Best Canada and Alaska tours 2019

Find the place in Canada that calls to you with these top tour options from coast to coast.

Canada is like Australia – it’s extremely large and can take months to travel if you choose to do so. For those with limited time or who are looking for a unique angle on Canada travel then we have tours to share with you.

From the shores of the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada’s nature on dry land and its life underwater is as diverse as the people that live there. From culture to food to scenic sites, Canada is one country we guarantee you will not be underwhelmed by.

Whether you prefer to ski the slopes in British Columbia, experience the Maritimes hospitality or wander the streets of world-class cities, we have tours that show you the layers of Canada’s history, people and top places to visit.

Our favourite Canada tour companies

1. Trafalgar

Trafalgar dives deep into travel and leads its guests on award-winning tours around the world to discover hidden gems, meet with locals and learn about culture through VIP experiences.

Trafalgar's aim is to live "the Good Life", connect with the people of a new destination and deliver optimal travel memories.

  • Best for: Middle-age, seniors, family, luxury.
  • Cost: High-end.
  • Our favourite itinerary: Explore Canada's breathtaking west coast, travel in true Canadian style on a scenic train ride and delve into Ontario's highlights on the incredible Contrasts of Canada tour.

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2. Contiki

A tour company built for travellers who are 18 to 35, Contiki’s motto of #noregrets encompasses what Contiki is all about: living in the moment, pushing past boundaries and discovering just how small the world is.

Contiki offers a megahouse of destination options across six continents, proving themselves as a well established and trusted tour company for millennials.

  • Best for: Millennials, backpackers and solo travellers.
  • Cost: Mid-range.
  • Our favourite itinerary: We love the Grand Canadian tour because it not only shows you the west coast highlights but also eastern Canada so you can truly experience just how vast and different the country is from the Rocky Mountains to Quebec and the majestic Niagara Falls.

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3. G Adventures

G Adventures is all about getting closer to nature, working with communities and being a responsible traveller. Go a step further into Canada’s natural landscapes with G Adventures, on a small group tour that’s bound to help you discover even more than you anticipated.

  • Best for: Eco and active travellers, all ages.
  • Cost: Mid-range.
  • Our favourite itinerary: The Discover the Canadian Rockies itinerary is bound to have you jaw-dropping as one of the National Geographic style trips through Canada’s most scenic natural landscapes.

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4. Intrepid

With over three decades of travel experience under its belt, Intrepid is a tour operator that understands its travellers.

Intrepid focuses on responsible travel, connecting travellers to locals and small group travel, and gives you the balance of group travel and solo time to truly and thoroughly enjoy a new destination.

  • Best for: Adventure travellers, solo, groups, all ages.
  • Cost: Mid-range.
  • Our favourite itinerary: Staying at the Arctic Watch Lodge for 8 days is a truly unique experience in Canada’s northern territories that few companies offer.

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5. Moose Travel Network

Moose is dedicated to showing travellers the real Canada and does so in an environmentally safe way; it brings visitors not only to Canada’s western shores but also to explore the often overlooked Atlantic provinces.

  • Best for: Adventure travellers, solo travellers, millennials.
  • Cost: Mid-range.
  • Our favourite itinerary: On the Eastern Canada Screech tour you’ll really get to experience all of the best highlights and culture of Atlantic Canada and Quebec from Toronto.

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6. Scenic Tours

An Aussie company giving you the opportunity to explore Canada by both land and sea with all the perks and privileges that come with a five-star luxury journey.

Scenic offers an all-inclusive tour experience so that there are no hidden extras. Sightseeing tours, activities and even tipping are covered.

  • Best for: Middle-age, seniors, family, luxury.
  • Cost: High-end.
  • Our favourite itinerary: Be swept away by the grandeur of mountains and taken away by wonderful food and gracious hospitality of the locals on this heart and soul tour of the Magnificent Canadian Rockies and Rail.

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7. Evergreen Tours

With almost four decades of tour experience to boast about, this all Aussie company offers a balance of must-see sights and activities with free time to explore on your own.

Evergreen offers unique adventures that help you get to the heart of Canada with daily guided tours, authentic cultural events and a first class hotel to rest in each night.

  • Best for: Seniors, family, solo travellers.
  • Cost: High-end.
  • Our favourite itinerary: Get amongst the best the east coast has to offer on the Capitals and Eastern Canada tour with a cruise to the foot of Niagara Falls, a First Nations camp visit and a chance to make your own maple candy in Quebec.

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8. APT Tours

APT Tours is all about luxury journeys that you can tailor with flexible sightseeing and dining options.

Local guides share insights about the history and traditions of their towns and signature experiences unique to APT take you deeper into the local culture.

  • Best for: Seniors, family.
  • Cost: High-end.
  • Our favourite itinerary: Experience one of the most anticipated rodeo events on the Calgary Stampede tour. Travel from Victoria inland and enjoy a true Canadian ranch stay and breakfast at the Butchart Gardens.

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9. Cosmos Tours

Whether you're a hardy traveller or a first-timer, Cosmos puts travel dreams within reach due to its wallet-friendly tours. Packages can include the essentials, the main sights, the scenes and your transport or you can start with a blank canvas and add in what's most important to you.

  • Best for: All ages, solo travellers, family.
  • Cost: Budget
  • Our favourite itinerary: Discover Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island on the Atlantic Canada's Coastal Wonders tour. You'll find charming fishing villages, picturesque lighthouses and some of the most stunning scenery Canada has to offer.

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Other tour companies that offer tours in Canada

Best Canada tour company for:

Canada and Alaska Arctic tours

  • Cosmos: Discover Western Canada by rail and Alaskan highlights by cruising.
  • Evergreen Tours: Australia’s Evergreen Tours offers dozens of Canadian tours, many of which travel across the Rockies and to Alaska.
  • Globus: Explore British Columbia and beyond in Canada plus kick back on an Alaska cruise.

Canada and USA tours

  • Trafalgar: National parks, east coast or west coast, Trafalgar offers tours in both Canada and the USA across the continent.
  • Contiki: Contiki has nailed the North American-style road trip with the top highlights from both Canada and the USA.
  • Insight Vacations: Insight offers luxury travel across Canada and the USA to the must-see destinations from coast to coast.

Train and rail tours

  • Rocky Mountaineer: Arguably the most iconic train ride in all of Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer curated moving packages that take you across Western Canada's most dazzling destinations, including Vancouver, Whistler, Banff, Calgary and Lake Louise.
  • Trafalgar: National parks, east coast or west coast, Trafalgar offers tours in both Canada and the USA across the continent.
  • Insight Vacations: Insight offers luxury travel across Canada and the USA to the must-see destinations from coast to coast.

Small groups

  • Moose Travel Network: Moose offers small group tours that are immersive and adventurous for millennials.
  • G Adventures: Several travel styles are available for all ages of adventure travellers in a small group setting.
  • Intrepid: The largest small group tour company in the world, Intrepid delivers tours that are led by locals.


  • Trafalgar : Trafalgar offers VIP experiences and tours designed to be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace.
  • Insight Vacations: Insight offers luxury travel tours and customised group choices with easy pace options available for slower and more relaxed travel.
  • Senior Discovery Tours: This is a Canadian tour company offering tours specifically for seniors with “stay-put” options that involve less moving from accommodation to accommodation.

Ski tours

  • Contiki: Visit the best ski spots in Western Canada for nine days of epic mountains.
  • Powder Hounds: This is a ski company that offers adventure ski tours and packages around the world with heli, cat and regular ski safaris available.
  • Fresh Adventures: Fresh offers adventure tours across British Columbia and Alberta for those who either want a fast-paced action trip or to enjoy the outdoors at a more relaxed pace.

Hiking tours

  • Great Canadian Trails: This is a company that specialises in active holidays with options for self-guided and guided tours across some of Canada’s best trails.
  • Exodus Travels: Exodus is dedicated to exploring Canada on adventure tours with hiking, biking and wildlife, and self-guided or guided tours available.
  • G Adventures: Explore Canada in a small group with an adventure travel company that supports local communities too.


  • Rocky Mountaineer: The name says it all and the journey is unparalleled, taking you through the Rockies region via train for an up-close and personal view of mother nature and all her majesty.
  • Moose Travel Network: See the Rockies in an adventure style on budget-friendly tours for any age.
  • Globus: Globus offers many ways to see the Canadian Rockies from relaxed to active pace trips.

Luxury tours

  • Trafalgar: Trafalgar offers mid-range tours that have an added level of luxury compared to other mid-range tour operators.
  • Luxury Gold: Cruises, train rides and more are available across Canada via Luxury Gold, with VIP service, luxury hotels and 100 years of experience up its sleeve.
  • Insight Vacations: Travel in style with one of the world’s most renowned premium and luxury escorted tour operators.

18-35 year olds

  • Moose Travel Network: Moose offers budget-friendly tours to unique destinations across Canada for group and solo travellers.
  • Topdeck: Topdeck only offers tours to travellers 18-39, with tours designed to include free time and group activities.
  • Contiki: Contiki is the number one youth travel company with tours of different styles for all budgets.


  • Evergreen Tours: Offers are available for solo explorers looking for a deluxe travel experience including no single supplements and fly free deals.
  • Contiki: Over half of Contiki's travellers are solo so if you're young and adventurous, you'll be surrounded by like-minded people.
  • Intrepid: You can choose from solo-only adventures or join a regular tour where more than 50% of travellers are usually going it alone too.

Northern Lights

  • Intrepid: You can get away from it all at an Arctic Watch lodge in the east or cover some ground amongst the Rockies in the west.
  • Scenic Tours: Head deep into the famed Yukon for four late night opportunities to see the lights.
  • Great Canadian Trails: Take in the Northern Lights from your room, the viewing deck or the hot tub during your tour in Yellowknife.

Popular Canada tour routes

Canadian Rockies

One of the main attractions of Canada is the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding scenery.

Tours of the Canadian Rockies are for adventure and leisure travellers alike, where common experiences include highlights such as Lake Louise, hiking and one of the most famous drives in the country, the Icefields Parkway.

Majestic Rockies tour

Majestic Rockies tour from TourRadar

Get to experience the highlights of Canada’s west coast by starting in Vancouver and working your way through the scenic Rocky Mountains with stops in Whistler, Jasper before driving across the Icefields Parkway to Banff and then to your ending point in Calgary.

  • Tour company: Globus
  • Best for: Sightseeing, nature and culture
  • Length of tour: 11 days

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East Coast and Atlantic Canada

Tours of Atlantic Canada introduce travellers to a different kind of Canadian scenery that is just as majestic as the west coast mountains and to an entirely new culture with the warm Maritimes hospitality. Tours typically hit the must-see destinations between Toronto and St. John’s including cities and national parks.

The Screech - 22 day provinces tour

The Screech - 22 day provinces tour from TourRadar

Travel across five of Canada’s provinces with stops in top cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and St. John’s along with the must-see small towns and natural sites such as Gros Morne National Park and whale watching.

  • Tour company: Moose Travel Network
  • Best for: First-time visitors
  • Length of tour: 22 days

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Ontario and French Canada

These two neighbouring provinces lend themselves as an excellent route for travelling through to some of the major sites in Canada such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the most popular tourist attraction in the country: Niagara Falls. It’s an excellent route for foodies and those looking to learn about Canadian history.

Ontario and French Canada tour

Ontario and French Canada tour from TourRadar

Start in Toronto and enjoy an excursion to Niagara Falls before heading off to Canada’s capital, Ottawa, with a stop in Kingston to see a national park. Next up, visitors get to explore the charming and historic Quebec City and then the trendy Montreal for Quebec highlights.

  • Tour company: Cosmos
  • Best for: Historical and scenic insights
  • Length of tour: 8 days

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Arctic Canada

Arctic Canada is an area where few travellers venture due to its harsh conditions and cost of travel. However, this off-the-beaten-path destination is ideal for travellers looking to experience something truly unique and to see wildlife that you can’t see in many other places in the world.

8-day Arctic Canada tour

8-day Arctic Canada tour from TourRadar

This tour involves travelling around the Arctic Circle from Yellowknife for a true Canadian experience that many Canadians don’t even get to try. See the arctic terrain, wildlife such as whales and nature such as icebergs, and get active on hikes to waterfalls, kayaking and rafting.

  • Tour company: Intrepid
  • Best for: Wildlife, active travellers
  • Length of tour: 8 days

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How long do I need in Canada?

Since Canada is such a large country it’s easier to break it down into three sections: western Canada which includes British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, eastern Canada which includes Ontario and Quebec, and Atlantic Canada which includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland.

Each area mentioned above should be given 8-10 days to explore the highlights and 2-3 weeks each if you wish to travel at a slower pace or to explore more in depth.

An entire cross-country trip could realistically be done in one month if only covering the highlights as the large distances in Canada add to your desired trip itinerary.

8-day Western Canada tour

8-day Western Canada tour from TourRadar

Hit each of the top destinations in western Canada for unbeatable views and ample time to explore the surface of each destination.

  • Tour company: Moose Travel Network
  • Best for: Western Canada on a budget with limited time
  • Places visited: Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper

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9 day Eastern Canada tour

9 day Eastern Canada tour from Trafalgar Tours

Explore the top cities in Ontario and Quebec that are renowned across the world and which hold some of the country’s most famous attractions – and plenty of history.

  • Tour company: Trafalgar
  • Best for: Eastern Canada with limited time, and city sites
  • Places visited: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Kingston, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal

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10 day Atlantic Canada tour

10 day Atlantic Canada tour from TourRadar

Explore Atlantic Canada to understand the vast beauty through this section of the country in its national parks and welcoming cities.

  • Tour company: Moose Travel Network
  • Best for: Atlantic Canada on a budget with limited time
  • Places visited: Halifax, Cape Breton, Gros Morne National Park, Trinity East, St. John’s, Moncton

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16 day West Coast to Eastern Canada tour

16 day West Coast to Eastern Canada tour from Trafalgar Tours

See the majority of Canada on a train trip from the west coast to eastern Canada, stopping at the top cities along the way and travelling through the most famous scenic sites in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Tour company: Trafalgar
  • Best for: Western and Eastern Canada with limited time
  • Places visited: Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Banff, Jasper, Toronto, Niagara Falls

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Which companies offer tours to Canada and Alaska from Australia?

  • APT Tours: A luxury journey that starts at home, APT can arrange air travel as part of a total holiday package.
  • Contiki: Tours designed for under 35-year-olds where you can add flights while making your booking.
  • Flight Centre: You can book your tour, flights and hotels all in one place either over the phone or online.
  • G Adventures: A tour company for the active traveller that can help you arrange flights to go with your tour.
  • Intrepid: Giving you the right balance between organised activities and free time, you can arrange a full package holiday with Intrepid that links flights with your tour itinerary.
  • Peregrine Adventures: Move around with ease to, from and on your tour with this premium tour company.
  • STA Travel: Not just for students, you can book your tour and also score a great deal on flights.
  • TourRadar: Choose from a huge range of tours and then book your flights all in the one spot.

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