Full list of Virtual Console games for the Wii U

With over 230 titles, the Virtual Console is a great destination for retro gamers looking to relive their childhoods on a modern console.

The Virtual Console is a section of the eShop on the Nintendo Network where fans can purchase, download and play classic games from legacy consoles and handhelds.

Titles from the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS are available and usually come in from between $2 to $10 depending on the title.

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    To access these games, you need to have a Nintendo Network ID (which is available for free) and your Wii U connected to the internet so you can access the eShop and make your purchase.

    Here is the full list of games currently available for purchase on the Wii U Virtual Console.

    Full List of Virtual Console Games for the Wii UOriginal FormatPublisherRelease DateClassification
    Kirby's AdventureNESNintendo18/04/2013G
    Donkey Kong Jr.NESNintendo27/04/2013G
    Ice ClimberNESNintendo27/04/2013G
    Mega ManNESCapcom2/5/2013G
    Pac-ManNESBandai Namco Entertainment2/5/2013G
    Solomon's KeyNESKoei Tecmo9/5/2013G
    XeviousNESBandai Namco Entertainment9/5/2013G
    Super Mario Bros. 2NESNintendo16/05/2013G
    Ghosts 'n GoblinsNESCapcom30/05/2013G
    SpelunkerNESTozai Games6/6/2013G
    Mega Man 2NESCapcom11/6/2013G
    Mega Man 3NESCapcom11/6/2013G
    Mega Man 4NESCapcom11/6/2013G
    Mario & YoshiNESNintendo13/06/2013G
    Mario Bros.NESNintendo20/06/2013G
    Wrecking CrewNESNintendo20/06/2013G
    Balloon FightNESNintendo27/06/2013G
    Kid IcarusNESNintendo11/7/2013G
    Donkey KongNESNintendo15/07/2013G
    GalagaNESBandai Namco Entertainment8/8/2013G
    The Legend of ZeldaNESNintendo29/08/2013G
    Super Mario Bros.NESNintendo12/9/2013G
    Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkNESNintendo26/09/2013G
    Clu Clu LandNESNintendo17/10/2013G
    Urban ChampionNESNintendo17/10/2013G
    Donkey Kong 3NESNintendo24/10/2013G
    Super Mario Bros. 3NESNintendo26/12/2013G
    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost LevelsNESNintendo23/01/2014G
    NES Open Tournament GolfNESNintendo6/2/2014G
    Dr. MarioNESNintendo13/02/2014G
    Ice HockeyNESNintendo20/02/2014G
    Wario's WoodsNESNintendo27/02/2014G
    RenegadeNESArc System Works6/3/2014PG
    Double DragonNESArc System Works13/03/2014PG
    Super Dodge BallNESArc System Works13/03/2014G
    Mighty Bomb JackNESKoei Tecmo27/03/2014G
    Ninja GaidenNESKoei Tecmo27/03/2014PG
    Castlevania II: Simon's QuestNESKonami1/5/2014G
    Pac-LandNESBandai Namco Entertainment12/6/2014G
    Super CNESKonami19/06/2014PG
    Adventure IslandNESKonami3/7/2014G
    Mega Man 5NESCapcom24/07/2014G
    Mega Man 6NESCapcom24/07/2014G
    Mach RiderNESNintendo7/8/2014G
    Adventures of LoloNESHAL Laboratory21/08/2014G
    Double Dragon II: The RevengeNESArc System Works21/08/2014PG
    Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseNESKonami4/9/2014G
    Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon DarknessNESCapcom4/9/2014PG
    Life ForceNESKonami18/09/2014G
    Ufouria: The SagaNESSunsoft9/10/2014G
    Devil WorldNESNintendo30/10/2014G
    Crash 'n' the Boys: Street ChallengeNESArc System Works4/12/2014PG
    Shadow of the NinjaNESNatsume4/12/2014PG
    Mighty Final FightNESCapcom18/12/2014PG
    Street Fighter 2010: The Final FightNESCapcom18/12/2014PG
    Duck HuntNESNintendo25/12/2014G
    Dig DugNESBandai Namco Entertainment8/1/2015G
    Lode RunnerNESKonami8/1/2015G
    Donkey Kong Jr. MathNESNintendo22/01/2015G
    Blaster MasterNESSunsoft12/2/2015G
    Mappy-LandNESBandai Namco Entertainment12/2/2015G
    Flying Dragon: The Secret ScrollNESCulture Brain5/3/2015G
    Kung Fu HeroesNESCulture Brain5/3/2015G
    Street GangsNESArc System Works23/04/2015PG
    Flying WarriorsNESCulture Brain28/05/2015G
    Little Ninja BrothersNESCulture Brain28/05/2015G
    EarthBound BeginningsNESNintendo15/06/2015PG
    Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics IINESNintendo3/9/2015G
    Tecmo BowlNESKoei Tecmo17/09/2015G
    Dig Dug IINESBandai Namco Entertainment8/10/2015G
    Hogan's AlleyNESNintendo22/10/2015PG
    Wild GunmanNESNintendo22/10/2015G
    Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesNESArc System Works26/11/2015PG
    Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosNESKoei Tecmo26/11/2015PG
    Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomNESKoei Tecmo26/11/2015PG
    The Adventures of Bayou BillyNESKonami26/11/2015PG
    Mario's Super PicrossSNESNintendo27/04/2013G
    Super Mario WorldSNESNintendo27/04/2013G
    Super Ghouls 'n GhostsSNESCapcom16/05/2013PG
    Super MetroidSNESNintendo16/05/2013G
    Kirby Super StarSNESNintendo23/05/2013G
    Kirby's Dream CourseSNESNintendo23/05/2013G
    Vegas StakesSNESNintendo27/06/2013PG
    Kirby's Dream Land 3SNESNintendo25/07/2013G
    Harvest MoonSNESMarvelous AQL1/8/2013G
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of FireSNESKoei Tecmo8/8/2013PG
    Street Fighter II: The World WarriorSNESCapcom22/08/2013PG
    Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper FightingSNESCapcom22/08/2013PG
    Super Street Fighter II: The New ChallengersSNESCapcom22/08/2013PG
    Breath of Fire IISNESCapcom5/9/2013G
    Mega Man XSNESCapcom19/09/2013PG
    Final FightSNESCapcom3/10/2013PG
    Final Fight 2SNESCapcom3/10/2013PG
    Final Fight 3SNESCapcom3/10/2013PG
    Super Castlevania IVSNESKonami31/10/2013PG
    Mega Man X2SNESCapcom14/11/2013PG
    Brawl BrothersSNESHamster21/11/2013PG
    Uncharted Waters: New HorizonsSNESKoei Tecmo28/11/2013PG
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastSNESNintendo12/12/2013PG
    Contra III: The Alien WarsSNESKonami9/1/2014PG
    The Legend of the Mystical NinjaSNESKonami16/01/2014PG
    Super Mario KartSNESNintendo27/03/2014G
    Super Punch-Out!!SNESNintendo12/6/2014G
    Pop'n TwinBeeSNESKonami10/7/2014G
    Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell AdventuresSNESKonami31/07/2014G
    Nobunaga's AmbitionSNESKoei Tecmo25/09/2014PG
    Street Fighter Alpha 2SNESCapcom2/10/2014PG
    Donkey Kong CountrySNESNintendo16/10/2014G
    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestSNESNintendo23/10/2014G
    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!SNESNintendo30/10/2014G
    Mega Man 7SNESCapcom6/11/2014PG
    Mega Man X3SNESCapcom6/11/2014PG
    Castlevania: Dracula XSNESKonami13/11/2014PG
    Natsume Championship WrestlingSNESNatsume20/11/2014PG
    Wild GunsSNESNatsume20/11/2014PG
    Breath of FireSNESCapcom27/11/2014PG
    Demon's CrestSNESCapcom15/01/2015PG
    Pac-AttackSNESBandai Namco Entertainment26/02/2015G
    Pac-Man 2: The New AdventuresSNESBandai Namco Entertainment8/10/2015G
    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSNESNintendo24/12/2015G
    Donkey Kong 64N64Nintendo2/4/2015G
    Super Mario 64N64Nintendo2/4/2015G
    Paper MarioN64Nintendo21/05/2015G
    Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsN64Nintendo25/06/2015G
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeN64Nintendo2/7/2015PG
    Sin and PunishmentN64Nintendo3/9/2015M
    Mario GolfN64Nintendo8/10/2015G
    Mario TennisN64Nintendo17/12/2015G
    1080° SnowboardingN64Nintendo31/12/2015G
    Wave Race 64N64Nintendo31/12/2015G
    Advance WarsGameboy AdvanceNintendo3/4/2014PG
    Mario & Luigi: Superstar SagaGameboy AdvanceNintendo3/4/2014G
    Metroid FusionGameboy AdvanceNintendo3/4/2014PG
    Kirby & the Amazing MirrorGameboy AdvanceNintendo10/4/2014G
    WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame ManiaGameboy AdvanceNintendo10/4/2014G
    F-Zero: Maximum VelocityGameboy AdvanceNintendo17/04/2014G
    Golden SunGameboy AdvanceNintendo17/04/2014PG
    Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3Gameboy AdvanceNintendo24/04/2014G
    Mr. Driller 2Gameboy AdvanceBandai Namco Entertainment15/05/2014G
    Klonoa: Empire of DreamsGameboy AdvanceBandai Namco Entertainment22/05/2014G
    The Legend of Zelda: The Minish CapGameboy AdvanceNintendo29/05/2014PG
    Wario Land 4Gameboy AdvanceNintendo5/6/2014G
    Pac-Man CollectionGameboy AdvanceBandai Namco Entertainment12/6/2014G
    Mario Power TennisGameboy AdvanceNintendo26/06/2014G
    Kirby: Nightmare in DreamlandGameboy AdvanceNintendo17/07/2014G
    Mega Man Battle NetworkGameboy AdvanceCapcom24/07/2014PG
    Mega Man Battle Chip ChallengeGameboy AdvanceCapcom7/8/2014PG
    Fire EmblemGameboy AdvanceNintendo21/08/2014PG
    Mario Golf: Advance TourGameboy AdvanceNintendo28/08/2014G
    Super Mario BallGameboy AdvanceNintendo11/9/2014G
    Namco MuseumGameboy AdvanceBandai Namco Entertainment23/10/2014G
    Golden Sun: The Lost AgeGameboy AdvanceNintendo13/11/2014PG
    Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & SapphireGameboy AdvanceNintendo11/12/2014G
    Kuru Kuru KururinGameboy AdvanceNintendo25/12/2014G
    Mario Party AdvanceGameboy AdvanceNintendo25/12/2014PG
    Mega Man ZeroGameboy AdvanceCapcom25/12/2014PG
    F-Zero: GP LegendGameboy AdvanceNintendo1/1/2015G
    Fire Emblem: The Sacred StonesGameboy AdvanceNintendo1/1/2015PG
    DK: King of SwingGameboy AdvanceNintendo22/01/2015G
    CastlevaniaGameboy AdvanceKonami29/01/2015G
    Mega Man Zero 2Gameboy AdvanceCapcom5/2/2015PG
    Castlevania: Harmony of DissonanceGameboy AdvanceKonami19/02/2015PG
    Super Ghouls 'n GhostsGameboy AdvanceCapcom19/02/2015PG
    Metroid: Zero MissionGameboy AdvanceNintendo12/3/2015PG
    Castlevania: Aria of SorrowGameboy AdvanceKonami19/03/2015M
    Mega Man Zero 3Gameboy AdvanceCapcom26/03/2015PG
    Mario Kart: Super CircuitGameboy AdvanceNintendo23/04/2015G
    Mega Man Battle Network 2Gameboy AdvanceCapcom14/05/2015G
    Mega Man Zero 4Gameboy AdvanceCapcom14/05/2015PG
    Mega Man Battle Network 3: BlueGameboy AdvanceCapcom11/6/2015G
    Mega Man Battle Network 3: WhiteGameboy AdvanceCapcom11/6/2015G
    Advance Wars 2: Black Hole RisingGameboy AdvanceNintendo2/7/2015PG
    Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue MoonGameboy AdvanceCapcom9/7/2015PG
    Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red SunGameboy AdvanceCapcom9/7/2015PG
    Final Fight OneGameboy AdvanceCapcom16/07/2015M
    Super Street Fighter II Turbo RevivalGameboy AdvanceCapcom16/07/2015PG
    Mega Man & BassGameboy AdvanceCapcom13/08/2015PG
    Mario vs. Donkey KongGameboy AdvanceNintendo17/09/2015G
    Medabots: MetabeeGameboy AdvanceNatsume1/10/2015PG
    Medabots: RokushoGameboy AdvanceNatsume1/10/2015PG
    Pocky & Rocky with BeckyGameboy AdvanceNatsume8/10/2015G
    Konami Krazy RacersGameboy AdvanceKonami15/10/2015G
    Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EXGameboy AdvanceKonami5/11/2015PG
    Medabots AX: Metabee VersionGameboy AdvanceNatsume5/11/2015PG
    Medabots AX: Rokusho VersionGameboy AdvanceNatsume5/11/2015PG
    Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ColonelGameboy AdvanceCapcom5/11/2015G
    Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtoManGameboy AdvanceCapcom5/11/2015G
    Game & Watch Gallery AdvanceGameboy AdvanceNintendo10/12/2015G
    Polarium AdvanceGameboy AdvanceNintendo10/12/2015G
    Onimusha TacticsGameboy AdvanceCapcom17/12/2015PG
    Mario Kart DSNintendo DSNintendo2/4/2015G
    WarioWare: Touched!Nintendo DSNintendo2/4/2015G
    Yoshi's Island DSNintendo DSNintendo7/5/2015G
    Big Brain AcademyNintendo DSNintendo4/6/2015G
    Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?Nintendo DSNintendo25/06/2015G
    Kirby: Mouse AttackNintendo DSNintendo25/06/2015G
    Fire Emblem: Shadow DragonNintendo DSNintendo2/7/2015PG
    Mario & Luigi: Partners in TimeNintendo DSNintendo16/07/2015G
    Yoshi Touch & GoNintendo DSNintendo23/07/2015G
    Donkey Kong: Jungle ClimberNintendo DSNintendo6/8/2015G
    Star Fox CommandNintendo DSNintendo6/8/2015PG
    Wario: Master of DisguiseNintendo DSNintendo20/08/2015G
    Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the MinisNintendo DSNintendo17/09/2015G
    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassNintendo DSNintendo13/11/2015G
    The Legend of Zelda: Spirit TracksNintendo DSNintendo13/11/2015G
    Animal Crossing: Wild WorldNintendo DSNintendo19/11/2015G
    Kirby: Power PaintbrushNintendo DSNintendo3/12/2015G
    Kirby Mass AttackNintendo DSNintendo3/12/2015G
    New Super Mario Bros.Nintendo DSNintendo17/12/2015PG
    Super Mario 64 DSNintendo DSNintendo24/12/2015PG
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