28 Degrees Mastercard by Latitude Financial Services

Save with $0 international transaction fees when you travel or shop online, a $0 annual fee and a 24/7 worldwide concierge service.

The 28 Degrees Mastercard is designed to help you keep costs down when you use your credit card overseas, with no foreign currency conversion or ATM fees. It also includes a concierge service, online service centre, fraud protection and Mastercard PayPass contactless technology.

Use this guide to learn how the 28 Degrees Mastercard works, discover its features and fees and decide if it's worth it for you. We also answer frequently asked questions on topics including applying for the 28 Degrees credit card, managing your account and card security.

28 Degrees Mastercard

28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard

$0 annual fee

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply

28 Degrees Mastercard

Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases, no annual fee and no international transaction fees.

  • $0 p.a. annual fee.
  • 21.99% p.a. on purchases
  • Cash advance rate of 21.99% p.a.
  • Up to 55 days interest free
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Rates last updated April 22nd, 2018
Name Product Purchase rate (p.a.) Balance transfer rate (p.a.) Annual fee Product Description
28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard
21.99% p.a.
4.99% p.a. for 6 months
$0 p.a.
Designed for travel, benefit from 0% foreign transaction fees on purchases, a $0 annual fee for life and a personal concierge service.

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What is the 28 Degrees Mastercard and how does it work?

28-degrees-smallThe 28 Degrees Mastercard is a credit card designed for overseas use and online foreign transactions. While most credit cards charge an international transaction fee worth 2-4% of every payment made overseas or in a foreign currency, the 28 Degrees Mastercard helps you keep costs down by waiving this fee. It also has $0 foreign transaction fees at ATMs, although you will still have to pay cash advance fees and interest charges if you use your credit card to get cash out.

The features and benefits of the 28 Degrees Mastercard

As well as having no foreign transaction fees, the 28 Degrees Mastercard includes the following features:

  • Introductory balance transfer offer. For the first 6 months, cardholders are offered a 4.99% p.a. interest rate from account opening on balances transferred. This then reverts back to a 21.99% p.a. interest rate for all purchases.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases. If you pay your account in full by the due date each month, you can make purchases on this card without paying interest.
  • Cash advances. If you use a credit card to get cash out at an ATM, to buy foreign currency or for any other transaction defined as a cash advance, interest will be charged from the date of withdrawal. You will also have to pay a fee of 3% of the cash advance or $4 (whichever is greater).
  • Contactless payments. This card has Mastercard PayPass technology that allows you to "tap and go" without entering a PIN for purchases under $100 in Australia. You can still tap to pay at other times, but may be asked to verify the purchase with a PIN or signature.

How much does the 28 Degrees Mastercard cost?

While the 28 Degrees Mastercard does offer $0 foreign fees, there are still times when specific fees and charges will apply. Use this table to find out about these rates and fees, then compare them to other travel money credit cards so you can find an option that is affordable for your needs.

  • Tip: Preload funds onto the card to avoid interest charges.
Type of feesCharges/ cost
Cash advance fee3% of the cash advance or $4 (whichever is greater)
Annual fee$0
International transaction fee$0
Variable interest rate on purchases21.99% p.a.
Interest-free daysUp to 55 days
Late payment fee$20

Is the 28 Degrees Mastercard worth it?travel-card-woman 250x250

If you're interested in getting the 28 Degrees Mastercard, consider the following questions to decide if it will offer value based on your spending habits and needs.

  • How often do you travel? If you regularly go overseas, this credit card could save you a lot of money on international transaction fees.
  • How much do you shop online? If you frequently pay with plastic at the online checkout, you'll find that additional charges for currency conversion and transactions that are processed overseas can quickly add up. As the 28 Degrees Mastercard does not apply these fees, it could help you make the most of online shopping bargains.
  • Are you planning to get cash out with a credit card overseas? While this card offers fee-free ATM withdrawals, if you get money out you will still be charged a cash advance fee worth 3% of the cash advance or $4 (whichever is greater). Interest will also be charged from the date of the transaction. These are standard terms that apply to most credit cards in Australia but make sure you consider these costs before you apply or use the 28 Degrees Mastercard for cash advances.
  • Do you pay off your credit card balance? The 28 Degrees Mastercard has an ongoing variable purchase rate of 21.99% p.a. that could quickly add up if you carry a balance. But if you pay the card off in full by the due date on each statement, you can enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.

Once you have considered these questions, you'll be able to weigh up the benefits and features of the 28 Degrees Mastercard to decide if it's worth it for you. Remember to also compare other $0 foreign fee credit cards so you can find one with the right features for your needs.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the 28 Degrees credit card

travel-card-docs 895x258

Applying for and activating a 28 Degrees Mastercard

Am I eligible to apply for the 28 Degrees Mastercard?

If you want to apply for the 28 Degrees Mastercard, you'll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Residency status. You must be a permanent resident of Australia.

As long as you meet these conditions, you can submit an application for the 28 Degrees Mastercard. Latitude Finance will then assess the personal and financial details you provide to determine if you're eligible. While no other specific requirements are outlined, having a strong financial position, stable employment and a good credit history can only help your chances of receiving approval for this credit card.

Can you tell me how much credit I will get?

There is no way to inform you of your credit limit before you file your application and are approved. This is because credit limits differ from one person to the next and the information contained within your application will help the lender determine how much credit they can offer you. If you get approval, your welcome pack will provide you with all the information you need, including your credit limit.

How long will it take to get a response if I applied online?

In most cases, you will receive a response within 60 seconds.

If I applied online and I was approved, how long will it take for me to get my card?

From the moment you receive your approval, it will take around 10 working days for your card to get to you.

How long will it take to get an answer if I applied by mail?

If you mail in your application, it will take around 10 working days for you to get a written answer from the moment the application was received. If your application was approved, your card as well as the contract documentation will arrive in 10 working days from the date of approval.

Is it possible to apply for the 28 Degrees Mastercard in person?

No, you can only apply online or by mail. If the latter is your choice, you can print out the application from their website.

Will I be able to use my card as soon as it arrives?

You need to activate your card before you can use it. To do this, simply go to the 28 Degrees Mastercard website, log in to your account via the online service centre and follow the prompts to activate your card and choose a PIN for it.

Alternatively, you can call the customer service team on 1300 552 079. For further protection, make sure you also sign your card right away.

What is the maximum balance transfer amount?

The 28 Degrees Mastercard allows balance transfers up to your approved credit limit, subject to application approval. Note there is a minimum balance transfer amount of $100.

How long does the balance transfer rate apply for?

The introductory balance transfer rate applies for the first six months after you’ve opened your account. If you have remaining debt from your balance transfer after this time, the standard variable purchase rate of 21.99% p.a. will apply until you have paid off the balance in full.

So if you do use the 28 Degrees Mastercard for a balance transfer, it's ideal to focus on clearing your balance transfer within the first six months. This allows you to maximise your savings on interest charges.

Is it possible to add another person to my account?

Yes, you can request an additional cardholder for your 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard at any time by filling out a simple form online. Note that additional cardholders must be an Australian resident that is at least 16 years of age. You will also need to provide the full name, date of birth and email address for your nominated additional cardholder.

Latitude Finance will then assess your request for an additional cardholder. If it's approved, you will receive a 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard in the nominee’s name in 5-7 days. Note that you will still be responsible for keeping the account in good standing.

Account management for the 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard

What is the 28 Degrees Mastercard Online Service Centre?

The Online Service Centre offers you access to a variety of resources that makes it easier for you to manage your account. For example, you can convert to eStatements, which means you will get eStatement payment alerts before the due date, helping you save money on late fees. Furthermore, you'll also save money as you won't have to pay paper statement fees anymore.

You can also self-manage your account information and monitor the status of your account at all times, including your transactions and credit limit. You can also opt to receive payment confirmations and a variety of other alerts at any time.

How do I register for a 28 Degrees Online Service Account?

You can get an online service account for your 28 Degrees Mastercard using the following steps:

  1. Go to the 28 Degrees Mastercard website.
  2. Click on "Log In" on the homepage. You'll then be taken to a login and registration page.
  3. Select the "Register" option from the top panel of the page and follow the prompts to complete your account registration.

You'll be required to provide your account number, date of birth and proof of identification during this process, so make sure you have these details on hand.

How can I pay my balance?

Here are the ways you can make a payment to your 28 Degrees Mastercard account:

  • BPAY. You can use BPAY to pay off the balance of your 28 Degrees Mastercard at any time. You'll just need to provide your account number and the 28 Degrees Mastercard Biller Code (found on your statement) to complete the transaction. As BPAY payments can take several days to process, make sure you complete the payment before the due date on your statement to avoid any issues.
  • Direct debit. These payments will be made automatically on the date that you specify from a nominated bank account. You can choose to pay the full amount, a partial amount or the minimum for each statement period. If you pay less than the full amount, you can also make additional payments at any time using one of the other methods available.
  • In person. If you choose this option you will need to make the payment at Australia Post outlets. You will be charged a fee of $2.50 every time that you make a payment if you do choose this option.
  • Mail. You can send a money order or cheque to the headquarters in Melbourne. You can find the address on the 28 Degrees Mastercard website. You will also need to send the payment slip that can be found at the bottom of your statement. Never send cash through the post. Only send a cheque or money order.

How is the foreign exchange rate worked out?

The 28 Degrees Mastercard uses the foreign exchange rate set by Mastercard International. This is set on a daily basis and factors in fluctuations in currency values.

If the transaction is done in a foreign currency, the exchange rate will be made up of two calculations. First, the transaction will be converted into US dollars and then it will be converted into Australian dollars and will be listed accordingly on your statements.

What is the cash withdrawal limit on this card?

The 28 Degrees Mastercard has a maximum withdrawal limit of $1,000 per day at an ATM and no more than $3,000 per day from a bank or other financial institution. This is subject to how much credit you have available and your location as some banks might have different withdrawal limits whether the transaction is done via an ATM or over the counter. Note that you might have a smaller cash limit on your card but details pertaining to your credit limit are available on your most recent statement.

Is it possible to put my account into credit by making a larger payment?

It is not advisable for you to put your account into credit as the 28 Degrees Mastercard is a credit card and not meant to be used this way. If you're account is in credit, you can contact the 28 Degrees Mastercard customer service team on 1300 552 079 to organise a refund.

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Fraud, security and transaction disputes

What are the security features of the 28 Degrees Mastercard?

The 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard includes the following security features:

  • Chip protection. This card comes with a microchip that makes it difficult for criminals to copy your personal information if your card is lost or stolen. Chip cards also require a PIN to verify transactions, adding a layer of security to your in-person purchases.
  • Fraud management. Latitude Finance has a dedicated Fraud Team that monitors spending patterns on 28 Degrees credit card accounts. This allows them to identify transactions that are not within your normal spending patterns. Once such a transaction is noticed, card security experts are informed so they can review it and take whatever measures they think appropriate.
  • Protecting you against identity theft. The company is very careful with customer applications and all of them are assessed for potential identity theft.
  • 24/7 support. The 28 Degrees credit card offers a round-the-clock support service for lost and stolen cards. If anything happens to your account, simply call 1300 552 079 in Australia or +61 1800 005 809 overseas.
  • Mastercard SecureCode. This is a security system that provides an additional layer of protection when you shop online by requiring you to confirm your identity via a security code or security questions when performing certain online transactions.

How safe is Mastercard PayPass?

Mastercard PayPass is potentially the safest feature on the card. Due to the fact that you can just tap and go, you don’t have to worry about anybody else seeing your PIN number. You also don’t need to worry about anybody watching you do your signature or about fraud chip and pin machines. Your details will be 100% safe. The only time you would need to worry is if you lose your card or if it is stolen. You can easily cancel the card as soon as you find out that it is missing. The fact that it is also tracked by a fraud service 24 hours a day means that any strange transactions will be monitored. If your card is stolen simply ring up the customer services department.

Am I liable for unauthorised transactions on my account?

You have a zero liability policy, which means you will not be considered responsible as long as you did not do anything to contribute to the loss and informed the 28 Degrees team right away.

What can I do to reduce the chances of fraud?

Below are a few important measures you can implement to reduce the risk of fraud:

  • Sign your card as soon as you get it and always make sure you know where it is.
  • Choose a PIN that only you will find easy to remember and make sure to never record it anywhere.
  • Look over your account statements on a regular basis to make no unauthorised transactions have been performed.
  • If you think an EFTPOS terminal or an ATM has been tampered with, avoid using the machine.
  • If your card has expired or you don't want it anymore, don't just throw it out. First cut through the magnetic strip and the signature panel.
  • Always make sure you have your card with you.

If you plan on travelling overseas, the issuer recommends that you contact them to inform them of your travel plans so they can update their systems and you can avoid having your transactions blocked.

What can I do about transaction disputes on my 28 Degrees Mastercard?

It's not unusual for a transaction dispute to be caused by a misunderstanding, which is why you should consider certain situations and if they apply to your case before getting in touch with the merchant or the 28 Degrees team to file a dispute:

  • I don't know what company is on my statement or I didn't authorise the transaction. You might find that the name of the store is different to the name of the actual company and this happens quite a lot with online stores. If you don't know what the description is for, you can run a search online and will be able to find out right away what the company does or sells. You should also check with other people who might hold cards on the same account whether they made the purchase or not. Also, make sure to look at the amount as this might jog your memory.
  • The goods I got aren't as they were described. First, see what the return policy of the merchant is, which should clearly be displayed. If shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, make sure that you check the items thoroughly before completing the transaction. Whenever it's possible, make sure the items are described in detail on the invoice before you pay.
  • I didn't get the goods or the service wasn't performed. Have another look at the estimated time of arrival of the items because you can't file a dispute if the date hasn't passed. If you made a purchase of items from abroad, consider that the items may have been confiscated by Australian customs. In fact, before you buy anything overseas, make sure you are fully aware of Australian customs regulations, which you can learn more about from the Australian Customs website. Always make sure to get written confirmation of the estimated date of delivery whenever you are having goods shipped to you, whether domestically or from abroad.
  • The amount on my statement isn't the same as my receipt. This often occurs when you bought something abroad or the merchant is from overseas. Currency rates fluctuate daily, so the amount you pay could be different based on the date of the purchase.
  • I don't remember buying anything on the date my statement indicates. Firstly, look at the amount you spent, as it may jog your memory. It's not unusual for there to be a delay between the actual date of purchase and the day the transaction shows up on your account. Also, check with any additional cardholders as they may have made the purchase.

If none of these scenarios apply and you are still uncertain about one or more of the transactions on your account, then contact the 28 Degrees team immediately on 1300 552 079 so they can open an investigation and block your card if necessary.

The 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard is a popular travel credit card option with $0 foreign transaction fees and no annual fee. Now you know more about it, you can decide if you want to apply or compare other similar cards to find one that suits your needs.

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192 Responses

  1. Default Gravatar
    BrookeMay 17, 2017

    Hi there – With the $1000 daily cash withdrawal limit, does the same limit apply for transactions using the card online or in-store? Is there a daily limit on spend? Thank you

    • Staff
      MayMay 17, 2017Staff

      Hi Brooke,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Basically, your credit limit (given to you upon card approval) is also the total amount you can spend on your card for your in-store or online purchases. This is different from your cash limit. Although, with 28 Degrees, depending on your credit and cash limit, you are allowed to withdraw up to $1,000 per day at an ATM and up to $3,000 per day over the counter at a financial institution.


  2. Default Gravatar
    VickiApril 2, 2017

    I am going away and have a $1000 limit on my 28% card. I want to load it with $3000 before I go, however I don’t want to withdraw any cash just use it as a credit card. So that would mean my money would be used up first and then the credit limit of $1000. Basically giving me $4000 worth of credit.

    • Staff
      MayApril 2, 2017Staff

      Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Yes, with 28 Degrees MasterCard, you can load it with cash to have a positive limit. If it’s on credit, the funds that will be used up first will be your own money. In case you will withdraw cash from your card, please note that you’d still be charged a fee of 3% of the cash advance or $4 (whichever is greater). For more information on fees, please refer to the details above or click on the green “Go to site” button to head over to 28 Degrees MasterCard’s official website.


  3. Default Gravatar
    MattJanuary 13, 2017


    If i have pre-loaded money on my 28 degrees card and go to take cash out @ the ATM will i only be charged the ATM fee of that specific ATM? (no cash advance fee?)

    • Staff
      MayJanuary 13, 2017Staff

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your question.

      If your 28 Degrees is in credit or have a positive balance, when you withdraw your money from an ATM, you won’t be charged an ATM fee and cash advance interest by 28 Degrees. However, you will still be charged CA fee of 3% of the cash advance or $4 (whichever is greater) and the local ATM operator may also charge a fee.


    • Default Gravatar
      January 13, 2017


      OK I’m a little bit confused. I understand the cash advance fee when there is no pre loaded money on the card, however if I have $200 on my card, take out $200 will I still be charged a cash advance fee?

      I understand the ATM fee.

    • Staff
      MayJanuary 13, 2017Staff

      Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for getting back.

      Sorry about the confusion here. Unfortunately, the 28 Degrees credit card cash advance fee is charged every time this is used for an ATM withdrawal. So even if your card is in a positive balance, you will be charged a CA fee of 3% of the cash advance or $4 (whichever is greater). The only fee you won’t get billed in this case is the cash advance interest.


  4. Default Gravatar
    DeeOctober 19, 2016

    How long is the expiry date on 28 Degrees Mastercard credit card?

    • Staff
      JasonNovember 2, 2016Staff

      Hi Dee.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The expiration date of a 28 Degrees Mastercard will depend on the date indicated at the front part of the card.


  5. Default Gravatar
    WillOctober 11, 2016

    I may need to make a cash advance of up $18,000 as a direct deposit into my foreign bank account to satisfy long term visa requirements. This money only to keep the foreign account at a govt mandated balance for a month, thereafter another revenue source will allow the advance to be repaid in full. I have been granted maximum credit due to my good credit status. Will I be able to borrow this amount in one transaction, and is it correct the maximum charges won’t exceed $30? Also, is the interest that is triggered upon successful transaction additional to this? And if so is it the current p.a. rate? Thank you.

    • Staff
      MayNovember 4, 2016Staff

      Hi Will,

      Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for the delayed reply.

      1. Will I be able to borrow this amount in one transaction, and is it correct the maximum charges won’t exceed $30?
      Your available cash limit can be found under ‘Account Summary’ in the Online Service Centre, so you may need to log into your account to access this. You can also view this in your statement. Please note though that your available cash limit can be different from your credit limit and keep in mind that daily cash withdrawal limits apply.

      The fee for withdrawing cash will be 3% of the cash advance or $4 (whichever is greater).

      2. Also, is the interest that is triggered upon successful transaction additional to this? And if so is it the current p.a. rate?
      Yes, the cash advance interest will be charged and the rate would be 21.99% p.a.


  6. Default Gravatar
    27degreesOctober 7, 2016

    $0.95 is charged by 28 Degrees when you make your credit card payments through online (including BPay) and they also charge $2.50 when payments are made in person. There is no fee when pay your bill via Online Service Centre, but a visit to their Facebook page shows many customers cannot actually login and use that facility!

  7. Default Gravatar
    ZazOctober 5, 2016

    How could I check the FX rate charged?
    Also, I am given the possibility to choose to pay in the country’s currency or in AUD (and then translation). what is the difference and what is best for me?

    • Staff
      MayNovember 4, 2016Staff

      Hi Zaz,

      Thank you for your inquiry. As finder.com.au is a comparative financial service, we can’t actually recommend one specific service or product to our users as the best option depends ultimately on your own financial situation.

      With 28 Degrees, one of its benefits is that you won’t get charged for the international fee or currency conversion fee. Since this card is a credit card (but you can load funds into it), you will only have AUD on the account, so conversion from AUD to another currency will apply. The exchange rate varies daily and will depend on the FOREX rate on the date of the transaction and the MasterCard conversion tool will be used.


  8. Default Gravatar
    SowmyaJuly 23, 2016

    Disappointed that 28 degrees is now charging 95c per payment from my bank account via BPay. What is the reasoning behind this? I have all my statements sent online.

    I think I will be cancelling this card soon as I pay my current bill.

    • Staff
      MayJuly 28, 2016Staff

      Hi Sowmya,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that you have come through to finder.com.au we are an Australian financial comparison website and general information service, not actually 28 Degrees.

      I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment about the payment handling fee that was charged to you. The $0.95 is indeed charged by 28 Degrees when you make your credit card payments through online (including BPay) and they also charge $2.50 when payments are made in person. There is no fee when pay your bill via Online Service Centre.

      For your reference, I’ve sent you the link where you can find the fees and rates charged by 28 Degrees.


  9. Default Gravatar
    AliceJuly 12, 2016

    How difficult is it to balance transfer from a 28 degree mastercard to say 0% interest for 18 months mastercard after your travels?
    like what are the charges involved?

    • Staff
      LouJuly 13, 2016Staff

      Hi Alice,

      Thanks for your question.

      It just takes about 10 – 15 minutes to apply for a balance transfer card online. Your approval depends on your eligibility and financial condition as supported by the documents the bank will require you to submit. Some balance transfer credit cards will charge you with one-time balance transfer fee which is generally 1% to 3% of the total balance being transferred.

      If you are looking for a credit card with 0% balance transfer rate for up to 18 months, you can compare your options on this page. You can find some cards with Mastercard logo.


  10. Default Gravatar
    BGJune 3, 2016

    Hi, what is the minimum amount of credit allowable for this credit card?

    • Staff
      LouJune 3, 2016Staff

      Hi BG,

      Thanks for your comment.

      28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard has a minimum credit limit of $6,000.


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