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Westnet review

Our verdict: Westnet provides plenty of options to connect to the internet including NBN plans and home wireless broadband. However, it’s likely you’ll find cheaper offers elsewhere.

warningWestnet is currently not accepting new customers. Please treat information on this page as historical only.


  • Option to add Fetch TV entertainment bundles
  • Modem comes with 4G back-up
  • 24/7 broadband technical support


  • Regular monthly cost of plans is above the average on Finder

Westnet review: Our verdict

Westnet offers a wide range of plans covering most internet connection types. You can connect via NBN (fixed line, satellite, fixed wireless) as well as home wireless broadband.

Its regular price of NBN plans is above the average in Finder's database by $8 to $15 a month depending on the speed tier.

Westnet's typical evening download speeds during the busy hours of the day (7-11pm) reach the maximum available on its NBN 12-50 plans. However, they're slightly lacking for NBN 100 and above.

Westnet's home wireless plans offer unlimited data and regularly come with deals that can sometimes give you the first month free.

Its NBN Satellite plans are competitively priced per gigabyte and have generous data allowances.

Westnet could be right for you if you:

  • Want Fetch TV to stream your shows. This is useful if you don't own a smart TV or streaming device already.
  • Want a free modem with 4G backup in case of an outage. Just keep in mind you'll need to be connected to Westnet for 24 months if you want to pay $0 for your modem.

But it may not be the right fit for you if you:

  • Want internet access on a budget. The prices of its NBN plans are above the average in Finder's database, with other providers offering the same plans for less.
  • You want to BYO but also be able to add its call packs. Call packs are only available if you buy Westnet's modem.

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Value for money

Westnet's NBN plans are typically priced above average in Finder's database by $7 to $16.

It sometimes offers monthly discounts for a set period (eg. 6 or 12 months) which brings their cost under the average in Finder's database.

NBN 12, NBN 25, and NBN 50 plans offer fast speeds, but higher speed tiers are slightly lacking.

Westnet's NBN modem with 4G backup costs up to $192, above the average price of $141 in Finder's database, but is free with a 24-month commitment.

Things to watch out for:

  • You'll have to pay back the remaining cost of the modem if you leave before 24 months. It's $8 a month for each month remaining in your contract.

All of Westnet's satellite plans offer up to 25Mbps speeds, but differ in the amount of data included. The more data you choose, the lower the cost per gigabyte.

While it's hard to compare total monthly pricing for NBN 25 satellite plans due to different data allowances, Westnet's plans are competitively priced per gigabyte.

Its plans range from 26 cents to 30 cents per gigabyte, which is below the average across all NBN 25 satellite plans in Finder's database which equates to 88 cents per gigabyte.

Westnet does not offer the SkyMuster Pro and SkyMuster Pro Premium NBN satellite plans, which offer unmetered downloads and faster speeds.

If you require a modem router from Westnet, it costs $59.95 upfront, the most affordable option in Finder's database of NBN satellite plans.

Things to watch out for:

  • Most of your data allowances are allocated to a 6-hour period in the morning between 1am and 7am.
  • If you exceed your monthly data quota, your download speed will be shaped or slowed down to 128Kbps. At this speed, you'd struggle to do some of the most basic things on the internet. Tasks like streaming video or gaming would be out of the question.

Westnet's unlimited data home wireless plans are in line with the average cost in Finder's database.

Consider what speed you want from your home wireless plan as Westnet may not offer the fast speeds you're looking for. The typical evening speed on the 4G Home Wireless Broadband plan is only 16Mbps.

On its 5G Home Broadband plans, the speeds are capped at 50Mbps and 100Mbps respectively, even though 5G is capable of higher speeds than that. On Telstra's uncapped 5G home internet plan for example, it has a typical download speed of 336Mbps.

Look out for deals that Westnet frequently offers for its home wireless plans too that can save you even more.

Existing Westnet broadband customers that switch to its Home Wireless Broadband plan are eligible for a $10 a month discount off its regular price.

You can sometimes score the first month free for home wireless plans, so depending on which plan you choose, you could save up to $69.99.

Things to watch out for:

  • You must use Westnet's compatible modem on its home wireless plans and can't BYO modem.
  • A modem non-return fee applies if you don't return your modem to Westnet within 21 days of leaving. For the Home Wireless Broadband plan, it's $8 a month for every month remaining before 24 months. For 5G Home Broadband, it's $17 a month for every remaining month if you leave before 36 months.

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Westnet is not part of the ACCC broadband performance report, so the reliability of its speeds cannot be officially verified.

  • Why does this matter? The ACCC report allows customers to see which NBN providers are delivering the speeds they've advertised as a measure of reliability.

However, Westnet advertises the maximum typical evening speeds available on its NBN 12, NBN 25 and NBN 50 plans. Its faster NBN plans fall a bit short on this.

  • Good to know: Maximum speed is the fastest speed you can get on a speed tier. For example, NBN 25 plans come with a maximum speed of 25Mbps.

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Customer service

You can get in touch with Westnet by:

  • Calling its broadband support line which is available 24/7
  • Using the live chat option on its website.
  • Keep in mind: The live chat option is only available for sales. If you need to contact Westnet about any other issues, such as accounts or technical issues, you'll need to ring them.

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Bonus features

📺 Fetch TV bundles

Customers on NBN fixed line, 5G Home Broadband or a 6-month NBN fixed wireless plan can opt-in for 24 months of Fetch Entertainment for free. It's $5 a month thereafter.

This includes 30 pre-selected movies each month and you can add streaming apps such as Netflix and Stan. However, you'll need your own subscriptions to these services.

There is a $59.99 set up fee, and adding a range of channel packs can cost $6 a month which includes things like sports, children's programming and lifestyle programs.

📶 4G back-up modem

If you get a modem through Westnet for your NBN plan, it features 4G back-up. That means if there's an NBN outage in your area, you'll be switched over to 4G mobile data as a back-up within a few minutes.

The back-up modem's maximum download speed is only 12Mbps though, which could be slower than your existing NBN plan.

Which rivals are giving Westnet a run for its money?

For cheaper plans:

tangerine logoTangerine has some of the cheapest NBN plans on Finder, along with 6-month sign-up discounts.

For reliable speeds:

Exetel's plan prices are cheaper than Westnet, plus they are usually one of the top performers in ACCC's broadband performance report.

For award-winning support:
aussie broadband logoAussie Broadband has received awards for its local customer service, and its speeds aren't bad either.

Ready to sign up to Westnet?

If Westnet sounds like the right choice for you, simply sign up to the provider via its website. Remember to check your home address before you select your plan to make sure that you're choosing a plan that's available for your property's connection type or area.

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What if I'm moving house?
Once you know the date of when you're moving into your new place, you can call Westnet's specialised Movers Team or send them an email.

Westnet suggests it's best to notify them at least 2-3 weeks before your moving date.

For an NBN connection, Westnet states it could take between 2 and 30 days to connect, subject to technician availability and installation requirements.

Make sure to give your current provider a heads-up in case there's a notice period to account for. You don't want to be stuck paying for 2 internet services.

If you're still feeling unsure about the process, check out our guide on how to switch broadband providers.

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