10 cheap places to travel on the Australian dollar in 2020

Here are the destinations where your dollar will go that much further this year.

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Let's be real. 2019 was not the year of the Australian dollar. It stayed low against the US dollar and the pound, making travel a burden on the wallet.

But despite this, the Aussie dollar DID have its moments and rose against numerous currencies.

It soared the most against the Venezuelan bolivar, rising by 7,130%. This sounds incredible, but it's due to an unstable currency and hyperinflation that Venezuela has been battling for years.

This is followed by the Argentine peso, which fell by 59% against our dollar, and the Angolan Kwanza, which dropped by 56%.

Resolved to travel more this year but determined to save? We've discovered a few destinations where you can stretch your dollars out this year.

To determine our list, we compared exchange rates via XE.com on 1 January 2019 with those on 1 January 2020. We then pulled out the top ten that showed the greatest growth for the Aussie dollar and have a safety level of 1 (exercise normal safety precautions) or 2 (exercise a high degree of caution) for Australians based on Smarttraveller's advice at the time of writing.

You can see the full list of currency changes between 1 January 2019 and 1 January 2020 as sourced from XE.com at the bottom. All percentages and currency amounts have been rounded up.

10 of the cheapest currencies for Australians in 2020

  1. Argentine peso: 59% more per dollar
  2. Zambian kwacha: 18% more per dallar
  3. Ghanaian cedi: 16% more per dollar
  4. Uruguayan peso: 15% more per dollar
  5. Uzbekistani som: 14% more per dollar
  6. Turkish lira: 12% more per dollar
  7. Paraguayan guarani: 8% more per dollar
  8. Georgian lari: 6% more per dollar
  9. Chilean peso: 6% more per dollar
  10. Mauritian rupee: 6% more per dollar


1. Argentina

The Argentine peso has topped our list for the third year running for sporting the biggest drop against the Australian dollar. If you haven't learned the tango in the country that formed it, what are you waiting for?

  • How much am I saving? For every $100, you'll be getting an extra 1,564 pesos compared to last year. That's enough to cover a a small group tour of Buenos Aires.
  • How much are flights? At their best, Air New Zealand and LATAM can fly you there and back for around $1,000.
Check flight prices to Argentina

Victoria Falls in Zambia.

2. Zambia

One of the most picturesque countries in the world, Zambia overflows with natural beauty. It's perhaps best known for the gushing Victoria Falls which borders Zambia and Zimbabwe, but also offers visitors the chance to go on safari, marvel at Lake Tanganyika AKA the world's longest lake and meet some of the world's friendliest people.

  • How much am I saving? For every $100 Australian, you'll nab an extra 149 Zambian kwacha. That'll cover you for a walking tour of Livingstone town
  • How much are flights? Flights to Zambia aren't cheap and will set you back at least $1,300 return to Ndola or Livingstone from Australia.
Check flight prices to Zambia

Photo taken in Accra, Ghana

3. Ghana

The West African country of Ghana is quickly being added to the map – not least because our dollar is looking super healthy against it. This coastal city overflows with culture and history from its bustling markets to its coastal forts and castles, making it a wonderful find.

  • How much am I saving? For every $100 exchanged, you'll get 55 more cedis compared to 2019. That's almost enough for a Ghana cultural and historical tour.
  • How much are flights? Ghana isn't easy or cheap to get to. Flights to the capital of Accra run close to $1,500 return from Australia and involve at least one stopover.
Check flight prices to Ghana

Photo Taken In Uruguay, Punta Del Este

4. Uruguay

Seen Peru and Brazil? Make Uruguay your next South American adventure. Pop by to bask on its beaches, savour its wines or spy whales and dolphins metres off the coastline at the start of winter.

  • How much am I saving? For every $100 exchanged, you'll get a bonus 337 pesos in your hands compared to last year's exchange rate. That'll get you your bearings for free by covering a Montevideo walking tour.
  • How much are flights? LATAM offers flights to Montevideo for a little over $1,100 during a sale.
Check flight prices to Uruguay


5. Uzbekistan

Famed for its beautiful mosaic tiled architecture, Uzbekistan is gaining more and more popularity. In fact, G Adventures tips it as the place to visit this year. Get off the beaten track and see it for 13% less this year thanks to the current exchange rate.

  • How much am I saving? With an extra 80,663 som in your pocket, you'll be singing all the way to Registan Square where you can skip the line for that price and still come away with spare soms.
  • How much are flights? Flights to Tashkent start at $1,118 return from Australia.
Check flight prices to Uzbekistan

Beautiful young woman shopping in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

6. Turkey

It seems everywhere you go, Turkey is the talk of the town. Instagrammers flock to Cappadocia for that photo of the hot air balloons above the fairy chimneys, and with the exchange rate gaining Aussies 12% more lira per dollar, how could you resist making the trip?

  • How much am I saving? Expect to have 45 more liras in your pocket for every $100 compared to 2019. That'll cover your tour of the famous blue mosque
  • How much are flights? Book with Qatar during a sale or off-peak and you can get return flights under $1,000.
Check flight prices to Turkey

Photo taken in Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay

7. Paraguay

Often overlooked for its neighbours Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, Paraguay is not only one of the most inexpensive countries in South America, it's also one of the most authentic. The streets bustle with markets and the landscape basks in rural villages perfect for local encounters.

  • How much am I saving? For every $100 Aussie exchanged, you'll get an extra 34,852 guaranis, which will sort you out for a decent lunch.
  • How much are flights? From Australia, you can get to Paraguay for under $1,300 return.
Check flight prices to Paraguay


8. Georgia

Boasting a mix of old meets new, Georgia is a country where monasteries can be found tucked in caves, and castles perch high above houses built in a maze waiting for the curious to meander their way through. Tick this one off in 2020 and you'll be singing when you save 6% of your hard-earned cash by capitalising on our strong exchange rate.

  • How much am I saving? You're looking at an extra 12 laris per $100 when you exchange your money in 2020. In Georgia, that gets you a bottle of wine.
  • How much are flights? A return ticket to Georgia starts at $1,200 return.
Check flight prices to Georgia

Photo Taken In Santiago, Chile

9. Chile

This South American country has it all: a mountainous landscape, world-class wineries and sandy beaches. Travel south and you'll discover a wintry climate and some of the best snowfields in the southern hemisphere.

  • How much am I saving? Take away an extra 3,084 pesos for every $100 Aussie. That's enough to cover a beer and then some.
  • How much are flights? Flights to South America are getting cheaper and cheaper, and thanks to Air New Zealand, you can typically get in for around $900 return.
Check flight prices to Chile

Photo Taken In Port Louis, Mauritius

10. Mauritius

Forget the Maldives or Bora Bora – the island paradise to be in 2020 is Mauritius. Settled in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, it's all lagoons, reefs, mountains, beaches and resorts. In other words: heaven. Enjoy the island experience in 2020 for almost 6% less than 2019.

  • How much am I saving? Your savings include an extra 146 rupees per $100 you exchange. The numbers sound great, but that actually converts to just over $5. Being a resort island, that's only getting you a free coffee, but it's better than nothing, we reckon.
  • How much are flights? Take off from Perth and you can get to Mauritius for just over $1,000. However, from the east coast, it's close to $1,300 return.
Check flight prices to Mauritius

Search for your flight with Skyscanner below:

Full list of conversion rates between 2019 and 2020

Currency codeCurrency nameUnits per AUD (1 January 2019)Units per AUD (30 December 2019)Percentage increase per dollar
VESVenezuelan Bolívar447.787727732374.208977129.811577
ARSArgentine Peso26.3041428441.9497681459.47970019
AOAAngolan Kwanza217.0487054338.002423555.72653283
HTGHaitian Gourde54.3684905865.7861080521.00043124
LRDLiberian Dollar110.6234726131.473978118.84817483
ZMWZambian Kwacha8.393751749.88336894517.7467389
GHSGhanaian Cedi3.4387098083.99153474116.07652184
UYUUruguayan Peso22.7835826726.1582165814.81169119
UZSUzbekistani Som5864.2230086670.8575413.75518174
ETBEthiopian Birr19.7780116322.4400385413.4595275
SLLSierra Leonean Leone6044.3903566814.01199112.73282482
TRYTurkish Lira3.7182086534.17034332412.16001339
PKRPakistani Rupee98.25292948108.57990210.51060013
PYGParaguayan Guarani4176.6659394525.1928928.344621246
GELGeorgian Lari1.8843130872.0052531646.41825811
CLPChilean Peso488.2324193519.07714776.317632173
MURMauritian Rupee24.1328272325.593541656.052811007
BIFBurundian Franc1255.4647831319.8594715.129151285
SEKSwedish Krona6.2432742456.5622914615.109774192
HUFHungarian Forint197.0075837206.78454054.962731181
DOPDominican Peso35.5463387137.279911824.876938607
RONRomanian Leu2.8543857842.991153614.791497599
RWFRwandan Franc625.6900915654.20719454.5577041
ISKIcelandic Krona81.3307849484.892082494.378781732
GNFGuinean Franc6385.5630546665.1672034.378692164
MRUMauritanian Ouguiya25.2138067526.274755354.207808088
PGKPapua New Guinean Kina2.2934325762.388436334.142426327
MGAMalagasy Ariary2448.652392545.6871313.962781397
NIONicaraguan Cordoba22.7607634323.629151763.815286492
CDFCongolese Franc1138.9511921181.130853.703377084
GMDGambian Dalasi34.6982878735.941932413.58416687
KRWSouth Korean Won782.0554451808.87665593.429579188
MNTMongolian Tughrik1855.973161919.0237763.397172797
LAKLao Kip6015.6099426217.8958113.362682609
JMDJamaican Dollar89.6368522192.555664153.256263323
BRLBrazilian Real2.7296851322.8176632083.223011899
AFNAfghan Afghani52.8973629654.445312942.926327301
XAFCentral African CFA Franc BEAC399.2718767409.98153152.682296291
XOFCFA Franc399.2718767409.98153152.682296291
KMFComorian Franc299.4539076307.48614862.682296291
CVECape Verdean Escudo67.1198109868.920163182.682296291
XPFCFP Franc72.6355670974.583868212.682296291
BAMBosnian Convertible Mark1.1904864421.2224188152.682296286
BGNBulgarian Lev1.1904864421.2224188152.682296286
HRKCroatian Kuna4.5416503494.6539923522.473594279
TJSTajikistani Somoni6.6318775816.7957764542.471379649
NPRNepalese Rupee78.4629840680.34880822.403457071
BTNBhutanese Ngultrum48.8105655149.98370652.403457071
INRIndian Rupee48.8105655149.98370652.403457071
PLNPolish Zloty2.6291040622.6915025422.373374261
TOPTongan Pa'anga1.5884839621.6241737492.246782987
DKKDanish Krone4.5765970344.6697003012.034333934
MKDMacedonian Denar37.8054357138.423558221.63500962
NOKNorwegian Krone6.0585316136.1565558631.617953913
SBDSolomon Islander Dollar5.6545625115.7458963431.615223679
STNSao Tomean Dobra15.1082113815.335802351.506405814
RSDSerbian Dinar72.5748782373.49473381.267457272
CNYChinese Yuan Renminbi4.8303518374.8811245881.051119113
BDTBangladeshi Taka58.8690738459.479615831.037118386
COPColombian Peso2283.6786612303.6937140.876439112
VUVNi-Vanuatu Vatu80.1119774480.742623180.7872053166
SCRSeychellois Rupee9.5854194199.6584263260.7616454086
WSTSamoan Tala1.8376946431.8514115310.7464182341
CZKCzech Koruna15.7686185415.886315810.7464019369
HNLHonduran Lempira17.137151117.244031510.6236766313
KHRCambodian Riel2826.4658282842.8599520.5800220181
DZDAlgerian Dinar83.2238685483.656150920.5194211551
LYDLibyan Dinar0.97523861290.98024988590.5138509626
ALLAlbanian Lek75.9468740676.187526790.3168698347
MDLMoldovan Leu12.0617915212.082145880.1687506948
SOSSomali Shilling405.7708533406.25675650.1197481592
IQDIraqi Dinar837.5436211837.97059890.05097976857
TVDTuvaluan Dollar110
GYDGuyanese Dollar147.3272695147.3180812-0.006236663405
MVRMaldivian Rufiyaa10.883009410.87429993-0.08002806745
MADMoroccan Dirham6.7108047586.702409386-0.1251023
FJDFijian Dollar1.5075797071.50556153-0.1338686433
IRRIranian Rial29567.7120629490.43914-0.2613422301
DJFDjiboutian Franc125.0448901124.6674224-0.3018657662
XCDEast Caribbean Dollar1.9007180541.8944682-0.3288154068
SPLSeborgan Luigino0.11721900350.1168335362-0.328843693
BHDBahraini Dinar0.2644460730.2635764587-0.3288437185
OMROmani Rial0.27042424220.269534969-0.328843743
AEDEmirati Dirham2.5829207532.57442698-0.3288437436
SVCSalvadoran Colon6.153997716.133760674-0.3288437444
CUPCuban Peso18.6378216418.57653233-0.3288437447
VEFVenezuelan Bolívar7.0243488157.001249684-0.3288437449
QARQatari Riyal2.5600630482.55164444-0.328843745
LBPLebanese Pound1060.2458911056.759339-0.3288437451
ZWDZimbabwean Dollar254.5293453253.6923415-0.3288437451
ERNEritrean Nakfa10.5497103610.5150183-0.3288437456
SARSaudi Arabian Riyal2.637427592.628754575-0.3288437465
AWGAruban or Dutch Guilder1.2589321031.254792184-0.328843747
BMDBermudian Dollar0.70331402410.7010012199-0.3288437484
BSDBahamian Dollar0.70331402410.7010012199-0.3288437484
CUCCuban Convertible Peso0.70331402410.7010012199-0.3288437484
PABPanamanian Balboa0.70331402410.7010012199-0.3288437484
USDUS Dollar0.70331402410.7010012199-0.3288437484
BBDBarbadian or Bajan Dollar1.4066280481.40200244-0.3288437484
JODJordanian Dinar0.49864964310.4970098649-0.3288437529
KYDCaymanian Dollar0.57671752740.5748209907-0.3288501927
TMTTurkmenistani Manat2.4616053592.453504335-0.3290951602
KWDKuwaiti Dinar0.21341479750.212705864-0.3321857286
SYPSyrian Pound362.2233286361.0148011-0.3336415435
KPWNorth Korean Won633.0332796630.9149042-0.3346388709
AZNAzerbaijan Manat1.1933912811.18924323-0.3475851521
BZDBelizean Dollar1.4164231871.411473544-0.3494466586
SRDSurinamese Dollar5.2441159845.225523152-0.3545465424
MZNMozambican Metical43.3235738543.16896143-0.3568782565
ANGDutch Guilder1.2587692831.254028805-0.376596217
TZSTanzanian Shilling1617.5251821611.394035-0.3790448925
YERYemeni Rial176.0138947175.2113054-0.4559806344
BOBBolivian Bolíviano4.8626280574.838830135-0.4894045364
VNDVietnamese Dong16335.5483616253.23198-0.5039095271
NZDNew Zealand Dollar1.0479718791.041586658-0.6092932099
KGSKyrgyzstani Som49.1264690248.82037978-0.6230638002
GTQGuatemalan Quetzal5.4363132935.395057131-0.758899649
MOPMacau Pataca5.6689771965.625585122-0.7654303889
HKDHong Kong Dollar5.5038613555.461733128-0.7654303911
NGNNigerian Naira255.7159938253.7463758-0.7702365258
KESKenyan Shilling71.5724554971.01861589-0.7738166808
BWPBotswana Pula7.53571327.477273421-0.7755042814
KZTKazakhstani Tenge270.3960893267.8594221-0.9381301629
TTDTrinidadian Dollar4.7834637234.736864274-0.9741779493
JPYJapanese Yen77.0328948476.1869437-1.098168698
LKRSri Lankan Rupee128.5564294127.1429348-1.09951298
UGXUgandan Shilling2603.8011262573.295339-1.171586663
AMDArmenian Dram340.2339635335.7058364-1.330886274
MYRMalaysian Ringgit2.9079730922.867657138-1.386393633
CHFSwiss Franc0.68965594030.6784578152-1.623726332
BNDBruneian Dollar0.95940971070.9430711265-1.702982992
SGDSingapore Dollar0.95940971070.9430711265-1.702982992
PENPeruvian Sol2.3692034862.322430801-1.974194533
LSLBasotho Loti10.083533499.820406974-2.609467352
NADNamibian Dollar10.083533499.820406974-2.609467352
SZLSwazi Lilangeni10.083533499.820406974-2.609467352
ZARSouth African Rand10.083533499.820406974-2.609467352
TWDTaiwan New Dollar21.5408742720.97228128-2.639600336
PHPPhilippine Peso36.6471647435.53745583-3.028089419
BYNBelarusian Ruble1.5226901331.473270643-3.245538165
IDRIndonesian Rupiah10084.74659731.436775-3.503407094
CADCanadian Dollar0.94777749370.9101800942-3.966901488
MXNMexican Peso13.8090001313.25442485-4.016042236
FKPFalkland Island Pound0.55394603310.528897951-4.521754937
GBPBritish Pound0.55394603310.528897951-4.521754937
GGPGuernsey Pound0.55394603310.528897951-4.521754937
GIPGibraltar Pound0.55394603310.528897951-4.521754937
IMPIsle of Man Pound0.55394603310.528897951-4.521754937
JEPJersey Pound0.55394603310.528897951-4.521754937
SHPSaint Helenian Pound0.55394603310.528897951-4.521754937
MMKBurmese Kyat1083.8035881032.444194-4.738810107
MWKMalawian Kwacha544.407951516.9928228-5.035769269
SDGSudanese Pound33.5040133231.64150423-5.559062624
CRCCosta Rican Colon423.3235739398.1117812-5.955678878
TNDTunisian Dinar2.0782095021.949488122-6.193859678
THBThai Baht22.5906980221.1118456-6.546289162
ILSIsraeli Shekel2.6251229392.422772591-7.708223683
EGPEgyptian Pound12.5212754211.24141456-10.2214896
RUBRussian Ruble48.9766222243.40381682-11.37850089
UAHUkrainian Hryvnia19.5011277116.6216544-14.76567588

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