What is the Green Electricity Guide and how do green ratings work?

Here’s how Australia’s “greenest” energy providers are determined.

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Quick facts about green ratings

  • If you're looking for more sustainable energy options, green ratings can help you decide which retailer to choose.
  • The most recent Green Electricity Guide (GEG) was released in 2018 and scores Australian electricity retailers out of 5 stars.
  • Powershop and Diamond Energy are the only electricity retailers in Australia with 5-star green ratings.

The Green Electricity Guide

The Green Electricity Guide (GEG) is an independent state-by-state ranking of electricity retailers across Australia by how green each retailer is. The guide is produced by the Total Environment Centre (TEC) and Greenpeace and has been released in 2014, 2015 and, most recently, in 2018.

The 2014 and 2015 versions of the guide gave retailers an overall green rating, which is scored out of 10 points. The 2018 version still scored retailers out of 10, but it also translated the scores into stars out of 5. Let's break down how these scores work.

How scoring works

The GEG ranks retailers on seven main criteria, each of which is weighted based on importance. Retailers are then given an overall score out of 10 based on their cumulative scores for each criterion.

The GEG ranks electricity retailers based on the following criteria:

  1. Carbon emissions of the company and its assets
  2. Support for local and renewable energy sources, including solar
  3. Fossil fuel policies and investments
  4. Support for energy sector decarbonisation
  5. Carbon offsets and GreenPower prices
  6. Energy efficiency and demand response
  7. Corporate sustainability, transparency and responsibility

Star ratings

The GEG issues retailers with up to 5 stars based on the retailer's final score. In the report, scores and stars are used relatively interchangeable so when you're comparing providers, make sure to check if the rating is out of 5 or 10. Generally, scores are written numerically, while stars are represented visually.

Here's what the green ratings mean:

Stars (out of 5)Score (out of 10)
59.1 or more
4.58.1 to 9
47.1 to 8
3.56.1 to 7
35.1 to 6
2.54.1 to 5
23.1 to 4
1.52.1 to 3
11.1 to 2
0.51 or less

Source: 2018 Green Electricity Guide Methodology and Results

Green rating results by state

The following table shows the rankings of each retailer by state or territory:

Source: Green Electricity Guide 2018

Disclaimer: The above graphs represent the results of the 2018 Green Electricity Guide. For more up-to-date information about which retailers currently operate in each state, check out our electricity guide.
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