Citibank Plus Everyday Account

Citibank Plus Everyday Account

Fee Free Deposit


Account Keeping Fee


Free international money transfers and free overseas Citibank ATM withdrawals.

  • Upcoming changes to the Citibank Plus still mean the perks stay the same
  • $0 account or transaction fees
  • No ATM fees when using Citibank, Westpac, St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA ATMs in Australia
  • No fees for using an overseas ATM, overseas in-store purchases or international money transfers

Product details

The Citibank Plus Everyday Account is a completely fee-free way to bank and can help you if you like travelling overseas. No matter how much you deposit each month, or how many times you use your debit card, Citibank will not charge you any fees for banking with their Plus Everyday Account. No ATM fees using Citibank, Westpac, BankSA and St.George branded ATMs in Australia. Use overseas Citibank ATMs for free.

In March 2017, Citibank will be switching to MasterCard. Find out what it means for new and existing account holders.

Product Name
Citibank Plus Everyday Account
Monthly Account Fee
Debit Card Access
ATM Withdrawal Fee
Interest Rate p.a.
No ATM fees using Citibank, Westpac, BankSA and St.George branded ATMs in Australia. Use overseas Citibank ATMs for free.
Joint Application
Fee Free Deposit p.m.
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee
Overseas Eftpos Fee
Phone Banking
Internet Banking

What are the features of the Citibank Plus Everyday Account?

When comparing Citibank’s transaction account with others, make sure that you look at the various fees you might be subjected to each months.

$0 Monthly account maintenance fees

There is no monthly charge from Citibank for banking with the Plus Everyday Account.

Linked Debit MasterCard

The account comes with a Citibank issued Debit MasterCard that allows you to shop wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted, without having to pay any interest on the purchase price. The debit card comes with a PayPass chip.

$0 Transaction fees

There is no charge for purchases made using your Debit MasterCard.

Domestic ATM withdrawals

You can withdraw money from Citibank, Westpac, St.George Bank, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA ATMs in Australia without any charges to your account.

International ATM withdrawals

Citibank doesn’t charge any fees for transactions made at overseas ATMs, though some third party bank operators could charge a fee for using their ATMs. So if you use a Citibank ATM overseas, the withdrawal is free but you need to take into account exchange rates. If you're using a non-Citibank branded ATM overseas, then the ATM operator is likely to charge you a fee.  It’s important to note that this isn’t a Citibank charge and is out of Citibank's control.

List of all the Citibank ATMs in the world.

Overseas transactions or shopping online

Citibank doesn't charge any international transaction fees – so if you're purchasing something overseas or shopping online from a non-Australian retailer website, you don't need to worry about any fees. This fee is usually charged when you conduct a transaction in a currency other than AUD.

International money transfers – send money overseas to loved ones

You can make fee-free, instant money transfers to Citibank accounts in the countries below.

HungaryMalaysiaUnited States
GuamMexicoUnited Kingdom
Hong KongPhilippinesUnited Arab Emirates
India (restrictions apply)Poland Thailand

If you're sending money from your Citibank Australia Plus everyday account to a non-Citibank account in another country, the recipient bank may charge fees for the transfer. These transfer are also not instant.

Foreign currencies available to transfer


24/7 access to account

You can access your account online or with 24/7 phone banking from Citibank.

Free wine when you dine at eligible restaurants

If you dine at one of Citibank’s Dining Program partner restaurants and pay using your Debit MasterCard, you will receive a free bottle of wine.

$0 minimum opening balance

You can open a Citibank Plus Everyday Account without an initial deposit amount.

Linked with a Citibank savings account

This is a non interest earning account, but you do have the option of linking up to three separate savings accounts from Citibank. This allows you to easily transfer money into your savings.

Personal use only

This account is intended only for personal use, not to be used by a business.

Citibank branches in Australia

It’s important to note that Citibank branches are only placed in Capital CBDs, though bank deposits can be made at NAB branches and Australia post with Bank@Post outlets. Cash deposits not made in a Citibank branch will take up to 48 business hours to appear in your account.

One Time Password

Citibank’s online banking uses a banking password as well as a One Time Password (OTP) for extra security. The OTP can be generated using the Citibank mobile app. Make sure that you always have access to the phone number that you’ve registered for OTP.

Customer service

Citibank’s call centre is located in Manila, Philippines.

Popular across consumers

Recent figures released by Citibank show a 500% increase in applications since the product’s re-launch in October 2011.

How does the Citibank compare to the 28 Degrees MasterCard?

Citibank Plus Everyday Account-02

*Rates and fees correct up to 1 July 2015

Using an international ATM with your Citibank Plus account

*Source: Whirlpool Forums

LocationCitibank Presence?Fee-Free Withdrawals?
Indonesia and BaliYesBCA, Mandiri, CIMB/Niaga, BNI, Danamon, Mega
CanadaNoBank of Montreal, TD Bank
ChinaYesICBC, Bank of China, Bank of Beijing, Citibank
EuropeYes (in some countries)Most ATMs
Hong KongYesHSBC, Bank of China
JapanYesSeven Bank, JP Bank
MacauNoSome available
MalaysiaNoMost ATMs
New ZealandYes (but only in Auckland)Some ATMs
SingaporeYesDBS, OCBC
Sri LankaNoMost commercial banks
TaiwanYesFirst Bank, Standard Chartered
ThailandYes (but only in Bangkok)Some ATMs
VietnamYes (mostly in Ho Chi Minh City)Military Bank, DongA Bank


  • No monthly account or transaction fees
  • Debit MasterCard with Mascard payWave
  • Fee-free withdrawals at partner ATMs
  • Fee-free instant money transfers
  • Free bottle of wine every time you dine at Citibank Dining Program partner restaurants
  • Free access to 3,000+ ATMs in Australia
  • Open one in 15 minutes


  • Not available for business
  • Lack of branches in Australia

How do I apply for the Citibank Plus Everyday Account?

If after comparing the features of this everyday account with others you decide it has everything you were looking for, you can start a secure application by applying online.

Eligibility to apply online

Before beginning, check the following eligibility requirements to ensure that Citibank will accept your application:

    • Your current age. Only individuals who are 18 years of age or older will be considered for the Citibank Plus Everyday Account.
    • Where you live. You must have a valid Australian residential address in order for your application to be processed.
    • The purpose of the account. You must be setting up this account for personal use only. While it can be a joint account, it cannot be used for businesses, partnerships, trusts, companies or DIY Super Funds.

Documentation for your online application

If you are eligible, gather together the following documentation and proceed with filling out your application online:

    • Identification documents. You are going to need at least two forms of identification when filling out the application. These can include an Australian driver’s licence, Medicare card or passport.
    • Tax File Number (TFN). Australian’s are not required to provide a TFN, but if you do not, Citibank will deduct any applicable taxes at the top marginal rate.
    • Joint applicant information. If applying jointly you will need all of the same information for the additional applicant.

What happens after I've submitted my application?

If you have all of your information readily available, filling out the application should take no more than five minutes. Once submitted, Citibank will issue you an account number. Within five to seven business days you will receive a welcome pack from Citibank which will have your Debit MasterCard inside.

The identification process

After the sign-up process it’s very likely that you’ll need to visit your local Australia Post or Citibank branch to verify your identity.

I’m moving out with 4 other people (so 5 in total, including myself) and I’ve been thinking that a joint bank account would be useful for us to pay bills. We are all good friends and trust each other, I just don’t think it’d be fair for one person to be in charge of bills is all. I was wondering if i was possible to have an account for this amount of people to have access to it. If not this account, would you be able to help me find the right product? Hope to hear from you soon. is an online comparison service so we can’t recommend specific products to you.

I’m wondering if you can tell me how I would find out the exchange rate I will receive if I put money into this card. For example if I put $10,000 on.

I’m very new to all of this and am wondering if you can tell me how I would find out the exchange rate I will receive if I put money into this card. For example if I put $10,000 on."]
For the Citibank Plus Everyday account, the MasterCard exchange rate is used at the time of transaction. This exchange rate has a commission built into it, which means that you don’t pay any additional fees on top of the rate.

I’m planning on travelling the world and i would like to know if this card is stolen/lost, what is the process of having this card replaced and how long would it take? additionally, are there any fees included with the replacement of the card?

The Citibank Plus account is a fee-free everyday account. In the event that your card is lost or stolen, you will need to contact Citibank directly.

I will be travelling in Scandinavia. How can I find out where ATM’s are for cash withdrawal?

For fee-free overseas withdrawals, you will need to withdraw from a Citibank-branded ATM in Scandinavia. Bear in mind that while Citibank might not charge you for overseas withdrawals, the owner of the ATM machine might.

Is there a listing of international Citibank, Westpac, BankSA and St .George branded ATMs on-line anywhere?

If you visit the Citibank website, you can locate your nearest ATM or branch anywhere in the world by using their ‘Find Citi Locations.’ Please note that although Citibank will not charge a fee for withdrawals from Citibank-branded ATMS, some ATMS may owner charge fees.

Does the money in the a/c get interest ? if yes at ? % ?

No, the Citibank Plus Everyday account has no interest.

When using the Citibank Plus everyday account is there a fee for transferring money to an ING bank account in Romania. Also ATMs from which banks are free to use overseas (Europe)

The Citibank Plus account is a fee free everyday account. You will benefit from no international fees. This means no international ATM or point of sale fees when using your account abroad, as well as free international money transfers to any account.

We are travelling to UK in October and would like to clarify we have to load the card with AUD before we go, say $10000 2.we draw out UK pounds at ATMs without charges other than use of foreign ATM charges 3.reloading is possible from UK via online access to citibank

Yes, that’s correct. You will need to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Plus account to make transactions overseas. There are no currency conversion fees or international transaction fees applicable when using the Citibank Plus Debit MasterCard overseas. Citibank will not charge you ATM fees when using any ATM overseas. Please kindly note that non-Citibank ATM owners may charge a fee for use of their ATM.

With overseas purchases at a restaurant or shopping store, do you charge a conversion fee?

With the Citibank Plus account, they change no foreign transaction fees and no international ATM withdrawal fees for purchases overseas. However, please note that while Citibank may not charge you for overseas withdrawals, the owner of the ATM machine might charge a fee. Citibank Global Transfers allows you to convert currency at the exchange rate specified to you on Citibank Online before you confirm your transaction. This exchange rate includes a commission for the conversion service.

Is it possible to have an additional card holder for the Citibank Plus Everyday Account?

It’s possible to apply for a joint Citibank Plus account, however it’s not possible to add a card holder to an existing account.

The Citibank Plus sounds like a great alternative to the more complex management and extra fees on the Travel card systems. Can you tell me if there is a Citibank Branch bank in Cairns, Queensland. Also, if overseas I will probably have to regularly transfer funds from my regular Credit Union A/C which is linked to my salary deposits. Do I just do external bank A/C transfer from my online A/C or can I also use BPAY to transfer funds across. I am going overseas in exactly one month, is this enough time for me to apply and receive my Citibank Plus card?

If you visit the Citibank website you can use their ‘Find my Citi’ to locate your nearest branch. With the Citibank Plus Everyday Account, you can transfer money via the Citibank Global Transfers. Should you have any other enquiries regarding Citibank products, we suggest that you get in contact with them directly.

We sent in an application, via IPad but we’re not able to print forms for I’d etc as had no access to printer at the time. Should we put in a new application via computer so that we can print the forms or can you email a copy of our application so that I can go thru and print them

As is an online comparison service, we do not represent Citibank. To follow up on your application, we suggest getting in touch with Citibank directly.

Trying to use my Citibank Plus account to transfer some funds to Turkey in Turkish Lira, but the currency does not show in the dropbox. How do I make this payment, do i need to ring up to get it processed?

You can transfer funds to Turkey through the Citibank Global Transfers online. If you are having trouble processing this transfer, we advise that you get in touch with Citibank directly.

Is this right: Citibank does not charge you to withdraw cash from any international ATM (including non-Citibank ATMs), but the ATM operator may charge a fee. Citibank does not charge a fee for withdrawing or purchasing in a currency other than AUD.

Both statements are correct. In most cases you’ll find that the ATM operator will charge a fee.

I am currently in New Zealand and was wondering how/ where I can find a Citibank-branded ATM or partner bank for fee-free withdrawals?

There is a Citibank branch located in Auckland – unfortunately Citibank Australia don’t have any partners overseas.

Where can I find the exchange rates from AUD to Turkish Lira using a Citibank Plus account? I am planning to travel from Australia to Turkey in a few weeks’ time.

The Citibank Plus account uses MasterCard exchange rates.

I plan to travel New Zealand soon. Can I use Citibank Plus card withdraw cash from anywhere ATM for fee-free?

Unfortunately no, you need to withdraw from a Citibank-branded ATM for fee-free withdrawals.

Is there a daily limit to the amount of money you can spend using the Debit MasterCard?

There’s a daily limit of $1,000 which you can withdraw or spend from this account, as well as a daily transfer limit of $10,000. You can change these at anytime by calling Citibank.

I’ll be going overseas in August and am thinking of the citibank debit card because of the fact that there are no currency conversion fees etc. Is it possible to get 2 x additional debit cards for my daughter (same surname) and my son in law (different surname) or do they have to get their own?

Unfortunately its only possible to have two Citibank debit cards linked to the one account. This is because there is a maximum of two people per joint account. Either your daughter or son-in-law will need to get their own Citibank Plus account.

Can you please tell me if the Citibank Plus account attracts any currency conversion fees?

The Citibank Plus account doesn’t attract any currency conversion fees.

We are travelling to Spain and turkey. can you advise if this facility is welcomed in these countries.

Your Citibank Plus debit card can be used at ATMs, retailers or any other location that accept MasterCard. Spain also has a number of Citibank-branded ATMs where you can withdraw your money fee-free.

Once card is received does it need to be verified to use overseas, With only one card provided for a joint account, can a second card be ordered if so what is the cost

It doesn’t need to be verified to use overseas, but it would be good to tell Citibank about your plans to travel beforehand. Two cards are provided for a joint account.

Citibank do you have reload fees on travel card

Please note that is an online comparison and information service and does not represent Citibank. This card is actually a debit card, not a travel card. It only holds AUD and there are no fees for ‘reloading’ into this account.

Is there an annual fee on citibank plus everyday account

There is no annual fee on the Citibank Plus account.

What happen if money is not deposit in to the account and only open account?

If your Citibank Plus account has not been operated on by deposit or withdrawal for a period of at least 6 months, and your account is either in debit (apart from a secured overdraft) or has a nil balance, Citibank may close your account without any prior written notice to you.

l want an account that l can keep my USD & Euro dollars intact and buy and sell without currency conversions and loosing money on bank fees . l am not a business. Which bank will give me the cheapest service. Mainly l will be buying in receiving in USD

A Multi Currency Account can hold both USD and EUR. Please note that is an online comparison service and is not in a position to recommend specific products, providers and services.

I am travelling to the UK this year, is the Citibank Plus Everyday Account with debit card a good option for making purchases of meals, accommodation and shopping while I am overseas?

Please note that is an online comparison service and is not in a position to recommend specific products, providers and services. You can use the debit card wherever MasterCard is accepted, including ATMs and merchants. MasterCard has one of the biggest networks worldwide.

Will travel to NZ ( North Island), Which bank will not charge a ATM fees for my Citi Bank Plus Account Debit Card ?

Citibank will not charge ATM fees for using your Citibank Plus debit card. There is one branch in Auckland.

I need to transfer some money to my friend in Hong Kong and looks like this card is the best in the market to do so. Is this an easy transfer process? Can I do the transfer online? Or I need to go to a branch or Post Office to do so?

The transfer is fairly easy if you are comfortable using the Internet. You can do the transfer online, there is no need to go into a branch or Post Office.

I like the features of the Citibank Plus Account and would like to have one as I am traveling to Italy for 3 weeks but I am 15 years old. Can I apply somehow? can I have my parents apply and get a card?

As the age requirement for this account is 18, you may want to consider getting your one of your parents to apply as a joint account with you.

Just wondering about this card does it charge currency conversion fees?

This card doesn’t charge currency conversion fees.

My wife and I will be traveling to Europe in June and we were considering either a debit card or a cash passport. From forums we have seen, the way to go is with a debit card and your Citibank Plus every day card seems to be the best. 1. Rather than what there is no charge for, could you tell me what there is a fee on. I would imagine there is a currency conversion fee & if so how much? 2. Can this card be set up over the net? 3. Is there a charge to unload the account on our return?

Please note that is an online comparison service and does not represent Citibank. It’s likely that you’ll be charged a foreign ATM operate fee is you use a non-Citibank ATM to take out money, this can go up to a few dollars. There are no currency conversion fees charged. You can apply for this card online, but if you’re a new customer Citibank will require that you visit a branch to show 100 points of ID. There’s no charge to transfer any left over funds electronically when you return.

I’m heading to Europe for 10 weeks in April, and I was considering using the citibank plus everyday account as my main means of handling money. However, with the Australian dollar in decline, would you recommend getting a travel money card with a locked in exchange rate, or sticking with the citibank account?

Unfortunately the best decision regarding this will ultimately come from how important different features are to you. The Citibank Plus will not charge you for overseas ATM withdrawals, whereas many travel money cards do. On the other hand, as you mentioned, the exchange rate isn’t locked in like a travel money card is. You might start by weighing up the difference ATM fees will cost you compared to the cost of the exchange rate dropping and see which option would be cheaper.

Is it possible to open an Joint Account with my Partner who is a regular traveler to Melbourne whereas I am a full time international student?

This account is able to be opened as a joint account, as long as both applicants are eligible, meaning they are over 18 years old and have a valid email address and Australian residential address.

Is it ok for us to save money into the same account regardless of our types of MasterCard, yet we have to have a valid email and residential address. Yes?

As long as you satisfy the eligibility criteria mentioned below, your MasterCard won’t be a problem with Citibank. - Be over 18 years of age - Valid email and Australian residential address - If applying with a joint account holder, they will need to supply their details too - The account must be opened for personal use only - You will need to supply at least two forms of identification: Australian driver’s licence, Medicare card or Passport.

Is there any problem using a Citibank debit card in Scandinavia to withdraw cash at ATMs ( I am going to norway, finland, sweden, estonia and singapore), do you know if there will be Citi bank branded ATMs so the withdrawals will be fee free ?

There should be no problem as long as you use the card at locations which accept MasterCard. The withdrawals will be free from Citibank regardless of which ATM you use, although some ATMs will charge owner fees which you will need to check before withdrawing.

My son’s debit Debit MasterCard was skimmed at an ATM. At that time he was 19km away from that ATM. The transactions were made a couple of minutes before he was trying to pay for his petrol and his card was declined. Even though the bank admitted that it is impossible to get money from both places almost at the same time and at 19km of distance, they still are going to take between 6 to 8 weeks to refund the money. Is there any way of accelerating the process?

I would recommend reading the terms and conditions for your son’s particular bank. Some banks set a refund period much shorter than this, but your bank may have set this 6-8 week period in their terms and conditions for their MasterCard product. I would also recommend regularly touching base with the bank during the time taken to organise the refund to see if there is any way of speeding it up.

What happens in the event of someone skims my debit card and withdraw money from it? What protection the customer has if he/she can prove that he/she didn’t make that withdraw?

Citibank has a fraud protection service called Fraudshield which may be able to help in this situation. It works similar to the fraud protection services other banks use – your account will be monitored for suspicious or irregular transactions e.g purchases made overseas, and if something is found, you’ll be contacted immediately to verify if you’ve made the transaction or if it is from a fraudulent source.

Is the bank liable to pay or not? He has only one card, it is not as if there were two card. He is the only card holder. I assume the bank can prove that he could not be possible for him to get money in on ATM and almost immediately to try to pay for petrol 19km away.

Unfortunately, this is up to the bank and the card scheme (Visa, MasterCard etc) to decide. What they’re most likely doing right now is investigating the transaction, figuring out where it came from and at what time, and then using other information to come to a decision as to who is liable. In most cases, if the cardholder didn’t act in contrary to the card terms of use then they will be not be liable and will be reimbursed. Good luck with this issue and please let us know when it is resolved.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw per day on the Citibank Plus Everyday account?

You can withdraw a maximum of $1,000 each day, and the daily transfer limit is $10,000 with this account.

Can you help me set up an account in the USA from here in Australia, I do have investments over there.

Unfortunately, as we’re not Citibank, we’re unable to help you with applying for a US-based account. I’d recommend contacting Citibank directly to talk about your options for setting up an account overseas.

I am interested in getting one of your Citibank Plus transaction cards because i am going to italy next year. Is it possible to use that card in Italy to withdraw money from ATMS and/or to purchase items? If not do you have such a card

This card can be used overseas in Italy to purchase items in stores and withdraw money at ATMS (I used it myself in Italy last year).

I live overseas in USA but coming back to Australia (Darwin) for short period. How do I sign up for a account?

Unfortunately to be eligible for this account you must be a permanent resident of Australia and have a valid Australian residential address.

I am an australian citizen with australian address.

You will be able to apply for the Citibank Plus by clicking on the ‘Go to Site’ buttons on this page. Note that you can identify yourself online, but if this is unsuccessful you may need to identify yourself in person at a Citibank branch or Australia Post branch.

Is there any way to uplift an existing individual citi plus everyday account to a joint account? I couldn’t find any form or online process to provide the additional person’s details. it would seem a waste of effort to otherwise open a new joint account and then trash the existing one.

You may be able to obtain a form from Citibank to change your individual account to a joint one. Please get in touch with them directly to enquire about this.

How do I go about getting a card for my daughter to use overseas if she is under 16?

Unfortunately this account is only available for those at least 18 years old. You could potentially open a joint account and have your daughter as the joint account holder. Alternatively you could open one in your name and let your daughter use the card.

My son opened a Citibank account here in Australia before he went to the US and then has opened a Citibank account there so that he could make transfers from his account here ,and also use his cash card to access his money from his Australian account. However, he went to use his card yesterday and it was denied – informing him he had to contact Citibank Australia. He went online to check his account but it was frozen and told him that his password and username details did not match those on file – which was completely untrue. He called the call centre in India to be told that from their end his account was fine and there was no problem. Clearly this is not true as my son cannot access his account or his money and Citibank are not helping. Why has this situation happened and how can it be resolved. He is extremely stressed as he is stranded without cash.

He may have been locked out if he didn’t inform Citibank Australia that he was temporarily leaving the country. Alternatively, there could have been security breaches that caused the account to be locked. If he’s not having any luck with the customer service team over the phone, you may want to visit your local branch on his behalf to try and resolve the issue. Please also check that he has sufficient funds in his account and that he has been trying to use an ATM with the MasterCard logo on it.

I am traveling to Uruguay for a long period. I wanted to open a foreign currency in USD in Australia and one in Uruguay to transfer money periodically. Looking in the website of Uruguay I find some branches there but they are not listed. Can you tell me if it is possible to open the overseas account from Australia? Is the transfer free of charge? Can I withdraw American Dollars in the cashier or I have to change the money to local currency?

Citibank can assist you with opening your account before you leave Australia. While the Australian Citibank Plus Transaction account won’t charge you for international money transfers, you’ll need to check with Citibank Uruguay will charge a fee for receiving the funds. It’s most likely that if you transfer funds into your Uruguay account that the funds will be in Pesos, so you won’t need to exchange the currency – but it’s best to confirm this with Citibank before committing to the product.

What are the currency conversion rates when using Citibank Plus Transaction Account for travel? Can I get one quickly as I am in a small town with no Citibank.

Please note that exchange rates are incredibly volatile and change all the time. You’ll receive a your account number once you’ve completed the online application form. It typically takes up to 5-7 working days for your welcome pack to arrive that will contain your Debit Master Card.

If I transfer funds from my Citibank plus account (set up in Australia) to an American account, what fees will be I charged? What is the maximum amount that can be transferred at one time?

Citibank Australia doesn’t charge any fees of international money transfers (exchange rates will apply), but just double check with your American bank to see if they charge fees for receiving the money. The maximum amount you can transfer internationally is included in your daily transfer limit.

With the Citibank plus account when overseas, if I use an ATM that has the MasterCard symbol there is no charge from citibank ? Just a local ATM fee ?

You need to use a Citibank (not MasterCard) branded ATM for fee-free withdrawals. If you use a non-Citibank ATM, then a foreign ATM fee will most likely be charged.

Am travelling through south east asia for four months, and was wondering what ATM’s are in partnership with Citibank in Thailand, Cambodia, Loas, Vietnam, Malaysia?

Citibank Australia doesn’t have any partner ATMs overseas. However, Citibank has a number of ATMs in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia that you’ll be able to withdraw money from for free.

My daughter is currently in the US and she has a Citibank debit card and a 28 degrees credit card. Would it be best to use the Credit card for most purchases and the Debit card for withdrawing cash? Also I saw it mentioned somewhere on a travel site that when paying for purchases with the debit card that the Credit option rather then the Savings option should be chosen. Is this so and if so why is that?

Unfortunately we can only provide general advice regarding the products we compare. Using a credit card for purchases could mean that you’re charged interest, so it just depends on your daughter’s spending style and her ability to make her repayments. Generally, when choosing ‘credit’ with a debit card means that the purchase has purchase protection and a zero liability policy. It adds a level of security to your purchases, but this feature is not available with all debit cards in the market. It advisable to check with Citibank to see if this feature is included.

I am planning to visit Germany for 3 months. Are there any fees for Card Issue, Account Open, Initial Load, Reload, Transfer between Currencies, Purchase Transaction, Cash Withdrawal, ATM Balance Enquiry, Cross Currency Conversion Fee, SMS Alert, Card Replacement, Emergency Cash Advance, Transfer to Transaction Account, and Card Closure? Re Withdrawing from an ATM I know that there would be a ATM charge for withdrawing cash in Germany but is there any fee for Citibank Plus Account in Australia every time I withdraw cash from an ATM in Germany? Or is it only charged from an ATM in Germany but not in Citibank? Could you provide me list of banks which do not charge for withdrawing from an ATM in Germany, sister banks with Citibank in Germany? Deposit Money in Citibank Plus Account Is it possible to deposit euros into the Citibank Plus Account using my credit card? Or, only cash will be accepted? Left-Over euros Is it possible to withdraw the left-over euros in Australia after a trip? And is there any charge for doing this in Australia? Please, explain clearly for the above questions, each item.

There are no fees for the following: Card Issue, Account Open, Initial Load, Reload, Transfer between Currencies (because this account only holds AUD), Purchase Transaction, Cross Currency Conversion Fee, Card Replacement, Emergency Cash Advance (because it’s not a credit card), Transfer to Transaction Account, and Card Closure. If you withdraw money out of a Citibank branded ATM in Germany you won’t be charged a fee for going so. Otherwise a foreign ATM fee will most likely be charged. Unfortunately Citibank Australia doesn’t have any sister banks internationally. It’s also not possible to deposit Euros into this account. Once you’ve returned to Australia and there are still left over funds in your account, you can transfer it back into your normal Australian transaction account, or withdraw the funds from an Citibank ATM. If you’d like more information regarding how this account works, please get in touch with us on 1300 FINDER.

What do I need to open this account? And how long it will take to receive the MasterCard?

You’ll need to supply information about yourself including your Driver’s Licence number, place of birth, address, contact details, tax file number (you don’t have to provide this but tax will be deducted at the highest marginal rate if you don’t), and also details about your job. You must provide two forms of identification that will prove that you are identified in Australia. One of these items has to be a form of photo identification. Once your application is completed you’ll receive your card and PIN within 5 – 7 business days.

I am heading off to Germany next Friday, if you guarantee 5 business days to receive the card and PIN, I am happy to lodge the application. Let me know ASAP.

Please note that is an online comparison service. We don’t actually issue any of the products ourselves. It’s best for you to get in touch with Citibank directly to see if they can issue you the card within 5 business days.

I was recently on a working holiday visa in Australia so I am not a permanent resident. I currently have a commonwealth bank account and after going on a 3 month overseas travel trip I was shocked on the fee’s I got charged per ATM withdrawal. Most were over $20 per withdrawal of 1-200 dollars. Can you explain how this is possible? Also can you recommend the lowest overseas ATM fees bank account in Australia for non-residents of Australia?

Cash withdrawals for CBA accounts attract a fee of AUD$5.00 plus 3% of the transaction value (at the time of writing). Unfortunately we don’t recommend specific products, services or providers though you can compare a range of providers here that provide accounts to non-residents. It might be a good idea to check their overseas ATM withdrawal fees before committing to anything.

I’m travelling to Vietnam, the plan so far is get the ‘Citibank Plus Account – Everyday Account’; deposit some money in the account and go. My questions are: 1) What is the currency exchange fee? i.e. if the rate is 1aud=0.82usd would you also charge a conversion fee of 3-5% on top? 2) If I get a card will my name be on it? 3) Will withdrawing cash from a Vietnamese branch or atm incur a service fee of your own rather than that of the branch (i.e. Techcom Bank atm fee $2 + Citibank fee $2 = total $4)? 4) What is the maximum withdrawal amount for 24hours? 5) Are there fees for depositing, inactivity or cancelling/closing accounts associated with this account?

I’ll answer your question in corresponding points to make it easier to see: 1. This account charges no currency exchange fee. There is a margin as part of the exchange rate, which you can work out by seeing the MasterCard exchange rates, which is what the card uses. 2. Yes, the card is a regular debit card, meaning it will have your name printed on it, and has a security chip inbuilt. 3. There are no Citibank international ATM withdrawal fees, meaning the only fee you need to worry about is the local ATM fee. 4. The daily withdrawal limit is $1,000, and the daily transfer limit is $10,000. 5. No, there are no fees for making deposits, inactivity or closing your account. As I mentioned, this account is a debit card, not a travel money card, meaning many of the fees usually charged by a travel card are not charged by this fee-free transaction account.

Just opened a Citibank Plus Account. Will be going to Bali soon do I withdraw money from a MasterCard atm as credit or savings,I am told use savings in Australia and credit o/seas?

If the ATM has a ‘plus’ symbol on it you can hit savings, if not you can select credit to withdraw money from an overseas ATM.

Can i transfer funds into the Debit MasterCard via Bpay?

You’re unable to use BPAY to transfer funds onto your Debit MasterCard, you’ll need to use a direct debit transfer to credit your account. When you’ve done this you’ll be able to access these funds via your Debit MasterCard.

Can I load ZAR (South African Rand) to this card?

This card allows you to spend in ZAR, although note that this card is a debit card, not a travel card, meaning you can’t preload funds onto it.

Is there a foreign transaction fee incurred if I use the linked Debit MasterCard that comes with the with the Citibank Plus transaction account to make an international online purchase from Australia?

No you won’t be charged an international transaction fee if you use your Debit MasterCard to purchase something internationally online.

I’ll be travelling to Hanoi Vietnam soon. I believe there’s a citibank branch there (it’d be nice if you could confirm). My question is will i be able to make a cash deposit at that branch with either Australian dollar, Euro and/or Vietnamese Dong?

Yes there are Citibank branches and ATMs in Hanoi. You can make a cash deposit at the branch, but please keep in mind that fees and exchange rates will apply to this transaction. Upon depositing, please confirm these with the Citibank staff member.

I’m going to the UK and Europe for 6 months in December and want to find the best account to set-up to minimise currency exchange rates. I’ve looked at The Citibank Plus Account. Can you tell me 1. Is there a % conversion fee on the MasterCard rate payable? 2. Can I do electronic transfers for bills like rent, and is there a charge on these? 3. Are there any charges I need to be aware of (How do you make money on this)? 4. How do I open and authenticate an account?

First off, there is no foreign conversion fees payable on the Debit MasterCard that comes with this account. - You can use your account to perform electronic transfers and pay for bills and there is no charge for these kind of transactions. - According to the Citibank website, they list no applicable fees for this account. Before you apply you should read through the terms and conditions of the account. - You can open the account by clicking the green ‘Go to site’ button on this page and following the application process on Citibank’s site.

My teenage son is doing a year-long exchange to Switzerland in 2015. I’m looking at using the Citibank Plus Account Debit Card as a mechanism to provide fund to him from my Australian bank account, to minimize fees and costs. Is this product the best option?

Unfortunately we don’t recommend specific products, services or providers. The Citibank Plus is a competitive product and offers free international money transfer from Australia to any account. If you’d like, you can also read our travel money guide for Switzerland.

I have a Citibank plus account and want to take it to the USA with me. If my money on the card is in Aus dollars and would obviously be converted to US dollars- whose exchange rate do I get , the ATMs or Citibank exchange rate for that day?

You’ll receive the MasterCard exchange rate for the day, which you can find here (enter in ’0′ in the bank fee section).

Do you have any branches in Italy? how the deposits are made into plus account? what’s the current Aud to Euro exchange rate please for the plus account?

There are no branches in Italy. 2. You can deposit into this account via cheque, EFT, salary crediting, at Australia Post and at NAB branches. 3. At time of writing, 1 EUR = 1.44 AUD

Can I use this card in any country with MasterCard atms?

Yes this card is accepted at MasterCard locations. Please note that fees could apply.

I have just taken my 100 point ID check to the post office and they said that Citibank wasn’t an option on their screen and they could not help me. Would this be correct? and if not does anyone know what option they use on their screen? because they did show me the screen and I couldn’t see Citibank either?

I’d recommend contacting Citibank Plus directly about this matter.

I am going to Vietnam in 2 weeks and would like to know if there are fees for withdrawing cash from ATMS, I will not be using it as a credit card but as a debit card with the money I have already deposited into it. Also if the card is stolen is there are insurance on money stolen if they are able to use card. Can I also deposit/transfer from a different bank account?

This account doesn’t charge fees for withdrawing from an ATM. It does allow you to deposit and transfer from this account to different bank accounts. There’s no extra insurance on this card, but as is the case with all MasterCards, it’s covered by MasterCard’s Zero Liability policy, which means that if you follow the conditions of use for this card you will not be held at fault for any fraudulent transactions. This means you’ll also receive provisional credit to cover any losses within five business days. If your card is stolen you can contact Citibank to have your account blocked and a new card issued.

If I go to NZ and withdraw money from ATM using my citibank card, do conversion fees apply? Which atms are fee free in NZ for citibank cards?

No conversion fees apply to that withdrawal but you may be charged a foreign ATM fee. Citibank-branded ATMs allow fee-free withdraws for Citibank cards.

How can I find out Citibank ATM location in Laos, Cambodia and Bangkok?

You can search for Citibank ATMs and branches across the globe by using findmyciti.

If I want to transfer funds from my Citibank Plus to someone overseas I read that it is fee free, but the fine print talks about exchange rates and commissions. As an example, what would I actually end up paying today if I transferred 1000USD to a non-citi account in the US. So what would I pay in commission transferring USD 1000 from Australia to the USA?

As mentioned, the commission would be included in the exchange rate, which would make up some of the difference between the rate MasterCard offers and the prevailing rate available on the foreign exchange market. According to the MasterCard website, they charge financial institutions between 0.15 to 1% when the global payment system is used, so the amount of commission charged could vary. This would then be combined with the exchange rate to give you the final rate available on the MasterCard website. There are no fees added to a global transfer with this account. Your funds will be exchanged at the MasterCard rate applicable at the time of transfer, and as the fine print mentions, this will include a commission, so there are no additional fees added to this transfer. To find out the MasterCard exchange rate for the day please visit this page.

I’ll head to overseas in a month. I have a citibank plus account. I was just wondering if I use eftpos at the store overseas would I be hit any fee?

This card doesn’t charge fees for buying anything in store overseas. There won’t be any fees, though the exchange rates will apply.

After I take my ID to the Post Office or Citibank branch, how long will it take to actually get the card? I’m concerned I will have easy access to my funds at ATMs in Poland though I see Poland is listed.

On the Citibank website it states that, “You’ll receive a your account number once you’ve completed the online application form. Check the mail within 5-7 working days for your Welcome Pack which will contain your new Debit MasterCard, ATM PIN and CitiPhone Banking Telephone PIN (TPIN).” You can also check the status of your application.

Just a couple of questions on the use of the Citibank Plus Transaction Account. If I use an ATM overseas with a MasterCard logo that accepts Citibank cards but is not a Citibank ATM, do I incur that Bank’s ATM fee? To transfer funds from another bank to the Citibank card, are there any fees incurred and how long does it take for the money to hit the Citibank account? Do you need notification of the countries we are travelling too so that a hold isn’t placed on the card as a suspicious transaction? Lastly, what is the maximum withdrawal per day including purchases.

If the ATM isn’t a Citibank ATM you may have to pay ATM owner fees, which are separate from the bank’s own ATM fee which they charge to their own customer. It should be noted that not every country and not every ATM will come with these fees. In answer to your second question, this will depend on the bank your account is with, and the type of account you use to transfer funds. Most Australian everyday accounts will allow you to transfer to another Australian bank account free of charge, but again this will depend on the account you have. It’s recommended that you notify Citibank of the locations you’ll be travelling to and the dates you’ll be travelling. As you mention, this will reduce the chance of Citibank placing a preemptive block on your account if they see charges being put on the card in a faraway location (a telltale sign that your card details have been stolen). There’s a daily limit of $1000 which you can withdraw from this account, as well as a daily transfer limit of $10,000.

With regards to the Citibank Plus Transaction Account and overseas ATM withdrawals, which exchange rate do you use? The one supplied by Debit MasterCard or do you apply your own?

This account uses the current Debit MasterCard exchange rate when you exchange funds.

Can I open a joint account online? what is the conversion fee if any

Yes you can open a joint account online. There are no international transaction fees for this account but your funds will be subject to Citibank’s Exchange Rates.

Does the 2.5% international transaction fee on atm overseas withdrawals apply to Citibank Plus Account.

The 2.5% transaction fee doesn’t apply to the Citibank Plus Account when withdrawing funds or using the card to make a purchase in store.

It was mentioned that there is no fee for withdrawing funds with a Citibank plus account. Can you a;so specify if it includes from an overseas atm.

If you’re using an overseas ATM, withdrawals from a Citibank-branded ATM won’t incur a fee. Using a non-Citibank branded ATM will incur the foreign operator ATM fee.

I am thinking of applying for your debit card so that I can use whilst travelling in the UK. I would be withdrawing English pounds and I would like to know what ATM’s I can use and how many ATM’s are there?

Citibank do not charge ATM fees regardless of which ATM machine you use so you can use whichever you happen to come across.

1. Does Citibank use the MasterCard exchange rate when converting AUD into USD? If not, what exchange rate is used? 2. If I withdraw from a Citibank ATM in America, will I be charged an ATM owners’ fee, even though it is a Citibank ATM? 3. Is it worthwhile opening a Citibank account in America to avoid ATM owners’ fees (as there are free international transfers), or should I continue to use my Australian Citibank card?

1. Yes, this account uses the MasterCard exchange rate at the time of purchase. 2. No, you will not be charged ATM owner fees if using a Citibank ATM. 3. The answer to this will depend on how long you’re going to be staying in America and how often you’ll be making withdrawals at ATMs.

I will be living in America for around 5 months, and using ATM’s quite frequently. What are the pros & cons of using my Australian Citibank Card versus opening a Citibank account in America? Since there are no fees, my understanding is that the only difference is that by using my Australian Citibank Card, I will be using the exchange rate at every transaction, whereas if I open a Citibank account there, I only worry about the exchange rate when I move funds from my account here to my account in America. Is this correct?

This is correct, if you use the Australian Citibank card you’ll be converting funds on the spot into American dollars, which could be a problem if exchange rates get worse during the time you’re there. Keep in mind that to open an American account you’ll usually need to provide a social security number as well as other identification. Citibank offer some checking accounts which give you free ATM use of non-Citibank ATMs worldwide, so you may want to compare these too. In terms of pros and cons, taking out a Citibank Australia account will give you an account which you can use worldwide without fees and which you may find useful if you do other overseas travelling. As you mention, a Citibank US account will not require continuous conversion of funds into US dollars like the Australian account, but may charge hefty monthly fees if you’re not completing qualifying direct deposits or bill payments or if you don’t fulfil their balance requirements. The Citibank website puts these fees for the Citibank Basic Checking account at $10 a month if conditions aren’t met. I’d recommend conducting a comparison of American bank accounts before settling on one option, or perhaps taking both!

How long does it take from applying online to actually receiving the card? Can money (wages) be deposited into this account if working overseas?

You’ll receive your card within 5 – 7 days. In response to the second question, this will depend on your employer, as they might incur fees transferring to an Australian bank account.

With other debit cards you load amounts in foreign currencies. Am I right thinking that with Citi card the amount I request in Czech Crowns (at an ATM in Prague) will be provided at current MasterCard exchange rate without any other fees?

This is correct, although it’s wise to remember that some ATMs will charge ATM owner fees so depending on the ATM you may have to pay these fees.

Having trouble working out the conversion fees if I withdraw money from an overseas ATM.

There are no conversion fees for this product when making a purchase at a store or withdrawing cash at an ATM.

I am currently travelling in Cambodia. I have lost my card and reported it but don’t have access to my funds at present as I don’t have my card details? my statements are going to my old email address which I am locked out of as well at present. I need to access my money to live and get home. Please help. I am a student and my Australian sim card doesn’t work in Cambodia!!

Unfortunately you’ve come through to, an online comparison service. We don’t handle any Citibank products or accounts. Please speak to the customer service team at Citibank to sort out your access with your account. They should be able to assist

I am wanting to apply for a Citibank Plus Account particularly to use for travelling overseas and in Hawaii, however I can’t seem to find many citibank atms. Can withdrawals be made at other atms and if so which ones.

You can withdraw from any ATM which accepts Debit MasterCard with this account, the ATMs do not need to be Citibank ATMs. Regardless of which ATM you use Citibank will not charge fees for currency conversion or ATM withdrawal.

If i create a citibank plus account-everyday account can i send funds to Thailand fee free plus use atm in Thailand.

This account allows you to make free international money transfers, and can also be used when traveling at stores or ATMs to make fee-free purchases and withdrawals.

I recently applied for and received a Cash passport multi currency card on line only to find that there is a 1% reload every time I want to load up the card. With you debit card, do we simply load the card with Aust Dollars and then make purchases or withdraw money from the card with no fees attached. Hard to believe??

This card works like a regular debit card. You load your funds onto the card (in Australian dollars) and then spend in whichever currency you need. The card will automatically convert the Australian dollars to the currency you need at the MasterCard exchange rate. There are no fees for this conversion, nor are there fees charged by Citibank when withdrawing money at ATMs.

Can you please tell me if you use this card overseas, will there be a currency conversion fee? I know there is no ATM fees but I just want to check if there is a currency conversion fee for ATM withdrawals or MasterCard purchases?

There are no currency conversion fees charged with this card.

I am trying to apply for the Citibank card but when I select the apply it doesn’t do anything. Is your system down?

Are you applying from your computer at work? Sometimes the internet settings won’t let you access the application page. Please try again with your computer at home – if this problem still persists, please let us know and we’ll get our tech team on it.

I will travel to Germany next month but cannot find any Citibank ATM location over there. I read that Citibank was part of the CashPool banks ( Just wondering if I would be charged any fee to use ATM’s from the Cash Pool group?

To our knowledge Citibank Australia doesn’t have any partner ATMs internationally, apart from the ones that are specifically Citibank branded.

Is there a cost for withdrawing cash from ATM’s overseas and what banks ATM can I use in Europe? Can I buy goods with this debit card whilst overseas and if so is there a cost for this service?

Citibank doesn’t charge fees for overseas ATM withdrawals or purchases with this card.

My wife and I are travelling o/s soon, just wondering if we can get a card each if I were to get the Everyday Account just in my name?

To receive an extra card with this account you’d need to apply in both names, or apply separately for this account.

Does this card have a credit limit or do you load it up with your own cash.?

This account is a regular transaction account, so you only spend your own money on it.

I have a citibank Plus Transaction account. I wish to use it in overseas ATMs without fees. I am visiting places like Croatia. Can you show me how I can find the Fee Free ATMs O/S and direct me your Terms and Conditions that state how to avoid fees using O/S ATMs?

This card will not charge for using any overseas ATMs, although some ATMs will come with ATM owner fees. I’ve emailed you a link to help you find Citibank ATMs.

How long does it take to open an account and receive the physical debit card? I leave for my holiday in just over 2 weeks, will that be enough time?

This usually takes 5 – 7 days according to Citibank, so you might want to take this into account.

I have a citibank plus MasterCard account. We are visiting usa later in the year. Is this account still fee free without transaction costs?

This account still doesn’t charge fees for international transactions or ATM withdrawals.

If I am overseas and make a purchase what fees will I be charged?

In-store purchases do not come with any additional fees such as international transaction fees. International ATM withdrawal fees don’t come with any fees from Citibank, but you may be charge an ATM owner fee by the owner of the machine.

Can you use this card in Norway?

You can use the card where ever the MasterCard symbol is displayed; and there are a number of Citibank ATMs in Norway.

I have a citibank plus account. I am travelling to uk and europe. can I use my card there? what is the currency exchange rate used? how much is the charge for atm cash withdrawal? and lastly i don’t remember my pin. how urgently can you send me another one and or can I pick it up from a branch?

Yes, you can use your card wherever the Debit MasterCard symbol is displayed. Citibank exchange rates will be used, you can find the latest rates on the official Citibank website. For ATM withdrawals out of a non-Citibank ATM, the charges will depend on the ATM operator. If you’ve lost your PIN, visiting a branch is probably the fastest way to get it back.

I would like to understand what you retail rate is that I would be charged for currency conversion transactions. I see your current Wholesale rates of $AUD to EUR is a Buy of 0.6987 and a Sell of 0.6825. Can you please provide your retail rates for today?

You can find out the currency conversion rates for this account by using the Debit MasterCard calculator. Enter in ’0%’ in the bank fee section, as this product doesn’t charge a bank fee for international ATM withdrawals or purchases.

Can I use a cheque book with this account and are there any fees associated with purchasing the book and using the cheques.

Yes, a cheque book is available with this account. There are no fees associated with the cheque facility with this account.

I am in the process of applying for a Citibank Plus Transaction Account online. One question is – How much do you expect your initial non cash deposit to be Can you explain what a ‘non cash deposit’ is please?

It refers to the amount that you intend to transfer online to your account.

I want to use my Citibank Plus Debit MasterCard to withdraw money from ATMs when I am in Canada. There are no Citi ATMs in Canada, so I have been told that I should use one of the following partner banks ATMs as they do not charge a conversion fee. Nat bank of Canada HSBC CIBC Scotia Is this correct ?

This account doesn’t charge conversion fees regardless of which ATMs you use. I used this account at many ATMs across Europe, and was only charged ATM owner fees at a small number of ATMs.

Although the card will not attract conversion fees, will they attract ATM fees at any of the ATMs such as CIBC, HSBC and Scotiabank (are these banks partner banks with Citibank, because I have no idea how to withdraw money using this card on Canadian ATMs without attracting some sort of a fee)?

You can use the findmyciti tool to find Citibank ATMs and partner ATMs. Unfortunately when I used the tool I couldn’t find any partner ATMs which can be used to avoid charges.

Am traveling to China in October to do Trans Siberian Railway via Mongolia and am hoping this card will do the job for ATM cash withdrawals and purchases in those countries? I live in Far North Qld and was wondering if there is Citibank up here or how can I deposit money into this account.

You can deposit funds into this account by one of five ways: - Cheque - Electronic funds transfer - Salary crediting - At Australia Post branches - At NAB branches

I applied for a Citibank plus account to use the card overseas, and i recently received my card, but wanted to know is it supposed to say plus on the back of the card? mine says eftpos!

The Citibank Plus card now works on the MasterCard network, which means you’ve received the correct card. Even though the card now displays the EFTPOS logo on the back, it will still work at millions of merchants where ever Debit MasterCard is accepted.

Im going overseas soon and was looking at your Plus account. Sounds great, although I’m wondering what happens if I lose the card. How am I able to get money? Also how long will it take to transfer money onto the card if I were to run out of money?

If your card is lost or stolen you can call Citibank immediately on their emergency number. They’ll block your card immediately and organise to send you a new card. They can also organise to send you emergency cash depending on what country you’re in. Transfer times will depend on which institution your money is coming from. Usually allow between two and three business days to receive your funds.

Is it possible to get a card on the spot at a branch? Or will it still take 5 – 7 business days to receive?

Unfortunately this card is linked to a regular transaction account, so unlike travel money cards which can sometimes be given over the counter, this card will have your name embossed on it and so will require the usual 5 – 7 day turn around time.

Is this card a Plus or Cirrus card with the mark on the back?

This card is a Debit MasterCard, which means it is accepted where ever Debit MasterCard is accepted.

Do you charge currency conversion fees?

This account doesn’t charge currency conversion fees, and uses the Debit MasterCard exchange rate at the time of purchase.

We are travelling to Thailand, What are the fees if I use an ATM in Thailand ? Can I use any Debit MasterCard ATM?

You won’t be charged for using an ATM over in Thailand unless the ATM itself charges owner fees. In most cases these can be between $1 – $5 depending on the ATM. You can use any ATM with a MasterCard logo.

I am traveling around the world shortly and this seems like the best option for getting cash anywhere. I am just wondering if you can shed any light on the difference in currency exchange rates between this account and the travel cards, eg NAB travel card. I’ve asked nab and they don’t want to give me a current exchange rate applicable to that card and i’ve been told that their rates are terrible

Unfortunately it is very hard to comment to comment on exchange rates as they are very volatile. To compare exchange rates, please log onto the official site respectively and search for ‘current exchange rates’ – this should generate pages of their rates, but be mindful that these will change all the time.

Is there a daily limit that can I spend with my Citibank Debit Card, for example paying for goods in stores? I assume that because it’s my own money then I can spend as much as I want as long as there is enough fund in my account.

When you open your Citibank Plus Transaction account, there is a daily limit imposed on your debit card. However, you can change this to any amount you like by contacting Citibank directly.

Can this account be used as a small business account? I am wanting to avoid monthly fees and minimum monthly deposits.

This account is only available for personal account holders. Citibank offers a range of business banking options, or you might also want to compare other business accounts.

I have a Citibank Plus Account and its Debit MasterCard , if i use it to buy airplane ticket from easyjet in europe , and I have to pay in euro , will I be charged for international transaction fee , or any other fee other than Debit MasterCard exchange rate ?

This account doesn’t charge international transaction fees, although keep in mind that some sites such as easyJet will come with surcharges and booking fees. The easyJet website currently states there’s a 11 pound administration fee for new bookings, and a surcharge when using a Debit MasterCard of 2.0%.

I am about to travel to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, and am considering applying for this account as I don’t want to carry large amounts of cash with me. Are there Citibank ATMs/Partner ATMs in any of these countries? And if not (just to clarify) – am I correct in thinking that Citibank will not charge me a fee to withdraw money/check my balance using any random ATM overseas? (I understand that there may still be a local ATM fee charged). Is this card a suitable option for overseas travel where I mostly want to withdraw cash, but also make EFTPOS transactions? (Without incurring unnecessary fees/receiving a terrible exchange rate).

There are Citibank ATMs in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong. The local ATM fee will be charged if you use a non-Citibank branded ATM (this isn’t charged by Citibank). Unfortunately we can’t say which product is best for what. This account does come with a linked Debit MasterCard so you can use it wherever the MasterCard symbol is displayed. Again, we can’t comment on exchange rates because they change all the time – to see the most up to date rates please visit the Citibank website.

My partner and I will be travelling OS to Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico and looking at the best way to be able to withdraw money whilst there. Can you please confirm if the debt card would be suitable and any fees id incur using the debit card OS to withdraw money? Also at what rate is the money converted.

This card uses the MasterCard exchange rate at the time of conversion. It doesn’t charge fees for withdrawal or making purchases overseas, although certain ATMs may charge owner fees. To find out if this product would suit you please visit the Citibank page and read the terms and conditions surrounding this product.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from an ATM overseas(in AUD). For instance I used to withdraw 25000 baths with my mastercard in Bangkok bank which is around 860 to 940 AUD depending on the rate. Am I able to withdraw up to 1000 AUD with that card Citibank plus uses their own exchange rate or MasterCard currency exchange rate

You can withdraw a maximum of $3000 per day using this card, and can increase this limit by calling Citibank.

My boyfriend and I will be traveling overseas for about 3 months, visiting Europe and America. I’m thinking we might get two different cards – the Citibank Plus Account for withdrawing cash and then the 28 Degrees Credit Card for purchases (accommodation, shopping, etc). Would you recommend this as the best way to manage our money overseas, or would it be best to just go with the Citibank Plus Account?

Unfortunately I can’t give personal advice regarding what specific options you should take overseas, but generally speaking the combination of a credit card and transaction/prepaid travel card is one which gives an excellent combination of security, backup options and flexibility while travelling.

I am traveling to central and South America and really don’t want to have to use a credit card as I want to be able to use my own money. Is this the best account/card for me to be using over there as there seems to be no actual travel money card for all the different South America currencies? I understand this account doesn’t charge an ATM withdrawal fee but what about an international conversion fee?

Unfortunately I can’t recommend one product specifically for your travels, but if you want to use your own money a debit/prepaid travel card can be a great choice for travelling. Furthermore, the Citibank Plus doesn’t charge international ATM or conversion fees.

I’ll be travelling to peru, would I be charge an atm fee at any citi atm over there also what about using globalnet atm, they have an Allianz with citi bank peru would I get charge if so how much .

There are no international ATM fees when using the Citibank Plus account, although there might be ATM owner fees depending on which ATM is used.

If i open a joint citibank account in thailand with my wife how much will it cost to transfer money to it from my citibank australia account and how long does it take for the transaction to occur

You can open a Citibank Plus Transaction account in Thailand, but if there’s a problem during your identification verification process you’ll need to be able to present your documents in a Citibank branch in Australia.

What would my fees for this Debit card be when spending Euros. I assume I put AUD$ on the card before I travel. Then use it as a credit card or a card where I can withdraw local currency from a recommended ATM.

This depends on whether you’re with Visa or MasterCard.

Will there be transaction charges for withdrawing cash (euros) from ATMs in Europe

There are no fees if you withdraw from a CitiBank ATM. If you withdraw money from a non-Citibank ATM in Europe then a third party fee may apply.

Would I be able to access/view previous statements (up to 12 months) without paying a premium for each statement?

To the best of my knowledge, statements should be available for free for the last 12 months free through internet banking.

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122 Responses to Citibank Plus everyday account

  1. Default Gravatar
    nic | April 7, 2017

    Can foreign currencies (in this case, Euros) be transferred into this account?

    • Staff
      Jason | April 8, 2017

      Hi Nic,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      If you transfer or deposit foreign funds into the Citibank Plus Everyday account, the foreign funds will be converted into Australian Dollars as this account does not hold or store foreign currencies other than Australian Dollars.

      You may opt for a multi-currency account if you want to send and receive funds in different currencies without exchanging them to Australian Dollars.

      Kind regards,

  2. Default Gravatar
    | April 7, 2017

    Do you pay currency conversion fees with this card?

    • Staff
      Jason | April 8, 2017

      Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      There are no currency conversion fees with the Citibank Plus Everyday issued debit card. The Citibank Plus Everyday account doesn’t attract any currency conversion fees.

      Kind regards,

  3. Default Gravatar
    Baz | February 16, 2017

    Is there foreign exchange fees on the Citibank plus every day account when using overseas?

    • Staff
      Anndy | February 16, 2017

      Hi Baz,

      Thanks for your question.

      Citibank doesn’t charge any international transaction fees when using your debit card to make purchases overseas online or in-store. There are also no fees for transactions made at overseas ATMs, though some third party bank operators may charge a fee for using their machine.


  4. Default Gravatar
    Ronnie | February 8, 2017

    Is the city bank plus everyday account a visa debit card as i am looking for one as i will be travailing to Europe and wood like to use a debit card there

    • Staff
      May | February 8, 2017

      Hi Ronnie,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Yes, the Citibank Plus Everyday Account comes with a Citibank issued Visa debit card that allows you to shop wherever Visa is accepted. Please note that when you use this card, Citibank does not charge you fees for using an overseas ATM and overseas in-store purchases.

      Hope this helps.


  5. Default Gravatar
    Alex | February 2, 2017

    Am i charged for Any fees at all from Citibank for overseas transactions made from non-citibank atms?

    • Staff
      Anndy | February 2, 2017

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for your question.

      Citibank doesn’t charge any fees for transactions made at overseas ATMs, but third party atm operators may charge a fee. It’s important to note that this isn’t a Citibank charge and is out of Citibank’s control.


  6. Default Gravatar
    Ashley | January 27, 2017

    Will i get charged fees sending money to Fiji? and using my card in Fiji?

    • Staff
      Anndy | January 31, 2017

      Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for your question.

      Funds transfers from your domestic Citibank account to overseas banks attract a fee of $25.

      Citibank doesn’t charge any international transaction fees whether you are purchasing something overseas or shopping online from a non-Australian retailer website. Also, Citibank doesn’t charge any fees for transactions made at overseas ATMs, though some third party bank operators could charge a fee for using their ATMs.


  7. Default Gravatar
    Lily | December 28, 2016

    I have been doing some research and I’ll be travelling to Japan before March 2017 where the 2.5% international transaction fee will be introduced. However, I’ll be getting my card next month just so I could use it for my trip. Will I still be charged the 2.5% fee using the Citibank Plus Everyday Account since I opened an account recently or will my transactions be fee-free when I use an ATM with no charges?

    • Staff
      Jason | December 28, 2016

      Hi Lily,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      The Citibank Plus Everyday Account still offers $0 account or transaction fees. There will be no changes to international transaction fees or free Citibank-branded ATM withdrawals overseas, aside from the fact Mastercard exchange rates will apply, rather than Visa.

      The Citibank’s new rate for international transaction fee of 2.50% is applicable to Citi Visa Debit / Citi Debit Card only, excluding Citibank Plus Transaction and Citibank Online Saver Accounts.

      Please check out this link for more information about the upcoming Citibank update.

      You may also check out this link for other debit cards that offers no foreign transaction fees.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  8. Default Gravatar
    Christine | December 13, 2016

    I am in Australia, Can I open a joint account with my son in Canada so we have one card each?

    • Staff
      May | December 13, 2016

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for your question.

      You can actually open this account jointly with your son. However, part of the identification process, after the sign-up process online, it’s very likely that both of you will need to visit your local Australia Post or Citibank branch to verify your identity.


  9. Default Gravatar
    JAmes | December 9, 2016

    Just received notification Citibank are introducing 2.5% international transaction fee for the Citibank Plus account (effective March 2017). I knew the fee free for international transactions could only last for so long. So disappointed… there is no reason to hold this account anymore. Are you aware of any other account that has no international fees attached to a visa or master card debit card.

    • Staff
      May | December 9, 2016

      Hi James,

      Thanks for reaching out and for sharing this information.

      So far, the debit cards that we have listed with no foreign transaction fees are only St.George Complete Freedom Account and Citibank Plus Everyday Account. Please refer to this page for more information.

      Furthermore, the Citibank’s new rate for International Transaction Fee of 2.50% is applicable to Citi Visa Debit / Citi Debit Card only, excluding Citibank Plus Transaction and Citibank Online Saver Accounts.


  10. Default Gravatar
    Ching | December 4, 2016

    Are there Citibank ATMs’ in Siem Reap?

    • Staff
      Jason | December 4, 2016

      Hi Ching,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      It seems that there’s no Citibank ATM’s in Siem Reap, Cambodia. For future reference, please click this link for the Citibank ATM locations worldwide.


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