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Car safety ratings guide

Check your car's safety rating and find out what it means in this comprehensive guide.

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) rates cars from 1 to 5 in terms of safety, with a 5-star rating the highest available. If you’re buying a new vehicle and want to know what level of protection that car would offer in a collision, the ANCAP safety rating provides an easy-to-understand guideline to use as a point of comparison.

What are safety ratings?

ANCAP conducts crash tests on new passenger and light commercial vehicles entering the Australian and New Zealand markets, with each model’s safety levels assessed under identical testing standards and conditions. Using results from these tests, ANCAP publishes safety ratings using a rating system from 1 to 5 stars, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

ANCAP safety ratings take into account the level of protection for drivers, front-seat passengers, and pedestrians involved in the most common types of crashes, as well as the inclusion of safety features and technologies in new vehicles. The ratings are used to compare vehicles in the same category (small car vs small car, large car vs large car, SUV vs SUV, etc.) and are not used to compare vehicles across different categories.

To receive the maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating, a vehicle must achieve the highest standards in all crash tests and also feature advanced safety assist technologies.

What is ANCAP?

carANCAP is Australasia's leading independent vehicle safety advocate. It aims to provide consumers with transparent advice and information about the safety levels of new passenger and light commercial vehicles. Since 1993, ANCAP has published crash test results for more than 590 vehicles sold throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ANCAP’s vision is: “To eliminate road trauma through the testing and promotion of safer vehicles”.

It works in partnership with the following organisations to deliver safety information and ratings to Australian and New Zealand drivers:

  • Australian and New Zealand automobile clubs
  • Australian Federal, State and Territory governments
  • The New Zealand Government
  • The Victorian Transport Accident Commission
  • The Insurance Australia Group
  • The FIA Foundation (UK).

What does the crash testing process involve?

ANCAP uses a number of internationally recognised crash tests and safety assessments carried out by independent specialist laboratories. These tests are designed to mimic the most common real-world crashes, and dummies are used to scientifically measure the forces on occupants and pedestrians when such crashes occur.

New vehicles are put through the following five tests:

  • Frontal offset test. This test is designed to simulate hitting another vehicle of the same mass travelling at the same speed. It is conducted by crashing 40% of the car, on the driver’s side, into a crushable aluminium barrier at 64 km/h. Two adult-sized dummies are located in the front seats, while dummies the size of 18-month and 3-year-old children sit in appropriate restraints in the back.
  • Side impact test. Designed to simulate two cars colliding at 90 degrees, the side impact test is carried out by ramming a 950kg trolley with a crushable aluminium face into the side of the test car at 50 km/h.
  • Pedestrian test. This test simulates a pedestrian being hit by an oncoming vehicle, and it’s used to assess the potential head and neck injuries to child and adult pedestrians when hit by the test car at a speed of 40 km/h.
  • Pole test. This test is designed to simulate an accident where a car crashes into a fixed object, such as a tree or pole. It’s conducted by propelling the test car sideways at a speed of 29 km/h into a rigid pole aligned with the driver’s head.
  • Whiplash test. Designed to assess head and neck injuries resulting from a rear-impact collision, this test sees the car’s seat mounted to a test sled. The sled is then propelled forward to simulate a stationary vehicle being hit from behind at 32 km/h.

What about safety technologies?

In previous years, car safety ratings have focused on passive safety features like airbags and seatbelts. However, recent advances in automotive technology have seen new cars fitted with advanced safety assist technologies that can actively help drivers avoid a collision.

As a result, ANCAP safety ratings also take into account the inclusion of safety equipment and technologies, such as:

  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Antilock braking systems (ABS)
  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
  • Lane departure warning (LDW)
  • Blind spot monitoring (BSM)
  • Fatigue monitoring systems (FMS)

In coming years, ANCAP is set to introduce a number of dynamic performance tests for safety technologies including ESC, AEB, Lane Support Systems (LSS) and more.

Comparing safety ratings

carThe higher the ANCAP safety rating, the safer a car is. In fact, research has shown that you have twice the chance of being killed or seriously injured in a 3-star ANCAP safety-rated car compared to a 5-star ANCAP safety-rated car.

But what exactly does each star rating mean for the driver and passenger in the event of a collision? Let’s take a closer look at what each rating means for the driver and passenger when their vehicle is involved in the frontal offset test.

5 stars

5 stars is the highest rating available from ANCAP. In a vehicle with a 5-star rating, the head, body and legs all receive a high level of protection for both the driver and passenger. There is a slight risk of serious injury to the lower legs or to the chest of the passenger, but such injuries are unlikely to be life threatening.

ANCAP recommends cars with a 5-star safety rating.

4 stars

In a 4-star ANCAP safety-rated car, the head and neck receive a high level of protection, which greatly reduces the risk of serious injury or death resulting from impact to these areas. However, there is a moderate risk of serious injury to the chest of both driver and passenger, as well as to the driver’s upper and lower right leg.

3 stars

In a 3-star ANCAP safety-rated car, there is a moderate risk of serious injury to the driver's head, chest, upper legs and lower right leg resulting in death. The passenger receives good protection for the head and lower left leg, and a lower risk of serious injury for the torso, upper left leg and right lower leg.

2 stars

In a 2-star ANCAP safety-rated car, there is a high risk of serious injury or death as a result of injury to the head and right leg of the driver. The torso and upper left leg of both driver and passenger also experience high levels of exposure to serious injury or death.

1 star

In a 1-star ANCAP safety-rated car, there is a very high risk of death or serious injury for both driver and passenger, particularly resulting from injury to the head of both occupants, and to the lower limbs of the driver. While the passenger has a lower risk exposure than the driver, the risk of serious injury or death is high from head injury. ANCAP advises that occupants are likely to die from the injuries sustained in a 1-star rated car.

Frequently asked questions about ANCAP safety ratings

Check your car's ANCAP safety rating

Car Make and ModelVariantManufactured DateRatingYear Rated
Peugeot 3008All variantsJul 2017 – onwards52016
LDV G10All people mover variantsJun 2015 – onwards32015
LDV G10All van variantsJun 2015 – onwards32015
Volkswagen GolfAll front-wheel-drive variantsJul 2017 – onwards52013
Land Rover DiscoveryAll New Zealand diesel variants (May 2017-onwards) & all Australian diesel variants (Jul 2017-onwards)May 2017 – onwards52017
Nissan X-TrailAll petrol & 1.6 litre diesel variantsFeb 2017 – onwards52017
Mini CountrymanCooper D variants onlyMar 2017 – onwards52017
Skoda Kodiaq4x4 variantsJun 2017 – onwards52017
Audi Q5All Q5 and SQ5 variantsJun 2017 – onwards52017
Audi Q2All variantsFeb 2017 – onwards52016
Holden AstraAll sedan variantsMay 2017 – onwards52017
Subaru XVAll variantsMay 2017 – onwards52017
Isuzu MU-XAll variantsApr 2017 – onwards52013
Honda CivicAll hatch variants except Type RMay 2017 – onwards52017
Honda CivicAll sedan variantsJul 2016 – onwards52017
Great Wall Motors Steed4x2 petrol dual cab variants onlySep 2016 – onwards22016
Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo ActivityAll variantsJan 2017 – onwards52014
BMW 5 Series520d onlyMar 2017 – onwards52017
Toyota Kluger / HighlanderAll variantsNov 2016 – onwards52014
Hyundai i30All variantsApr 2017 – onwards52017
Hyundai IoniqAll New Zealand variantsFeb 2017 – onwards52016
Hyundai i20All Hatch & Cross variantsDec 2016 – onwards42015
Audi A5Coupe & Sportback variantsMar 2017 – onwards52015
Volvo S90All variantsOct 2016 – onwards52017
Toyota CorollaAll sedan variantsNov 2016 – onwards52014
Toyota C-HRAll variantsDec 2016 – onwards52017
Isuzu D-MaxCrew Cab: 4x4 (all) and 4x2 (high ride)Nov 2016 – onwards52013
Ford MustangV8 Fastback (coupe)Dec 2015 – onwards22017
MG GSAll variantsDec 2016 – onwards42016
Toyota AvensisAll New Zealand variantsNov 2016 – onwards52015
Ford EscapeAll variants2017 – onwards52017
Fiat 500XAll variantsJul 2016 – onwards52016
Mercedes-Benz E-ClassAll variantsJul 2016 – onwards52016
Subaru ImprezaAll variantsNov 2016 – onwards52016
Lexus ISAll variantsOct 2016 – onwards52016
Mitsubishi ASXAll variantsNov 2016 – onwards52014
Holden AstraR+-- RS and RS-V hatch variantsNov 2016 – onwards52015
Toyota PriusAll variantsNov 2015 – onwards52016
Toyota Landcruiser Cab Chassis70 Series single cab chassis variantsSep 2016 – onwards52016
Volkswagen TiguanAll variantsSep 2016 – onwards52016
BMW X1All variantsOct 2015 – onwards52015
Jeep RenegadeAll front-wheel-drive variantsMay 2016 – onwards52016
Toyota RAV4All variantsAug 2016 – onwards52016
Holden TrailblazerAll variantsJul 2016 – onwards52016
Mazda 3All variantsAug 2016 – onwards52016
Skoda OctaviaAll front-wheel-drive variantsJun 2016 – onwards52016
Kia Rondo / CarensAll variantsAug 2016 – onwards52013
Holden ColoradoAll variantsJul 2016 – onwards52016
Infiniti Q30All variantsAug 2016 – onwards52015
Suzuki VitaraAll variants2015 – onwards52015
Kia OptimaAll variantsNov 2015 – onwards52015
Mazda CX-9All variantsJul 2016 – onwards52016
Toyota CorollaAll hatch variants including Hybrid hatchJun 2016 – onwards52014
Mazda MX-5All variantsSep 2015 – onwards52016
Haval H9All variants2015 – onwards42015
Kia CeratoAll variantsJun 2016 – onwards52014
Subaru LevorgAll variantsJun 2016 – onwards52016
Ford Tourneo CustomAll variantsMar 2014 – onwards52012
Ford Transit CustomAll Australian variants (Mar 2014-onwards) & all New Zealand variants (Mar 2016-onwards)Mar 2014 – onwards52012
Mercedes-Benz ValenteAll variantsJul 2015 – onwards52014
Mercedes-Benz V-ClassAll variantsJul 2015 – onwards52014
Mercedes-Benz VitoAll van & crewcab variants with side head-protecting airbags (curtains)Jul 2015 – onwards52014
Hyundai ElantraAll variants including turboFeb 2016 – onwards52016
Jaguar XFAll variantsFeb 2016 – onwards52015
Skoda SuperbAll 2WD variants2016 – onwards52015
Kia SportageAll variants2016 – onwards52016
Holden SparkAll variantsMar 2016 – onwards52016
Kia CarnivalAll variantsJan 2016 – onwards52016
Audi A4All variants with 4 cylinder enginesOct 2015 – onwards52015
Jaguar XEAll variantsAug 2015 – onwards52015
Mercedes-Benz GLCAll variants2015 – onwards52015
Lexus RXAll variantsOct 2015 – onwards52015
Hyundai TucsonAll variantsNov 2015 – onwards52015
Mitsubishi LancerAll variantsNov 2015 – onwards52013
Audi Q73.0L diesel variants with standard seats onlySep 2015 – onwards52015
Mitsubishi Pajero SportAll variantsOct 2015 – onwards52015
Honda HR-VAll variants2015 – onwards52015
Volvo XC90Diesel variants onlySep 2015 – onwards52015
Volkswagen PassatAll Australian variantsOct 2015 – onwards52015
Toyota LandcruiserAll variantsAug 2015 – onwards52011
Toyota FortunerAll variantsAug 2015 – onwards52015
Ford EverestAll variants2015 – onwards52015
Volkswagen PassatAll New Zealand variantsOct 2015 – onwards52015
Toyota HiluxAll variantsJul 2015 – onwards52015
Ford RangerAll variantsSep 2015 – onwards52015
Mazda CX-3All variants2015 – onwards52015
Mazda 2All variants (hatch and sedan)Nov 2014 – onwards52015
Audi TT2.0L petrol front-wheel-drive variantsJun 2015 – onwards42015
Ford FocusAll variants except the Focus RSJun 2015 – onwards52014
LDV V80Short wheelbase-- low roof variants with ESCSep 2015 – onwards32013
Nissan NavaraAll king cab variantsJul 2015 – onwards52015
Nissan NavaraAll single cab variantsJul 2015 – onwards52015
Nissan NavaraAll dual cab variantsMar 2015 – onwards52015
Jeep Grand CherokeeV6 variantsMar 2013 – onwards52014
Skoda Fabia5 door hatch & wagon variants (Australia only)Jul 2015 – onwards52015
Kia SorentoAll variantsApr 2015 – onwards52015
Hyundai i40All variantsFeb 2015 – onwards52013
Hyundai VelosterAll variantsJan 2015 – onwards52013
Mitsubishi OutlanderAll variantsApr 2015 – onwards52014
Toyota CamryAll variantsApr 2015 – onwards52013>
Toyota AurionAll variantsApr 2015 – onwards52014
Mitsubishi TritonAll variantsApr 2015 – onwards52015
Tesla Model SAll variants built from 22 September 2014Sep 2014 – onwards52015
Renault Captur3 cylinder petrol variants2015 – onwards52013
Mini Cooper3 door hatchApr 2014 – onwards42014
BMW i3All variants2014 – onwards52014
BMW 2 SeriesActive Tourer 3 cylinder petrol variants2014 – onwards42014
Land Rover Discovery SportAll variants2015 – onwards52014
Toyota Prius VAll variants2012 – onwards52015
Ford MondeoAll variantsApr 2015 – onwards52015
Lexus NXAll variants2014 – onwards52015
Hyundai SonataAll petrol variants2015 – onwards52015
Suzuki CelerioAll variants2015 – onwards42015
Honda JazzAll variantsJul 2014 – onwards52014
Subaru Liberty / LegacyAll variantsJan 2015 – onwards52015
Subaru OutbackAll variantsJan 2015 – onwards52015
Ford TerritoryAll variantsNov 2014 – onwards52014
Ford Falcon UteAll variantsNov 2014 – onwards52013
Ford FalconAll sedan variantsNov 2014 – onwards52013
Hyundai GenesisAll variantsNov 2014 – onwards52014
Toyota Prius CAll variants2012 – onwards52014
Honda AccordAll variantsAug 2014 – onwards52014
Honda CityAll variantsJun 2014 – onwards52014
Peugeot 308Diesel variants onlyOct 2014 – onwards52014
Jeep Patriot4x2 variants only2011 – onwards52011
Tata XenonAll dual cab variants with ESCJun 2014 – onwards42013
Maserati GhibliAll variants2014 – onwards52014
Lexus CT200hAll variantsDec 2013 – onwards52014
Volkswagen PoloAll petrol variantsAug 2014 – onwards52011
Nissan QashqaiAll variantsJul 2014 – onwards52014
Ssangyong Stavic2WD variants only2013 – onwards42013
Mercedes-Benz C-ClassC220 BlueTEC-- C250 BlueTEC-- C200-- and C250 variantsJul 2014 – onwards52014
Mitsubishi MirageAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Kia pro_cee'dAll variants2014 – onwards52014
Nissan PathfinderAll variantsOct 2013 – onwards52013
Jeep CherokeeAll variants with 4 cylinder engines2014 – onwards52016
Honda OdysseyAll variants2014 – onwards52014
Toyota PradoAll variantsAug 2013 – onwards52009
Skoda Rapid4 cylinder petrol engine variants2014 – onwards52014
Peugeot 2008All variants2013 – onwards52013
Citroen C4 Grand PicassoAll variants2014 – onwards52014
Subaru WRXAll variants2014 – onwards52014
Peugeot 5008All variants2013 – onwards52013
Kia CeratoAll Koup variantsOct 2013 – onwards52013
Infiniti Q50All 2WD variants2014 – onwards52014
Suzuki SX4 S-CrossPetrol front-wheel-drive variantsDec 2013 – onwards52013
Nissan PulsarAll 1.8L hatch variantsDec 2013 – onwards52013
Nissan AltimaAll variantsDec 2013 – onwards52013
Mercedes-Benz CLA ClassAll coupe/sedan variants2013 – onwards52013
Ford EcoSportAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Fiat Panda1.2L petrol engine variants2013 – onwards52013
Renault ClioAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Mazda 6All variantsDec 2012 – onwards52012
Proton Suprima SAll variantsDec 2013 – onwards52013
Proton ExoraAll variants2013 – onwards42013
Peugeot 2085 door hatches with 4 cylinder engine2012 – onwards52012
MG 6All variants2012 – onwards42013
Holden TraxAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Citroen DS5All variants2012 – onwards52012
Ford FiestaAll variantsJan 2013 – onwards52009
Nissan PulsarAll 1.8L sedan variants2013 – onwards52013
Holden Commodore UteAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Holden CommodoreAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Holden CapriceAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Audi A3All variantsMay 2013 – onwards52013
Holden MalibuAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Fiat FreemontDiesel engine variants2013 – onwards42013
Toyota 86All variants2012 – onwards52012
Mercedes-Benz A-ClassAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Land Rover Range RoverTDV6 variants only2013 – onwards52013
Mitsubishi PajeroAll variantsApr 2013 – onwards52011
Foton TunlandAll 4x4 dual cab variants2012 – onwards32012
Proton PreveAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Volkswagen BeetleAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Volvo V40D2 variants2013 – onwards52013
Subaru ForesterAll variants2013 – onwards52013
Hyundai Santa FeAll variantsAug 2012 – onwards52012
Citroen DS4All petrol variants2012 – onwards52012
Jeep Wrangler3.6L V6 2 door variants2012 – onwards42012
Audi Q3All variants2012 – onwards52012
Audi A1All petrol variants2010 – onwards52011
Holden BarinaAll TM series variantsOct 2011 – onwards52011
Isuzu D-MaxCrew Cab: 4x4 (all) and 4x2 (high ride)Jun 2012 – onwards42012
Suzuki SplashNew Zealand variants2011 – onwards42011
Nissan JukeFront-wheel-drive variants with H16 engine2012 – onwards52011
Subaru BRZAll variants2012 – onwards52012
Mahindra XUV500AWD variants2012 – onwards42012
BMW 3 Series320d variant2012 – onwards52012
Mercedes-Benz B-ClassAll variants2012 – onwards52012
Mahindra Pik-UpAll 4x4 dual cab variantsJan 2012 – onwards32012
Jeep Compass4x4 variants2012 – onwards42012
Volvo S60Front-wheel-drive variants with 5 cylinder diesel engine2011 – onwards52011
Toyota YarisAll hatch variantsDec 2011 – onwards52011
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque5 door diesel variants2011 – onwards42011
Volkswagen Jetta1.2L and 1.4L petrol variants only2011 – onwards52011
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet1.4L petrol engine2011 – onwards52011
Mercedes-Benz M-ClassML350 3.5L petrol V6 variantsJul 2011 – onwards52011
Mazda BT-50Single cab variants with bench seatOct 2011 – onwards52011
Mazda BT-50All variantsOct 2011 – onwards52011
Holden Captiva 7All front-wheel-drive variants2011 – onwards52011
Citroen DS3All petrol 3 door hatches2010 – onwards52011
Citroen C41.6L diesel engine variants2011 – onwards52011
BMW 1 Series1.6L petrol engine variants2011 – onwards52011
Toyota HiaceLWB vanSep 2011 – onwards42011
Skoda YetiAWD diesel variants2011 – onwards52011
Holden CruzeAll variantsMay 2009 – onwards52009
Toyota TaragoAll variantsOct 2010 – onwards52010
Renault KangooVariants with dual frontal airbags2011 – onwards42011
Citroen BerlingoVariants with dual frontal airbags2009 – onwards42009
BMW X34 cylinder engine variants2011 – onwards52011
Audi A64 cylinder diesel engine variantsJul 2011 – onwards52011
Volvo V60Front-wheel-drive variants with 5 cylinder diesel engine2011 – onwards52011
Toyota RukusAll variants2010 – onwards52010
Peugeot 508All variants2011 – onwards52011
Hyundai AccentAll sedan and hatch variantsAug 2011 – onwards52011
Nissan Leaf5 door hatches2011 – onwards52011
Volkswagen AmarokNew Zealand 2.0L diesel 4x4 dual cab without head-protecting side airbags2011 – onwards42011
Volkswagen Amarok2.0L diesel 4x4 dual cab with head-protecting side airbags2011 – onwards52011
Alfa Romeo GiuliettaVariant(s) as tested2011 – onwards52011
Suzuki KizashiVariant(s) as tested2011 – onwards52011
Mitsubishi i-MiEV5 door hatches2011 – onwards42011
Peugeot 308CCVariant(s) as tested2009 – onwards52009
Nissan Patrol Cab ChassisVariants with dual frontal airbags2008 – onwards32010
Ssangyong Actyon SportsTradie 4x22008 – onwards32010
Alfa Romeo MitoVariant(s) as testedJun 2009 – onwards52010
Hyundai iMaxPetrol and diesel variantsMar 2009 – onwards42009
Hyundai iLOADDiesel van variantsJun 2017 – onwards42011
Suzuki Alto5 door hatch2009 – onwards42009
Honda Accord EuroVariant(s) as tested2008 – onwards52008
Volvo XC60Variant(s) as testedMar 2009 – onwards52009
Suzuki APVVan variants2007 – onwards32008
Citroen C5Variant(s) as testedMar 2008 – onwards52008
Fiat 500Pop 3 door hatch with ESCJul 2007 – onwards52008
Suzuki Grand VitaraVariants with side & curtain airbagsJun 2006 – onwards42006
Suzuki SX45 door hatchJun 2007 – onwards42007
Nissan PatrolY61 series with 3 litre diesel engine2004 – onwards32011

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