Complete List of Movies on Foxtel Play

Information verified correct on December 11th, 2016

See the complete, up to date list of movies currently available on Foxtel Play.

Unlike Netflix, Presto and Stan, Foxtel Play's library is updated every month. Here is a selection on movies featured on Foxtel Play this month.

SistersComedyAmy Poehler, Tina Fey
The RevenantAction/DramaLeonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy
Furious 7ActionVin Diesel, Paul Walker
InsurgentSci-fiShailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort
Avengers: Age of UltronAction and AdventureRobert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johannson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth
Jurassic WorldAction and AdventureChris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio

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Aussies have never been more spoilt for choice than ever before. With the launch of Netflix Australia, competitors like Stan, Quickflix, Presto and Foxtel have joined the race in providing top quality, premium content for the country down under.

See what movies Foxtel Play has to offer by seeing the complete list below.


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Title of MovieYear ReleasedClassificationGenreAvailable UntilRuntime (Mins)
The Naked Gun1988MMovie, Comedy31st December81
Thelma & Louise1991MMovie, Action/adventure31st July124
Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert1994MMovie, Comedy31st July99
Somersault2004MAMovie, Drama24th February101
Teaching Mrs. Tingle1999MMovie, Comedy31st August91
The Terminator1984MMovie, Action/adventure30th September102
Grizzly Falls1999PGMovie, Drama31st August90
Network1976MMovie, Drama31st October116
The Trip2010MAMovie, Comedy31st October107
Roxanne1987PGMovie, Comedy31st August102
Hyde Park On Hudson2012MMovie, Drama10th September90
End Of Watch2012MAMovie, Action/adventure4th September104
Akeelah And The Bee2006PGMovie, Drama31st August108
Hansel And Gretel1987GMovie, Kids/family30th November82
Philadelphia1993PGMovie, Drama31st August120
Ghost Rider2007MMovie, Action/adventure30th September105
3002006MAMovie, Action/adventure6th July111
The Silence Of The Lambs1991MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October113
Stoker2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense2nd July94
Bad Country2014MAMovie, Action/adventure13th July100
Man Of Steel2013MMovie, Action/adventure5th July137
Old School2003MAMovie, Comedy14th July86
The Night Listener2006MMovie, Thriller/suspense13th July86
Going To The Mat2004PGMovie, Kids/family14th July88
The Protector2005MAMovie, Action/adventure13th July106
The Conjuring2013MAMovie, Horror19th July107
The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale2013PGMovie, Kids/family6th July80
Perfect Stranger2007MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September104
Tarzan1999PGMovie, Animation31st July84
Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins2009PGMovie, Kids/family31st July79
Riddick2013MAMovie, Action/adventure16th July113
Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters2013PGMovie, Action/adventure14th July101
TMNT2007PGMovie, Kids/family3rd August83
Ruthless People1986MMovie, Comedy31st July90
Catch And Release2007MMovie, Romance30th September107
Tarzan II2005GMovie, Animation31st July68
U.S. Marshals1998MMovie, Action/adventure31st July125
The Devil And Max Devlin1981GMovie, Kids/family31st July91
Nurse Betty2000MAMovie, Comedy12th August105
The Royal Tenenbaums2001MAMovie, Comedy31st July105
The Number 232007MAMovie, Thriller/suspense3rd August94
The Siege1998MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st July111
Nacho Libre2006PGMovie, Comedy31st July88
The Nutty Professor1996MMovie, Comedy31st July91
Fantasia 20002000GMovie, Animation31st July71
Broken Arrow1996MMovie, Action/adventure31st July104
The Crazies2010MAMovie, Horror1st August97
Balloon Farm1999GMovie, Kids/family31st July88
The Country Bears2002GMovie, Kids/family31st July84
Operation Dumbo Drop1995PGMovie, Kids/family31st July103
Bambi II2006GMovie, Animation31st July69
Don Jon2013MAMovie, Drama13th August86
Noise2007MAMovie, Drama31st July103
Flying High II: The Sequel1982PGMovie, Comedy31st July80
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou2004MMovie, Comedy31st July113
Far and Away1992MMovie, Romance31st July134
Phat Girlz2006MMovie, Comedy31st July94
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 22013GMovie, Kids/family20th July91
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox2013MMovie, Kids/family29th July78
Kill Your Darlings2013MAMovie, Drama3rd August98
Pacific Rim2013MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy19th July125
Only God Forgives2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense3rd November85
Battle Of The Year2013PGMovie, Drama10th August105
Romeo + Juliet1996MMovie, Drama31st July115
Slacker1991MMovie, Comedy31st July96
Big Red1962GMovie, Kids/family31st July85
A Good Woman2004PGMovie, Romance31st July89
Drinking Buddies2013MMovie, Comedy10th August86
Quest For Camelot1998GMovie, Kids/family31st October82
Days of Thunder1990MMovie, Action/adventure31st July103
Baseketball1998MMovie, Comedy31st July98
We're The Millers2013MAMovie, Comedy17th August105
The Million Dollar Duck1971GMovie, Kids/family31st July88
Die Hard1988MMovie, Action/adventure13th September126
The September Issue2009PGMovie, Documentaries31st August90
While You Were Sleeping1995PGMovie, Romance31st July99
Casanova2005MMovie, Romance31st August107
Great Expectations1998MMovie, Drama31st August106
Funky Monkey2004PGMovie, Kids/family31st August89
Die Hard 21990MMovie, Action/adventure13th September118
Peter Pan2003PGMovie, Kids/family31st August108
Brother Bear2003GMovie, Animation31st August81
Happily N'ever After2006GMovie, Kids/family1st September83
America's Sweethearts2001MMovie, Comedy30th November99
The Messengers2007MMovie, Thriller/suspense15th September86
Scent Of A Woman1992MMovie, Drama30th August150
Pi1998MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st July80
Blind Horizon2003MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st July99
Tremors1990MMovie, Horror31st August91
Blue Steel1989MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st July97
Scooby-Doo2002GMovie, Kids/family31st August83
Peacock2010MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st July87
Mail To The Chief2000GMovie, Kids/family31st August85
National Treasure2004PGMovie, Action/adventure31st August125
Midnight Express1978MAMovie, Drama30th November116
Brother Bear 22006GMovie, Animation31st August70
The Insider1999MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st August151
Ocean's Thirteen2007PGMovie, Thriller/suspense11th September117
The Big Lebowski1998MAMovie, Comedy31st August112
Out Of Sight1998MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st August117
Titan A.E.2000PGMovie, Kids/family31st August91
Die Hard 4.02007MMovie, Action/adventure13th September123
Chasing Liberty2004PGMovie, Comedy31st July106
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen2003MMovie, Action/adventure31st August105
Criminal2004MMovie, Mystery/crime31st August83
One Fine Day1996PGMovie, Romance31st August104
Parents1989MMovie, Comedy31st July78
Die Hard: With A Vengeance1995MMovie, Action/adventure13th September123
Master And Commander2003MMovie, Action/adventure31st August132
Observe And Report2009MAMovie, Comedy4th September82
Three Fugitives1989PGMovie, Comedy31st August92
Ladder 492004MMovie, Action/adventure31st August110
Adventures In Babysitting1987MMovie, Comedy31st August98
The Flintstones1994GMovie, Kids/family31st August86
See Spot Run2001PGMovie, Kids/family1st August93
The Last Mimzy2007PGMovie, Kids/family1st September92
Kissing Jessica Stein2001MMovie, Romance31st August92
Planes2013GMovie, Animation6th September87
When A Man Loves A Woman1994MMovie, Romance31st August120
Paranoia2013MMovie, Drama2nd December101
Thor: The Dark World2013MMovie, Action/adventure4th August107
Whispers: An Elephant's Tale2000PGMovie, Kids/family31st August69
Tiger Cruise2004PGMovie, Kids/family10th September84
Red 22013MMovie, Action/adventure7th September111
National Treasure: Book Of Secrets2007PGMovie, Action/adventure31st August119
Twitches2005PGMovie, Kids/family11th September82
Leaves Of Grass2009MAMovie, Drama31st August100
Bill Cunningham New York2010PGMovie, Documentaries31st August80
Frances Ha2012MAMovie, Comedy31st July82
Turbo2013GMovie, Kids/family4th September91
Lost In Translation2003PGMovie, Comedy31st July97
Lagerfeld Confidential2007PGMovie, Documentaries31st August86
Blue Jasmine2013MMovie, Comedy21st September94
Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call2009MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st August116
Mademoiselle C2013MMovie, Documentaries31st August89
The Hudsucker Proxy1994PGMovie, Comedy30th August106
You're Next2011MAMovie, Horror2nd December90
Delivery Man2013MMovie, Comedy8th September100
Getaway2013MMovie, Action/adventure21st September86
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire2013MMovie, Action/adventure19th September140
Bound1996MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st July104
Conversations With Other Women2005MMovie, Romance31st December82
Ripley Under Ground2005MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st July100
Dallas Buyers Club2013MAMovie, Drama8th October116
Klute1971MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September109
The Crash Reel2012MMovie, Documentaries30th September108
An Officer And A Gentleman1982MMovie, Romance30th September119
Dave1993PGMovie, Romance30th September105
Short Term 122013MMovie, Drama31st August93
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York1992PGMovie, Kids/family30th September115
Basic2003MAMovie, Action/adventure31st December94
Sydney White2007PGMovie, Comedy30th September103
The Spirit2008MMovie, Action/adventure30th September98
Ferris Bueller's Day Off1986PGMovie, Comedy30th September98
In The Name Of The Father1993MMovie, Drama30th September127
The Hangover2009MAMovie, Comedy23rd October95
Home Alone 31997PGMovie, Kids/family30th September98
Save The Last Dance2001MMovie, Romance30th September108
The Box2009MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st December110
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle1992MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September105
The Horse Whisperer1998MMovie, Romance30th September162
The Butterfly Effect2004MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st December109
Intolerable Cruelty2003MMovie, Comedy30th September95
Unidentified Flying Oddball1979GMovie, Kids/family31st August89
The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations2009MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st December90
The Butterfly Effect 22006MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st December88
Long Weekend1978MMovie, Horror30th September92
Razorback1984MMovie, Horror30th September90
From Paris With Love2010MAMovie, Action/adventure30th September88
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty2013PGMovie, Drama22nd October109
Rush2013MAMovie, Action/adventure4th October117
Bad Grandpa: Uncut2013MAMovie, Comedy25th September97
Enough Said2013MMovie, Romance25th September89
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues2013MMovie, Comedy8th October114
Her2013MAMovie, Drama22nd September121
Paul Kelly: Stories Of Me2012MMovie, Musical/dance30th September95
From Hell2001MAMovie, Mystery/crime30th September117
The Beverly Hillbillies1993GMovie, Comedy30th September89
Mulan1998GMovie, Animation30th September84
Born On The Fourth Of July1989MMovie, Drama31st August138
Frozen2013PGMovie, Animation29th September97
The Story Of Frozen2014PGMovie, Kids/family30th September41
One Hundred And One Dalmatians1961GMovie, Animation30th September76
Moshi Monsters: The Movie2013GMovie, Kids/family2nd October77
The Big Steal1990PGMovie, Comedy30th September95
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult1994PGMovie, Comedy30th September79
The Warrior's Way2010MAMovie, Action/adventure30th September96
The Shaggy Dog1959GMovie, Kids/family31st August101
20 Feet From Stardom2013MMovie, Documentaries25th September87
Mulan II2005GMovie, Animation30th September75
Down And Out In Beverly Hills1986MMovie, Comedy30th September99
Meet The Robinsons2007GMovie, Animation2nd October90
Freelancers2012MAMovie, Action/adventure30th September92
True Lies1994MMovie, Action/adventure30th September135
The Frozen Ground2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September101
The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas2000GMovie, Kids/family30th September87
Shine1996MMovie, Drama30th September101
A Simple Plan1998MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st December116
Happy Endings2005MMovie, Comedy30th September127
Paradise2013PGMovie, Comedy17th September83
A Goofy Movie1995GMovie, Animation30th September74
American Pie: The Wedding2003MAMovie, Comedy14th October92
Saving Mr. Banks2013PGMovie, Drama6th October120
Home Alone1990PGMovie, Kids/family30th September98
Breaking Wind2012MAMovie, Comedy30th September78
Mr. Magoo1997PGMovie, Kids/family30th September84
Kickboxer1989MAMovie, Action/adventure31st July93
Big Stan2008MAMovie, Comedy30th September104
Death In Brunswick1991MMovie, Comedy30th September105
Mr. Pip2012MMovie, Drama11th September110
Magic Magic2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense20th September94
One Chance2013PGMovie, Comedy26th September99
Son Of The Mask2005PGMovie, Kids/family1st October92
Speed1994MMovie, Action/adventure30th September111
Memento2000MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September108
Goodbye Bafana2007MMovie, Drama30th September113
Murderball2005MMovie, Documentaries31st October82
Stories We Tell2012MMovie, Documentaries25th September104
Quiz Show1994MMovie, Drama31st October127
Father Of The Bride1991GMovie, Comedy31st October101
Dear Dumb Diary2013PGMovie, Kids/family14th November88
Satellite Boy2012PGMovie, Drama31st October85
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown2006PGMovie, Animation31st October87
W.2008MMovie, Drama30th September124
Nancy Drew2007PGMovie, Kids/family17th November95
The Actors2003MMovie, Comedy31st December88
The Groomsmen2006MMovie, Comedy31st October94
Strange Bedfellows2004MMovie, Comedy31st January96
Chasing Papi2003PGMovie, Comedy31st October76
Keeping Mum2005MMovie, Comedy31st December103
Going Overboard1989MMovie, Comedy30th September93
License To Wed2007MMovie, Comedy3rd November87
Worth Winning1989MMovie, Comedy31st October98
Joe Versus The Volcano1990PGMovie, Comedy31st October98
Starter For 102007MMovie, Comedy31st December92
Halloweentown High2004PGMovie, Kids/family31st August78
Death Defying Acts2007PGMovie, Romance31st December92
Return To Halloweentown2006PGMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st August84
Happy-Go-Lucky2008MMovie, Comedy30th September113
Beaches1988PGMovie, Drama31st October118
Geppetto2000GMovie, Kids/family31st October84
The Young Black Stallion2003GMovie, Kids/family31st October48
Flightplan2005MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October94
The Arrival1996MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st July110
Plush2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September95
Silent Hill2006MAMovie, Horror30th September120
Push2009MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st January107
Carrie2013MAMovie, Horror1st October95
Horsemen2009MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st December86
Khumba2013PGMovie, Animation30th October81
Lilo & Stitch2002GMovie, Kids/family31st October81
Greetings From Tim Buckley2012MMovie, Drama2nd December99
American Hustle2013MMovie, Drama15th October132
Paranormal Activity2007MMovie, Horror31st December82
Safety Patrol1998GMovie, Kids/family31st October85
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch2005GMovie, Animation31st October65
No Reservations2007PGMovie, Romance6th November100
Cypher2002MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st December95
Disney's Leroy & Stitch2006GMovie, Kids/family31st October69
Pollyanna1960GMovie, Kids/family31st October129
Escape Plan2013MAMovie, Action/adventure18th October111
Anna Karenina1997MMovie, Romance31st December103
Spiral2007MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September86
Cheri2009MMovie, Romance31st December88
Sorority Row2009MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September96
Gravity2013MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy25th October87
Rain Man1988MMovie, Drama31st July128
Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery1998GMovie, Kids/family31st October84
Dying Breed2008MAMovie, Horror30th September88
Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead1991PGMovie, Comedy30th September100
Undiscovered2005PGMovie, Romance30th September93
Dumbo1941GMovie, Kids/family31st October61
Freaky Friday2003PGMovie, Kids/family31st October93
Eagle Eye2008MMovie, Action/adventure22nd November112
Blood2012MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September88
Bug2006MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September97
Waiting2005MAMovie, Comedy31st October89
The Great Buck Howard2008GMovie, Comedy30th September86
Soldier1998MAMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st October94
Ronin1998MMovie, Action/adventure31st July116
The Butler2013MMovie, Drama4th November127
Away From Her2006MMovie, Drama31st January105
Drugstore Cowboy1989MMovie, Drama31st October97
The Pooch And The Pauper2000GMovie, Kids/family31st October84
The Beaver2011MMovie, Drama31st December87
Fracture2007MMovie, Mystery/crime17th November109
Reality Bites1994MMovie, Comedy31st October94
A Fish Called Wanda1988MMovie, Comedy31st July103
My Tutor1983MAMovie, Comedy30th September93
Homefront2013MAMovie, Action/adventure22nd October96
Prisoners2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense4th November146
Fruitvale Station2013MMovie, Drama10th September81
Adoration2013MAMovie, Drama26th November107
The Gilded Cage2013MMovie, Comedy13th November87
The Man Without A Face1993MMovie, Drama31st January114
Reservoir Dogs1992MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st July95
Hamburger Hill1987MAMovie, War/western/history31st October105
Thunderbolt1995MAMovie, Action/adventure31st October106
Paid In Full2002MAMovie, Action/adventure30th November94
About Time2013MMovie, Comedy12th August118
Crank2006MAMovie, Action/adventure30th November84
Below2002MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October101
The Accidental Spy2001MMovie, Action/adventure31st October83
Van Wilder: Party Liaison2002MAMovie, Comedy30th November88
Sex Drive2008MAMovie, Comedy30th November104
Duplex2003MMovie, Comedy31st October85
Van Wilder 2: The Rise Of Taj2006MAMovie, Comedy30th November93
The Pool Boys2011MAMovie, Comedy30th November84
Serenity2005MMovie, Action/adventure7th December114
The Three Musketeers2011MMovie, Action/adventure30th November105
G.I. Jane1997MMovie, Action/adventure30th November120
Machete Kills2013MAMovie, Action/adventure11th February103
Dude Where's My Car?2000MMovie, Comedy30th November79
Hairspray2007PGMovie, Comedy3rd December111
Eagle Vs Shark2007MMovie, Comedy29th February83
East Is East1999MMovie, Comedy1st December93
Cheaper By The Dozen2003GMovie, Kids/family31st October94
Marie Antoinette2006PGMovie, Romance31st July117
Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen2004PGMovie, Kids/family30th November86
Hot Shots!1991MMovie, Comedy30th November81
Mr. Headmistress1998PGMovie, Kids/family31st October85
Pinocchio1940GMovie, Kids/family30th November84
Disaster Movie2008MMovie, Comedy29th February83
Date And Switch2014MMovie, Comedy15th October87
Pride & Prejudice2005GMovie, Romance30th November121
Lucky You2007PGMovie, Romance25th November118
47 Ronin2013MMovie, Action/adventure21st November113
The Book Thief2013PGMovie, Drama6th November125
Running With Scissors2006MAMovie, Comedy30th September116
The Armstrong Lie2013MMovie, Documentaries1st December118
The Devil's Advocate1997MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th November138
My Dog Skip2000PGMovie, Kids/family30th November91
The Reaping2007MMovie, Horror17th August95
Ginger Snaps2000MAMovie, Horror31st October103
Suicide Kings1997MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st October102
The Importance Of Being Earnest2002GMovie, Romance31st October89
Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning2004MAMovie, Horror31st October90
The Wrestler2008MAMovie, Drama30th November104
Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed2004MAMovie, Horror31st October90
Miss Potter2006GMovie, Romance29th February88
Last Chance Harvey2008PGMovie, Romance29th February89
Mr. Bean's Holiday2007PGMovie, Comedy31st October86
Gosford Park2001MMovie, Mystery/crime29th February133
God's Pocket2014MAMovie, Drama30th November88
Nebraska2013MMovie, Drama24th December110
In A World...2013MAMovie, Comedy17th November89
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit2014MMovie, Action/adventure20th November101
Vampire Academy2014MMovie, Action/adventure5th December100
Lone Survivor2013MAMovie, Action/adventure8th December116
Cuban Fury2014MMovie, Comedy19th December93
About Last Night2014MAMovie, Romance14th December96
The Amazing Spider-Man 22014MMovie, Action/adventure14th December135
Friday The 13th1980MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October91
The Iron Giant1999PGMovie, Animation30th November83
Dogfight1991MMovie, Drama31st October89
Cursed2005MMovie, Horror31st October95
Night Train To Lisbon2013MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October106
What Women Want2000PGMovie, Comedy31st January121
Love, Wedding, Marriage2011PGMovie, Romance31st October86
Insomnia2002MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th November113
Tadpole2000MAMovie, Romance31st October75
Looking For Eric2009MAMovie, Comedy29th February112
First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest2002MAMovie, Comedy30th November100
What's Love Got To Do With It1993MAMovie, Musical/dance30th November112
Evil Angels1988MMovie, Drama31st October116
A Christmas Tree Miracle2013GMovie, Kids/family30th November102
The Rescuers Down Under1990GMovie, Kids/family30th November74
The Dead Zone1983MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September99
The Ghost Writer2010MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October122
Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas1993GMovie, Kids/family30th November73
Becoming Jane2007PGMovie, Romance31st January115
Breathless2012MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st October87
Non-Stop2014MMovie, Action/adventure26th November101
The Railway Man2013MMovie, Drama22nd October111
Butterfly On A Wheel2007MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st December91
Layer Cake2004MAMovie, Thriller/suspense29th February101
Walking With Dinosaurs2013PGMovie, Kids/family6th November83
The Number 232007MAMovie, Thriller/suspense3rd August94
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: Three Musketeers2004GMovie, Kids/family30th November64
Cube 2: Hypercube2002MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October90
Bitter Moon1992MAMovie, Romance31st December133
Cube1997MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October86
Mr. Brooks2007MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October115
Frozen Sing Along2013PGMovie, Kids/family29th September97
Awake2007MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st January80
No Reservations2007PGMovie, Romance6th November100
Inside Llewyn Davis2013MMovie, Drama26th November100
The Reaping2007MMovie, Horror17th August95
Cube Zero2004MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October93
Atlantis: The Lost Empire2001PGMovie, Animation31st December91
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star2003MMovie, Comedy30th November94
Dragonheart1996MMovie, Action/adventure31st December98
Justin Bieber's Believe2013GMovie, Documentaries5th December92
Stitch! The Movie2003GMovie, Kids/family31st December58
The Condemned2007MAMovie, Action/adventure29th February109
Devil's Due2014MAMovie, Horror3rd December85
Elizabeth: The Golden Age2007MMovie, Drama30th November110
Kate & Leopold2001PGMovie, Romance30th November113
Ride Along2014MMovie, Comedy16th January95
The Even Stevens Movie2003GMovie, Kids/family31st December90
28 Weeks Later2007MAMovie, Horror31st December96
Starsky & Hutch2004MMovie, Comedy31st December96
Blind Date1987MMovie, Comedy31st March91
White Chicks2004MMovie, Comedy31st March110
Atlantis: Milo's Return2003PGMovie, Animation31st December77
Sgt. Bilko1996GMovie, Comedy31st December90
Orphan2009MAMovie, Thriller/suspense18th December117
Once Upon A Time In Mexico2003MAMovie, Action/adventure30th November97
House Of Versace2013MMovie, Drama31st December85
Get Over It2001MMovie, Comedy31st December82
Need For Speed2014MMovie, Action/adventure5th January125
Lassie2005PGMovie, Kids/family31st March95
Red Rock West1993MMovie, Mystery/crime31st December94
The Ninth Gate1999MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th December127
Nic And Tristan Go Mega Dega2010GMovie, Kids/family30th November76
Shark Tale2004GMovie, Kids/family31st December86
Nine Months1995MMovie, Romance31st December99
The Invisible2007MMovie, Thriller/suspense17th November98
Bedknobs And Broomsticks1971GMovie, Kids/family31st December112
Cop Land1997MAMovie, Action/adventure31st October100
Love's Labour's Lost2000PGMovie, Romance30th November90
Le Week-End2013MMovie, Romance24th December89
Heavenly Creatures1994MMovie, Mystery/crime30th November95
Ender's Game2013MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy3rd May109
Babylon A.D.2008MMovie, Action/adventure31st December86
The Fifth Element1997PGMovie, Action/adventure31st December120
Muppets Most Wanted2014GMovie, Kids/family3rd January103
Tracks2013MMovie, Drama24th December108
Prizzi's Honor1985MMovie, Mystery/crime31st December123
Labor Day2013MMovie, Drama17th December106
Last Vegas2013MMovie, Comedy11th December101
Darkness2002MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October98
The Others2001MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th November100
Starship Troopers1997MAMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st December124
Stand Up Guys2012MAMovie, Comedy31st December91
Four Rooms1995MAMovie, Comedy30th November93
Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom2013MMovie, Drama10th December135
The Right Kind Of Wrong2013MAMovie, Comedy10th January93
Daltry Calhoun2005MMovie, Comedy30th November89
Role Models2008MAMovie, Comedy31st December94
Glory Road2006PGMovie, Kids/family31st December113
The Mighty Ducks1992GMovie, Kids/family31st December99
Beautiful Girls1996MMovie, Romance30th November108
The Duchess2008MMovie, Drama30th November105
The Trip To Italy2014MMovie, Comedy31st December103
The Game1997MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th November123
Bounce2000MMovie, Romance31st December102
Happy, Texas1999MMovie, Comedy31st December94
Nightwatch1997MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th November97
The Crow: City Of Angels1996MAMovie, Action/adventure31st October82
Mulholland Drive2001MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st December140
Animals United2010PGMovie, Animation31st October89
Bridge To Terabithia2007PGMovie, Kids/family31st December91
The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug2013MMovie, Action/adventure31st December154
Undisputed2002MAMovie, Action/adventure31st December90
The Giant King2012PGMovie, Animation31st December97
The Face Of Love2013MMovie, Romance31st December88
The Pallbearer1996MMovie, Romance31st December94
Dirty Pretty Things2002MAMovie, Mystery/crime30th December92
American Gangster2007MAMovie, Drama30th December150
First Kid1996PGMovie, Kids/family31st December96
D2: The Mighty Ducks1994GMovie, Kids/family31st December102
The English Patient1996MMovie, Drama31st January0
Angel Heart1987MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October108
Bulletproof Monk2003MMovie, Action/adventure30th November99
Sunshine2007MMovie, Action/adventure31st January103
Without A Paddle2004MMovie, Comedy31st January94
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead1995MAMovie, Action/adventure31st December110
Waitress2007MMovie, Romance14th January103
Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014MMovie, Action/adventure19th January130
Only Lovers Left Alive2013MMovie, Drama31st December123
The Omen2006MAMovie, Horror31st December105
Keeping Up With The Steins2006PGMovie, Comedy30th November86
Ginger Meggs1982GMovie, Kids/family30th November97
Heaven2002MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th November93
About Adam2000MMovie, Romance30th November92
52 Tuesdays2013MAMovie, Drama31st December109
Justin And The Knights Of Valour2013PGMovie, Kids/family14th December92
Volcano1997MMovie, Action/adventure31st December99
Men Of Honor2000MMovie, Drama31st December123
Chicago2002MMovie, Musical/dance31st December109
Choke2008MAMovie, Comedy14th January88
The Legend Of Hercules2014MMovie, Action/adventure3rd December94
Priceless2006MMovie, Romance29th February101
The Little Rascals1994GMovie, Kids/family31st December79
The Prince & Me: The Royal Wedding2006PGMovie, Romance30th April93
Wagons East1994PGMovie, Comedy31st July103
The Prince & Me2004PGMovie, Kids/family30th April106
D3: The Mighty Ducks1996GMovie, Kids/family31st December99
Free Birds2014GMovie, Kids/family31st December87
Full Frontal2002MAMovie, Romance31st January96
My Summer Of Love2004MAMovie, Romance31st January83
How Stella Got Her Groove Back1998MMovie, Romance30th January119
Flirting With Disaster1996MMovie, Comedy31st January89
Four Weddings And A Funeral1994MMovie, Romance30th December113
The Prince & Me: Royal Honeymoon2008PGMovie, Romance30th April88
Twitches Too2007PGMovie, Kids/family31st January79
Runner Runner2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense23rd July87
The Wolf Of Wall Street2013MAMovie, Comedy31st December172
The Emperor's New Groove2000GMovie, Animation30th November75
Raising Cain1992MMovie, Horror31st December87
I, Robot2004MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st January110
The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill...,1995GMovie, Romance31st January92
James And The Giant Peach1996PGMovie, Kids/family31st January76
Drinking Buddies2013MMovie, Comedy10th August86
Sleeping With The Enemy1991MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th January93
August: Osage County2013MAMovie, Drama31st December116
Heaven Is For Real2014PGMovie, Drama25th January95
All Is Lost2013MMovie, Drama16th January101
Changing Lanes2002MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st January94
Dom Hemingway2013MAMovie, Comedy31st December89
Everybody's Fine2009MMovie, Drama31st January95
Winter's Tale2014MMovie, Drama31st December113
Curdled1996MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st October85
Robocop2014MMovie, Action/adventure31st January112
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy2011MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st January122
Robocop1987MAMovie, Action/adventure30th January98
Robocop 31993MMovie, Action/adventure30th January100
Minuscule: Valley Of The Lost Ants2013GMovie, Kids/family31st December84
A Heartbeat Away2011PGMovie, Kids/family31st January87
The Prince & Me: Elephant Adventure2010PGMovie, Romance30th April89
Dances With Wolves1990MMovie, Drama31st January173
12 Years A Slave2013MAMovie, Drama3rd May128
Endless Love2014MMovie, Romance2nd January100
3 Days To Kill2013MMovie, Action/adventure31st December112
Blood Ties2013MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st December127
Judge Dredd1995MMovie, Action/adventure31st January92
Deadfall2012MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st December90
The Normal Heart2014MAMovie, Drama31st January127
Ghost In The Machine1993MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy30th January91
The Scorpion King2002MMovie, Action/adventure31st January87
Fun With Dick And Jane2005MMovie, Comedy31st January86
Tru Confessions2002GMovie, Kids/family31st January83
Robin Hood1973GMovie, Kids/family31st January79
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .52014MAMovie, Comedy22nd January82
Chef2014MMovie, Comedy7th February110
The Four Feathers2002MAMovie, Drama31st January126
Robocop 21990MAMovie, Action/adventure30th January111
The Monuments Men2014MMovie, Drama19th February113
The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising2007PGMovie, Action/adventure18th February94
Space Warriors2013PGMovie, Kids/family31st January89
A Beginner's Guide To Endings2010MMovie, Comedy31st January88
Love Story1970PGMovie, Romance13th February96
Cold Mountain2003MAMovie, Drama31st January148
Out Of Time2003MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th December101
Terms Of Endearment1983MMovie, Romance31st January126
All In Good Time2012MMovie, Comedy31st January90
Blood and Wine1996MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th January96
My Name Is Modesty2004MAMovie, Action/adventure31st December74
Pooh's Grand Adventure1997GMovie, Kids/family31st January72
Dr. Dolittle 22001PGMovie, Kids/family27th February83
Grudge Match2013MMovie, Comedy3rd February108
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn2012MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st January79
Ali G Indahouse2002MAMovie, Comedy31st January83
Awakenings1990MMovie, Drama30th April115
Dracula II: Ascension2003MAMovie, Horror31st July81
Dracula III: Legacy2005MAMovie, Horror31st July87
Bad Neighbours2014MAMovie, Comedy27th February93
Frank2014MAMovie, Comedy29th February91
Dracula 20002000MAMovie, Horror31st July95
Problem Child1990PGMovie, Kids/family31st January77
Species1995MAMovie, Action/adventure30th December104
Cinderella1950GMovie, Animation31st July72
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True2002GMovie, Animation31st July70
Mr. Peabody & Sherman2014PGMovie, Kids/family9th March88
Hunger2008MAMovie, Drama30th April92
Sabotage2014MAMovie, Action/adventure31st January104
Romeo & Juliet2013MMovie, Romance3rd May113
Afflicted2013MAMovie, Horror29th February82
Out Of The Furnace2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense12th February116
Fading Gigolo2013MMovie, Comedy9th March86
I, Frankenstein2014MMovie, Action/adventure22nd March89
Desperately Seeking Susan1985MMovie, Romance30th December99
25th Hour2002MAMovie, Thriller/suspense29th February129
Somersault2004MAMovie, Drama24th February101
The Thomas Crown Affair1999MMovie, Mystery/crime30th December108
Winnie The Pooh: Springtime With Roo2002GMovie, Kids/family31st January62
Tombstone1993MMovie, Action/adventure31st January124
Definitely, Maybe2008PGMovie, Romance29th February107
Cedar Boys2009MAMovie, Drama31st January101
Deja Vu2006MMovie, Action/adventure31st July121
The Grand Budapest Hotel2014MMovie, Comedy19th February95
Mannequin1987PGMovie, Romance30th December86
Escape From L.A.1996MMovie, Action/adventure29th February96
Get Shorty1995MAMovie, Comedy30th December100
22 Jump Street2014MAMovie, Comedy5th March107
Are We Done Yet?2007PGMovie, Kids/family31st May88
Marco And The Pirates2012PGMovie, Animation28th February72
Be Cool2005MMovie, Comedy30th December114
DuckTales: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp1990GMovie, Animation29th February70
Yours, Mine & Ours2005PGMovie, Kids/family30th December84
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West1991GMovie, Kids/family29th February75
Bandslam2009PGMovie, Kids/family29th February106
River Queen2005MAMovie, Drama31st January109
The Grand Seduction2013MMovie, Comedy29th February108
Wolf Creek 22013MAMovie, Horror20th February99
Assassination Tango2002MMovie, Mystery/crime30th December109
Blown Away1994MMovie, Action/adventure30th December115
Ragtime1981PGMovie, Drama31st January148
Hitman2007MAMovie, Action/adventure9th March90
Cinderella III: A Twist In Time2007GMovie, Animation31st July71
Cactus2008MMovie, Drama31st January85
View From The Top2003PGMovie, Comedy29th February83
Diana2013MMovie, Drama11th August108
The Fifth Estate2013MMovie, Thriller/suspense18th August123
Last Holiday2006PGMovie, Comedy29th February107
CBGB2013MAMovie, Drama19th August98
Draft Day2014MMovie, Drama2nd March110
Deceived1991MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st December103
A Perfect World1993MMovie, Drama29th February132
Uptown Girls2003PGMovie, Kids/family30th December88
Species II1998MAMovie, Action/adventure30th December89
The Last Impresario2013MMovie, Documentaries31st August88
The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps2000MMovie, Comedy29th February102
The Amityville Horror2005MAMovie, Horror30th December85
Shall We Dance?2004MMovie, Romance29th February102
Hackers1995MMovie, Mystery/crime30th December101
Captain Corelli's Mandolin2001MAMovie, Romance29th February123
A Million Ways To Die In The West2014MAMovie, Comedy3rd March111
Gosford Park2001MMovie, Mystery/crime29th February131
Detachment2011MAMovie, Drama31st January93
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins2008MMovie, Comedy29th February109
Biker Boyz2003MMovie, Action/adventure29th February106
Peter Pan1953GMovie, Animation29th February74
Hotel For Dogs2009PGMovie, Kids/family31st January95
Babysitters Beware2009PGMovie, Kids/family29th February68
The Thin Red Line1998MMovie, War/western/history28th February163
300: Rise Of An Empire2014MAMovie, Action/adventure16th March98
Benny & Joon1993PGMovie, Romance30th December94
Johnny Handsome1989MMovie, Mystery/crime29th February89
Legends Of The Fall1994MMovie, Drama31st May127
Beautiful Creatures2000MAMovie, Thriller/suspense29th February84
House Of Games1987MMovie, Mystery/crime30th December97
Aliens vs Predator: Requiem2007MAMovie, Action/adventure24th February90
Jackass: The Movie2002MAMovie, Comedy29th February85
Jackass Number Two2006MAMovie, Comedy29th February89
Return To Neverland2002GMovie, Animation29th February69
Wadjda2012PGMovie, Drama22nd March93
In The Bedroom2001MAMovie, Drama31st January125
Open Grave2013MAMovie, Horror29th February97
Veronica Mars2014MMovie, Drama29th January103
The Other Woman2014MMovie, Comedy23rd March104
Up Close & Personal1996MMovie, Romance29th February119
Inventing The Abbotts1997MMovie, Romance27th February102
Gang Related1997MAMovie, Mystery/crime30th December106
The Third Wheel2002PGMovie, Romance29th February83
Rocky Balboa2006MMovie, Action/adventure30th December97
Rocky1976MMovie, Action/adventure30th December114
Rocky V1990MMovie, Action/adventure30th December99
Rocky III1982PGMovie, Action/adventure30th December95
Rocky IV1985PGMovie, Action/adventure30th December87
The Pink Panther2006PGMovie, Comedy30th December89
Top Secret!1984MMovie, Comedy31st March86
House Party, Tonight's The Night2013MAMovie, Comedy22nd July90
Locke2013MAMovie, Drama31st March81
Son Of God2014MMovie, Drama29th February132
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind1977PGMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy30th June131
Price Check2012MMovie, Comedy31st March88
Stranded In Paradise2014PGMovie, Romance31st October85
For Better Or For Worse2014PGMovie, Drama31st August83
The Boys Are Back2009MMovie, Drama31st July99
The Double2013MMovie, Drama31st January89
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde2003PGMovie, Comedy30th December90
Legally Blonde2001PGMovie, Comedy30th December92
Stigmata1999MAMovie, Horror30th December98
The Lego Movie2014PGMovie, Kids/family1st March96
An Extremely Goofy Movie2000GMovie, Kids/family1st April75
Maleficent2014MMovie, Kids/family7th March93
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels1988PGMovie, Comedy30th December105
Barney's Great Adventure1998GMovie, Kids/family31st March73
Suddenly 302004PGMovie, Romance30th June93
Secretary2002MAMovie, Comedy31st October107
Rocky II1979PGMovie, Action/adventure30th December114
Pulp Fiction1994MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st March148
Return To Me2000MMovie, Romance30th December111
Pompeii2014MMovie, Action/adventure22nd June100
Noah2014MMovie, Action/adventure26th February132
Jackie Brown1997MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st March148
Into The Blue2005MMovie, Mystery/crime30th December105
The Cowboy Way1994MMovie, Action/adventure31st March102
Last Action Hero1993MMovie, Action/adventure30th June125
Young Guns1988MMovie, Action/adventure31st March102
City Slickers1991PGMovie, Comedy30th December109
Juno2007MMovie, Comedy31st March92
The Wild Thornberrys Movie2002GMovie, Kids/family29th February81
Rio 22014GMovie, Kids/family31st March97
Chinese Puzzle2013MMovie, Drama14th February112
Three Men And A Little Lady1990PGMovie, Comedy31st March99
Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy2014GMovie, Kids/family11th October74
Some Velvet Morning2013MAMovie, Drama31st March80
The Adventurer: Curse Of The Midas Box2013MMovie, Action/adventure17th March95
Brick Mansions2014MMovie, Action/adventure22nd March86
Sex Tape2014MAMovie, Comedy27th March90
The Incredibles2004PGMovie, Kids/family9th April110
Divergent2014MMovie, Action/adventure11th April134
27 Dresses2007PGMovie, Romance7th April106
The Evil Dead1981MAMovie, Horror30th June81
The Talented Mr Ripley1999MMovie, Thriller/suspense3rd April133
3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain1998PGMovie, Kids/family30th June90
The Human Stain2003MAMovie, Drama29th February101
The Dolphin: Story Of A Dreamer2009PGMovie, Kids/family31st March84
Up In The Air2009MMovie, Romance31st March104
Betsy's Wedding1990MMovie, Romance31st March90
Revolver2005MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st March101
Three Men And A Baby1987PGMovie, Comedy31st March98
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up1995PGMovie, Kids/family30th June84
3 Ninjas Kick Back1994PGMovie, Kids/family30th June89
Barnyard2006PGMovie, Kids/family31st January86
Europa Report2013MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy29th February86
Miracle2004PGMovie, Kids/family9th April130
Deliver Us From Evil2014MAMovie, Horror30th March113
Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle2004MAMovie, Comedy15th June83
Just Visiting2001PGMovie, Comedy30th June84
Stargate1994PGMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy30th December116
Furry Vengeance2010PGMovie, Kids/family31st March87
Charlie Wilson's War2007MMovie, Comedy29th February97
Cujo1983MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st March89
Duets2000MMovie, Comedy31st March107
She's Having A Baby1988MMovie, Romance31st March101
Life Of Crime2013MAMovie, Comedy31st March95
X-Men: Days Of Future Past2014MMovie, Action/adventure31st March126
Postman Pat: The Movie2014GMovie, Kids/family17th April83
Still Life2013MMovie, Comedy14th April88
Christine1983MAMovie, Horror30th June105
Odd Thomas2013MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st March92
Memoirs Of A Geisha2005MMovie, Drama29th March139
Pooh's Heffalump Movie2005GMovie, Kids/family1st April65
The Babadook2014MMovie, Horror31st March89
Enemy2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st January87
The Birdcage1996MMovie, Comedy30th December114
Hidalgo2004MMovie, Action/adventure31st March130
Shine1996MMovie, Drama30th September101
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty2013PGMovie, Drama22nd October109
Four Rooms1995MAMovie, Comedy30th November93
Big Fat Liar2002GMovie, Kids/family31st March84
The Shadow1994PGMovie, Action/adventure31st March102
Finding Neverland2004PGMovie, Kids/family31st March97
Ella Enchanted2004PGMovie, Kids/family31st March92
Psycho1998MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st March99
De-Lovely2004PGMovie, Romance30th December120
Healing2014MMovie, Drama31st March114
The Fault In Our Stars2014MMovie, Romance14th April120
The Two Faces Of January2014MMovie, Thriller/suspense23rd April92
Soapdish1991MMovie, Comedy31st March92
The English Patient1996MMovie, Drama31st January154
Space Station 762014MAMovie, Comedy13th April91
Rushmore1998MMovie, Comedy31st March89
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights2004PGMovie, Romance31st March82
Dirty Dancing1987MMovie, Romance31st March96
The Witches Of Eastwick1987MMovie, Comedy31st March113
Out To Sea1997PGMovie, Comedy30th March102
Camp Rock2008GMovie, Kids/family14th April90
Sexy Beast2000MAMovie, Mystery/crime30th March85
Blades Of Glory2007MMovie, Comedy30th April89
A Monstrous Holiday2013GMovie, Kids/family1st April46
How To Train Your Dragon 22014PGMovie, Kids/family28th April97
Kaena: The Prophecy2003PGMovie, Kids/family30th April87
Problem Child 21991PGMovie, Kids/family30th April86
Mickey's Adventures In Wonderland2009GMovie, Animation30th April47
Ever After: A Cinderella Story1998PGMovie, Kids/family30th April116
The Hangover Part II2011MAMovie, Comedy30th April97
Bottle Rocket1996MMovie, Comedy31st July87
The Road To El Dorado2000GMovie, Kids/family31st March85
The Simpsons Movie2006PGMovie, Kids/family30th April83
Zoom2006PGMovie, Kids/family31st July84
Teen Wolf1985PGMovie, Kids/family30th December88
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron2002PGMovie, Kids/family30th April80
Bad Words2013MMovie, Comedy24th March85
Finders Keepers2014MAMovie, Horror21st April84
Edge Of Tomorrow2014MMovie, Action/adventure30th April108
Little Voice1998MMovie, Comedy31st March93
Behaving Badly2013MAMovie, Comedy31st March92
They Came Together2014MAMovie, Comedy31st March80
What We Do In The Shadows2014MMovie, Comedy30th April82
Very Good Girls2013MMovie, Drama31st March86
The Juror1996MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st July113
The Shining1980MAMovie, Horror30th April137
Transcendence2014MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th April114
The Rover2014MAMovie, Drama21st April98
Hateship Loveship2013MMovie, Drama30th April97
Guardians Of The Galaxy2014MMovie, Action/adventure2nd May115
The Darjeeling Limited2007MMovie, Comedy29th April87
Captain Phillips2013MMovie, Action/adventure6th July128
Whiteboyz1999MAMovie, Comedy30th April84
The Love Bug1968GMovie, Kids/family31st March103
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes2014MMovie, Action/adventure4th May125
Under The Skin2013MAMovie, Drama30th April103
Much Ado About Nothing1993PGMovie, Romance30th December106
Smilla's Sense Of Snow1997MMovie, Thriller/suspense29th April116
When Harry Met Sally...1989MMovie, Romance30th December91
A Cinderella Story2004PGMovie, Kids/family31st March91
Planes: Fire & Rescue2014GMovie, Animation7th May79
The Lunchbox2013PGMovie, Romance31st March100
Not Without My Daughter1991PGMovie, Thriller/suspense30th December111
The Joneses2009MMovie, Comedy1st September92
Windtalkers2002MAMovie, Action/adventure30th December128
Forgetting Sarah Marshall2008MAMovie, Comedy30th April106
Untraceable2008MAMovie, Thriller/suspense2nd May97
Walk Of Shame2014MMovie, Comedy9th May90
Wedding Daze2006MMovie, Romance30th December88
Exorcist: The Beginning2004MAMovie, Horror31st July108
Kill Bill Vol. 22004MAMovie, Action/adventure31st March131
The Longest Week2014MMovie, Romance6th May82
Pulp: Life, Death & Supermarkets2014MMovie, Documentaries9th November86
Herbie Rides Again1974GMovie, Kids/family31st March84
Valkyrie2008MMovie, Drama31st December115
Rob Roy1995MMovie, Action/adventure30th December133
Winter's Tale2014MMovie, Drama31st December113
Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo1977GMovie, Kids/family31st March100
Encino Man1992PGMovie, Comedy30th April84
Herbie Goes Bananas1980GMovie, Kids/family31st March89
Shallow Hal2001MMovie, Comedy30th April109
Firestorm1998MMovie, Action/adventure30th April85
101 Dalmatians1996GMovie, Kids/family14th May98
Pleasantville1998MMovie, Action/adventure30th April119
It's Kind of a Funny Story2010MMovie, Romance30th April97
Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie2014MMovie, Comedy19th May90
I Think I Love My Wife2007MMovie, Romance30th April89
We Own The Night2007MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th April112
Event Horizon1997MAMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy30th April92
Punch-Drunk Love2002MMovie, Romance31st July91
The Skeleton Twins2014MMovie, Drama22nd May89
102 Dalmatians2000GMovie, Kids/family14th May96
Belle2013PGMovie, Drama9th August99
Coyote Ugly2000PGMovie, Comedy30th April96
Tim Winton's The Turning2013MAMovie, Drama31st March172
Fargo1996MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th December94
Brassed Off1996MMovie, Comedy30th April96
Fury2014MAMovie, Action/adventure22nd May129
Confetti2006MMovie, Romance30th April95
Thirteen Days2000MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st July139
Lovelace2012MAMovie, Drama30th July89
Kill Bill Vol. 12003MAMovie, Action/adventure31st March106
Transformers: Age Of Extinction2014MMovie, Action/adventure25th May158
U-5712000MMovie, Action/adventure31st March111
The Recruit2003MMovie, Action/adventure30th April110
Double Impact1991MAMovie, Action/adventure30th December105
I Love You Phillip Morris2009MAMovie, Comedy31st July93
Timeline2003MMovie, Action/adventure30th April110
Maximum Risk1996MMovie, Action/adventure31st July96
Waist Deep2006MAMovie, Thriller/suspense30th April92
Curse Of The Golden Flower2006MMovie, Action/adventure31st March109
All This Mayhem2014MAMovie, Documentaries24th May100
I.Q.1994GMovie, Romance30th April91
The Invisible Woman2014MMovie, Drama2nd May106
For the Boys1991MMovie, Comedy29th April139
Angela's Ashes1999MMovie, Drama30th April140
Sudden Death1995MAMovie, Action/adventure31st May105
The Score2001MMovie, Action/adventure31st July118
Words And Pictures2013MMovie, Romance31st March111
Enemy2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st January87
Now You See Me2013MMovie, Mystery/crime10th August110
The Great Beauty2013MAMovie, Comedy3rd December135
Over The Hedge2006GMovie, Kids/family21st May79
Gold Diggers: Secret of Bear Mountain1995PGMovie, Kids/family31st May89
Hook1991PGMovie, Kids/family31st July136
Baby Geniuses1999GMovie, Kids/family31st August90
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London2004PGMovie, Kids/family30th December96
Balls Of Fury2007PGMovie, Comedy31st August86
Police Academy1984MMovie, Comedy31st May92
The In-Laws2003MMovie, Comedy31st July93
Green Lantern2011MMovie, Action/adventure31st May109
Sucker Punch2011MMovie, Action/adventure31st May105
Million Dollar Arm2014PGMovie, Kids/family9th May119
These Final Hours2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense9th June83
Agent Cody Banks2003PGMovie, Kids/family30th December98
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas2003PGMovie, Kids/family30th April81
The Game Plan2007GMovie, Kids/family6th June105
My Favorite Season1993MAMovie, Drama30th April122
The Town That Dreaded Sundown2014MAMovie, Horror30th April82
Danny Deckchair2003PGMovie, Comedy31st May87
Like Water For Chocolate1992MMovie, Drama30th April101
Calvary2014MAMovie, Drama4th May96
Snow Dogs2002GMovie, Kids/family31st May95
Due Date2010MAMovie, Comedy31st May91
The Goonies1985PGMovie, Kids/family31st May109
Rapid Fire1992MMovie, Action/adventure31st May91
Hollywood Homicide2003MMovie, Comedy31st August111
100-Yr-Old Man Who Climbed Out A Window2014MMovie, Action/adventure7th June109
Jersey Boys2014MMovie, Drama11th May128
End Of Days1999MAMovie, Action/adventure31st August116
Life1999MAMovie, Comedy31st May104
The Hours2002MMovie, Drama31st May110
A Gun In Each HandMMovie, Drama4th July91
Zombeavers2014MAMovie, Horror9th June74
Pet Sematary1989MMovie, Horror31st May98
A Guy Thing2003MMovie, Romance30th December97
And So It Goes2014MMovie, Comedy11th June89
The Age Of Innocence1993GMovie, Romance31st August132
Going The Distance2010MAMovie, Romance31st May98
Moms' Night Out2014PGMovie, Kids/family30th March95
Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt2009GMovie, Kids/family31st March47
March Of The Penguins2005GMovie, Documentaries17th May77
The House Of Magic2014GMovie, Kids/family18th June81
Hall Pass2011MAMovie, Comedy31st May101
The Young And Prodigious T.S. Spivet2013MMovie, Action/adventure30th April100
Mission To Mars2000MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st October108
Holy Rollers2011MMovie, Documentaries4th July87
Ghost Town2008MMovie, Comedy31st May98
Welcome To The NorthMMovie, Drama4th July105
Nobel's Last WillMMovie, Drama27th July89
Spymate2006PGMovie, Kids/family31st May80
Beethoven's Treasure Tail2014GMovie, Kids/family3rd June93
Vegas Vacation1997PGMovie, Comedy31st May90
Lady And The Tramp Ii: Scamp's Adventure2001GMovie, Animation31st May66
The Adventures Of Huck Finn1993PGMovie, Kids/family31st May103
Mighty Joe Young1998PGMovie, Kids/family31st May109
Tom And Huck1995PGMovie, Kids/family31st May88
101 Dalmatians Ii: Patch's London Advent2003GMovie, Animation31st May70
The 13th Warrior1999MAMovie, Action/adventure31st May98
Fool's Gold2008MMovie, Comedy31st May107
R.I.P.D.2013MMovie, Action/adventure8th July92
The Hungover Games2014MAMovie, Comedy20th July81
Spiders2013MAMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy6th August85
Thanks For Sharing2012MAMovie, Comedy4th August107
Gambit2012PGMovie, Comedy16th July85
Red Tails2012MMovie, Action/adventure31st August119
A.C.O.D.2013MMovie, Comedy25th August84
The East2013MMovie, Thriller/suspense2nd July111
Fright Night 22013MAMovie, Horror18th September95
Last Passenger2013MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th September92
Warm Bodies2013MMovie, Romance15th July93
Insidious: Chapter 22013MMovie, Horror13th July101
Mystery Road2013MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October114
Sunshine On Leith2014PGMovie, Comedy14th June96
The Thing Called Love1993MMovie, Romance31st May110
Godzilla2014MMovie, Action/adventure31st May118
The Inbetweeners 22014MAMovie, Comedy2nd June92
Snowpiercer2013MAMovie, Action/adventure25th May121
A Most Wanted Man2014MMovie, Thriller/suspense9th June116
The Expendables 32014MMovie, Action/adventure10th June126
Hercules2014MMovie, Action/adventure16th June94
The Great Beauty2013MAMovie, Comedy3rd December135
Step Up All In2014PGMovie, Drama10th June107
Grace Of Monaco2014PGMovie, Drama8th June98
Ronin1998MMovie, Action/adventure31st July116
YouthMMovie, Drama9th July103
The Core2003MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st May129
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991MMovie, Action/adventure14th June131
15 Minutes2001MAMovie, Action/adventure31st August115
Planet 512009PGMovie, Kids/family31st May86
Romy And Michele's High School Reunion1997MMovie, Comedy31st May88
The Broken Circle Breakdown2012MAMovie, Drama16th May107
Stealing Harvard2002MMovie, Comedy31st August82
The Shawshank Redemption1994MAMovie, Drama31st May136
Meet The Deedles1998PGMovie, Kids/family31st May90
French Kiss1995MMovie, Comedy30th December106
Proof2005MMovie, Mystery/crime31st May96
Gigli2003MMovie, Romance31st August116
Welcome To The Punch2013MAMovie, Action/adventure30th September95
Standing Up2013PGMovie, Kids/family30th April89
Sugar Daddies2015MMovie, Thriller/suspense30th April84
Galore2014MAMovie, Drama7th June99
The Expatriate2012MMovie, Action/adventure30th September100
The LiabilityMAMovie, Drama4th July82
The Prince2013MAMovie, Action/adventure31st May86
Harry BrownMAMovie, Drama5th July102
This Is EnglandMAMovie, Drama1st July98
HonourMAMovie, Drama2nd July100
I Am Legend2007MMovie, Sci-fi/fantasy31st August96
Red Riding Hood2011MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st May95
The Lost Boys1987MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st May93
He Died With A Felafel In His Hand2001MAMovie, Comedy31st August102
The Jane Austen Book Club2007MMovie, Romance31st August101
Begin Again2013MMovie, Drama9th June99
CherryMAMovie, Drama17th July98
The Town2010MAMovie, Mystery/crime31st May119
The Collector2009MAMovie, Horror31st August86
Cold Creek Manor2003MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st May114
Adaptation2002MAMovie, Comedy31st August110
The EscortMAMovie, Drama14th July102
Palo AltoMAMovie, Drama18th July96
LuvMMovie, Drama20th July90
Suspect Zero2004MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st August95
14082007MMovie, Horror31st August100
Nature Calls2012MMovie, Comedy31st May76
Topsy-Turvy1999MMovie, Comedy31st May153
Lady And The Tramp1955GMovie, Animation28th May72
Dark Skies2013MMovie, Horror31st May93
Contagion2011MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st May102
Lions For Lambs2007MMovie, Drama30th December87
Heist2001MMovie, Action/adventure31st August104
Sex And The City2008MAMovie, Comedy27th September139
The Rite2011MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st May109
Unknown2011MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st May108
The Wings Of The Dove1997MMovie, Romance31st May97
The Family2013MAMovie, Comedy13th August107
Backyard Ashes2013MMovie, Comedy30th September89
Metallica Through The Never2013MMovie, Mystery/crime28th September89
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa2013MMovie, Comedy13th August86
Someone Marry Barry2013MAMovie, Comedy22nd October83
Baggage Claim2013MMovie, Comedy1st October92
Philomena2013MMovie, Drama29th December94
Cobra1986MAMovie, Action/adventure30th June83
Knights Of Badassdom2013MAMovie, Comedy12th November85
Convict2014MAMovie, Drama31st October98
The Best Man Holiday2013MMovie, Comedy12th September118
The Counselor2013MAMovie, Thriller/suspense11th September112
Sinister2012MAMovie, Horror13th October105
Closed Circuit2013MMovie, Thriller/suspense31st October92
Passion2012MAMovie, Thriller/suspense31st August97
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones2014MAMovie, Horror10th December97
Atonement2007MAMovie, Drama28th December117
The Spectacular Now2013MMovie, Romance6th October91
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind2002MAMovie, Comedy30th November108
Are We Officially Dating?2014MAMovie, Comedy12th November90
A Month By the Lake1995PGMovie, Romance30th November87

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