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Energy customer service rating

The customer service rating is a score given to Australian energy brands that is based across a range of service features including call centre hours, website and app functions, application process and financial hardship programs available.


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How is the customer service rating determined?

We looked at 50 Australian energy brands and gave each brand a total score based on a wide variety of customer service criteria.

While all binary options are given a score of either 0 or 1, weekday and weekend opening times are ranked against the other businesses and are given a higher weight in the final score based on the hours they operate. We thought this - being able to access your provider at more times - was a very important part of customer service.

All items are weighted with 1 point (besides weekday hours and weekend hours which make up 1 point combined).

The total score is then taken and converted into a 5 point scale.

Note: Some features may be more useful to some customers than others. Features last reviewed in July 2020. Final scores may be subject to change at anytime.

Scoring criteria and weights

Call centre hours and days

What's scoredScore detailsWeighting
Weekday hoursLength of time in hours23%
Weekend hoursLength of time in hours23%
Weekend availableYes or No4.5%

Website / App Usability

What's scoredScore detailsWeighting
Can you see usage online?Yes or No4.5%
Can you see your bill online?Yes or No4.5%
Are there graphs and charts?Yes or No4.5%

Online help and support

What's scoredScore detailsWeighting
Online chat available on website?Yes or No4.5%
Facebook support chat, recognised by Facebook as instantly replies or replies within a certain amount of timeYes or No4.5%


What's scoredScore detailsWeighting
Can you apply online?Yes or No4.5%
Can you apply via phone?Yes or No4.5%

Financial hardship program

What's scoredScore detailsWeighting
Payment plans?Yes or No4.5%
Payment extension?Yes or No4.5%
Centrepay (automatic redirect of Centrelink payment to energy bills)?Yes or No4.5%
Financial counselling referral?Yes or No4.5%

Last updated June 2020

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