The fastest broadband providers for Steam in Australia

Forget waiting hours upon hours for your Steam downloads to finish. With these Internet providers, you'll be up and gaming in no time.

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There's little doubt that digital distribution is the way of the future for video games. While physical media will always have its place in the homes of collectors and those without reliable access to the Internet, the ability to buy, download and play games without setting foot outside is a convenience there's simply no going back from. Add to that cheaper game prices driven by lower distribution costs, and it's no surprise that digital marketplaces like PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Steam are thriving.

For Aussies, though, joining the all-digital future hasn't exactly been easy. Internet speeds Down Under have long lagged behind the rest of the world, leading to situations where it's quicker to drive down to your local EB Games and buy a physical copy of a game rather than sit and wait for it to download.

Thankfully, the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has improved the state of the Australian broadband market considerably, delivering speeds that make going all-in on digital distribution viable. Even better, leading digital PC games marketplace Steam provides statistics on the average download speeds of users from all the major Australian Internet providers. These statistics highlight which Aussie ISPs offer the fastest connections and consequently the shortest download times on the hugely-popular service, minimising the downtime between buying a game and actually getting to play it.

Using this data, we've selected the top NBN and ADSL broadband plans for downloading games on Steam. We've included plans at all speed tiers of the NBN, too, so there are options available no matter what budget you're working with. If your patience for slow downloads has reached breaking point, consider making the switch to one of these providers and finally ditching that DVD drive you've been hanging onto for the last decade.

Top 2 Basic-speed NBN providers for Steam


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