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Compare front-loading washing machines

How to choose a front-loading washing machine that makes doing laundry less of a chore.


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A man and his young son putting towels in their washing machine.
Best Front-Loading Washing Machine Brand

Best Rated Front-Loading Washing Machine Brand: Bosch

Bosch is the top brand in Australia for front-loading washing machines, as rated by actual users. With the highest overall score and high ratings for washing performance, value for money and water consumption, the German-based brand came out on top. 95% of surveyed customers recommend Bosch top-loading washing machines.

Quick facts about front-loading washing machines

  • Front-loading washing machines are cheaper to operate as well as more energy and water efficient than top-loaders.
  • However, they cost more upfront than top-loaders.
  • Prices typically range from $500 to $3,000.

Compare front-loading washing machines

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Capacity Water Star Rating Energy Star Rating Product More info
Bosch WAW28620AU 9kg Serie 8 Front Load Washing Machine with i-DOS
Bosch WAN22120AU Serie 4 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine
Bosch WAY32891AU 9kg HomeProfessional Front Load Washing Machine
Bosch WAT24261AU 8kg Front Load Washing Machine
Bosch 10kg Serie 6 Front Load Washing Machine WAU28490AU