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When is a funeral not a funeral? When it’s a life celebration with Picaluna

Disrupters are everywhere these days. These are new startups that take the traditional way of doing things and give it the “Uber” treatment. And now it’s the funeral industry’s turn. One of the most traditional industries is being turned on its head by the new funeral provider Picaluna. Picaluna’s aim is to cut out the middleman and makes funerals affordable.

What is Picaluna?

Picaluna is a funeral provider with a twist. Rather than requiring people to conform to the rigid, stuffy funeral practices of the past, they help families celebrate their loved ones in the way the deceased would have wanted to be remembered. Picaluna does this by creating authentic as well as inspirational funerals, memorials and life celebrations that everyone can afford.

What is Picaluna responding to?

The cookie-cutter approach to funerals has been the only option in the past, with gloomy formal ceremonies often conducted by those who did not even know the deceased. According to Picaluna, this approach does not help the grieving process and it certainly doesn’t help the bank balance, with a traditional funeral typically costing anywhere from $15,000 upwards.

How can consumers benefit?

Picaluna is offering a solution to both these problems by providing an affordable funeral that’s custom designed by the family to celebrate their loved one’s life in a truly meaningful way.

It can be held anywhere they desire, such as at home, on the beach or in a garden, and can take any format they would like. Picaluna's celebrants and planners provide support and facilitate the whole process to create a fitting farewell for a life well lived.

How is Picaluna different to traditional funeral service providers?

Picaluna cuts out the middleman, which until now has been the funeral provider. Instead of leaving all the details to the undertaker, Picaluna connects customers directly with funeral-related service providers, such as coffin suppliers, florists and crematoriums, via a cloud-based platform.

This allows people to purchase funeral items at wholesale prices and avoid the hefty markups often charged by the traditional funeral industry (coffins alone have been known to be marked up by as much as 600%).

How much does it cost?

Picaluna charges a flat service fee of 35% on top of the funeral costs and their services can be as much as 30% cheaper than many traditional funeral providers.

And Picaluna donates 10% of their profits to the customer’s charity of choice, which is another feel-good aspect that sets them apart from the traditional way of doing things.

Where is Picaluna?

Picaluna began in Sydney and currently operates in the greater Sydney area, but they also have plans to expand to Melbourne and Brisbane in the near future. And they are always looking for new civil celebrants, as these are the people who make their business unique by helping to make life celebrations memorable for so many people.

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