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Finder app updates

What's new in the Finder app?

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24 January 2022

Fee Free Trading

We're kicking off the new year with one of our most-requested features for crypto trading - yep we're taking our trading fees down to zero. That's right, fee-free crypto trading is here!

Update the app to start trading crypto fee-free. 😎

In this release, we're also gearing up for another feature drop. Hint: you might want to think about some friends and family who would also love using the Finder app. 😉


21 December 2021

🌙 Dark Mode 🌙

One of our hottest feature requests is finally here. Dark Mode.

No matter what time of day you're checking your credit score or placing a crypto trade, we've got you covered.

Simply toggle it on/off via the Settings tab.

Silly season is almost upon us but we'd never give any bugs a break. You can expect the Finder app to be smoother, slicker and just a lot more bug-free. 🙌


16 November 2021

This release is about getting ready to let our top waitlist members into Finder Earn. We're so excited about this milestone.

If you want to get early access to earn 4.01% on your capital, join the waitlist and start tapping to get to the top.

We also created a way for you to hide all your balances in the app so you can easily share the app with your friends and family in person.


28 October 2021

The spring cleaning also continues and this time we gave a lot of our bugs and rough edges the Marie Kondo treatment. Does this bug spark joy? Absolutely not. Out it goes!

Almost 10,000 Aussies (and counting!) have joined our tappy waitlist for Earn now. We're getting closer and closer to launch, we can almost smell it!

If you haven't already, join the waitlist and tap your way to the top to start earning 4% on your capital.


14 October 2021

It’s time for some spring cleaning. Open the app and you’ll notice a shiny new font and a revamped look and feel.

We’re also saying hello to the new Wallet tab as we get ready for a big product launch coming soon.

Intrigued? Join the waitlist in-app to stay in the loop.


20 September 2021

Now you can add more information to your profile to secure your Finder account.

Keeping your info up to date ensures that we can reach you and let you know if we notice anything unusual.

Completing your profile is easy. Go to the settings tab in the app and follow the steps at the top of the screen.


30 August 2021

In this release, we're revving up the engines to get ready for a couple of big feature releases!

Did someone say, earn 4% p.a.? Make sure you join our waitlist and tap your way to the top to be one of the first to get access to our exciting new feature.


6 August 2021

This release, we'd like to award the Olympic gold medal in bug squashing to our engineering team. They've polished up existing features and squashed some big pesky bugs.

There's also a surprise sneak peek for an upcoming new feature. Open the app and look near the Finder logo to find out more.


3 August 2021

💸 Grow your crypto wealth on autopilot 💸

Timing the market to buy crypto is hard; we get it. On top of that, crypto markets tend to be more volatile than traditional assets. No one really knows when it's the right time to buy. 🤷

Now you can use recurring buys to dollar cost average your way into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Get started with as little as $25! Simply head to the Crypto tab in-app to set up your daily, weekly or monthly recurring buys. That's it! 🥳


6 July 2021

We're keeping it short and sweet for this release. Most of the work in this release has happened behind the scenes. We've polished up our existing features and squashed some more pesky bugs. 🐝


21 June 2021

💵 New Bills 💵

We've made some major changes to our Bills feature to help you:

  • Track bills across all of your accounts
  • Get a monthly snapshot of your bills in a calendar view
  • Stay on top of upcoming bills with notifications, so you never miss a thing!

You'll find a new section on the dashboard just for your bills. Get started by connecting your accounts, confirming your bills by swiping left or right, and that's it! So, sit back, relax and let the Finder app look after your bills. 😎


3 June 2021

We're back with another fresh release, hot out of the Finder HQ oven. 🥞

We've squashed a couple of bugs and smoothed out some rough edges. ✨

The next time you hear from us, we'll be announcing a long-awaited feature upgrade. Stay tuned! 👀


28 May 2021

Welcome to the world of Ethereum.

It all started with Bitcoin, but we heard that you wanted Ethereum too, so here it is.

You can now trade both Bitcoin and Ethereum in the app. Just add cash and swipe up to buy.

Net wealth, integrated.

All your Bitcoin, Ethereum and cash account balances on Finder are now automatically integrated with the main app dashboard, including the graphs. All your accounts, now including your crypto on Finder, all in one place.


19 May 2021

Today is the big day! It's the start of a new chapter for the Finder app. 🥳

We've torn down the waitlist and now, Bitcoin trading is available to all of our Finder members!

Buying Bitcoin in the Finder app is easy - it'll only take you a few minutes to get started. Simply, set up your account, deposit some funds (did we mention your money arrives instantly? 😉) and buy some Bitcoin. That's it!

If you're done with sitting on the sidelines, this is your chance to jump onboard this rocketship. Happy trading! 🚀


26 April 2021

We've officially started rolling out Bitcoin trading in the Finder app! The members at the top of the tappy waitlist are being given first access to the feature.

Trading Bitcoin on the Finder app is simple - no more complex fee structures and waiting for deposits to arrive. All you need to do is make an instant deposit into your Finder wallet, choose how much you want to buy, swipe up to confirm, and that's it!

Want in? Join the waitlist and tap or refer your friends to get access earlier.


16 April 2021

It's been a while since our last update but it's been absolutely buzzing here in Finder HQ. We're gearing up for two huge feature drops over this month! 🚀

The first is a complete refresh of one of the existing features in the app. The second is related to a particularly tappy waitlist that over 12,000 of you have signed up for. 😉

This update includes a whole lot of bug squashes and foundational work to get ready for the new features. Keep your eyes and ears open for when we go live! 👀


19 February 2021

It's been a real lovey-dovey weekend and yep, we're still in the mood to share the love with our members!💕

If you're one of the 7,000+ members who have been tapping away on the BTC waitlist, you've probably felt that painful 1,000 tap limit.

Now, there's a new way to climb up the waitlist through referrals! 🤗

Let your friends, family and fellow crypto fans know how much you appreciate them by sending them a referral in the Finder app. You'll both get 10,000 extra taps - win win! 💪


11 February 2021

Valentine's Day is coming up and we decided to show our love to some of the pesky bugs in the app by, well, getting rid of them. 💖

Our iOS widget hasn't been up to scratch recently so the team has given it some extra TLC to get it up and running again! 🤗

In other exciting news, make sure you check out the most recent features in the Finder app too!

  • 💸 Add your manual assets and liabilities to calculate your Net Wealth
  • 🏡 Check out how much you can save if you refinance your home loan with our improved savings insight!


22 January 2021

We're kicking off the year with one of the hottest and most highly-requested features in the Finder app. Hold on to your seat because it's going to be a good one! 🤩

Introducing Net Wealth!

You can now get a true picture of your overall wealth by manually adding your assets and liabilities (on top of all your other connected accounts, of course).

Can you include how much your car is worth? Absolutely! Got an impressive collection of Pokemon cards? Add it in! Update the app, add all your accounts and you'll get a shiny new graph that shows your net wealth over time. And the best bit? It's coming to iOS widgets in the next update. 😉

Home loan refinancers, we've got one for you too! Our in-app insights just went through a major makeover. We've given it a brand new coat of paint and made some tweaks here and there to give you more personalised results. Tap on your loan under "Your Accounts" and see if you can get a better deal! 🏡

We've added a few other touches of polish and finesse. You know, new year, new me!


7 January 2021

Happy new year!

Silly season is finishing up so it's time to buckle down again and make your money work harder for you. The crew at Finder have polished things up and made some enhancements to our notifications - we wouldn't want you to miss a thing!

P.S. We have two new features in the works and the waitlists are filling up fast! Have you secured your spot yet?


30 November 2020

We're getting ready to kick-off 2021 with the launch of two shiny new features. But, we'll only be releasing these to an exclusive group of Finder members to start. To get in on the goss, update the app and join the waitlists!


27 November 2020

We love releasing new features, but more importantly, we love helping Finder members with making better decisions every day. Some of our new features require an update so from now on we'll give you a little nudge when you need to update the app. We'd hate for you to miss out on all of the new things we release!


17 November 2020

A few weeks ago, we introduced our shiny new feature: chance of approval for credit cards! 💳

We continued on the chance of approval train for this particular release and added a few finishing touches.

There are way too many types of credit cards and it's pretty hard to pick one. Yeah, we get it. But that won't be a problem anymore because we can now ask you a few questions and help you choose the right type of card 😎.

Of course, we also fixed a bunch of bugs that were crawling around here and there. Let's take a moment of silence to remember the bugs that are no longer with us 🙏.


19 October 2020

Introducing Finder's chance of approval for credit cards! 💳

At Finder, we're committed to our mission of helping the world make better decisions. Part of this mission is about helping you make decisions with more confidence and less uncertainty.

A few months ago, we took the uncertainty out of the application process for personal loans and launched the ability for you to check your likelihood of approval before applying.

Now we're bringing this feature to credit cards.

You can now check how likely you are to get approved for a credit card before you apply (and without affecting your credit score). The best bit is that Finder is the first and only place in Australia where you can get this right now.

Neat right? See how it works in detail here.

Getting started is easy – just get your credit score, then compare credit cards in the Finder app and voila – that's it! We'll do the rest and show you a list of credit cards you can apply for and an indication of your likelihood of getting approved.


6 October 2020

This release is all about starting fresh. 🌻 Our newest Finder members will get a glimpse of our slick new onboarding look. We also tidied up a few rough edges in our Savings Insights and squashed a few more bugs across the app.


28 September 2020

iOS 14 is here, and we're celebrating with our very own Finder app widgets for iPhone! 🎉 Add the new Finder graphs widget to your home screen to see your cash balance or your investments at a glance. (We're also working on Android widgets.)

We've launched our very first Siri integration. 💬 Just say "Hey Siri, what are my Finder account balances?", and we'll show you a quick view of all your accounts. This is just the beginning so watch this space! 😎

Make sure you're on iOS 14 and v3.4.0 of the Finder app to start using these new iPhone widgets and chatting to Siri. Check out our full guide to updating to iOS 14 and then head to the App Store to update your app.

You might have noticed that we recently moved our search bar to the top of the dashboard to make it faster for you to compare virtually anything you want. We've also added even more product categories (we have over 100 now!) for you to compare from inside the Finder app.

Plus, we've made searching for banks when connecting a new account smarter so that you don't need to type the bank's exact name to find it and connect to it. 🤓


9 September 2020

This release is just a pit stop along the journey. We've been busy squashing bugs and polishing things up so we're ready to go for the next big feature!


9 September 2020

Our newest Savings Insight is all about saving you money on your electricity bill. ⚡

If you pay for your electricity bill from one of the connected accounts in the Finder app, you will see an Electricity Insight in the Savings tab. All you need to do is find a copy of your most recent electricity bill and answer a few questions about it. That's it! We'll do all the hard work and search through our product database to see if you can get a better deal. 🔍


7 September 2020

It's launch season. 🚀

Want to know where your money is going? Say hello to spend analytics. 📊

  • Find out which categories and brands you spend the most on across your connected accounts
  • Get monthly reports to keep you on track

This is just the beginning, there's so much more to come. 🤩


31 August 2020

Introducing the Finder app beta program – welcome to all our most adventurous members who want to experience new features as we build and give us feedback to make it better for everyone. We're so excited to have you aboard! 🚀

This version does have a special treat, but you have to be part of the beta to get it. Click here to find out if you're eligible to join.


24 August 2020

We're keeping it short again for this release - just a few bug squashes and some fixes here and there. 🛠

We'll be dropping some big features in the coming weeks though, so keep an eye out for those! 👀


3 August 2020

To our members, you asked and we listened.

This release has a special new feature for one of our most requested bank integrations.

You can now connect your Up bank account to Finder. 🥳

Click here to learn how!


30 July 2020

We're keeping it short and sweet for this release.

Most of the work in this release has happened behind the scenes. We've polished up our existing features and squashed some more pesky bugs. 🐝


22 July 2020

This release is all about revamping the Dashboard and a shiny new savings insight! 😎

Now that you can connect your super and investments to the Finder app, we've built the investments graph to only display information from these connected accounts. Choose between the cash position and the investments graphs so you can keep an eye on all your finances. 👀 📈

We've also moved the search bar to the very top, so you can find the best deals even faster. Just another way to search and compare the thousands of products in Finder's database to find exactly what you need. 👌

We also have a brand new savings insight for mobile plans.📱 If you are currently on a SIM-only mobile plan, this one's for you. We'll search through our product database to see if we can find you a similar plan, only cheaper! ✨ Make sure you have a mobile plan bill under the Products and Bills tab. If it isn't there, you can manually add your bill by selecting the correct transaction from your account. 👌 All you need to do next is answer a few simple questions about your plan and we'll do the rest.


26 June 2020

In this release, we've done a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

Our engineers have squashed some pesky bugs to make the app run a little smoother for you, especially in the Savings tab 🤑.


10 June 2020

This release is dedicated to all the ways you can save on the Finder app. 💸

Our latest savings insight is for your broadband plan. 💻 Just like the other insights, head over to the Savings tab 🐷 and answer a few quick questions to see if you can find a better deal on your broadband plan. Same Internet plan, only cheaper? We rate it and we reckon you will too!

Finder app - broadband savings insight

Our credit card savings have also gone through a revamp, with a completely new look and feel. ✨ Last time we released a nifty feature to choose which credit card you own. Now, we've taken that a step further – choose your card from our list, compare your options and see how much you save, all within the Finder app.

Finder app - native BT comparison


22 May 2020

We're cooking up another major improvement to the comparison experience in the app and we've decided to release a little teaser 🎉.

When you connect your credit card to the Finder app, you can now choose which credit card you own from a list powered by our extensive database. This is just the beginning - keep your eyes peeled for more to come 👀.

Finder app - credit card selection

This release is also about polish. The past couple of releases were dedicated to two big features - connecting super and investment accounts, and finding your chance of approval for a personal loan. Our engineers have been squashing bugs 🐞 and smoothing out rough edges for our new features to shine a bit brighter ✨.


8 May 2020

Picture not describedIntroducing Finder's chance of approval 🥳!

Our latest feature is designed to take the stress and uncertainty out of applying for personal loans.

Head on over to your credit report in the Finder app and start comparing personal loans to take this new feature for a spin. All you need to do is answer a few short questions about yourself and the type of personal loan that you want and ta-da 🎉 ! We'll show you a list of providers to choose from and an indication of your likelihood of getting approved.

This is the first of its kind on an app in Australia, and we're pretty proud about that!

Find out how we calculate your chance of approval here.

It's a new feature so we're keen to know what you think about it! Let us know what you think about this game-changing feature by giving us a rating ⭐️ or by leaving us some feedback via the app.


1 May 2020

To all of our Finder members, we heard you. Super and Investments are here! 🥳

Connecting superannuation and investment accounts has been one of our most popular feature requests since we first launched.

You can now connect these accounts the same way you connected your normal bank accounts and see them in the dashboard. Tap into your super and investment accounts and you'll also access the latest superannuation and investment content straight from our Finder experts to you.

We're excited to hear what you think about this new feature - we absolutely rate it here in the Finder app team! Let us know by giving us a rating ⭐️ or leaving us some feedback via the app.

Update the Finder app today and get on top of all your finances 😎.

Finder app - super & investments


20 April 2020

We're keeping it short and sweet again for this release 🍫 - just a few bug squashes and small fixes.


16 April 2020

This is our latest major release and we've got some exciting news for you 🥳.

The Finder app now has a special tab entirely dedicated to finding new ways for you to save. The little piggy in the bottom navigation bar takes you to the savings tab, where you'll see potential savings based on your current bills and products. Just sit back and enjoy all the savings you can put back into your pocket 😎.

For now, we have four key insights for our members:

  • You could save on your mortgage by switching to a lower interest rate home loan.
  • You could earn more interest on your savings account.
  • You could save on credit card interest with a balance transfer.
  • You could find cheaper health insurance that still matches your needs.

This is just the beginning, there are definitely more savings to come!

Some of these savings insights may show up as locked. 🔒 That happens because we need a little extra information from you. Unlock these insights by answering a few simple questions in our quiz and voila! More ways to save! 🎉

Keen to get your hands on some savings? Download the Finder app here.


3 April 2020

We love hearing from you! ✨

In this release, we've made it easier for you to let us know what you think about the Finder app. Every now and again, we'll give you a little nudge for feedback. Let us know if you rate it, let us know if you don't - we're all ears!


23 March 2020

We're keeping it short and sweet for this release 🍰

We've squashed another bug and now all of the links open correctly when authorising connections.


18 March 2020

We're dedicated to ensuring the Finder app is secure and we've made it easier for you to find information about our security measures.

Piqued your interest? Check it out here: www.finder.com.au/finder-app-security.

We also completed the following projects:

  • Implemented system upgrades
  • Squashed bugs around the swipeable content cards
  • Made improvements to the Find a New Product feature


16 March 2020

This release is all about polish

You can expect smoother edges, slicker swiping and scrolling. That’s a lot of s’s!

  • Not only are the in-app cards (those messages on your Dashboard under your Cash Position graph) smoother and slicker, but they are now easier to read too! We've made some adjustments so that these cards are legible across all devices.
  • We also polished up the Cash Position graph and Credit Score.


7 March 2020

This one goes out to all of our amazing members who have been giving us feedback for the app.

Now you don't need to connect your bank account to start using the app. Check out the app's features, unlock your free credit score and comprehensive report, read our tips and guides and you can find new products before your accounts are hooked up.

Go on, take it for a spin before you connect your banks


3 March 2020

We're getting ready for public launch with some key improvements 🎉

  • We made some core infrastructure upgrades so we're ready when we open up the doors to our beloved waitlist members.

  • No more bad pin codes! Your security is one of our highest priorities so we're saying "no" to bad pin codes and making it harder for unwanted access to your account.

  • Our data scientists worked some magic on our automatic bill detection! With the improved logic, the app can do a much better job at identifying your bills from your transactions. And then finding where you can save 🙂.

  • Our credit score bands needed some tweaking, and that's exactly what we did.


28 February 2020

Finder App - Find a new product

Looking for something new? We've got you sorted.

You can now start comparing right from the app without ever going to Google.

The new "Find a new product" feature allows you to search and compare across Finder's extensive database of thousands of products.

We've also revamped our swipeable content cards (check them out under the cash position graph).

We've built them from scratch to make the experience smoother. Get swiping and read up on all of your personalised content.


14 February 2020

Happy Valentine's Day! In the spirit of spreading the love, we've been aggressively squashing bugs and fixing crashes, just for you. ❤️ Consider it our way of showing our love.

Found a sneaky bug we haven't fixed yet? Let us know in the feedback section of the app so we can squash these ASAP!


10 February 2020

Hello world, the Finder app is here! 🔍

We have started to give our earliest waitlist members with exclusive codes so they can download the Finder app. It's not open to Australia just yet – the official launch is on March 16, 2020.

Here's what you can do in the app:

  • View all of your accounts in one place
  • Get a free credit score and comprehensive report
  • The Finder app constantly looks for money-saving opportunities just for you. We'll let you know when we find one!

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