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With thousands of products across dozens of categories, CPL stands as one of Australia's largest computer retailers.

Beginning with a single store operating out of an industrial estate in Notting Hill, Victoria, CPL – or Computer & Parts Land, if you're being formal – has provided Aussie tech pundits with cheap PC parts for many years now. Its popularity among those looking for the lowest prices has seen the retailer expand its operations to include two additional stores in West Melbourne and Preston along with an online store supporting customers right across Australia.

What does CPL sell?

If the name didn't give it away, CPL's core business is selling computer components and accessories. This includes everything from graphics cards and motherboards to monitors and mechanical keyboards. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, CPL also sells pre-built PCs from a number of different brands as well as its own custom-built systems.

Currently, CPL stocks nearly 13,000 products across numerous categories, including:

  • CPUs
  • Motherboards
  • Hard drives
  • Graphics cards
  • Memory
  • Power supplies
  • Audio devices
  • Network devices
  • Peripherals
  • Cables and accessories
  • Pre-built PCs and laptops
  • Printers and scanners

Key purchasing information

Does CPL have a physical store I can visit?

Yes. CPL operates three retail locations in Victoria that you can purchase products from over the counter. These are:

  • Notting Hill HQ: 7 Howleys Rd, Notting Hill VIC 3168
  • West Melbourne store: 529 Spencer St, West Melbourne VIC 3003
  • Preston store: 72 Albert St, Preston VIC 3072

Both the West Melbourne and Preston stores are open from 9:30AM to 6:30PM Monday to Saturday. The Notting Hill HQ trades for those same hours Monday to Friday, but only from 10:30AM to 6:00PM on Saturdays.

One thing to be aware of when visiting CPL's retail locations: you may have to wait quite some time both to be served and for your order to be fulfilled. Even when the stores themselves aren't busy, staff typically have to divide their time between managing online orders as well as people walking in off the street.

What payment methods does CPL accept?

For online orders, CPL accepts payment via BPAY, POLi Payments and direct bank transfer. You can also pay via PayPal, but only for orders of $1,000 or less. You'll also be hit with a 1.5% surcharge for paying with PayPal.

When paying in-store, CPL charges a 1.5% surcharge for credit card purchases and a 3.5% surcharge for payments made via American Express.

Shipping and returns

CPL offers a large range of shipping options fulfilled through courier services and Australia Post. Orders ship nationwide, though certain regional and rural addresses may be limited to fewer delivery methods.

How much does CPL charge for delivery?

Delivery costs are dictated by the size and weight of your order as well as where you're having it shipped to. Courier deliveries can range from $4.95 for Melbourne metro addresses up to $50 or more for heavier orders to interstate addresses. Where Australia Post is a viable option, delivery typically costs around $15 for small items and $30 for larger orders.

How long does CPL take to deliver?

CPL claims to dispatch 95% of orders the day after they're placed, leaving the majority of the delivery time determined by your chosen shipping method. Australia Post provides a general estimate of 2 to 6 business days for deliveries to metro areas of Australia, but country residents may have to wait longer than that. For courier deliveries, CPL offers different options depending on your address, so you'll need to check your chosen courier's website for an indication of typical delivery times.

Does CPL offer in-store pickup?

Yes. If you'd prefer to collect your order in person, you can do so from any of CPL's retail locations at no extra cost. In-store pickup requires you to present photo identification matching the payment details of your order, so don't forget to bring your wallet.

What is CPL's returns policy?

If an item you purchase from CPL proves to be faulty, Australian Consumer Law gives you the right to request a repair, replacement or refund – no exceptions. To make a claim, registered CPL users can select the RMA option from their account page on the CPL website. Non-registered users can submit their claim from CPL's guest RMA page.

Can I return a product if I change my mind?

CPL also accepts return claims for non-faulty items and instances where you've simply changed your mind. These are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and you'll need to email CPL directly to discuss your order for a refund. In some cases, you may need to pay a restocking fee for returns of non-faulty goods.

Does CPL ship internationally?

No, CPL does not ship outside Australia.

CPL review round-up

Judging a retailer by its products and prices alone doesn't paint a complete picture of the shopping experience. To get an idea of the kind of customer service a store provides, it can be useful to look at reviews left on sites like Product Review, True Local and Google.

We've done just that for CPL, rounding up the average ratings Aussie shoppers have given the store online to help you make a more informed decision:

Product Review

Average rating: 1.6

Number of reviews: 176

Google Reviews

Average rating: 3.3

Number of reviews: 265

True Local

Average rating: 1.75

Number of reviews: 8

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