft
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition07/02/14831.55 MBDrinkBox Studios
Guns, Gore and Cannoli09/25/154.57 GBCrazy Monkey Studios
Gunscape03/02/16461.72 MBBlowfish Studios
Hand of Fate02/18/152.83 GBDefiant Development
Hand of the Gods Founder's Pack10/17/17N/AHi-Rez Studios
Handball 1611/27/154.62 GBBigben Interactive
Handball 1711/11/164.37 GBBigben Interactive
Happy Dungeons12/06/16N/AToylogic Inc.
Hard Reset Redux06/03/165.42 GBGambitious Digital Entertainment
Heart&Slash06/24/161.43 GBBadland Games
Her Majesty's SPIFFING12/07/163.16 GBBilly Goat Entertainment Ltd
HoPiKo10/19/16453.27 MBMerge Games Ltd
How To Survive 202/13/176.76 GB505 Games
How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition10/29/143 GB505 Games
Hue08/30/16487.31 MBCurve Digital
Human Fall Flat05/12/171.27 GBCurve Digital
Hunting Simulator07/06/177.35 GBBigben Interactive
Hyper Light Drifter08/05/161.26 GBHeart Machine LLC
I Am Bread01/20/171.96 GBBossa Studios
In Between06/08/16940.46 MBHeadup Games
Industry Giant 212/20/161.24 GBUnited Independent Entertainment
Infinite Air with Mark McMorris10/28/162.96 GBMaximum Games. LLC
Infinite Minigolf07/25/171.18 GBZen Studios
INSIDE06/29/162.33 GBPlaydead
Joe Devers Lone Wolf Console Edition03/16/163.13 GB505 Games Srl
Jotun: Valhalla Edition09/09/164.16 GBThunder Lotus Games
Jump Stars06/09/171.25 GBCurve Digital
JYDGE10/06/17351.86 MB10tons Ltd.
KALIMBA12/17/142.66 GBMicrosoft Game Studios
Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth08/15/175.44 GBDaedalic Entertainment GmbH
KickBeat Special Edition09/26/14859.59 MBZen Studios
Killing Floor 208/29/179.1 GBTripwire Interactive
King Oddball11/10/16167.8 MB10tons Ltd.
King's Quest : The Complete Collection07/29/15N/ASierra
Kingdom: New Lands08/18/16511.82 MBRaw Fury
Knight Squad11/16/15591.76 MBChainsawesome Games
Kona03/17/173.97 GBRavenscourt
Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends12/01/154.13 GBLittle Orbit
Kung-Fu for Kinect06/24/163.4 GBVirtual Air Guitar Company
LA Cops03/13/151.2 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd.
Layers of Fear09/06/163.41 GBAspyr Media
Leo's Fortune09/11/15931.59 MB1337 & Senri LLC
Let Them Come10/03/17443 MBVersus Evil
Lethal League05/10/17824.93 MBTeam Reptile
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered09/15/16332.19 MBDigerati
Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition05/13/151.11 GBStage 2 Studios
LIMBO12/05/14212.46 MBPlaydead
Livelock08/30/168.49 GBPerfect World Entertainment
Lock's Quest05/30/171.55 GBTHQ NORDIC
LocoCycle11/22/1313.21 GBMicrosoft Studios
Lords of the Fallen10/28/145.95 GBCI Games
Lovely Planet01/08/16236.8 MBtinyBuild GAMES
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime09/09/15981.77 MBAsteroid Base Inc.
Lumo06/22/163.69 GBRising Star Games
Mahjong08/30/16613.72 MBBigben Interactive
Mantis Burn Racing10/12/165.9 GBVooFoo Studios
Manual Samuel10/14/162.4 GBCurve Digital
Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign02/05/151015.49 MBD3Publisher of America
Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series04/18/175.26 GBTelltale Games
MASSIVE CHALICE06/01/15961.72 MBDouble Fine Productions
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood12/20/132.96 GBMicrosoft Studios
Mayan Death Robots: Arena05/19/171.16 GBSileni Studios
Mekazoo11/15/164.69 GBThe Good Mood Creators
Mighty No. 906/24/167.22 GBDeep Silver
Minecraft09/20/17237.01 MBMojang/Microsoft Studios
Minecraft: Story Mode04/12/16N/ATelltale Games
Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two - Episode 107/11/171.92 GBTelltale Games
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae02/16/16212.54 MBZENITH BLUE
Monster Jam: Crush It!10/25/162.17 GBGameMill Entertainment
Mordheim: City of the Damned10/18/164.73 GBFocus Home Interactive
Morphite09/20/17879.34 MBBlowfish Studios
Moto Racer 411/03/1612.55 GBMicroids
Mount & Blade: Warband12/20/161.31 GBTaleWorlds Entertainment
MX vs. ATV 2017 Official Track Edition04/11/17N/ATHQ Nordic GmbH
MX vs. ATV All In Edition (Limited)09/14/17N/ATHQ Nordic GmbH
MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore07/15/1615.34 GBNordic Games
Mystik Belle10/03/17225.95 MBWayForward
N++ (NPLUSPLUS)10/04/171.72 GBMetanet Software Inc.
Narcosis05/10/177.88 GBHonor Code
NBA Playgrounds05/09/178.6 GBMad Dog Games
Neon Chrome06/08/16242.46 MB10tons Ltd.
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)11/19/142.94 GBE-Line Media
Nightmare Boy10/25/171.58 GBBadland Games
Ninja Pizza Girl07/20/162.61 GBDisparity Games
No Time To Explain07/17/151.38 GBtinyBuild GAMES
NOT A HERO: SUPER SNAZZY EDITION05/24/16773.38 MBTeam17 Digital Ltd.
Nova-11108/28/15402.02 MBCurve Digital
Nutjitsu09/22/14261.89 MBNinjaBee
Obliteracers08/26/161.51 GBDeck13
observer10/10/179.76 GBAspyr Media
Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas11/10/16743.77 MBFDG Entertainment
Octodad: Dadliest Catch11/05/151.08 GBYoung Horses
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty06/10/157.11 GBOddworld Inhabitants Inc.
OlliOlli03/06/15533.62 MBCurve Digital
OlliOlli2: XL Edition05/24/16675.87 MBTeam17 Digital Ltd.
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition03/11/169.48 GBMicrosoft Studios
Outlast06/19/143.56 GBRed Barrels
Outlast 204/25/1718.83 GBRed Barrels
Overcooked08/03/16889.3 MBTeam17 Digital Ltd.
Oxenfree03/01/162.92 GBNight School Studio
Paladins VIP Pack09/13/17N/AHi-Rez Studios
Path of Exile First Blood Bundle08/25/17N/AGrinding Gear Games
PAYDAY 2 - CRIMEWAVE EDITION - THE BIG SCORE Game Bundle09/15/16N/A505 Games
PAYDAY 2: CRIMEWAVE EDITION06/12/1517.66 GB505 Games
Pharaonic06/09/171.41 GBMilkstone Studios
Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition08/29/1714.12 GBParadox Interactive
Pinball FX309/26/17N/AZen Studios
Pit People (Game Preview)725.55 MBThe Behemoth
Pixel Piracy02/16/16755.32 MB505 Games
Plague Inc: Evolved02/01/16565.8 MBNdemic Creations
Planetbase05/03/17651.61 MBMadruga Works
Pneuma: Breath of Life08/14/1510.47 GBDeco Digital & Bevel Studios
Pool Nation FX04/01/152.75 GBCherry Pop Games
Portal Knights05/18/175.67 GB505 Games
Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition07/01/16348.48 MBDouble Eleven Limited
Professional Farmer 201706/10/164.31 GBUnited Independent Entertainment
Pumped BMX +09/18/15512.88 MBCurve Digital
Pure Hold'em08/21/15988.97 MBRipstone Ltd
Pure Pool11/14/14688.12 MBRipstone
Puzzles Bundle10/13/17N/AThe Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
R.B.I. Baseball 1508/05/154.59
R.B.I. Baseball 1603/29/164.4
R.B.I. Baseball 1703/28/175.21
Race The Sun04/21/17327.5 MBFlippfly
RAID: World War II10/13/177.21 GBStarbreeze Publishing AB
Raiders of the Broken Planet - Founders Pack09/22/17N/AMercury Steam Entertainment s.l
Rapala Fishing: Pro Series10/24/171.9 GBGameMill Entertainment
Real Farm10/20/171.93 GBSOEDESCO Publishing
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny10/12/178.37 GBUnited Independent Entertainment
Rebel Galaxy06/22/162.3 GBDouble Damage Games Inc.
ReCore: Definitive Edition09/12/1616.87 GBMicrosoft Studios
Reus10/14/161.28 GBSOEDESCO Publishing
RiME05/26/174.29 GBGrey Box
Riptide GP: Renegade02/23/17487.81 MBVector Unit
Riptide GP204/10/15203.8 MBVector Unit
Rise & Shine01/13/174.17 GBAdult Swim Games
Rivals of Aether462.06 MBDan Fornace
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder08/29/172.71 GBATLUS
Rocket League02/17/168.35 GBPsyonix
Rogue Legacy08/12/15810.88 MBCellar Door Games
Rogue Trooper Redux10/17/1719.27 GBRebellion
RUGBY 1810/31/179.18 GBBigben Interactive
Rugby Challenge 304/22/163.88 GBHome Entertainment Suppliers P/L
Rugby League Live 309/10/155.78 GBHome Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd
Rugby League Live 407/28/1710.94 GBHome Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd
Rugby World Cup 201509/04/153.47 GBBigben Interactive
Ruiner09/26/1721.26 GBDevolver Digital
Runbow07/16/171.12 GB13AM Games
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse01/27/173.49 GBRooster Teeth Games
Screencheat03/01/161.77 GBSurprise Attack Games
Seasons after Fall05/16/175.7 GBFocus Home Interactive
Serial Cleaner07/14/172.68 GBCurve Digital
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun07/28/177.63 GBDAEDALIC Entertainment GmbH
Shadow Warrior10/24/146.78 GBDevolver Digital
Shadow Warrior 208/22/176.53 GBDevolver Digital
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse03/16/16564.83 MBWayForward
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero12/20/161.81 GBWayForward
Sheltered03/15/16717.95 MBTeam17 Digital Ltd.
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments09/30/1412.45 GBFocus Home Interactive
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter06/10/1621.43 GBBigben Interactive
Shiftlings03/04/152.3 GBSierra
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom04/18/1711.07 GBFocus Home Interactive
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove04/29/15346.61 MBYacht Club Games
Siegecraft Commander01/17/171.63 GBBlowfish Studios
Sine Mora EX08/08/17878.06 MBTHQ Nordic
Slain: Back from Hell10/21/16462.28 MBDigerati
SlashDash07/17/151.19 GBNevernaut Games
Slayaway Camp: The Butcher's Cut10/23/17505.32 MBDigerati Distribution
Slender: The Arrival03/25/151.37 GBBlue Isle Studios
Slime Rancher08/01/171.06 GBMonomi Park
SMITE08/08/17N/AHi-Rez Studios
Snake Pass03/29/173.67 GBSumo Digital Ltd
Sniper Elite 303/13/15N/A505 Games Srl
Sniper Elite 402/14/1747.07 GBRebellion Developments Ltd
Sniper Ghost Warrior 304/25/17N/ACI Games
Snooker Nation Championship Game Preview1.78 GBCherry Pop Games
So Many Me07/16/15937.71 MBORiGO GAMES
Solitaire10/11/16317.48 MBBigben Interactive
Song of the Deep07/19/161.86 GBGameTrust Games
Songbringer09/01/17849.94 MBDouble Eleven Limited
Sparkle 205/10/16245.64 MB10tons Ltd.
Sparkle Unleashed07/05/16302.62 MB10tons Ltd.
SpeedRunners06/01/17635.8 MBtinyBuild GAMES
Spellspire05/26/17152.89 MB10tons Ltd.
Spheroids02/10/17532.29 MBEclipse Games S.C.
Spintires: MudRunner10/31/171.13 GBFocus Home Interactive
Squid Hero for Kinect07/29/151.03 GBVirtual Air Guitar Company
Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy08/25/161.84 GBSlitherine Ltd
Stardew Valley12/14/16726.23 MBChucklefish
State of Decay: Year-One04/28/153.92 GBMicrosoft Studios
SteamWorld Dig06/05/15241.05 MBImage & Form International AB
Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure04/08/16892.04 MBCurve Digital
Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut04/08/141.81 GBBorn Ready Games
Styx: Master of Shadows10/08/146.48 GBFocus Home Interactive
Styx: Shards of Darkness03/14/1711.13 GBFocus Home Interactive
Submerged08/07/151.71 GBUppercut Games Pty Ltd
Subnautica (Game Preview)10.08 GBUnknown Worlds Entertainment
Subterrain01/27/17882.81 MBPixellore
Super Cloudbuilt08/08/171.35 GBDouble Eleven Limited
Super Dungeon Bros11/01/163.53 GBWired Productions
Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings08/14/15887.01 MBMetalhead Software Inc.
Super Mutant Alien Assault07/12/16179.87 MBSurprise Attack Games
Super Time Force05/14/14930.45 MBCapy
SUPERBEAT XONiC EX08/29/17N/ARising Star Games
Surf World Series08/30/173.66 GBVision Games Publishing LTD
Sword Coast Legends07/19/1614.67 GBDigital Extremes
Syberia 304/25/1714.52 GBMicroids
Table Top Racing: World Tour03/10/176.6 GBPlayrise Digital Ltd.
Tacoma08/01/172.29 GBFullbright
Talent Not Included04/05/17577.34 MBFrima Originals
Tales from the Borderlands05/15/15N/ATelltale Games
Terraria11/14/14577.13 MB505 Games
Teslagrad03/09/16910.27 MBRain Games
Tetraminos03/08/16286.62 MBBigben Interactive
The Assembly01/20/175.13 GBnDreams
The Banner Saga01/12/162.2 GBVersus Evil
The Banner Saga 207/01/164.13 GBVersus Evil
The Book of Unwritten Tales 209/18/1511.16 GBNordic Games
The Bridge08/14/15428.82 MBThe Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
The Bug Butcher12/13/161.05 GBTriangle Studios
The Deer God09/01/15306.52 MBCrescent Moon Games
The Dwarves12/01/1613.85 GBTHQ Nordic
The Escapists02/13/15609.08 MBTeam17 Digital Ltd.
The Escapists 208/22/173.52 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd
The Escapists: The Walking Dead09/30/151.37 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd
The Fall07/15/15509.58 MBOver The Moon
The Flame in the Flood02/24/164.33 GBCurve Digital
The Golf Club08/19/143.77 GBHB Studios
The Golf Club 206/30/174.73 GBMaximum Games
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing12/01/158.73 GBNeocoreGames
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II07/01/1614.21 GBNeocoreGames
The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk10/20/173.83 GBKalypso Media
The Jackbox Party Pack06/02/151.46 GBJackbox Games
The Jackbox Party Pack 212/20/16861.05 MBJackbox Games
The Jackbox Party Pack 311/17/161.76 GBJackbox Games
The Jackbox Party Pack 410/20/171.17 GBJackbox Games
The Little Acre12/13/163.12 GBCurve Digital
The Long Dark08/30/175.65 GBHinterland Studio Inc.
The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor08/30/172.03 GBAkupara Games
The Mummy Demastered10/24/17628.87 MBWayForward
The Park05/03/166.14 GBFuncom
The Sexy Brutale04/12/172.48 GBTequila Works
The Surge05/16/175.68 GBFocus Home Interactive
The Swapper06/05/15416.05 MBCurve Digital
The Swindle08/07/15641.81 MBCurve Digital
The Technomancer06/28/167.48 GBFocus Home Interactive
The Town of Light06/06/176.75 GBWired Productions
The Turing Test09/30/178.92 GBBulkhead Interactive
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier12/20/164.39 GBTelltale Games
The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries02/23/16N/ATelltale Games
The Walking Dead: Season Two10/31/144.46 GBTelltale Games
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season10/31/144.65 GBTelltale Games
The Witness11/08/164.1 GBThekla
The Wolf Among Us11/07/144.95 GBTelltale Games
theHunter: Call of the Wild10/02/1717.03 GBAvalanche Studios
Thimbleweed Park03/30/17927.46 MBTerrible Toybox
This Is the Police03/22/174.03 GBTHQ Nordic
This War of Mine: The Little Ones01/29/161.32 GBDeep Silver
Thomas Was Alone11/21/14465.46 MBCurve Digital
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition12/18/15628.79 MBDigerati
Threes!04/30/15331.28 MBSirvo
Thumper08/18/17909.81 MBDrool LLC
Time Recoil09/15/17265.53 MB10tons Ltd.
Tiny Troopers Joint Ops05/08/161.99 GBWired Productions
Tokyo 4205/31/172.38 GBMode 7 Limited
Torment: Tides of Numenera02/28/177.03 GBTechland Publishing
Tour de France 201506/18/1519.4 GBFocus Home Interactive
Tour de France 201606/16/1616.4 GBFocus Home Interactive
Tour de France 201706/15/1718.22 GBFocus Home Interactive
Toy Soldiers: War Chest08/11/158.61 GBUbisoft
Trials Fusion04/16/1410.01 GBUbisoft Entertainment
Tricky Towers09/15/17457.99 MBWeirdBeard
Tropico 505/27/163.13 GBKalypso Media Group
Tumblestone07/16/16954.47 MBThe Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Typoman02/17/171.18 GBBrainseed Factory
Ultratron05/08/15267.78 MBCurve Digital
Unbox: Newbie's Adventure07/26/174.56 GBMerge Games Ltd.
Valhalla Hills - Definitive Edition04/28/17926.92 MBKalypso Media
Valley08/24/164.42 GBBlue Isle Studios
Verdun03/08/172.18 GBM2H & BlackMill Games
Victor Vran05/30/175.08 GBHaemimont Games
VIDEOBALL07/13/16313.48 MBIron Galaxy Studios
Vikings - Wolves of Midgard03/24/176.41 GBKalypso Media Group
Virginia09/22/164.28 GB505 Games
Volgarr the Viking12/05/14291.15 MBCrazy Viking Studios
Voodoo Vince: Remastered04/17/173.14 GBBeep Games
Vostok Inc.08/02/17507.68 MBBadLand Games S.L.
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide10/04/1619.21 GBFatshark AB
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut10/13/159.31 GBDeep Silver, InXile Entertainment
We Are The Dwarves02/24/172.51 GBWhale Rock Games
We Happy Few (Game Preview)04/13/186.86 GBGearbox Publishing
We Sing Pop10/24/176.45 GBTHQ Nordic
Westerado: Double Barreled12/09/161.34 GBAdult Swim Games
What Remains of Edith Finch07/19/173.45 GBAnnapurna Interactive
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap05/31/171.04 GBDotEmu
World II:Hunting Boss07/15/161.17 GBE-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.
World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap12/30/167.23 GBNeocoreGames
Worms Battlegrounds05/30/141.88 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd.
Worms W.M.D08/23/165.59 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd
WRC 5 eSports Edition04/01/16N/ABigben Interactive
WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship10/14/1615.56 GBBigben Interactive
WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship09/29/1718.36 GBBigben Interactive
Xbox Live Gold Bundle10/17/17N/AHi-Rez Studios
Xenoraid11/08/16194.44 MB10tons Ltd.
Yesterday Origins11/17/164.79 GBMicroids
Yooka-Laylee04/11/175.27 GBTeam17 Digital Ltd
Zenith09/30/166.74 GBBadland Indie
ZHEROS01/15/165.24 GBRimlight Studios
Ziggurat02/19/161.27 GBMilkstone Studios
Zombie Army Trilogy03/06/1510.25 GBRebellion
Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition07/04/161.62 GBEXOR Studios
Zombie Vikings02/22/174.78 GBZoink Games

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