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Westnet NBN plans and more

Compare Westnet’s NBN plans and see whether they work for you.

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Westnet Broadband

Westnet was bought out by iiNet in 2008 but continues to operate as a subsidiary with totally separate plans. It has a wide set of NBN plans available for those in need of a broadband connection.

Top features:
  • Discounts on modems on 6-month contracts
  • Fetch entertainment bundles available
Westnet internet is not currently available via Finder. You can visit their website at for more information or compare alternative options available below.

Compare more Internet plans below

Take a look at Westnet NBN plans below

Regardless of the speed you're after, Westnet has a plan — available month-to-month or on a 6-month contract.

Westnet NBN review: Why should you consider them?

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$59.99 and up monthly

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Technology type available

NBN, ADSL, satellite

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NBN speeds available

All speed tiers — Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, Premium

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Optional extras

Fetch entertainment bundles, home phone and call packs

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Phone: 24/7

Westnet is a communication company that was founded in a small town in Western Australia and was acquired by iiNet in 2008. It has a wide range of connection technologies available for broadband customers, from satellite to fixed wireless to fixed lines.

For the prices that Westnet charges, its typical evening speeds don't offer much excitement, going slightly above average in some categories (e.g. Standard Plus typical speeds of 43.50Mbps vs. the ACCC average of 42.6Mbps). Unless you're particularly keen to secure an entertainment Fetch bundle from Westnet, you might be better off considering plans from its parent company iiNets or other providers.

Westnet also offers these optional extras:

  • Entertainment bundles. If you join on a 6-month contract on some NBN and ADSL plans, you can get a Fetch Entertainment bundle. This adds a $59.99 set-up fee and provides the Fetch box plus 30 free movies per month.
  • Call packs. You can add a home phone line with unlimited local, national and mobile calls for $5 per month, or unlimited international landline calls to 20 countries for $10 per month.

Why choose Westnet?


  • All speed tiers available. Whether you want basic or premium, you can pick up an appropriate plan from Westnet.
  • Entertainment options. If you're after a Fetch box and associated entertainment, you can get it from Westnet.
  • Home phone. For people who want a home phone line, Westnet has relatively cheap choices for all connection types.


  • Average value. Westnet's plans aren't really the fastest on the market for their price.

The bottom line: Westnet's plans don't do much to set them apart from the rest of the market, even when just compared to the plans of its parent company, iiNet.

Check out Westnet ADSL plans below

You can buy an ADSL plan from Westnet to tide you over until the NBN arrives in your area, and get a free upgrade when it does.

Compare Westnet satellite plans here

If satellite is what you have to work with, Westnet has a small selection of plans, split into peak (7am-1am) and off-peak (1am-7am) data allowances.

Compare Westnet fixed wireless plans below

Customers who can't get a fixed-line connection but are close enough to a signal tower can sign up for one of Westnet's NBN12 or NBN25 fixed wireless plans.

Westnet frequently asked questions

Do I need a new modem to sign up to Westnet?

If you haven't been connected to the NBN before, you'll probably need a new modem. You can buy your own or purchase one from Westnet for $99.95 when you buy your plan. Some contracts may reduce this fee.

Can I cancel my Westnet NBN plan?

So long as you aren't on a contract, you can switch or cancel your NBN plan anytime you want. If you leave a contract early, you'll have to pay a $40 termination fee.

Do Westnet's Internet plans include calls?

Most of Westnet's plans come with a home phone line you can use to make pay as you go calls. You can also add call packs which will allow for some calls. On the NBN plans, you can add a home phone line with unlimited local, national and mobile calls for $5 per month, or unlimited international landline calls to 20 countries for $10 per month.

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