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Chinese cars guide

Learn about Chinese cars sold in Australia.

Chinese car sales in Australia are booming. This guide will help you compare the different models and answer questions like "Which Chinese cars are sold in Australia?" and "Why are Chinese cars cheap?".

Chinese car sales in Australia soaring

Chinese car sales in Australia are soaring. In February, Chinese cars outsold German-made models by nearly twice as many. Cars manufactured in China also outsold British-built vehicles nearly three times over, as well as made-in-USA cars.

Why are Chinese cars so cheap?

Chinese cars always seem to sell at an eye-catching price, with a heap of enticing features and selling points. How are they so cheap then? There are a number of factors at play here:

  • China is the world's most populous country. With so many people living there, labour rates are low – it's basic supply and demand.
  • China has a large number of engineers.
  • China is also an industrial powerhouse. China has many manufacturing hubs and established supply chains. That translates to economy of scale.
  • Aggressive business strategy. In an attempt to get a foothold in the Australian car market, Chinese car brands may price their cars aggressively. They might make less money per sale, but it's a recognised business strategy called Loss Leader Pricing. The idea is that it will attract more buyers and sell more cars, accelerating their growth. They're likely targeting a similar trajectory that brands from Japan and Korea achieved decades ago.

All these elements combine to lower manufacturing costs.

Chinese cars sold in Australia

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Make and modelBody styleFinder ratingDrive-away price
MG 3Small hatch72.33%$17,490

on's website

MG ZSCrossover SUV64%$21,990

on's website

MG ZS EVCrossover SUV83%$43,990

on's website

MG ZSTCrossover SUV75.8%$29,990

on's website

MG HSMid-size SUV75.25%$29,990

on's website

MG HS PHEVMid-size SUV79%$46,990

on's website

LDV D90Large SUV69.25%$35,990

on's website

LDV T60Dual-cab ute72.6%$30,516

on's website

LDV T60 Mega tubDual-cab ute extra-long73%$36,831

on's website

LDV Deliver 9Cab-chassis, van or bus77.66%$42,095

on's website

LDV G10 vanVan68.5%$32,621

on's website

LDV G10 People moverPeople mover65%$35,490

on's website

LDV V80Van70%$32,621

on's website

GWM Ute CannonDouble-cab ute76.5%$33,990

on's website

GWM SteedSingle-cab ute62%$19,990

on's website

Haval H2Small SUV66.66%$22,990

on's website

Haval H6Mid-size SUV65.66%$30,990

on's website

Haval JolionMid-size SUVComing soon$27,990

on's website

Haval H9Large SUV71.75%$41,990

on's website

BYD HanMid-size sedanTBATBA
BYD QinCompact sedanTBATBA

Chinese car makers

Here are the Chinese cars available in Australia as of April 2021.


MG sold the most cars of any Chinese manufacturer in March this year.

Currently, the company sells multiple models in Australia: the MG3 small hatch, the MG ZS SUV, the ZST SUV and the HS medium-size SUV.

MG also sells Australia's cheapest electric car, the ZS EV and now sells a plug-in hybrid SUV, the MG HS.

MG3 hatch

The MG3 hatch looks sharp, a bit like a Suzuki Swift but with a crisper profile. The base model has a 1.5-litre petrol engine, 4-speed automatic gearbox, 15" alloy wheels and an 8" touchscreen with Apple CarPlay (some more established carmakers were slow on the uptake of this). You can currently purchase an MG3 from $17,490 drive-away. Metallic paint is very affordable, at just $300 extra. It's nice to see that MG offers three no-cost paint options, which are white, black and yellow.

The MG3 was received positively by motoring journalists who liked the design, build quality, long warranty, sporty interior and connectivity, but it was universally knocked down for a lack of an ANCAP crash rating.



For those in the market for a modern looking compact SUV, MG makes the ZS. The ZS gives buyers the choice of either a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol or a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine (also petrol). Every model as standard comes with:

  • 8" touchscreen with Apple CarPlay
  • 17" alloy wheels
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity
  • 6-speaker 3D audio system by Yahama
  • Cruise control
  • Rear parking sensors and camera
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Roof rails
  • Air-conditioning
  • Automatic headlamps
  • Full-grain leather steering wheel
  • Synthetic leather trim, with contrasting stitching
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

In summary, you get a lot of equipment for your money. The ZS currently is on offer from $21,990 drive-away. Metallic paint is just $500 extra, but white and black paint is available for no cost. Car reviewers said with the ZS, you'll enjoy a high quality and well-equipped interior. The design is also reasonably contemporary; the front end appears to be inspired by Mazda and Jaguar.



The MG ZST is a face-lifted ZS, which features an even more stylish exterior. When Finder tested the ZST, which has a 1.3-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder petrol engine, the SUV was summarised as follows:

In the MG ZST, you get an attractively styled, safe, small SUV that doesn't break the bank nor skimp on technology. It may not be the most satisfying vehicle to drive, but if you are only going to be driving around the city or suburbia, the ZST looks to be some serious value.

Read MG ZST review


MG ZS EV electric SUV

The ZS EV is an electric version of the ZS. Currently, this is the lowest-priced electric car on the Australian new vehicle market. The ZS EV earned a 5-star ANCAP rating when it was tested in 2019. As Finder's Alex Jeffs pointed out when he tested the electric SUV, it's priced to sell.

In terms of numbers, competitors like the Hyundai Kona may be on top, but when it comes to the sting in the wallet, a $16,000 price difference isn't insignificant, making the ZS EV a relative bargain for someone looking to go green.

MG ZS EV review

MG HS SUV Plug-in hybrid model

The MG HS is a crossover SUV, which replaced the GS model before it. It's larger than the ZS and is available as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. As we've come to expect from MG, it comes with a heap of tech, for not a lot of money. At a mere $46,990, it's the cheapest PHEV on sale in Australia.

Finder's Alex Jeffs drove an MG HS PHEV and expects them to become commonplace on Aussie roads.

The HS PHEV is available right now for test drives at dealerships. With MG's sharp pricing a constant across the range (which has catapulted it into the top 10 manufacturers in Australia), I can imagine that you'll be seeing a few of these on the road soon.

MG: 7-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty

MG covers its new models with an impressive 7-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty. It also includes roadside assistance. Commercial buyers are restricted to seven years or 150,000km, whichever comes first.

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LDV is another British brand now under the ownership of the Chinese automotive giant SAIC (like sister company, MG). LDV stands for Leyland DAF Vans and was created after a merger between the former British Leyland brand and DAF trucks in 1987. SAIC acquired the rights to LDV in 2010 and markets it as Maxus in some international markets.

LDV focuses more on commercial vehicles, except for the D90 SUV and the G10 People Mover.


The 5-star ANCAP-rated D90 SUV features a stylish, modern design and is built atop the company's ute chassis. LDV gives buyers a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with 165kW/350NM and a 6-speed automatic gearbox. For higher-end models, there's a 2.0-litre turbo diesel option, which has 160kW and 480Nm. LDV pairs the diesel with an 8-speed automatic transmission. AWD models get selectable 4WD, terrain control modes and a high-low transfer box.

The entry-level D90 has 18" alloys, as well as:

  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Reverse camera
  • Tyre pressure display and monitoring
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • 1 x 220V plug socket (plus three 12V USB outlets)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Manual dual-zone climate control
  • 7 seats
  • 12" touchscreen infotainment system
  • 6 speakers
  • Apple CarPlay/smartphone connectivity

The D90 has a 5-year/130,000km warranty (whichever occurs first), plus roadside assistance with the same terms.

Motoring journalists like the interior cabin design, the affordable drive-away price and the safety tech. Another plus point is the D90's specifications.

LDV T60 ute

The LDV T60 ute has been called a big leap forward for Chinese-produced utes.

The ute comes with heaps of features, including a jumbo 10" touchscreen, 17" alloys (higher-end models like the Luxe have 19" rims) and a reasonably eager 2.8-litre turbo diesel oiler that pumps out 110kW and 360Nm. This engine is built under a licence from VM Motori, which has arrangements with Hyundai, Jeep, Isuzu, Holden and other established car brands.

The T60 ute starts at $30,516 as a dual-cab with a manual transmission. If you have an ABN, prices start at $28,990. The Mega Tub, which has an extra long tray, starts at $36,831 and $34,990 (ABN).

LDV also builds commercial vans like the Deliver 9, which sells as a panel van, cab chassis model or as a 14-seater minibus. Other notable models include the LDV V80 van and the G10 people mover.

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Haval positions itself as a maker of premium SUVs and is a subsidiary of Great Wall. Currently, it sells three SUVs in Australia: the Haval H2, Haval H6 and the Haval H9.

Haval H2

The Haval H2 is a compact crossover SUV, designed by Belgian car designer Pierre Leclercq (who can list Ford, BMW, Kia and Mini in his portfolio).

Seemingly following the well-trodden path of other Chinese automotive manufacturers, Haval bolts in a 1.5-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine and lashings of goodies.

The entry-trim "Premium" H2 has the following equipment, as standard:

  • 18" alloys
  • Keyless entry
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Push-button ignition system
  • Privacy glass
  • Bluetooth® for audio streaming
  • 8" touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay
  • 4 speakers with surround sound

Going for the more expensive Lux model unlocks things like automatic climate control, a power-adjustable driver's seat, heated front seats, a perforated leather steering wheel, eco-leather seat upholstery, auto wipers, auto headlamps and a panoramic sunroof.

Haval's H2 also scored a maximum 5-star ANCAP rating, when it was last tested in 2017.

The H2 has a drive-away price of $22,990.

Motoring journalists said the H2 has a well-presented cabin, a comfortable ride and a long warranty/roadside assistance policy.

Haval H6 SUV

Haval says the H6 is a mid-size SUV. It starts from $30,990 drive-away. The H6 is well equipped and has a lengthy 7-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty. Externally, it's stylish and was somewhat positively received by motoring journalists. However, they did say it had a noisy engine, unusual steering feel and a tendency to lose traction.

Haval H9 SUV

Finally, there's the H9, Haval's large SUV. Haval calls the H9 "the value king". The H9 boasts seven seats, a 4-star ANCAP crash rating (from 2015) and an array of safety technology, such as:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

It also scores 18" alloy wheels, a tri-zone (a must for a seven-seater) climate control system, a digital instrument cluster, a torquey engine outputting 350Nm and 180kW, plus an 8-speed automatic gearbox from ZF Friedrichshafen AG (the company that many automotive giants turn to for gearbox fulfilment).

Starting at $41,990 drive-away, this thing undercuts a Toyota Prado or Ford Everest by a long way.

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Great Wall

Next, there's Great Wall (the owners of Haval). Great Wall Motors says its utes are built to work.

Great Wall Steed

If you want a single-cab model, you'll want to go for the appropriately named "Steed". This ute is sold as a 4x2 single-cab pick-up from an impressive $19,990 drive-away. Features include 16" alloy wheels and a decent one-tonne payload. The Steed 4x2 diesel makes 100kW and 310Nm. Braked towing capacity is 1,700kg. This is one of, if not the, most affordable utes on sale as of April 2021.

There's a 4x4 single cab Steed on offer too. This model retails from $21,990 drive-away.

Journalists said the engine was a little breathless when overtaking, but explained that the Steed isn't a heavy ute so performance was generally acceptable. The Steed's interior quality also surprised them, in a good way. A big detractor is going to be the low towing capacity, against the 3,500kg benchmark that most ute makers aim for.

on's website

Great Wall Ute

Great Wall ute Cannon

If you want a Great Wall dual-cab, you'll need to look to the GWM "Ute".

The GWM Ute is very attractive, perhaps the most attractive Chinese-designed model in our eyes. It has a bold and strong aesthetic that makes it look ready for work, or dual-use as a family vehicle.

Prices start from as little as $33,990 drive-away.

Entry models have a decent specification:

  • 18" alloy wheels
  • Comfortek eco-leather seats
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity
  • AEB (with pedestrian detection)
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Active Cruise Control
  • Reverse camera

on's website

BYD Auto

Picture not described

BYD is short for "Build Your Dream" and is owned by a company that is aiming to bring cost-effective electric cars to Australia. It's thought BYD will sell electric vehicles only. In 2017, it hired a former Audi chief designer. The car maker also employed a former Ferrari stylist and a previous Volkswagen (and later) Mercedes-Benz interior specialist.

It's been confirmed that BYD has signed a deal with a local company to import right-hand drive models here. The brand expects to shake up the traditional dealership business model, which will reportedly bring savings of almost a third to buyers.

The cars are expected in Australia sometime after this year, with the first cars breaking cover at the Shanghai Auto Show on 21 April 2021.

Other Chinese car brands in Australia

In addition to MG, Haval, Great Wall, LDV and BYD, other Chinese brands have had a crack at Australia.

Foton used to build a Cummins diesel-engine ute called the Tunland. It retailed for $27,990 drive-away, as well as building a seven-seater 4WD SUV, the Sauvana, that cost $37,990.

Geely also tried to make headway in Oz, but pulled out some years ago. Instead, the automotive giant went on to buy Volvo, Lotus and Polestar.

Other Chinese car brands to try and make it in Australia include JMC with the Vigus and ZX, with its Auto Grand Tiger ute.

You might see some of these models pop up as used vehicles.

on's website

Pros and cons of buying a Chinese car

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a car designed and produced in China? Should you buy a Chinese car?

Price. All of the cars sold under a Chinese car brand offer serious value. In some cases, for example, one of the Chinese utes, you could purchase two vehicles for the price of a mid-tier HiLux. You certainly get a lot of tech and equipment for your money.Resale value. Toyota is synonymous with producing reliable and long-lasting cars, so that reflects in higher resale values. The Chinese car manufacturers are still a new proposition to the everyday Australian car buyer and this will likely reflect in vehicle depreciation.
Competitive deals. Not only are Chinese car brands selling their vehicles at minimal prices, but they also tend to run aggressive deals including free trays on utes or metallic paint on their passenger cars.Safety ratings. Some of the Chinese models have scored 5 stars with ANCAP in crash tests. Others haven't performed as well, with lower scores, ratings that are years old, or they simply haven't been officially crash tested at all.
Good quality components. Many of the car reviews we studied to create this guide were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the models they tested. Often, we're lead to think that you get what you pay for. However, a lot of the Chinese brands either license or directly work with established mechanical component producers and car designers.Dealership network. Being newcomers to the Australian car market, these brands don't have the established, countrywide network of dealers that larger car makers have. Also, as we saw with Chery, JMC, Geely and ZX Auto, they can pause or cease their local operations at any time.
Styling. All of the cars on our list have excellent styling and serve as an alternative to some of the commonplace designs we see all the time on the roads.Brand name. For some people this is a deal-breaker; they want to have a well-known, revered badge on their car. The Chinese carmakers haven't forged that kind of respect yet.
Long warranty. This isn't true in all cases, but some of the Chinese car brands offer unlimited-kilometre and 7-year warranties. You don't do that unless you've got confidence in the product you're selling.

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