Best webcams in Australia

Whether you're an avid streamer, someone who works from home or anyone else in between, you'll be set with one of these 7 best webcams on the market.

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The best webcams in Australia

How did we pick this list?

Finder's team scoured through dozens of product pages and store listings to find the best webcams available right here in Australia. We read through hundreds of customer reviews and checked out the in-depth specifications of each product to pick out the most suitable options so you can be confident when you go to buy your new webcam for meetings, streams and anything in between.

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Best overall webcam: Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam


  • Fantastic image quality
  • Great low-light performance


  • Well overdue for a design refresh
  • Locked to 30fps at the highest resolution
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Price (RRP): $199.95
Amazon Price: From $145.00
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Why we chose it

Logitech found the sweet spot between quality, features and price with its C922, with the camera capable of capturing great video in a wide range of conditions. Regardless of whether you're working from home, creating content or streaming, the C922 is the best overall webcam on the market today.

Image quality is one of the most important things you can ask for in a webcam, and luckily, the C922 hits the nail on the head on this one. The tried-and-tested sensor can shoot video in both 720p and 1080p and automatically adjusts the lighting to ensure the webcam's video is clear. While the C922 performs well in almost every lighting scenario, having more light will help it produce the sharpest image.

Logitech's C922 is practically a refreshed C920, one of the brand's most popular webcams and one of the most critically acclaimed options on the market to this day. The newer C922 has a leg up over its older sibling thanks to the inclusion of 60fps video, making everything from recordings to streams more smooth. Still, there's almost zero difference between the 2 models in terms of design, and that design is just about 10 years old now.

We already mentioned the wonders of 60fps video, but there's a catch: you'll only be able to reach that in the lower 720p resolution. At 1080p, you're locked to using the standard 30fps found on the vast majority of webcams.

The C922 is loved by its users, with the webcam achieving a 4.6 out of 5 rating from more than 4,400 reviews on Google. Customers loved the camera's overall quality, especially when compared with the average laptop webcam. Though, some would have liked to have seen a privacy cover included in the box like we've seen on some other Logitech webcams. Other users complained about Logitech's control software, too.

Best cheap webcam: Logitech C270


  • Easy to mount on a laptop or monitor
  • Automatic lighting adjustment


  • Subpar video resolution
  • Cheaply made
Price (RRP): $79.95
Amazon Price: From $43.49
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Why we chose it

Sometimes all you need is a simple webcam, and that's what the C270 is. With a simple mounting mechanism, decent quality and automatic light correction, the sub-$100 camera is the best cheap webcam you can buy.

Logitech's C270 is a very basic affair, with none of the bells and whistles you'll find on a higher-end device. There is a built-in microphone, which is a nice addition for those who desperately need one, but that's about it. Otherwise, you're just getting a mini camera that sits above your monitor or laptop. The camera will automatically adjust lighting to make its video look more natural, but there's no autofocus or anything like that.

The C270 uses a universal mounting clip, making it a breeze to set up on a laptop, monitor or anything in between. The clip's easily adjustable design also means you'll be able to move it from device to device without much of a struggle, so you won't need to buy a new webcam every time you upgrade your screen. It's not a perfect design, though. Since the webcam's housing will sit over your screen, you'll probably lose a tiny bit of screen real estate while you're using it.

The C270 isn't the best webcam on the market by a long shot, but you wouldn't expect it to be at its $79.95 price point. Logitech makes it with pretty cheap plastics (even the lens is entirely plastic), and the image quality isn't going to be spectacular since you're locked to shooting at a low 720p resolution.

Logitech's cheapest webcam seems to have served its owners well, with the device garnering a 4.5 out of 5 rating from more than 8,300 reviews on Google. Users were pleased with the C270's decent video quality for the price but were less happy with its low-light performance and the quality of the built-in microphone.

Best high-end webcam: Razer Kiyo Pro


  • Remarkable video quality
  • Vivid colours thanks to HDR support


  • Very pricey
  • Lacks 4K support
Price (RRP): $329.95
Amazon Price: From $299.00
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Why we chose it

Designed for passionate gamers, Razer's top-of-the-line Kiyo Pro is a formidable webcam capable of shooting high-quality, high-resolution video and even supports HDR recording, making it the best high-end webcam on the market.

The Kiyo Pro sits among the best of the best when it comes to webcam quality. The camera can shoot in 1080p at up to 60 frames per second for a smooth appearance, and it's a breeze to shift into lower resolutions if that's what you'd prefer. Thanks to its well-sized 1/2.8 CMOS sensor, it's able to easily capture and automatically adjust video in a whole range of lighting environments.

Razer is ahead of the curve with the Kiyo Pro, as it's one of the few webcams offering support for HDR recording. When enabled, HDR can help make your webcam video appear more vibrant, but you will have to settle for a lower frame rate.

The Kiyo Pro is easy to control right from your computer thanks to Razer's Synapse 3 software. Here, you can adjust settings like resolution, refresh rate and even camera focus. There are also 3 different fields of view modes you can switch between, allowing you to choose how close you appear on camera. Unfortunately for Mac users, Synapse is only for Windows.

You can set up the Kiyo Pro on anything from a computer monitor to a table, and for those more serious about their video, you can even mount it to a tripod or stand (but you'll have to buy one of those yourself). If you're planning on mounting your webcam to a laptop, this might not be the best pick for you since it's a little bulky.

While the Kiyo Pro is one of the most technically impressive webcams currently on the market, it has a high price to match. The listed retail price is a whopping $329.95, similar in price to Logitech's top-of-the-line 4K Brio webcam. For the price, you'd expect it to compete with the ultra-high resolution of the Brio, but unfortunately, the Kiyo Pro's maximum recording resolution is 1080p. Luckily, you can find it for quite a bit less than its retail price online.

The Kiyo Pro is well liked among its buyers, with the webcam earning a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from more than 3,600 reviews on Amazon. Users praised the camera's overall picture quality and were pleased with all of the customisation options within Razer's Synapse software. Others weren't super impressed with the device's quality or with Razer's support.

Best 4K webcam: Logitech Brio


  • Support for Windows Hello
  • Fantastic image quality


  • This is the most expensive option on the list
  • Not necessary for the vast majority of users
Price (RRP): $349.95
Amazon Price: From $283.80
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Why we chose it

Built for conference calls, Logitech's Brio webcam is one of the most advanced webcams on the market today. The Brio is an outstanding performer that shoots clear 4K video and boasts fantastic lighting adjustment technology, making it the best 4K webcam you can buy.

The main selling point of the Brio is its 4K video, which isn't all that common on webcams from big-name manufacturers. If you don't always need the highest resolution, you can record in 1080p and 720p too. The 13-megapixel camera produces sharp and clear video and will automatically adjust its focus to ensure you're never looking blurry on the other end of that call. There's also 5x digital zoom, though how useful that is on a webcam remains to be seen.

The Brio sets itself apart from the rest of the pack thanks to its long list of advanced features. The camera uses the latest generation of Logitech's RightLight technology, which powerfully adapts the camera's lighting output to get the best image regardless of how bright the room is. RightLight 3 also supports HDR video, so colours appear more vibrant and accurate too. On top of that, the Brio supports Windows Hello, so you can easily unlock your computer with just your face.

While the Brio is loaded with features and is one of the best webcams you can buy, you can't ignore its sky-high asking price. For its $349.95 sticker price, you could buy more than 4 of the cheapest webcam on this list, the C270. It's a whole $20 more than the second-most expensive option, too. If you need 4K video or are desperate for Windows Hello unlocking, you could easily justify the purchase. In reality, the average person could easily get away with a much cheaper option.

Those who invested in the Brio must have been satisfied with their purchase, as the webcam boasts a 4.5 out of 5 rating from more than 800 reviews on Google. Users were impressed with the overall image quality from the Brio, and many mentioned the benefits of Windows Hello facial recognition. Quite a few people had issues with Logitech's G Hub and Capture software, though.

Best webcam for work: Logitech C925e


  • Excellent 1080p visual quality
  • Built-in privacy shutter


  • Bulky form factor
  • Narrower field of view
Price (RRP): $179.95
Amazon Price: From $128.18
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Why we chose it

With so many meetings held online these days, it's more important than ever to have a quality webcam. Luckily, the C925e is a fantastic option from Logitech that won't break the bank. The high-resolution webcam is easy to use, has a built-in microphone and a privacy shutter. For its asking price of $179.95, it's the best webcam for work that you can buy.

The C925e is a game-changer for anyone who's been stuck with a laptop webcam for all of their meetings. The 3-megapixel camera captures sharp 1080p video at a relatively standard 30 frames per second, and it can record at lower resolutions if that's easier on your Internet connection. It also comes with Logitech's RightLight 2 technology, which automatically adjusts lighting for a sharper image.

For the privacy-conscious, there's a built-in shutter that physically blocks the C925e from seeing anything. It's a more elegant approach than Logitech has taken with some of its other webcams, as while there's an easy-to-reach slider tab on top of the C925e to open or close the shutter, other options like the C930e come with a removable filter that's far less pretty.

The C925e is similar to many of Logitech's other "for business" webcams, but it features a narrower 78-degree field of view than the popular C930e, its closest equivalent. This won't be a problem if you're just planning on using the webcam by yourself, but a wider field of view would help if you're using the one webcam as a part of a team.

One thing you'll immediately spot when looking at the C925e is its less conventional shape and size compared to other webcams. It's pretty bulky, but looks can be deceiving since at around 12 centimetres in width, it's smaller than even the tiniest of iPhones. The webcam is one of the heaviest in Logitech's entire line-up, but its stand is well designed, so you should have no problems mounting it to a laptop or monitor.

The C925e boasts a 4.6 out of 5 rating from more than 350 reviews on Google. Overall, people were impressed with the camera's quality and mentioned that it could handle plenty of different lighting scenarios. Many users said the built-in microphone was poor, with some saying others couldn't hear them properly.

Best webcam for streaming: Logitech StreamCam


  • Clear 60fps video
  • Easy to set up


  • Expensive
  • You'll need a spare USB-C port
Price (RRP): $279.95
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Why we chose it

Streamers often want high-quality gear to take their content to the next level, and Logitech's StreamCam can help them do just that. The Swiss company crammed high-resolution, high-frame-rate recording into a surprisingly compact and modern package, making the StreamCam the best webcam you can buy for streaming.

Logitech has hit the sweet spot for streamers and content creators on its StreamCam, with the camera recording 1080p video at 60 frames per second. That higher frame rate will leave your feed looking smoother than you'd find on many other webcams while keeping that sharp high-resolution image. The StreamCam is the cheapest option on this list able to achieve this feat, with both the Logitech Brio and Razer Kiyo Pro also capable of 1080p, 60fps recording.

Setting up the StreamCam is a breeze. You can easily attach it to anything from laptops to monitors with the included adjustable monitor mount, or you can take your streams to the next level by slapping the webcam on a tripod thanks to the included tripod-mounting clip. One of the more unique features of the StreamCam is that you can choose to mount it vertically, so it could be the perfect option for recording quick videos to upload to Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts straight from your computer.

Once you're all plugged in, Logitech's Capture software lets you easily adjust everything from the camera's stabilisation and focus to anti-flicker settings. Though, the software is a little bit clunky and annoyingly prompts you to update it constantly.

All of the tech inside the webcam comes at a cost, though. At its retail price of $279.95, the StreamCam is one of the most expensive webcams designed for consumers and is the second most expensive option in Logitech's line-up, just behind the Brio.

The StreamCam is one of Logitech's newest webcams and is one of the first on the market from a big-name brand to use a USB-C cable. Logitech doesn't include an adapter in the box for this one, so if you're looking to buy a StreamCam but don't have a USB-C port, you'll have to source your own adapter.

Logitech's high-end StreamCam earned a 4.2 out of 5 rating from more than 490 reviews on Google. Users applauded the webcam for its great-looking design and were impressed with its overall image quality. Quite a few buyers said they would have liked to see Logitech include a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box so that those without USB-C wouldn't have to go out of their way to buy one themselves.

Best webcam with built-in lighting: Razer Kiyo


  • Modern design
  • Adjustable camera settings


  • Internal microphone probably won't cut it
  • High-resolution video is limited to 30fps
Price (RRP): $184.95
Amazon Price: From $124.95
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Why we chose it

Razer's Kiyo webcam is a remarkable all-in-one option for streamers, gamers and just about anyone who wants to look sharp in any lighting situation. With a contemporary design, easily adjustable settings and a bright ring light, the Kiyo is the best webcam with built-in lighting that you can buy.

The Kiyo is a fantastic starter webcam for any content creator, gamer or streamer due to its stellar visual quality fit for anything from Twitch streams to YouTube uploads. The 4-megapixel camera can record in resolutions up to 1080p and shoots still images at 2688x1520. Unfortunately, you'll only be able to get 30 frames per second on your 1080p videos. At least you can squeeze a whole 60 frames per second out of the Kiyo at 720p.

Those familiar with Razer's other peripherals would probably have some experience with the brand's Synapse software, which easily controls everything from keyboards to headsets. Luckily, the Kiyo uses the same software, so those who already use Razer's gear won't have to change any habits. For those who don't already have it, Synapse 3 is super easy to use and allows you to adjust everything from the camera's brightness to its saturation.

Razer put a heap of effort into the design of the Kiyo, with the webcam standing out from the rest of the pack thanks to its bolder, more modern design that makes many other webcams look dated. The round device snugly fits its high-quality sensor, microphones and ring light into the one neat package, making it a phenomenal all-in-one option for content creators and streamers. But admittedly, it's not a perfect solution. The camera is a little large and probably won't fit spectacularly well on a smaller or less sturdy laptop. The ring light isn't the brightest out there and won't be powerful enough to replace a traditional, standalone option. Anyone serious about their audio will probably want an external mic, too.

Razer's Kiyo webcam earned itself a 4.5 out of 5 rating from more than 800 reviews on Google. Many users praised the overall image quality of the camera and were impressed by its build quality. A few buyers mentioned that the ring light isn't super bright, but others mentioned that it did the trick for them, so your mileage may vary. If you end up buying a Kiyo, make sure to install its firmware update available from Razer's support website since that seems to have fixed many issues that early adopters experienced.

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