pokeball costume - 450

Cheap and easy Halloween 2018 costumes for when you’re on a budget

Not interested in spending a wad of cash on your Halloween costume? Here are a bunch of costumes you can put together with things you already own.

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year – especially if you're really into dressing up!

But it can get kind of pricey, especially if you're looking to buy a brand new costume for the occasion. So why not take the stress out of finding the perfect costume by putting together a get-up with pieces you already own?

We've found some top costume and dress-up ideas that are cheap as chips, probably because you already own all the key pieces already. Scroll through our top picks for cheap Halloween costumes this year.

wheres wally costume - 450

1. Where's Wally

What you already have. Blue jeans, plain black 3D glasses that you get from the movies (just poke the lenses out).

What you might need. A red and white striped shirt.

pokeball costume - 450

2. Poké Ball

What you have already. A red top, white pants, shorts or skirt.

What you might need. White paper, black paper and glue to make the button. Sticky tape to attach it.

easy ghost costume

3. A ghost

What you have already. An old white sheet, scissors to cut eye holes.

What you might need. Nothing.

idaho costume

4. Ralph Wiggum's Idaho costume

What you already have. Blue shirt, blue jeans.

What you might need. Paper, pen and safety pins.

cat burglar costume

5. Cat burglar

What you already have. Black top or striped top, black pants or jeans.

What you might need. A black mask, black cat ears.

toga costume

6. Ancient Greek or Roman

What you already have. A sheet to tie like a toga.

What you might need. A leaf crown or gold belt.

superman easy costume

7. Superman

What you already have. Black blazer, black pants, white shirt.

What you might need. Superman tee, black framed glasses.

audrey hepburn costume

8. Audrey Hepburn

What you already have. A black dress.

What you might need. A tiara, fake pearls.

witch costume

9. Witch

What you already have. A black dress.

What you might need. Stripey or long black socks, a witch's hat.

risky business costume

10. Tom Cruise from Risky Business

What you already have. A white shirt, white boxer briefs.

What you might need. Black Wayfarers.

barbie costume - 450

11. Barbie

What you already have. Pink clothes, everything.

What you might need. A blonde wig.

skull makeup costume

12. Skull

What you already have. Lots of makeup, black clothes.

What you might need. Nothing!

zombie twins costumes

13. Zombie

What you already have. Old clothes to tear up.

What you might need. Fake blood.

baywatch costume

14. Lifeguard from Baywatch

What you already have. A red bodysuit, red shorts.

What you might need. A red whistle.

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