Citi Credit Cards


Enjoy bonus points and balance transfer offers, competitive interest rates and a range of premium features with a Citi credit card.

Citi has a variety of cards to suit different needs, including balance transfer credit cards, rewards and frequent flyer cards, platinum options and no annual fee and low purchase rate cards. Depending on the Citi card you choose, you can also enjoy extras such as complimentary travel insurance, purchase cover, a concierge service, exclusive offers through Visa Premium and airport lounge access. You can even get a complimentary bottle of wine when you dine and pay with your Citi credit card thanks to the Citibank Dining Program.

Use this guide to compare Citi credit cards and offers, as well as other banking features, so that you can decide if a Citi credit card is right for your needs.

Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card

0% p.a. for 24 months on balance transfers
with a one-time 1.5% balance transfer fee

Offer ends 31 January 2018

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply

Citi Credit Card Offer

The Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card offers a low interest rate of 0% p.a. for 24 months on balance transfers and a reduced annual fee for the first year.

  • $49 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($149 p.a. thereafter).
  • 20.99% p.a. on purchases
  • 0.00% p.a. for 24 months with 1.5% BT fee on balance transfers
  • Cash advance rate of 21.74% p.a.
  • Up to 55 days interest free
  • Minimum income requirement of $35,000 p.a.
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Comparison of Citi Credit Cards

Rates last updated November 20th, 2017
Name Product Purchase rate (p.a.) Balance transfer rate (p.a.) Annual fee Product Description
Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card
20.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 24 months with 1.5% balance transfer fee
$49 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($149 p.a. thereafter)
Earn Reward Points per $1 spent as part of the Citi Rewards Program, plus receive complimentary international travel insurance.
Citi Platinum Credit Card - 100k Bonus Points
20.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 15 months with 1% balance transfer fee
$49 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($149 p.a. thereafter)
Earn 100,000 reward Points, take advantage of a long-term balance transfer offer and receive complimentary travel insurance.
Citi Simplicity Card
19.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 15 months with 1.5% balance transfer fee
$0 p.a.
Earn 5% cashback on eligible purchases (capped at $50 per month) for the first 90 days from card approval.
Citi Rewards Classic Credit Card
20.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 15 months with 1.5% balance transfer fee
$49 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($99 p.a. thereafter)
Receive 1 point per $1 spent on all eligible Domestic Spend (up to $5,000 per period) and membership to the Citibank Dining Program.
Citi Signature Credit Card
20.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 15 months with 1% balance transfer fee
$199 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($395 p.a. thereafter)
Earn from 1 Point per $1 spent on selected purchases and receive a complimentary Priority Pass membership with two airport lounge visits per year.
Citi Qantas Signature Credit Card
20.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 6 months
$199 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($395 p.a. thereafter)
Earn from 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on selected purchases and get 2 airport lounge visits per year.
Citi Clear Platinum
14.99% p.a.
$99 p.a.
Receive complimentary insurance covers and a 24-hour concierge service. Also enjoy free wine when you dine with the Citibank Dining Program.
Emirates Citi World Mastercard
20.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 9 months
$149 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($299 p.a. thereafter)
Earn up to 1.5 Skywards Miles for every $1 spent and indulge in carefully curated local and global experiences.
Citi Prestige Card
20.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 6 months
$700 p.a.
Earn from 1 Point per $1 spent on selected purchases and enjoy unlimited airport lounge access with a complimentary Priority Pass.

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Types of credit cards from Citi

The range of Citi credit cards available in Australia offer money-saving features, rewards and lifestyle benefits to suit a variety of needs. You could consolidate and pay down debt faster with a balance transfer card, save on credit card costs with a no annual fee or low rate card or earn points for your spending with a rewards or frequent flyer card. You can also enjoy exclusive extras with Citi's platinum and super-premium cards or get competitive lending terms with a Citi line of credit.

  • Balance transfer credit cards

Citi offers credit card balance transfer options that can help you consolidate your existing debts, including credit card balances and personal loans. In fact, Citi is one of the only Australian credit card providers that allows you to balance transfer personal loan debt to a credit card. For more information, here is a step-by-step guide to balance transfers with Citi.

  • No annual fee credit cards

Choose a no annual fee credit card from Citi to keep your account costs to a minimum while still enjoying a range of competitive features and complimentary extras. You'll also be able to enjoy an interest-free period on purchases if you pay off your balance by the due date on each statement.

Learn more about No Annual Fee Credit Cards

  • Rewards credit cards

The Citi Rewards range of credit cards earn points per $1 spent on most everyday purchases. If you're new to rewards cards or don't spend a lot, you could start with the entry-level Citi Rewards Classic Credit Card. On the other end of the scale there is the Citi Rewards Platinum, Citi Rewards Signature and Citi Prestige cards, which offer higher point earn rates, more perks and have higher annual fees to match.

Learn more about Rewards Credit Cards

  • Frequent flyer credit cards

    Citi offers a selection of credit cards linked to the Qantas or Emirates frequent flyer programs. You can earn Qantas Points for your spending with a Citi Qantas Signature Credit Card or by opting for Citi Qantas Rewards on a Prestige card, while the Emirates Citi World Mastercard earns Skywards Miles. These cards also come with complimentary extras designed for travellers, such as travel insurance and airport lounge passes.

Learn more about Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

  • Platinum credit cards

Citi's range of platinum credit cards gives you access to a range of additional perks, including concierge services, Visa Premium offers and complimentary insurance. While most platinum credit cards come with high interest rates and annual fees, you can enjoy a lower purchase rate with the Citi Clear Platinum or get no annual fee for life with the Citi Simplicity.

Learn more about Platinum, Gold and Black Cards

  • Premium and black credit cards

The Citi Prestige is a super-premium credit card that's sits among black credit cards in terms of features and benefits. This type of high-end credit card has more features and perks than other Citi credit cards, but these extras come at a price. Premium credit cards generally have the highest annual fee.

Learn more about Black Credit Cards

  • Citi Ready Credit: A line of credit and a card

Although it’s not a credit card, Citi Ready Credit is a personal loan that works in a similar way. This account offers a line of credit with variable or fixed rate terms and long-term balance transfer offers. It also comes with a Visa card you can use to make purchases online and over the counter, or for cash advances if you want to withdraw money from an ATM. This means you can use the account to suit your needs and then repay whatever money you use over a flexible period of time. Once you’ve repaid the debt, you can also continue using the card. Learn more about Citi's range of personal loans here.

Rates last updated November 20th, 2017
Name Product Purchase rate (p.a.) Product Description
Citi Ready Credit
7.9% p.a. for 24 months (reverts to 19.99% p.a.)
A convenient line of credit with no monthly or annual fees and the ability to choose your own repayments.
Citi Ready Credit - Fixed Payment Option
9.99% p.a. for 48 months (reverts to 19.99% p.a.)
A convenient line of credit with no monthly or annual fees and credit limits from $5,000 to $75,000.

Compare up to 4 providers

Monthly Account Fee Debit Card Access ATM Withdrawal Fee Fee Free Deposit p.m. Details
Citibank Plus Everyday Account
Free international money transfers and free overseas Citibank ATM withdrawals.
Mastercard $0 $0 No ATM fees using Citibank, Westpac, BankSA and St.George branded ATMs in Australia. Use overseas Citibank ATMs for free. More
Citibank Cash Investment Account
Ongoing, variable 1.90% p.a. Available on balance $250,000 and above.
Mastercard $0 $0 Free access to your cash at over 3,000 Citibank, Westpac, St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne ATMs throughout Australia. More

Benefits and features that come with Citi credit card accounts

If you get a Citi credit card, you'll enjoy a range of unique benefits from the bank. Some of the most popular include:

  • A complimentary bottle of wine when you dine via Citibank Dining Program

All Citi credit cards give you complimentary access to the Citibank Dining Program, which offers a bottle of award-winning wine when you dine at partner restaurants across Australia. Just tell the waiter that you will be paying with a Citi credit card and you’ll get to select from the restaurant's range of award-winning white and red wines. Learn more about Citi's Dining Program here.

  • Citi bonus partners program — earn more points

If you have a Citi rewards credit card, you can earn up to 3 bonus Citi Rewards Points per $1 spent when you shop with a Citi Bonus Partner. Shopping categories include travel, shopping, leisure and entertainment, with individual partners varying between states. A full list of Bonus Partners is available on the Citi website, with some examples including Europcar, Red Balloon and Park Regis Hotels.

  • Transfer debt from a personal loan to a balance transfer credit card

Citi is one of the only credit card providers in Australia to let you transfer your balance from a personal loan, line of credit or overdraft account to a credit card. You can also transfer a balance from another credit card, store card or charge card. This allows you to take advantage of Citi's balance transfer credit card offers to help you save money on interest and pay off your debts faster.

How to apply for a Citi credit card

If you're interested in a Citi credit card, start by comparing your credit card options to help you find one that suits your budget and needs. Once you've found the right card for you, check you meet the eligibility criteria for the card and then click "Go to Site" to be taken to a secure online application that takes about 10 minutes to complete. You should have a response about the status of your application within minutes of completing and submitting the form.

Information needed for a Citi credit card application

Speed up the application process and improve your chances of success by getting the following details and documents ready before you start:

  • Personal details. Your full name, date of birth, contact telephone numbers, your residential address and your previous residential address if you’ve recently moved.
  • Employment details. This includes your role, salary, length of time you've been with your current employer and your employer's contact details. You may also be asked to submit recent payslips as supporting documentation. If you’re self-employed, you may need to provide your accountant’s contact information and recent tax statements.
  • Financial information. Your income, details of any assets you own and contact details for your employer. You’ll need to list your liabilities and expenses like information about any other credit cards, loans, child support payments and information about expenses like your food budget. If you want to transfer a balance to a Citi credit card, you’ll need to provide the account number of the account you want to transfer from and the amount you want to transfer.

What happens next?

If Citi needs any further information, a representative will get in touch to let you know. Make sure all your contact details are correct on your application and be sure to check your email's junk mail or spam folder for relevant communication. You can also call Citi to get an update on the status of your application.

Once your application is approved, you may need to go through an identification check if you're a new Citi customer. This usually involves providing copies of official documents such as your driver's licence or passport. After that, you'll be able to receive, activate and start using your new Citi credit card.

Frequently asked questions about Citi credit cards

Once you’ve compared credit cards from Citi and you’re ready apply, click on ‘go to site’ and you will be directed to a secure online application on the Citi website. The online application should only take about ten minutes to complete if you have all the necessary information on hand to assist with your application.

After you complete the application and submit it to Citi, you should have a response within 60 seconds.

After you’ve hit send in your application, Citi will send you an email on address you provided in your credit card application. This email will contain your 13-digit application reference number. If you want to find out about how long it’s going to take to get your credit card, you can give Citi a call. Quote your application reference number and a Citi representative will be able to have a look at your application. If you didn’t receive an email from Citi following the submission of your application, they should be able to search for your application using your first and last names.

You can make a repayment to your Citi credit card or account in person by visiting a Citi branch. You can also repay your account using the following methods.

  • Electronic funds transfer. You can transfer funds directly to your Citi credit account from a linked account using your Citi internet banking facility. A linked account can be your Citi transaction or savings account. You can’t transfer from another Citi credit card or Citi Ready Credit account. You can also complete the funds transfer using CitiPhone Self Service Banking.You can also transfer funds from any bank account in Australia that’s registered for internet banking. You can complete the transfer using the following information:
    • The Citi BSB Number: 242 200.
    • Your 16-digit credit card / account number.
  • Pay by cheque. Pay your credit card by mailing a cheque to Citi at GPO Box 749F. Melbourne. VIC 8105. Make the cheque payable to your Citi account number and write the account type as well so it reads Citi Platinum Credit Card XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX for example. Write the account number of the back of the cheque, too.Include your remittance advice and monthly statement with the cheque in the envelope. If you pay by cheque, allow up to six business days from when the cheque is received for the funds to show in your account.
  • BPAY payments.You can pay your Citi account statement using BPAY over the phone or from your online banking facility.
    • Enter the Citi BPAY biller code: 49502.
    • Your customer reference number is your 16-digit account number.
  • Easi-Pay. Easi-Pay allows you to set up an automatic debit to your Citi account each statement period. Make sure you have enough money in the account so the funds can be debited and you’ll never pay a late payment fee again.

You can apply for a higher credit limit once you’ve had your Citi credit card for nine months. The application for a higher credit limit will be approved if Citi deem you able to service the increased limit.

To apply for a credit limit increase:

  • Log onto your Citi online banking facility and request a credit limit increase by choosing the credit limit increase option from the account services menu.
  • Call Citi on 13 CITI (13 24 84).
  • Download, complete and submit a credit limit increase form from the Citi website.

If you apply for a credit limit increase online, and you’re approved, the new limit is effective right away. If you apply for an increased limit using any of the other methods mentioned, allow 6 – 10 business days for your application to be processed.

The following regulations must be observed when you apply for a higher credit limit.

  • Your account must be open for nine months before you can request a credit limit increase.
  • Only one credit limit increase application every 6 months.
  • You can only increase your limit by 50% of your current credit limit.
  • Citi cardholders in the ACT must apply for an increased credit limit in writing.
  • You can only increase your limit up to the maximum credit limit on a particular product. You can find information about the maximum credit limit listed on our Citi credit card review and application pages.

Citi give you the option of adding additional cards to your account for family members to use. Some Citi credit cards allow you to add up to four additional cards to your account. Check our review and application pages to find out how many additional cardholders you can add to your Citi account.

You can add an additional cardholder to your account through your Citi online banking facility.

  • Log on to Citi online banking and go to the account services section and choose the additional card option.

You can also request an additional card by giving Citi a call or you can download and complete an additional cardholder request form, which is available from the Citi website.

If you lose your Citi credit card, or it’s stolen, speak to Citi by giving a customer service representative call on 13 24 84. They’re open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Your card will be blocked and arrangements will be made to get you a replacement card. Replacement credit cards are usually issued within 5 working days. A Citi representative will have a look at recent activity on the account to make sure there is no unauthorised use on your account.

If you have a Citi rewards credit card, you’re automatically enrolled in the Citi Rewards Program when you activate your credit card. There are no additional fees or charges for joining the Citi Rewards Program.

You can view your Citi Rewards Points balance by logging on to the website, downloading and logging in to the Citi Mobile Banking Application, calling Citi on 13 24 84 or by viewing your monthly credit card statement — you rewards points earning for the statement period is displayed here too.

As long as you keep your Citi credit card account open, and in good standing, your Citi Rewards Points will not expire.

Different Citi credit cards have a different limits on the number of Citi Rewards Points you can earn in a year.

Credit CardCap
Citi Rewards Classic Credit Card5,000
Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card10,000
Citi Rewards Signature Credit CardDomestic: per statement period International: No cap
Emirates Citi World Mastercard$1 spend within Australia earns 1 Mile (up to $3,000 per statement period), and 0.5 Skywards Miles per $1 spent thereafter (up to $10,000 per statement period).
Citi Prestige CardNo cap

Citi Rewards Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards including flights, frequent flyer points, merchandise, cashback or gift cards. You can view your options for redeeming Citi Rewards Points on the Citi Rewards website. You can also use your Citi Rewards Points to pay for your Citi credit card annual fee.

You can redeem your Citi Rewards Points online through the Citi website. After browsing through the Citi Rewards catalogue, select the reward(s) you want to redeem and log in to your account. You can also redeem your points for gifts and services over the phone by calling 13 24 84.

You can also use Points + Pay if you don’t have enough Citi Rewards Points to get the item or service you want. The money required to make up the difference is debited from your available credit on your Citi credit card.

The primary cardholder and additional cardholders can redeem Citi Rewards Points. If you want to transfer frequent flyer points accrued with a Citi credit card, you must be the primary cardholder of the credit card.

As well as well as credit cards, Citi offers bank accounts, home loans, personal loans and superannuation services. It is the consumer division of Citigroup, one of the largest financial services organisations in the world and was the first international bank to be granted a license to operate in Australia (in 1985).

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  1. Default Gravatar
    VikkiJune 21, 2017

    Hi there,

    Can you get balance transfer when you have bad credit history?

    • Staff
      ArnoldJune 21, 2017Staff

      Hi Vikki,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Yes, there are banks that will allow you to get balance transfers. Please check this page out and compare offers from different banks.

      Hope this information helped.


  2. Default Gravatar
    MickOctober 25, 2016

    search tells me that there is a CITI BP fuel credit card and refers me to Citi web site. No mention there of the BP card?

    • Staff
      YsaOctober 25, 2016Staff

      Hi Mick,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately, the Citi BP MasterCard is no longer available for applications.
      Should you wish to check other credit cards with the same feature, please refer to our petrol credit cards comparison page.

      I hope this helps.


  3. Default Gravatar
    SefrhansMarch 15, 2016

    I don’t remember my reference number

    • Staff
      DebbieMarch 15, 2016Staff

      Hi Sefrhans,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Please note that you’ve come through, an online comparison service and not a credit card issuer, such as Citibank.

      You may wish to contact directly Citibank to confirm your reference number.
      Please refer to the number I’ve sent in your email.

      I hope this helps.


  4. Default Gravatar
    hemnathAugust 30, 2015

    Dear sir, my credit card application ref no is, could u say what is position my credit card status

    • Staff
      SallyAugust 31, 2015Staff

      Hi Hemnath,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Please note that is an online comparison service and does not, in any way, represent Citibank. Should you wish to track your application, kindly get in touch with Citibank via their 24/7 hotline number: 13 24 84.

      For further information regarding how to check credit card application status, you may also want to check this page.

      I hope this has helped.



  5. Default Gravatar
    carolFebruary 19, 2015

    Hello, i am looking for a credit card which offers free access to airport lounges and travel insurance with a low annual fee

    • Staff
      JonathanFebruary 19, 2015Staff

      Hi Carol, thanks for your inquiry!

      For a list of cards that provide free airline lounge access please see this page. Travel insurance details are available on each credit card’s review page, with the annual fees for each card comparable in the table provided.



  6. Default Gravatar
    stuJanuary 20, 2015

    what is the best balance transfer card when wanting to transfer from a personal loan?

    • Default Gravatar
      VioletJanuary 21, 2015

      When you accept the transfer of a debt from an external credit card, does that close the external credit card account, or can the account continue to be used after the debit has been transferred to your Bank?

    • Staff
      JonathanJanuary 22, 2015Staff

      Hi Violet,

      Thanks for your inquiry,

      It is to the credit card owners discretion to weather or not they decide to close any credit card after a balance transfer is completed. A credit card that has been balance transferred from will still remain active, after the balance transfer has been completed. For more information regarding balance transfer please see this page.

      I hope this helps!



    • Staff
      JonathanJanuary 21, 2015Staff

      Hi Stu,

      Thanks for your inquiry!

      Please see this page for a list of which financial institutions let you transfer the balance from a personal loan to a credit card.

      I hope this helps!



  7. Default Gravatar
    CarmelNovember 28, 2014

    I am existing customer and have mastercard gold card, credit limit $10000. haven’t used card since 2013. I do not want to pay another annual card fee of $149. what balance transfer do I qualify.

    • Staff
      ElizabethNovember 28, 2014Staff

      Hi Carmel,

      Thanks for your question.

      If you’re looking to do a balance transfer to another Citi credit card, sign on to Citibank Online, go to ‘Account Services’, then ‘Credit Cards’ and choose the Balance Transfer option. You can also call Citibank on 13 24 84. If you’re looking for a balance transfer credit card from another card issuer, you can compare your options on this page.

      I hope this has helped.



  8. Default Gravatar
    melissaSeptember 19, 2014

    Hello, my email came back with an approval for card, the link that it keeps going to from my email goes to instead of straight thru to accept the card

    • Staff
      ShirleySeptember 22, 2014Staff

      Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for your question.

      Please get in touch with Citibank directly to enquire about this. The wrong link may have been provided.


  9. Default Gravatar
    NakkinaSeptember 15, 2014

    What is the status of my credit card application. thanks

    • Staff
      ShirleySeptember 16, 2014Staff

      Hi Nakkina,

      Thanks for your question.

      Please get in touch with the credit card issuer for an update on your application.


  10. Default Gravatar
    LukeJuly 21, 2014

    I have been approved for a Platinum Card but I have re-assessed by needs and wish to change to a Clear Platinum card. my approval was only 3 days ago so can this be changed.

    • Staff
      ShirleyJuly 22, 2014Staff

      Hi Luke,

      Thanks for your question.

      It’s probably best to speak to the customer service team at Citibank to see if they can do an internal transfer regarding the Clear Platinum card.

      If you need to make a new application, it may be best to wait 3-6 months before making another inquiry.


Credit Cards Comparison

Rates last updated November 20th, 2017
Name Product Purchase rate (p.a.) Balance transfer rate (p.a.) Annual fee Product Description
St.George Vertigo Platinum - Online Offer
12.74% p.a.
0% p.a. for 24 months
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($99 p.a. thereafter)
Offers complimentary travel insurance, complimentary purchase insurance and access to a 24/7 personal concierge service.
Qantas Premier Platinum
19.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 15 months
$149 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($299 p.a. thereafter)
Fly faster with up to 2 Qantas Points per $1 spent, receive 2 yearly complimentary Qantas Club lounge invitations, plus, included travel insurance.
Woolworths Everyday Platinum Credit Card
19.99% p.a.
0% p.a. for 14 months
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($49 p.a. thereafter)
Receive a $50 eGift Card when you apply by 31 January 2018 and make an eligible purchase by 28 February 2018.
Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - Bonus Points Offer
20.74% p.a.
0% p.a. for 18 months
$64 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($129 p.a. thereafter)
Earn up to 60,000 bonus Velocity Points in the first 3 months on eligible spend and enjoy a discounted annual fee of $64 for the first year.

Compare up to 4 providers

* The credit card offers compared on this page are chosen from a range of credit cards has access to track details from and is not representative of all the products available in the market. Products are displayed in no particular order or ranking. The use of terms 'Best' and 'Top' are not product ratings and are subject to our disclaimer. You should consider seeking independent financial advice and consider your own personal financial circumstances when comparing cards.

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