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Volvo reviews

Which Volvo car will suit you best?


We'll help you understand the Volvo Australia range

ModelSeatsCombined fuel economyBoot volumeTow capacityRating
Volvo S60FiveHybrid: 2.0L/100km
Non-hybrid: 7.3L/100km
442 litresUp to 1,800kg80%Hands-on review
Volvo V60FiveHybrid: 2.0L/100km
Non-hybrid: 7.3L/100km
529 litresUp to 2,000kg (T8 R-Design)Not yet rated
Volvo V90 Cross CountryFive5.7L/100km560 litresUp to 2,500kgNot yet ratedBest cars for dogs
Volvo XC40Five7.2L/100km (Momentum)586 litresUp to 2,100kg (R-Design)Not yet rated
Volvo XC60Five5.4L/100km (diesel D4)
2.2L/100km (hybrid)
483 litresUp to 2,118kg (T8 Polestar)Not yet rated
Volvo XC90Seven5.9L/100km (diesel)
2.1L/100km (hybrid)
651 litres (third row folded)Up to 2,400kgNot yet rated

Volvo Australia facts

Volvo's name is taken from the Latin word meaning "I roll". The Swedish car brand was incorporated in 1911 as a ball bearing company and didn't build a car until 1927. The automotive manufacturer's logo is inspired by the radiator grille of its first car, the ÖV 4.

Volvo also builds trucks, buses, construction equipment and supplies engines to boat/specialist vehicle builders.

Volvo engineers have been credited with many automotive safety developments. The company used laminated safety glass as early as 1944. In 1959, boffins created the three-point seat belt – the foundation of restraints still employed today. Instead of holding onto the rights, they shared the patent for free with other carmakers. Volvo cars were the first to feature side curtain airbags and were an early adopter of an electronic blind-spot warning system.

What to consider when buying a Volvo

When you think of Volvo, you probably picture a solid and sensible wagon. Today, Volvo also makes luxury SUVs – with most of the range making an ideal family car. Here's all you need to know about buying a Volvo.

Which Volvo model is best?

The answer to that excellent questions will depend on your personal circumstances and the type of driving you do.
Volvo XC40 SUV

Which Volvo should I buy for a family car?

Pretty much any of the Volvo models will suit families. If you have little ones, something like the XC40 might suit you ideally. It's got a big boot (586 litres), heaps of safety assistants and equipment like dual-zone climate control, child locks on rear side doors, sat nav and smartphone integration with speech function.

However, if you've got an older (or larger) family then the XC90 is probably the best route to go down. With seven seats, it can wing your brood around in style. It's got a pretty thorough spec list.

Finder's Chris Stead recently found out how well he and his family got on with the Volvo S60 sedan.
Picture not described

I have a dog. Which Volvo should I buy?

We've published a separate guide on picking the best car for you and your dog (or doggies). Needless to say, the V90 Cross Country placed on that list, thanks to its massive cargo bay and heap of factory pet-friendly optional accessories.
Volvo XC90 luxury SUV

Which Volvo is the most luxurious?

If you want to roll around in total comfort, the XC90 is the most expensive and most decked out Volvo. It can go toe to toe with a Range Rover Sport and it does this without the flashy badging.

Volvo Australia financing

Volvos tend to premium-priced vehicles, so by comparing car loans, you could save hundreds of dollars over the agreement. Compare new car loans below.

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NRMA New Car Loan
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