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Celebrity Net Worth – Notable facts on the World’s Famous Earners

1. Bill Gates

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It's hard to imagine having millions in the bank never mind billions. In fact, most of us are happy just to receive a decent salary every month, but for some people that's just not enough. Whether they've made their fortune through entrepreneurism, sport or the media it's obvious that those who live the high life work hard to play hard '¦ or have a very clever publicity machine behind them. And it's not just the celebrities who adorn the cover of glossy magazines that make the list; the biggest earners don't need to impress, they've already got where they want to be.

Celebrity Net Worth

Of course, we couldn't feature all the highest earners in the world; otherwise it would make for a monster list! We chose instead to highlight those who've 'done good'. We can only read and learn.

Business Men/ Philanthropists

Net Worth: $53 billion

Bill Gates Net Worth
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Even those who don't spend most of their time in cyber space will have probably heard of Bill Gates and his Microsoft Empire. As well as being named one of the most influential people of the 20th century by TIME magazine, Gates has held the title of the richest person in the world for fourteen years, until March this year when he was knocked off the highest spot by Mexican telecoms magnate, Carlos Slim.

Gates' wealth is legendary but so too is his ability to share it. In 1994, he set up a charitable foundation in his own name - although it is now known as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - and from 1994 to 2006 Gates and his wife have given the charity more than $26 billion. This unfathomable sum of money to us mere mortals goes towards fighting hunger and reducing poverty, globally; improving education in America's high schools, and developing vaccines against malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.

At one point Gates had a net worth of $100 billion but because most of it has been redirected into charities or invested it can't be accounted for in his net worth. And although Gates owns and controls his own charity, which is worth around $30-40 billion, he can't use its money for personal use so it is excluded from his net worth, too.

Did you know? Gates has recently turned to more philanthropic work, but he certainly isn't afraid to flaunt his cash either. His modern $113 million dollar mansion features some of the most ridiculous things: speakers under wallpaper, so music can follow you from room to room, guests given microchips on entry to the mansion preset with their own personal preferences and more. The median house size in American is roughly 2,000 square feet - the Gates mansion is more than 30 times that size! Check out this photo gallery of the Gates mansion

2. Warren Buffet

Net Worth: $47 billion

Warren Buffet Net Worth
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Known as one of the most successful investors in the world, Warren Buffet is Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, a company which once just owned a textile mill but is now worth in excess of $190 billion.

Buffet, like many young philanthropists and entrepreneurs, started out small scale, selling gum, cola and magazines door-to-door when he was a child. In college he bought a pin ball machine and had it installed at the local barbers; within months he owned several machines scattered across a number of barber shops and used the profits to invest in the stock market. By the time he finished college in the late 1940s Buffet had amassed a wealth of around $90,000 in today's money. A number of enterprises and business partnerships later he was able to invest in and eventually buy out the textile manufacturing firm, Berkshire Hathaway. The firm is now a holding company for Buffet's myriad investments, which have over the years included Coca-Cola, American Express and Gillette.

As his wealth is dictated by the performance of the markets, it fluctuates constantly; however, it has increased so consistently over the years that he has earned the title 'Oracle of Omaha' for his advice on successful investing. He has also pledged to give away 85% of his fortune to the Gates Foundation, which will be awarded in set amounts over a period of years, ensuring the longevity and success of the organisation.

Did you know? Mr. Buffett donated 10 million shares in his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., worth $30.7 billion to the Gates Foundation.

3. Michael Bloomberg

Net Worth: $17.5 billion

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth
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Bloomberg may be the Mayor of New York City, but it is not the role that earns him any money - he declines the city salary and instead accepts a payment of $1.00 annually for his services. His earning power comes from Bloomberg LP, a financial news and information services media company he founded in 1981, and to which he retains an 88% holding. He is the richest man in New York and said to be the 8th wealthiest in America.

Bloomberg's journey to wealth started when, soon after he received an MBA from Harvard Business School, he was hired by Boston-based brokerage firm Salomon Brothers to work on Wall Street. There he worked through the ranks to eventually oversee equity trading and sales, and then information systems. In 1981, Salomon Brothers was acquired and Bloomberg was squeezed out by the merger but was given a very generous severance package of $10 million. With this money he set up Innovative Market Systems, a company that provided computer terminals to the financial world, and in 1982 Merrill Lynch became their first customer. The company was renamed Bloomberg LP in 1986 and now has around 250,000 terminals worldwide. Other products in the Bloomberg Empire are a trading platform, messaging service, radio network, and the infamous newswire.

Did you know? As mayor of New York, Bloomberg turned the city's $6 billion deficit into a $3 billion surplus and declines to receive a city salary, accepting remuneration of $1.00 annually for his services.

4. Richard Branson

Net Worth: $3.9 billion

Richard Branson Net Worth
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The head of Virgin Group may be renowned for his wacky ways but he certainly knows how to keep his head straight when it comes to building a business. From the humble beginnings of a small record mail-order firm, which he set up in 1970, Branson's enterprises grew quickly. In 1972, he opened a chain of record stores and started a record label under the same name - Virgin Records. The label signed on a number of high-ranked artists including, The Rolling Stones, Simple Minds and The Sex Pistols and was sold off for $1 billion in 1992 to Thorn EMI.

Since then, the Virgin Group has grown exponentially and now accounts for around ten different businesses, which include but are not limited to, Virgin Airways, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Money, Virgin Trains and the very exciting Virgin Galactic - the first spaceship to offer sub-orbital flights to the public. And at $200,000 a pop, very affordable to a number of people on the Celebrity Net Worth list!

Did you know? In 1971, Branson was arrested and charged for selling records in Virgin stores that had been declared export stock. He settled out-of-court with Branson's mother Eve re-mortgaged the family home to help pay the settlement!

5. Donald Trump

Net Worth: $2 billion

Donald Trump Net Worth
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Probably the most famous man on television in the US for his words, 'You're fired', the New York native and philanthropist made his billions as a real estate developer. During the 1970s, he had a hand in the heavy development of Manhattan and got rich quickly, then almost lost it all in the housing crash of 1990. He now owns a number of large scale buildings, similar to the famous Trump Towers, around the world.

His other money making machine is the TV show that made him a household name - The Apprentice. Earning more than $100 million in salary every year, the reality show, which follows budding entrepreneurs in their efforts to make it in the business world, is now running in a number of other countries, adding a significant amount in royalties to the tycoon's bank account. Trump also owns a number of other businesses including Zappos.com and Loews Hotels, and reaps millions from global speeches and books.

Did you know? When the Times reporter Tim O'Brien, wrote in his book TrumpNation, that Trump exaggerated his net worth by billions, and that "the real number hovered closer to $250 million", Donald Trump was so pissed that he sued him for defamation!

Tech Moguls

6. & 7. Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Net Worth: $15.3 billion (each)

Larry Page & Sergey Brin Net Worth
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It seems only right to have these two together on the list as they're the joint founders and owners of Google, one of the few companies in the world that needs no explanation.

With two techie parents, it's hardly surprising Larry page became a computer whiz. His dad is a professor of computer science at Michigan University and his mum, a computer programming teacher. After gaining a computer engineering degree, Page went on to study a Masters degree at Stanford University; it was there he met Sergey Brin. Their shared interest in retrieving information from large data sets lead to them writing a paper entitled, "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine". Not long after, Google was born.

Sergey Brin was born in Russia but moved to America with his family in 1978. He, too, came from a family of overachievers: his father was a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland and his mum, a specialist at NASA. Brin showed an aptitude for computers at an early age and went on to achieve a degree in computer science and mathematics before attending Stanford University, and meeting his future business partner. The rest, as they say, is history.

Did you know? Google earns over $691.27 per second - this is more than the average weekly wage for most Americans. While you read this their company just earnt $3,110.72.

8. Steve Jobs

Net Worth: $5.5 billion

Steve Jobs Net Worth
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The King of Mac rarely needs an introduction, especially these days since the launch of the much anticipated iPad; this and many other Apple related products means the co-founder of Apple just gets richer and richer.

The first Apple computer was created in a dank and dusty garage in 1976. Designed by Steve Jobs and his buddy Steve Wozniak, the Apple computer was revolutionary, introducing personal computers into the home for the very first time. The two Steves quickly became millionaires and have been building on their success since. Steve Wozniak - or 'the other Steve' as he's sometimes known - left the company in the late 80s but still has connections to Apple.

Jobs also has investments outside Apple, which means his net worth has increased enormously over the years. He acquired Pixar from George Lucas in 1986 for $10 million and sold it on to Disney in 2006 for $7.6 billion after a string of box office hits, including Toy Story and Finding Nemo made the company a household name.

Did you know? At D8 jobs stated there has been 1 iPad sold every 3 seconds since it's launch, with now over 2 million iPads sold - that's a lot of revenue for Apple and Jobs. This sort of cash can come in handy for a man, that no doubt has a wardrobe full of his famous black St.Croix turtleneck sweaters, coming in at over $265 each! For more facts on Steve Jobs, check out 100 things you didn't know about Apple and Steve Jobs.

9. Mark Zuckerberg

Net Worth: $4 billion

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth
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Responsible for the social networking site Facebook, 26-year-old Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world. Along with three of his Harvard classmates - Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes - Zuckerberg co-founded the hugely popular site in 2004, and while they each had a part to play in the initial development of the platform it was Zuckerberg who believed in it so vehemently that he dropped out of Harvard and moved to Silicone Valley to pursue its growth.

After a cash injection of $500,000 from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, the venture really took wings, and in 2007, only three years after its inception, Facebook had 24 million users. Since then Facebook has attracted a whopping 400 million users, and continues to grow. Independent developers introduce new applications for use within the site on a continual basis, making the company worthy of investment; Facebook stocks and shares frequently change hands, with recent transactions valuing it around $15 billion.

Did you know? Zuckerberg is a billionaire (on paper!) yet he still lives in a rented apartment, with a mattress on the floor and only two chairs and a table for furniture.

10. Mark Cuban

Net Worth: $2.6 billion

Mark Cuban Net Worth
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Although best known as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, Cuban started out making money on the internet. In the 1980s, he worked for PC software company Your Business Software, but not for long - he was sacked within a year because he met with a potential new business client instead of opening the store. It was probably one of the best moves he ever made as Cuban started his own software-based company, MicroSolutions, as a result. He managed to pilfer customers from Your Business Software to help bolster his new venture, too.

In 1990, CompuServe bought MicroSolutions for a cool $6 million. Cuban then invested the money in another start-up - Audionet, which eventually became Broadcast.com, and in 1999 Yahoo! paid $5.9 billion in Yahoo! stocks for the company. Not long after, Cuban was able to buy the Dallas Mavericks basketball team for $285 million.

Did you know? Although, Mark sold his broadcast.com to Yahoo! for $5.7bn, as of 2010, neither broadcast.com nor broadcast.yahoo.com are distinct web addresses; both simply redirect to yahoo.com.


11. 50 Cent

Net Worth: $440 million

50 Cent Net Worth
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It's often said that crime doesn't pay, but in 50 Cents' case he wouldn't be what he is today without it. Born Curtis Jackson, 50 cent grew up in the Jamaica district of Queens, New York. As a teenager 50 Cent was immersed in gang and street culture, taking and selling drugs with the consequence that he often ended up in jail. It was only after his first son was born that he decided it was time to go on the straight and narrow.

He got his first big break into the music scene when Jam Master Jay of Run DMC heard him rap and offered him a contract. His debut album 'Get Rich or Die Trying'', produced by Dr Dre and Eminem under their label Shady/Aftermath, sold 872,000 copies in its first week in the US, making it the highest selling debut album of a major artist, ever. And even though the rapper was shot nine times at close range, he has survived to make a fortune from his music and various sponsorship deals.

Did you know? Rapper 50 CENT was left in shock after handing out money to kids in his native New York City, when he realised he'd given away $18,000 (GBP10,000) by mistake.

12. Jay-Z

Net Worth: $440 million

Jay-Z Net Worth
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American rapper and businessman, Jay-Z (born Shawn Corey Carter) is one of the most financially successful hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs in America. Like 50 Cent, he grew up on the mean streets of New York, in the Marcy Projects of Brooklyn. There he rapped on the streets and made money as hustler, a move that eventually funded his music career.

Jay-Z, along with two friends, formed his own independent label, Roc-A-Fella Records to release his debut album, Reasonable Doubt - this cut out the middle man and avoided extra costs, although it was reported he went down this route because the big record companies wouldn't take him on. In 2004, he assumed the presidency of Def Jam Recordings and as a musician went on to sell 40 million albums worldwide.

In addition to a successful music career, Jay-Z co-owns Arsenal Football Club, the New Jersey Nets basketball team and the 40/40 Club, and created clothing line Rocawear, which he sold in 2007 for $204 million.

Did you know? Jay-Z makes $12m more per year than P.Diddy. But that is because Jay-Z is more badass, with a stabbing incident on his record where as P.Diddy has been acquited of a gun controversy, where no bullets actually connected with flesh.

13. Beyonce©

Net Worth: $315 million

Beyonce Knowles Net Worth
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Mrs Jay-Z isn't far behind her husband in the earning stakes. The highly successful R&B singer earns well from endorsements and films, as well as her music. Born and raised in Texas, Beyonce© started out singing in the church choir and went on to train in classical opera. In the 1980s, she rose to fame in girl group Destiny's Child, which is still one of the world's best-selling girl groups of all time. Since the break up of the group Beyonce© has had an incredibly successful solo career.

Other ventures include a women's fashion clothing line she started with her mother in 2005 called House of Der©on, and Beyonce© Fashion Diva, a mobile game with an online social networking component. She has also appeared in a number of high-earning films and has a various endorsement deals with exclusive brands such as Pepsi, L'Oreal and Armani.

Did you know? Beyonce is said to have a custom-made hair collection valued at around $1 million!

14. Bono

Net Worth: $200 million

Bono Net Worth
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The lead singer of the perennially popular band U2 was born Paul David Hewson in Dublin, Ireland. At the age of sweet sixteen, Bono joined U2 when he answered a response to an ad on his school's bulletin board. In 1980, the band signed on with Island Records and has since become one of the most well-known bands in the world.

Bono's riches come from sell out tours, the profits from the bands highly successful albums and various other investments. In 1992, he invested in the refurbishment of the Clarence Hotel in Dublin and is involved with private equity firm Elevation Partners, who have stocks in the media and entertainment business.

Did you know? U2 Ltd. actually moved to the Netherlands a couple of years back, about 17 nanoseconds after the Irish finance minister removed the tax exemption on 'artistic' income above 250,000 euros to avoid extra tax payments.

15. Lady Gaga

Net Worth: $7 million

Lady Gaga Net Worth
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Considering the queen of costume has only been on the music scene for a few years, her ever-evolving, publicity-friendly image appears to help her rake in the big bucks. Born Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta, her love of glam rock is obvious - she counts David Bowie and Freddie Mercury in her influences, and derived her stage name from Queen's classic hit, Radio Gaga.

Having started out as a rock chick in New York's Lower East Side, she was picked up by Interscope Records in 2007 and there worked mainly as a song writer. Rapper Akon was so impressed with her work he signed her to his own record label and in August 2008 Lady Gaga's debut album, The Fame, was released, hitting number one in four countries instantly. Since then, she has sold 8 million albums worldwide and in 2009 reaped the rewards of a very successful world tour.

Did you know? Despite her worldwide success, the "Poker Face" singer insists she is completely penniless because her elaborate stage shows and costumes cost so much.


16. Tiger Woods

Net Worth: $800-900 million

Tiger Woods Net Worth
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Having been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons recently, Tiger Woods is still one of the biggest earners in sport. His latest shenanigans saw his net worth drop quite considerably as he lost his Accenture endorsement deal and was suspended from his Gillette endorsement. Of course, those who follow his golf don't care much for what he does in his private life; they just want to see him play golf.

Given the nickname 'Tiger' by his dad (after one of his soldier friends), Woods was encouraged to learn golf from an early age. By the time he was 8-years-old, Woods was so proficient in the sport that he was able to show off his skills on television. After winning a number of US golfing titles he turned professional in 1996 and found fame as a 21-year-old when he gained a record score of 270 at the US Masters in 1997. His wealth has accumulated since then as a result of winning a number of golfing tournaments. He maintains good relations with Nike, Tag Heuer and EA Sports.

Did you know? Tiger Woods may be the first $1bn athlete but he did pay Mistress #1 of 147 (and counting!) Rachel Uchitel $10 million to stop her from going through with a tell-all press conference.

17. David Beckham

Net Worth: $175 million

David Beckham Net Worth
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David Beckham is probably one of the most famous football (soccer) players in the world, and most definitely one of the highest paid. He started out his career as a midfielder with Manchester United in 1993 and joined the England team in 1996, attending the 1998 World Cup and gaining the captaincy in 2002. In 2003, Real Madrid sought Beckham out and four years later he signed a five-year contract with LA Galaxy for an astonishing $250 million, of which Beckham will get a cut per year, making him the highest-paid player in Major League Soccer.

Beckham is also a much sought-after model and has a number of sponsorship deals with high profile companies such as Pepsi, Gillette, Motorola and Volkswagen, said to be worth around $25 million a year in total.

Did you know? Beckham spent£300 flying hairdresser Tyler from London to Manchester to give him a shaved head, hairdressers have seen takings plummet as other men have bought clippers and done it themselves.

18. Michael Jordan

Net Worth: $500 million

Michael Jordan Net Worth
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Retired American professional basketball player Michael Jordan was instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 90s. While playing for the Bulls, Jordan earned over $30 million a year, and even though he hasn't played in a championship match since 2003 he still rakes in around $40 million a year in endorsements. The Nike Air Jordan brand of shoes alone pulls in over $1 billion annually for Nike.

In 2006, Jordan bought into the Charlotte Bobcats and joined the executive ranks as the team's managing member of basketball operations. He has also invested in a number of other business ventures and is a regular spokesperson for Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Gatorade and McDonald's.

Did you know? MJ's 2007 divorce from Jaunita Jordan, his wife of 17 years, called for a settlement of $168 million, giving her a huge leg up on the $60 million that Heather Mills received in her breakup with Paul McCartney.

19. Michael Schumacher

Net Worth: $400 million

MIchael Schumacher Net Worth
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With a Formula One career spanning almost 20 years, the German racing driver is ahead of the game. His love of speed came at an early age when, at just four-years-old, his father put a small motorcycle engine in his pedal kart. He went on to become the youngest member of Kerpen-Horrem Karting Club, which was near his home town.

In 1991, he made his Formula One debut with the Benetton team before switching to Ferrari in 1996, and won a number of his races. He soon made history in the racing world by winning more championships than any other driver in his field. At one stage, Schumacher was the highest paid driver in the world; his salary from Ferrari was $40 million per year although various endorsement deals meant he received around $80 million.

Schumacher retired from Formula One in 2006 but recently announced his comeback for the Mercedes GP team, signing a contract that will see him on the track for another three years.

Did you know? Schumacher was gifted a $7 million piece of land by Dubai's crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and is located in the Arctic of "The World" an archipelago of 300 islands laid out to represent countries of the world, off the coast of Dubai.

20. Jerry Jones

Net Worth: $1.5 billion

Jerry Jones Net Worth
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OK, so maybe he's not a sportsman but it just goes to show that sport is a darn good business to be in. And no doubt many of those people who were ridiculed at school for being good at nothing else but sports might just be having the last laugh.

It also helps if you had a bit of collateral before getting involved in the sports world. The Dallas Cowboys Franchise owner first made his fortune in the 1970s drilling natural gas wells. He still dabbles in oil and gas through his natural resource prospecting company and has multiple sources of income from various sports and business ventures.

Did you know? Jerry Jones has been left with the bill of the Dallas Cowboys' new $1.2 billion football stadium was supposed to pull in $20 million a year from naming rights for 30 years. Unfortunately no one has taken it up!

Film / Television

21. George Lucas

Net Worth: $3 billion

George Lucas Net Worth
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Fans of the Star Wars creator will know that Lucas never intended to get into films, his first love was fast cars but a near fatal accident just before he started high school steered him away from motor sports and into film. He attended the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts as a graduate student, specializing in film production and churned out a number of amateur films that got him noticed. It wasn't until the success of American Graffiti in 1973 that he started making any money as a film maker, and not long after, in 1977, the Star Wars saga started.

Estimated to earn Lucas a lifetime revenue of nearly $20 billion, the Star Wars franchise is seen as a non-stop money generator. Lucas is also responsible for the Indiana Jones movies, and unlike many directors of his era has been able to remain independent.

With his vast earnings Lucas was able to start The George Lucas Educational Foundation - a non-profit organisation that encourages innovation in schools and creates and distributes educational content across multiple media platforms.

Did you know? Jerry Jones has been left with the bill of the Dallas Cowboys' new $1.2 billion football stadium was supposed to pull in $20 million a year from naming rights for 30 years. Unfortunately no one has taken it up!

22. Oprah Winfrey

Net Worth: $2.4 billion

Oprah Winfrey Net Worth
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The richest woman on US television was brought up in rural Mississippi by her grandmother during her formative years, who said that even when she was young she would interview her dolls and the crows on the fence of her family's property, but it wasn't until she turned seventeen that her true media career began. Working on her high school radio show Oprah showed talent and started at Nashville's WTVF-TV co-anchoring the local evening news. And in 1976, Winfrey moved to Baltimore, where she hosted the TV chat show People are Talking. This paved the way for her now infamous television chat show, which has been on air since 1986.

The Oprah dynasty now includes O:The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Oxygen Media - a company she co-founded dedicated to producing cable and Internet programming for women, and Oprah's Angel Network, which has raised more than $51 million for charitable programs, including girls' education in South Africa and relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Did you know?Oprah is famous for giving away 276 cars on her show. But did you know that some of those eager prize-winners had a choice: Fork over $7,000 in tax or give up the car, as the car needed to be claimed as income.

23. Simon Cowell

Net Worth: $200 million

Simon Cowell Net Worth
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The music executive and television producer is best known for his biting comments on the hugely successful Pop Idol and spin offs, The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. His family ties gave him his first big break when his father got him a job in the mail room at EMI Music Publishing, where he was an executive. Cowell took the opportunity and ran with it, eventually becoming a music publisher. He then started his own label, E&S Music, before moving to Fanfare Records, where he stayed for eight years.

His big success came in 2001 when he fronted Pop Idol in the UK; his grumpy, hard-to-please personality and trade mark too-high-trousers made him famous. The Pop Idol franchise is now viewed in over 100 countries and in the US has made him a highest earner in primetime television. Cowell also owns Syco, a television production and music publishing house, and has just finalised a deal with Sony Music Entertainment that will secure the business' long-term future.

Did you know? Cowell is an unlikely success story: a high school dropout and broke at age 30.

24. Will Smith

Net Worth: $188 million

Will Smith Net Worth
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Given the nickname 'Prince' at school because he was able to charm his way out of trouble, Smith decided to pursue a music career, and after meeting Jeff Townes at a party, the duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince was born. Smith made a huge amount of money in his early twenties and spent so much that he almost had to file for bankruptcy. Then in 1989, he met talent manager Benny Medina, who put forward the idea for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to NBC. It first aired in 1990, and was the start of Smith's lucrative career.

Smith has had two Academy Award nominations, one for the portrayal of boxer Muhammad Ali and the other for his role as Chris Gardner in the Pursuit of Happyness. Smith was the highest paid actor in Hollywood in 2008.

Did you know? Will Smith, with a career box office of $4.4 billion, is now the most powerful actor in Hollywood. He is the only actor in history to have 8 consecutive films gross over $100 million in the domestic box office!

25. Daniel Radcliffe

Net Worth: $60 million

Danielle Radcliffe Net Worth
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Famous for his alter ego Harry Potter, the young British actor managed to claim the first spot of highest paid actor in 2009. According to a list of top 40 earners* published in Vanity Fair magazine, Radcliffe earned a whopping $37 million last year.

Although Radcliffe has found success with the Harry Potter tales, he made his film debut in 2001 alongside Pierce Brosnan in the film Taylor of Panama. That same year, he was signed to play the most famous wizard in the world, and with movies number seven and eight scheduled for production it looks as if Pottermania will line his pockets for a few years to come.

Did you know? Daniel was paid a debut payment of just 150,000 pounds for the first movie, The Philosopher's Stone. It went up to 1.7 million pounds for the second film, Chamber of Secrets, and to 3.4 million pounds for The Prisoner Of Azkaban.

What's Your Net Worth?

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