gotravelsim mobile broadband plans compared

gotravelsim positions itself as a simple solution for getting visitors to Australia online on the go.

Aussies heading overseas have plenty of ways to stay connected, from purchasing international SIM cards to activating global roaming. But what about travellers flying here to Australia? That's where gotravelsim comes in. Marketed primarily towards those working or studying Down Under for an extended period of time, gotravelsim provides both standard SIM-only mobile plans as well as data-only plans for travellers who do most of their socialising online.

gotravelsim mobile broadband plans

gotravelsim divides its data-only mobile broadband plans into two categories: no-lock-in, month-to-month plans and fixed 12-month plans. Both operate on the Optus 4G network and are strictly SIM-only affairs, so you'll need an unlocked phone, tablet or other SIM-compatible device to make use of the service.

Month-to-month plans

  • Bandicoot 8GB: includes 8GB of data for a month
  • Dingo 15GB: includes 15GB of data for a month
  • Emu 20GB: includes 20GB of data for a month

12-month plans

  • Bandicoot 15GB: includes 15GB of data for a month
  • Dingo 25GB: includes 25GB of data for a month
  • Emu 60GB: includes 60GB of data for a month

In addition to the standard monthly fee, gotravelsim will automatically charge you for any data you use over your chosen cap. Excess data is priced at $10 per 1GB and you can only use a maximum of 150GB over your monthly limit before gotravelsim will suspend your service.

gotravelsim will also charge you if you sign up for one of its 12-month plans and cancel before a full year has passed. This early cancellation fee is equal to the monthly cost of your plan multiplied by the number of months remaining in your contract.

How does gotravelsim compare?

As much as gotravelsim presents itself as a traveller-friendly solution for staying connected in Australia, it doesn't actually offer anything to distinguish it from other local telcos. Since it's just as easy to purchase a data-only SIM card from one of these local telcos as it is from gotravelsim, it's worth comparing the two options to ensure you get the best deal.

How do gotravelsim's month-to-month plans compare?

If your mobile data needs are relatively light, you can save quite a bit of cash by choosing a local telco over gotravelsim. Its Bandicoot 8GB plan is significantly more expensive than competing 8GB plans from providers like Kogan and Spintel, and Jeenee Mobile even offers 10GB of data for a fraction of the price per month:

gotravelsim is more competitive at higher data caps, though it still doesn't offer the same value that its local rivals do. Not only have you got Vaya, OVO and Jeenee Mobile charging less per month for the same 15GB of data gotravelsim's Dingo plan comes with, Catch Connect one-ups that with 30GB of data and a lower monthly fee:

The tables turn once more when comparing gotravelsim's 20GB Emu plan. Your alternative options here are many, with Kogan, Lebara Mobile and OVO offering more data at considerably cheaper rates:

How do gotravelsim's 12-month plans compare?

While most local telcos favour month-to-month mobile broadband plans over 12-month contracts, gotravelsim still struggles to offer the same value its rivals do. Exetel, Bendigo Telco and Southern Phone all charge less per month for their 15GB plans than gotravelsim does for its Bandicoot plan, leaving little reason to choose the internationally-skewed provider over its competitors.

gotravelsim makes a better case for itself with its 25GB Dingo plan. It delivers the same value for money as 12-month plans from Exetel and Bendigo Telco, although you'll want to keep in mind that there are month-to-month plans that pack more data at a cheaper price.

If you regularly burn through a lot of mobile data, gotravelsim's 60GB Emu plan is a decent choice, though there are superior options available. Exetel and Bendigo Telco both charge less for their 60GB plans, while OVO and Spintel offer larger, month-to-month plans for just a fraction more per month:

Why should you consider gotravelsim?

Whether you're an international visitor or a permanent Australian resident, gotravelsim is a tough telco to recommend. Its mobile broadband service offers no real advantages for travellers over purchasing a SIM from a local telco and most of its plans are more expensive to boot.

If you're set on signing up with gotravelsim, you'll want to look to its Dingo plans as these represent the most competitive combination of data and price. Just be aware that there are cheaper options with larger data caps out there.

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