8 brands like Reformation for lovers of LA-cool fashion

If you're in love with the dreamy styles at Reformation, you're going to want to sneak a peek at these other brands.

It’s the brand that all your cool friends wear. Reformation. Flirty and feminine, yet casual and laid-back, this LA-based brand has long been the answer to “where did you get that dress?”. Packed to the brim with perfect day-to-night dresses and wear-with-denim tops, Reformation has been a go-to for lovers of high-quality and effortless fashion for years. Especially for those looking for an ethical alternative to traditional retail. Reformation uses recycled materials, carbon offsets and ethical manufacturing to make sure its clothes are made in a sustainable and fair way.

If you love Reformation just as much as we do, then you’ll love these eight other brands with similar style and ethical processes. Because variety is the spice of life, right?

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1. With Jean

With Jean was founded by two friends who wanted to create pieces that pair perfectly with denim. The result is an effortless, unique and feminine collection of dresses and bottoms to wear with your denim jacket or tops that style with your jeans and skirts. The cuts, stylings and prints offer a similar LA-casual-cool vibe as Reformation that’s just as wearable. As Reformation lovers ourselves, this brand was a real find.

With Jean is manufactured ethically and most of its Balinese workers actually sew the clothes from the comfort of their own homes. The fabrics are sourced locally and ethically hand-dyed. With Jean also works with i=Change and donates a dollar from every sale to projects designed to empower women and girls.

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2. Saroka

Saroka is a label borne from the desire to create more sizing inclusivity. And we’re not talking about just making straight-size styles bigger. Saroka went further and sought to create pieces that will flatter a size 16 figure, not just cover it. The brand’s signature Rommy Tops are striking pieces that have been designed to work perfectly with denim and have been seen on celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Reformation fans will love the fresh, clean and effortlessly chic vibes of this label.

Another ethically manufactured brand, Saroka pieces are made to order to eliminate fabric waste. Its focus on premium fabrics and quality stitching ensures each piece is an investment you can keep for years, rather than throwing away after one season. This brand also sticks to lots of block colours to save the water wasted when dyeing printed fabric.

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3. Réalisation Par

Réalisation Par is cool, sexy and feminine, with a dash of French-girl polish. If you’re a Reformation dress devotee, you’ll want to check out this brand ASAP, if you haven’t already. Réalisation doesn’t release collections, instead this brand creates timeless pieces that are missing from our wardrobes. These all-occasions pieces can be styled up or down and can be mixed-and-matched to suit all seasons. You could wear them to brunch, wear them to drinks and there are even a few you could wear to work.

While we’re not 100% sure on the ethics of this brand, the about page does feature a video that shows part of the production process.

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4. Noble Label

Noble Label is a small Australian brand committed to sustainable production. If Reformation’s commitment to ethical processes and sustainable fashion is important to you, then this is another brand that you will really come to cherish. Using only deadstock fabric that would have been thrown away or fully biodegradable new fabric, Noble Label is considered and slow-made. All items are made locally in Sydney and makers are all ECA accredited.

Plus the wearable styles echo the same effortless style you see from Reformation. Although the colour palette for Noble Label is more muted, the design aesthetics are not dissimilar. Think wrap tops, wrap dresses and some really cool pants.

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Another LA fashion brand, AFRM could be considered Reformation’s trend-driven cousin. The shapes and styles are reminiscent of each other but AFRM loves to include more of the “trends of the moment” in its designs. Think neon, animal print, puffed sleeves and more. Regardless, just like Reformation, all of it would pair perfectly with your favourite denim.

As for the ethics of AFRM, we’re not too sure. According to the brand’s website, the styles are proudly designed in Los Angeles, but there isn’t any information available about manufacturing or materials used.

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6. Imparfaite Paris

Imparfaite Paris is all about finding beautiful pieces you can cherish for a lifetime. The twist? The pieces at this store are all vintage collected from consignment stores around France. If you love casual French-girl fashion, you need to look at this store ASAP. Many of the pieces you’ll find in this curated store share the same girly-casual vibe you’ll see in the twirly dresses and polka-dot tops of Reformation.

And Imparfaite Paris is possibly even more sustainable than Reformation. Since the clothing is all recycled, there’s no carbon footprint from new pieces being made, plus you’re saving the old pieces from hitting landfill.

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7. Faithfull the Brand

It’s the brand that travel-wardrobe dreams are made of. Faithfull the Brand is an upmarket yet casual label that creates the pieces you’ll want to live in all spring and summer. Much like Reformation, you can wear the dresses from Faithfull again and again, but always feel like the most stylish person on the street. Both brands share the same love of floral prints and midi hems.

The production of Faithfull pieces is considered. The brand produces its clothing in Bali out of a family-run factory. It started with a local husband and wife duo but since the brand has grown, the original husband and wife makers employ many more locals to fulfill the demand.

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8. Everlane

Everlane is a brand created from the pursuit to make the most ethical production process possible. This brand looks to transcend trends and create pieces you can wear and love for many years which minimises the demand for new items. Using high-quality fabric and experienced makers, Everlane garments are built to last. According to Everlane: “We spend months finding the best factories around the world – the same ones that produce your favorite designer labels.” These factories are evaluated for wage fairness, working hours and the quality of the environment, because this brand wants its makers to be safe and receive fair pay.

At the end of the process, each garment is presented to us, the consumer, in a totally transparent way. We’re given a look at the cost of making and transporting each item and how much it has been marked up. In some instances, Everlane even allows you to choose what to pay for the item so you can be the judge of what’s fair. The result is simple, elegant and high-quality clothing that you can cherish. If you love the sustainability and ethical practises of Reformation, Everlane should be your next stop.

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