Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival – a list of compatible amiibos

Animal Crossing- amiibo Festival1

The lovable lot over at Animal Crossing are having a festival. Here's everything you need to know about using your amiibo with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.

They work hard, they play hard. The adorable creatures of Animal Crossing now have their own party game, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. This game puts its own spin on the typical interactive board game with physical pieces (amiibo), real-life collectable cards, seasonal boards, and cross-game functionality with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

The game's standard mode sees your character move around the board over the course of a month while the citizens of Animal Crossing go about their usual business. Each character taps their amiibo (their playing piece), chooses a month they would like to play over and sets off. Whoever earns the most Happy Coins wins the game.

To mix up the fun, there are additional modes to play, like:

  • Minigames: We all know that half the fun of party games is the challenging minigames. Ditch the boardgame for some competitive puzzles and activities.
  • Desert Island Escape: You play solo in this mode and control three characters at once as they cooperate to make it off a desert island. Characters each have different abilities that play a key part in gathering enough resources to escape.
  • Quiz show: Go head-to-head with your friends in an Animal Crossing themed quiz. Settle once and for all who is the biggest Animal Crossing fan.
How to use amiibo in Animal Crossing: amiibo festival
  • Tap in:

Tap your character of choice to use them in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. There are 16 Animal Crossing amiibo figurines to collect. Your amiibos also save your progress, so your Happy Coins accumulate over time.

  • amiibo cards:

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival uses amiibo cards. There are over 300 amiibo cards featuring your favourite characters from the world of Animal Crossing. From new characters to different game modes, each card unlocks something different.

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  • Bring your Happy Home to the board

If you own Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on 3DS, you can transfer your home design via amiibo card so that appears on the gameboard in amiibo Festival.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for Nintendo Wii U
Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for Nintendo Wii U

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for 3DS + amiibo card
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for 3DS + amiibo card

Which amiibo are compatible with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival?

Full List of Amiibo Figurines Compatible? Where to buy
Bowser (Super Mario) no Shop now
Cyrus yes n/a
Dr. Mario no Shop now
Isabelle yes Shop now
K.K. (aka K.K. Slider) no n/a
Luigi (Smash Bros.) yes Shop now
Luigi (Super Mario) no Shop now
Mabel yes Shop now
Mario (Smash Bros.) no n/a
Mario (Super Mario) no Shop now
Mii Brawler no n/a
Mii Gunner no n/a
Mii Swordfighter no n/a
Peach (Super Mario) no Shop now
Pikachu no Shop now
Reese yes n/a
Tom Nook yes Shop now
Yoshi (Super Mario) no Shop now
Zelda no Shop now
Bowser Jr. no Shop now
Captain Falcon no Shop now
Charizard no Shop now
Classic 8-bit Mario no Shop now
Dark Hammer Slam Bowser no n/a
Dark Pit no Shop now
Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong no n/a
Donkey Kong no n/a
Fox no n/a
Ganondorf no Shop now
Greninja no Shop now
Inkling Girl no Shop now
Inkling Squid no Shop now
Jigglypuff no Shop now
Little Mac no Shop now
Lucario no n/a
Marth no Shop now
Modern 8-bit Mario no Shop now
Mega Man no Shop now
Rosalina and Luma no Shop now
Sheik no Shop now
Shulk no n/a
Silver Mario (Super Mario) no Shop now
Sonic no Shop now
Toon Link no Shop now
Wario no Shop now
Blue Yarn Yoshi no Shop now
Chibi-Robo no Shop now
Diddy Kong no Shop now
Digby yes n/a
Inkling Boy no n/a
Link no n/a
Lottie yes n/a
Pac-Man no n/a
Zero Suit Samus no n/a
Bowser (Smash Bros.) no Shop now
Falco no n/a
Green Yarn Yoshi no Shop now
Hammer Slam Bowser no n/a
Mewtwo no Shop now
Peach (Smash Bros.) no n/a
Pikmin & Olimar no n/a
Pink Yarn Yoshi no Shop now
Toad no n/a
Turbo Charge Donkey Kong no n/a
Yoshi (Smash Bros.) no n/a
Duck Hunt no n/a
Gold Mario (Super Mario) no n/a
Ike no Shop now
King Dedede no Shop now
Kirby no n/a
Lucina no n/a
Meta Knight no Shop now
Mr. Game & Watch no Shop now
Ness no n/a
Palutena no n/a
Pit no n/a
R.O.B. no n/a
Robin no Shop now
Samus no Shop now
Villager yes n/a
Wii Fit Trainer no n/a
Bayonetta no n/a
Blathers yes n/a
Celeste yes n/a
Cloud no n/a
Corrin no n/a
Gold Mega Man no n/a
Kapp'n yes n/a
Kicks yes n/a
Lucas no n/a
Mega Yarn Yoshi no Shop now
Resetti yes n/a
Rover yes n/a
Roy no n/a
Ryu no n/a
Shovel Knight no Shop now
Timmy & Tom Nook yes Shop now
Wolf Link no Shop now

List of amiibo cards that are compatible with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

Complete List of Amiibo Cards Card Number Type Rock, Paper, Scissors Dice Number
Isabelle 1 Special Scissors One
Tom Nook 2 Special Rock Six
DJ KK 3 Special Rock Three
Sable 4 Special Rock Four
Kapp'n 5 Special Scissors Five
Resetti 6 Special Paper Two
Joan 7 Special Scissors Two
Timmy 8 Special Paper Four
Digby 9 Special Rock Six
Pascal 10 Special Paper One
Harriet 11 Special Scissors Three
Crazy Redd 12 Special Rock Five
Saharah 13 Special Scissors Four
Luna 14 Special Paper One
Tortimer 15 Special Rock Six
Lyle 16 Special Paper Five
Lottie 17 Special Rock Three
Bob 18 Cat Scissors Two
Fauna 19 Deer Rock Five
Curt 20 Bear Paper Three
Portia 21 Dog Scissors One
Leonardo 22 Tiger Rock Four
Cheri 23 Cub Scissors Six
Kyle 24 Wolf Paper Two
Al 25 Gorilla Scissors Four
Renee 26 Rhino Rock Three
Lopez 27 Deer Paper Two
Jambette 28 Frog Scissors One
Rasher 29 Pig Paper Six
Tiffany 30 Rabbit Rock Five
Sheldon 31 Squirrel Paper Three
Bluebear 32 Cub Scissors One
Bill 33 Duck Rock Five
Kiki 34 Cat Paper Six
Deli 35 Monkey Rock Four
Alli 36 Alligator Scissors Two
Kabuki 37 Cat Rock Six
Patty 38 Cow Scissors One
Jitters 39 Bird Paper Five
Gigi 40 Frog Rock Two
Quillson 41 Duck Paper Four
Marcie 42 Kangaroo Scissors Three
Puck 43 Penguin Paper One
Shari 44 Monkey Rock Five
Octavian 45 Octopus Scissors Two
Winnie 46 Horse Paper Four
Knox 47 Chicken Scissors Three
Sterling 48 Eagle Rock Six
Bonbon 49 Rabbit Scissors Five
Punchy 50 Cat Rock Six
Opal 51 Elephant Paper Three
Poppy 52 Squirrel Rock Four
Limberg 53 Mouse Scissors Two
Deena 54 Duck Paper One
Snake 55 Rabbit Scissors Three
Bangle 56 Tiger Paper One
Phil 57 Ostrich Rock Six
Monique 58 Cat Paper Two
Nate 59 Bear Scissors Four
Samson 60 Mouse Rock Five
Tutu 61 Bear Scissors One
T-Bone 62 Bull Paper Four
Mint 63 Squirrel Rock Two
Pudge 64 Cub Paper Six
Midge 65 Bird Rock Three
Gruff 66 Goat Scissors Five
Flurry 67 Hamster Rock Six
Clyde 68 Horse Paper Two
Bella 69 Mouse Scissors Five
Biff 70 Hippo Rock Three
Yuka 71 Koala Scissors One
Lionel 72 Lion Paper Four
Flo 73 Penguin Scissors Two
Cobb 74 Pig Rock Three
Amelia 75 Eagle Paper Four
Jeremiah 76 Frog Scissors Five
Cherry 77 Dog Paper Six
Roscoe 78 Horse Rock One
Truffles 79 Pig Paper Four
Eugene 80 Koala Scissors Three
Eunice 81 Sheep Rock Two
Goose 82 Chicken Paper Five
Annalisa 83 Anteater Rock One
Benjamin 84 Dog Scissors Six
Pancetti 85 Pig Rock Three
Chief 86 Wolf Scissors One
Bunnie 87 Rabbit Paper Two
Clay 88 Hamster Rock Six
Diana 89 Deer Paper Five
Axel 90 Elephant Scissors Four
Muffy 91 Sheep Paper Six
Henry 92 Frog Rock Three
Bertha 93 Hippo Scissors Four
Cyrano 94 Anteater Paper Two
Peanut 95 Squirrel Scissors One
Cole 96 Rabbit Rock Five
Willow 97 Sheep Scissors Three
Roald 98 Penguin Paper One
Molly 99 Duck Rock Four
Walker 100 Dog Paper Six
K.K. Slider 101 Special Rock Two
Reese 102 Special Scissors Five
Kicks 103 Special Paper One
Labelle 104 Special Scissors Three
Copper 105 Special Rock Two
Booker 106 Special Paper Four
Katie 107 Special Rock Six
Tommy 108 Special Scissors Five
Porter 109 Special Rock Six
Lelia 110 Special Paper Five
Shrunk 111 Special Scissors Four
Don Resetti 112 Special Rock Two
Isabelle (Autumn) 113 Special Paper Three
Blanca 114 Special Scissors One
Nat 115 Special Paper Three
Chip 116 Special Rock Four
Jack 117 Special Scissors Two
Poncho 118 Cub Paper Five
Felicity 119 Cat Scissors One
Ozzie 120 Koala Rock Six
Tia 121 Elephant Scissors One
Lucha 122 Bird Rock Two
Fuchsia 123 Deer Paper Three
Harry 124 Hippo Scissors Four
Gwen 125 Penguin Paper Five
Coach 126 Bull Rock Six
Kitt 127 Kangaroo Paper Five
Tom 128 Cat Scissors One
Tipper 129 Cow Rock Six
Prince 130 Frog Paper Three
Pate 131 Duck Rock Four
Vladimir 132 Cub Scissors Two
Savannah 133 Horse Rock Five
Kidd 134 Goat Scissors Three
Phoebe 135 Ostrich Paper One
Egbert 136 Chicken Rock Four
Cookie 137 Dog Paper Six
Sly 138 Alligator Scissors Two
Blaire 139 Squirrel Paper Four
Avery 140 Eagle Rock One
Nana 141 Monkey Scissors Two
Peck 142 Bird Paper Six
Olivia 143 Cat Scissors Three
Cesar 144 Gorilla Rock Five
Carmen 145 Rabbit Scissors Four
Rodney 146 Hamster Rock Three
Scoot 147 Duck Paper Two
Whitney 148 Wolf Rock One
Broccolo 149 Mouse Scissors Six
Coco 150 Rabbit Paper Five
Groucho 151 Bear Scissors Three
Baabara 152 Sheep Paper One
Alfonso 153 Alligator Rock Five
Rhonda 154 Rhino Paper Six
Butch 155 Dog Scissors Four
Gabi 156 Rabbit Rock Two
Moose 157 Mouse Scissors Six
Timbra 158 Sheep Paper One
Zell 159 Deer Rock Five
Pekoe 160 Cub Paper Two
Teddy 161 Bear Rock Four
Mathilda 162 Kangaroo Scissors Three
Ed 163 Horse Rock One
Bianca 164 Tiger Paper Five
Filbert 165 Squirrel Scissors Two
Kitty 166 Cat Rock Four
Beau 167 Deer Scissors Three
Nan 168 Goat Paper Six
Bud 169 Lion Scissors Five
Ruby 170 Rabbit Rock Six
Benedict 171 Chicken Paper Three
Agnes 172 Pig Scissors Four
Julian 173 Horse Paper Two
Bettina 174 Mouse Rock One
Jay 175 Bird Paper Two
Sprinkle 176 Penguin Scissors Six
Flip 177 Monkey Rock One
Hugh 178 Pig Paper Five
Hopper 179 Penguin Rock Five
Pecan 180 Squirrel Scissors Three
Drake 181 Duck Rock Six
Alice 182 Koala Scissors Four
Camofrog 183 Frog Paper Five
Anicotti 184 Mouse Rock Three
Chops 185 Pig Paper One
Charlise 186 Bear Scissors Two
Vic 187 Bull Paper One
Ankha 188 Cat Rock Three
Drift 189 Frog Scissors Four
Vesta 190 Sheep Paper Two
Marcel 191 Dog Scissors Four
Pango 192 Anteater Rock Scissors
Keaton 193 Eagle Scissors Three
Gladys 194 Ostrich Paper Four
Hamphrey 195 Hamster Rock Two
Freya 196 Wolf Paper Five
Kid Cat 197 Cat Rock Six
Agent S 198 Squirrel Scissors One
Big Top 199 Elephant Rock Three
Rocket 200 Gorilla Paper One
Rover 201 Special Scissors Six
Blathers 202 Special Rock Two
Tom Nook 203 Special Paper Four
Pelly 204 Special Rock Five
Phyllis 205 Special Scissors Six
Pete 206 Special Rock Five
Mabel 207 Special Paper Four
Leif 208 Special Rock Three
Wendell 209 Special Scissors Two
Cyrus 210 Special Paper One
Grams 211 Special Scissors Two
Timmy 212 Special Paper Four
Digby 213 Special Rock Three
Don Resetti 214 Special Paper One
Isabelle 215 Special Rock Six
Franklin 216 Special Scissors Five
Jingle 217 Special Rock One
Lily 218 Frog Scissors Two
Anchovy 219 Bird Paper Three
Tabby 220 Cat Scissors Four
Kody 221 Cub Paper Five
Miranda 222 Duck Rock Six
Del 223 Alligator Paper Five
Paula 224 Bear Scissors Three
Ken 225 Chicken Rock One
Mitzi 226 Cat Paper Four
Rodeo 227 Bull Rock Six
Bubbles 228 Hippo Scissors Two
Cousteau 229 Frog Rock Four
Velma 230 Goat Scissors Three
Elvis 231 Lion Paper Two
Canberra 232 Koala Rock One
Colton 233 Horse Paper Six
Marina 234 Octopus Scissors Five
Spork 235 Pig Paper Three
Freckles 236 Duck Rock One
Bam 237 Deer Scissors Five
Friga 238 Penguin Paper Six
Ricky 239 Squirrel Scissors Four
Deirdre 240 Deer Rock Two
Hans 241 Gorilla Scissors Six
Chevre 242 Goat Rock One
Drago 243 Crocodile Paper Five
Tangy 244 Cat Rock Two
Mac 245 Dog Scissors Four
Eloise 246 Elephant Paper Three
Wart Jr 247 Frog Scissors One
Hazel 248 Squirrel Paper Five
Beardo 249 Bear Rock Two
Ava 250 Chicken Paper Four
Chester 251 Cub Scissors Three
Merry 252 Cat Rock Six
Genji 253 Rabbit Scissors Five
Greta 254 Mouse Paper Six
Wolfgang 255 Wolf Rock Three
Diva 256 Frog Paper Four
Klaus 257 Bear Rock Two
Daisy 258 Dog Scissors One
Stinky 259 Cat Rock Six
Tammi 260 Monkey Paper Two
Tucker 261 Elephant Scissors Five
Blanche 262 Ostrich Rock Three
Gaston 263 Rabbit Scissors One
Marshal 264 Squirrel Paper Four
Gala 265 Pig Scissors Two
Joey 266 Duck Rock Three
Pippy 267 Rabbit Paper Four
Buck 268 Horse Scissors Five
Bree 269 Mouse Paper Six
Rooney 270 Kangaroo Rock One
Curlos 271 Sheep Paper Four
Skye 272 Wolf Scissors Three
Moe 273 Cat Rock Two
Flora 274 Ostrich Paper Five
Hamlet 275 Hamster Rock One
Astrid 276 Kangaroo Scissors Six
Monty 277 Monkey Rock Three
Dora 278 Mouse Scissors One
Biskit 279 Dog Paper Two
Victoria 280 Horse Rock Six
Lyman 281 Koala Paper Five
Violet 282 Gorilla Scissors Four
Frank 283 Eagle Paper One
Chadder 284 Mouse Rock Two
Merengue 285 Rhino Scissors Four
Cube 286 Penguin Paper Three
Claudia 287 Tiger Scissors Six
Curly 288 Pig Rock Five
Boomer 289 Penguin Scissors Six
Caroline 290 Squirrel Paper One
Sparro 291 Bird Rock Three
Baabara 292 Sheep Scissors Five
Rolf 293 Tiger Rock Four
Maple 294 Cub Paper Two
Antonio 295 Anteater Rock One
Soleil 296 Hamster Scissors Two
Apollo 297 Eagle Paper Three
Derwin 298 Duck Scissors Four
Francine 299 Rabbit Paper Five
Chrissy 300 Rabbit Rock Six
Goldie Amiibo Festival Dog Rock Two
Rosie Amiibo Festival Cat Paper Four
Stitches Amiibo Festival Cub Scissors Six
Isabelle (Variation) CP Special Scissors One
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