Best Presto tearjerker movies available in September 2017

Your complete guide to the best Presto tearjerkers available now.

Movies can do a lot of things for us. They can make us laugh, they can make us think, and occasionally, very special ones can make us cry. There’s nothing like the powerful emotions that movies can stir, and Presto has got a handful of great ones. So read on for some of the best Presto tearjerkers available completely on-demand.

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the english patient

The English Patient

One of the most decorated movies of all time, and one of the great modern love stories. This sweeping romance stars Ralph Fiennes and Kristen Scott-Thomas and will carry you away on waves of romance and nostalgia. It’s a long one, but will reward the patient with plenty of emotion.

Runtime: 2 hrs 42 mins.

IMDB rating: 7.4/10

Awards: Academy Awards for Best Picture.

captain correlli's mandolin

Captain Correlli’s Mandolin

Another sweeping love story, Captain Correlli’s Mandolin is the story of a soldier who falls in love with a woman who is on the other side of the war. As the war draws closer they’re forced to choose between their countries and each other. As you can imagine, emotion ensues.

Runtime: 2 hrs 9 mins.

IMDB rating: 5.9/10

saving private ryan

Saving Private Ryan

Not all tearjerkers are about love, you know. Saving Private Ryan may be an odd choice in this category, but its incredible story of a group of soldiers searching for a final living member of a family of four brothers, is an incredibly powerful piece of cinema. We dare you not to cry at the end.

Runtime: 2 hrs 50 mins.

IMDB rating: 8.6/10

Awards: Academy Award for Best Director.

about time

About Time

This adorable British time travel rom-com from Love Actually writer/director Richard Curtis, is a heart-warming and original love story that is perfect for a night curled up on the sofa. It’s sweet and lovely, and while it may not leave you sobbing, its powerful ending is sure to raise a tear.

Runtime: 2 hrs 3 mins.

IMDB rating: 7.8/10



The ultimate tearjerker. The heartbreaking tale of star-crossed lovers and tragedy. Titanic, it goes without saying, is one of the saddest films ever made. If the story of forbidden love and loss doesn't get to you, then the old couple lying on the bed while the water rises definitely will.

Runtime: 3 hr 30 mins.

IMDB rating: 7.7/10

Awards: Eleven Oscars. (That’s right, eleven!)

Looking for a bit more Presto sob stories, romances and tearjerkers?

Check out the full list of romance, dramas and rom-coms here:

Movie TitleYearGenrePlotDirector(s)Runtime (minutes)
While You Were Sleeping19956.6Romance, Drama, ComedyA woman mistaken for the fiancee of a man in a coma falls for his brother after their family embraces her. When he wakes up she's in a helluva dilemma. Comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.Jon Turteltaub99
Up Close & Personal1996N/ARomance, DramaAn ambitious TV reporter falls in love with her boss and becomes a news star. When she runs into trouble, he puts his faltering career on the line to rescue her.Jon Avnet119
Miss Potter20067.0Romance, DramaThe true, sometimes tragic and sometimes uplifting tale of Beatrix Potter, one of history's greatest storytellers. Stars Renee Zellweger, Ewan McGregor and Emily Watson.Chris Noonan88
Casanova20056.5Romance, Drama, ComedyHeath Ledger plays the most famous lover in history. Sienna Miller is the one woman who doesn't want a bar of him in this lush and witty 18th century romp from director Lasse Hallstrom (Chocolat).Lasse Hallstrom107
Pocahontas19956.6Animation, Kids & FamilyThis Disney animation paints the romance between Indian beauty Pocahontas and handsome British captain John Smith in dazzling colour and sweeping music. Voices include Mel Gibson and Linda Hunt.Eric Goldberg, Mike Gabriel77
Camp Rock20084.9Kids & Family, Romance, ComedyA girl with a great voice is thrilled to go to music camp - until she has to work in the kitchen. When a pop star hears her sing without seeing her, he makes it his mission to put a face to the voice.Matthew Diamond90
The American President19956.8Romance, Drama, ComedyWhen the widowed US president courts a Washington lobbyist, wild rumours decimate his approval ratings. An intelligent political-romantic comedy.Rob Reiner109
The Thomas Crown Affair19996.8Mystery & Crime, Romance, ThrillerAn adventure of a millionaire playboy who steals a priceless work of art and then strikes up a fiery romance with the brilliant female insurance investigator who is on to his game.John McTiernan108
When Harry Met Sally...19897.6Romance, Drama, ComedyAll-time classic romantic comedy about star-crossed neurotics whose friendship grows over the years as they ask: Can a man and a woman be friends, without sex getting in the way?Rob Reiner91
Desperately Seeking Susan19855.8Romance, Drama, ComedyThis comedy about mistaken identity made Madonna a film star. She's a wild vamp who a bored housewife (Rosanna Arquette) becomes obsessed with after following her sexual conquests in the personal ads.Susan Seidelman99
Return To Me20006.9Romance, Drama, ComedyA lonely Bob Rueland is embraced by Grace Briggs, who is surrounded by a coterie of substitute mothers including her Irish grandfather, who with his Italian brother-in-law run a Chicago restaurant.Bonnie Hunt111
The Horse Whisperer19986.5Romance, DramaAfter a terrible riding accident a city sophisticate takes her daughter's horse to a man in Montana with a gift for healing troubled horses. Acclaimed romantic drama from actor-director Robert Redford.Robert Redford162
Jerry Maguire19967.3Romance, Drama, ComedyWhen a sports agent (Tom Cruise, at his peak) quits to start an ethical agency, everyone deserts him except an impressed office assistant (Renee Zellweger) and a single, egomaniacal football player.Cameron Crowe133
Waitress20077.1Romance, Drama, ComedyA sassy woman living in the Deep South with a gift for making unusual pies, whose recipes are inspired by the trials and tribulations of her life, becomes pregnant to her controlling husband.Adrienne Shelly103
Death Defying Acts20075.9Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaOn a tour of Britain in 1926 Harry Houdini starts an affair with a psychic out to con the famous escapologist. However all does not go to plan. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Guy Pearce and Timothy Spall star.Gillian Armstrong92
Eagle Vs Shark20076.8ComedyNew Zealand. Quirky comedy about two misfits on a bizarre journey of romance and revenge after meeting at a 'come as your favourite animal' costume party. Academy Award nominee Taika Waititi directs.Taika Waitiki, Taika Waititi83
The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding20064.5Romance, ComedyComedy with Luke Mably reprising his role as the Danish prince who falls for an American farm girl. Their wedding is in jeopardy when an ancient law surfaces, barring royals from marrying commoners.Catherine Cyran93
Starter For 1020076.8Romance, Drama, ComedyWorking-class kid James McAvoy struggles to make his way in an upper-class university. This bittersweet comedy is about loyalty, falling in love, and the difference between knowledge and wisdom.Tom Vaughan92
A Cinderella Story20045.8Romance, Kids & Family, Drama, ComedyA student is controlled by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, but her anonymous email buddy is a real Prince Charming. Will she turn into a pumpkin when they finally meet at the school dance?Mark Rosman91
Punch-Drunk Love20027.3Romance, ComedyA misfit toilet products salesman is harassed by seven sisters and three thugs implicating him in a phone sex extortion scam.Paul Thomas Anderson91
Dogfight19917.5Romance, DramaThe Marines are loose among San Francisco's bars and have organised a "dogfight," a wager with simple rules. Each guy puts in money, and the one who finds the most unattractive date wins.Nancy Savoca89
Becoming Jane20077.1Romance, DramaUK. Anne Hathaway plays Jane Austen in this tale of the forbidden love affair that is said to have inspired her greatest novels. Period drama co-starring Maggie Smith, Julie Walters and James McAvoy.Julian Jarrold115
The Prince & Me20044.5Romance, Kids & Family, ComedyA would-be doctor (Julia Stiles) collides with a lazy but handsome exchange student (Luke Mably). After a prickly beginning she falls in love, only to discover that he's the Crown Prince of Denmark.Martha Coolidge106
Splash19846.2SciFi & Fantasy, Romance, ComedyComplications arise when a workaholic falls in love with a gorgeous woman, unaware she's a mermaid. This comedy made stars of Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah and John Candy, and a top director of Ron Howard.Ron Howard105
Son In Law19935.5ComedyComedian Pauly Shore agrees to play the fiancé when his friend (Carla Gugino) visits her farming family. But as real romance develops Pauly's hilarious tests of rural manhood nearly plough them under.Steve Rash91
When A Man Loves A Woman19946.5Romance, Drama, ComedyAuthentic drama about an alcoholic wife who is destroying her family. As good-time girl Alice (Meg Ryan) and her husband (Andy Garcia) fight the bottle they find a renewed sense of love and commitmentLuis Mandoki120
The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 220086.2Romance, Drama, ComedyHaving been apart all year, summer plans will take the girls even further along separate paths. It'll take more than treasured pants passed back and forth to keep their lives connected.Sanaa Hamri114
Steel Magnolias19897.2Romance, DramaA group of eccentric gals gather to gossip and giggle over tragedies and triumphs. A witty tribute to friendship with a star cast including Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton and Shirley MacLaine.Herbert Ross113
27 Dresses20076.1Romance, ComedyJane is a selfless woman who's been a helpful bridesmaid 27 times, until her younger sister captures the heart of Jane's boss - with whom she's secretly in love - inspiring Jane to change her destiny.Anne Fletcher106
Ever After: A Cinderella Story19987.0Romance, DramaA courageous young woman of the 16th century works her magic on everyone including the crown prince of France. This enchanting take on the classic fairytale stars Drew Barrymore and Anjelica Huston.Andrew Tennant, Andy Tennant116
Terms Of Endearment19837.4Romance, Drama, ComedyA deeply observed drama about the relationship between a mother and daughter, based on the novel by Larry McMurtry. Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger and Jack Nicholson shine in this five-Oscar classic.James L. Brooks126
Benny & Joon19938.8Romance, Drama, ComedyJoon sees the world in a way all her own. One night, while playing in a poker game with unusual stakes, Joon loses her hand ... and wins Sam, a whimsical misfit who charms his way into her heart.Jeremiah S. Chechik94
Beautiful Girls19967.2Romance, Drama, ComedyA captivating comedy with an all-star cast about old friends whose 10-year high school reunion creates hilariously unexpected surprises. Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman and Mira Sorvino shine.Ted Demme108
Bounce20005.7Romance, DramaA self-absorbed adman (Ben Affleck) falls into despair after a friend dies in a plane crash. When the widow (Gwyneth Paltrow) falls for him he struggles with a guilty secret that could wreck everything.Don Roos102
Cold Mountain20037.2Romance, DramaA wounded Confederate soldier struggles to return home to the woman he loves after the Civil War. Nicole Kidman, Jude Law and Renée Zellweger, in her Oscar-winning role, star in a compelling epic.Anthony Minghella148
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights20046.0Romance, DramaForbidden lovers meet on the sexy dance floor when a young American woman discovers a passion for dance and for her sultry Cuban partner. But with revolution in the air, will they be torn apart?Guy Ferland82
The English Patient19967.4RomanceWinner of nine Academy Awards including Best Picture, this award-winning adaptation of Michael Ondaatje's novel is a doomed and tragic romance set against the backdrop of World War II.Anthony Minghella154
The Importance Of Being Earnest20026.9Romance, Drama, ComedyOscar Wilde's comedy of manners is a hilarious look at the fun, games and dubious ethics among the British upper crust. Top cast includes Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Reese Witherspoon and Judi Dench.Anthony Asquith, Oliver Parker89
Kate & Leopold20016.3SciFi & Fantasy, Romance, ComedyRomance ignites when a rip in time entwines a 19th century bachelor and a 21st century woman. Star-crossed lovers Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman discover that passion and chivalry never go out of style.James Mangold113
Shall We Dance20046.1Romance, Drama, ComedyA jaded lawyer stumbles into love through dancing lessons. But when his wife suspects an affair fancy footwork is needed to keep his passion alive. Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon star.Peter Chelsom102
Legends Of The Fall19947.5Romance, DramaAidan Quinn, Julia Ormond. In this epic tale starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins, a father and his three sons living in the wilderness, have their lives affected by love, betrayal and brotherhood.Edward Zwick
Conversations With Other Women20057.1Romance, Drama, Comedy(2005) Helena Bonham Carter, Aaron Eckhart. A bridesmaid and a groomsman at a wedding reception begin a flirtation. But what began as a tryst between a man and woman turns into something more - a window on their shared history.Hans Canosa82
How Stella Got Her Groove Back19985.4Romance, Drama, ComedyA trip to Jamaica ends in an exhilarating voyage of self-discovery as Stella opens her heart and finds love with a stud 20 years her junior. Captivating comedy with Angela Bassett and Whoopi Goldberg.Kevin Rodney Sullivan119
Inventing The Abbotts19976.4Romance, DramaForbidden love and impossible dreams intertwine when two handsome working-class brothers are drawn to beautiful and wealthy sisters in a small town where social boundaries and dark secrets reside.Pat O'Connor102
Before Midnight20138.0Romance, Drama, ComedyWe first came upon them 18 years ago when they met on a train in Vienna. Now they're a couple with children and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) are re-discovering the magic.Richard Linklater104
The Three Musketeers20115.8Romance, Action & AdventureIn this modern update to Alexander Dumas' classic story, the young hero D'Artagnan and three of France's most elite warriors, battle their way across Europe to save king and country.Paul W.S. Anderson105
William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet19966.8Romance, DramaFrom Oscar nominee Baz Luhrmann comes Shakespeare as you've never seen it before: gun-toting gangs roam the streets of Verona Beach and family feuding takes its toll on Romeo and Juliet.Baz Luhrmann115
Save The Last Dance20016.1Romance, Drama(v,l) (2001) Sean Patrick Thomas, Kerry Washington. In this warm-hearted romance, Julia Stiles stars as a girl who moves to a black urban neighbourhood. Through her love of dancing she finds her soul-mate, but not without opposition.Thomas Carter108
Catch And Release20076.0Romance, Drama, ComedyA woman recovering from her fiance's tragic death starts to feel like she's mourning a stranger. She also finds that while life can be messy, love is messier. Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant star.Susannah Grant107
Curse Of The Golden Flower20067.0Romance, Drama, Action & AdventureEmperor Ping returns to the Imperial Palace unaware of the animosity between the Empress and her stepson.Yimou Zhang109
Out Of Sight19987.1Romance, Drama, Comedy, Action & AdventureA suave criminal escapes from jail and falls for a no-nonsense US marshal he briefly kidnaps. She pursues him, but is it for duty or love? George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez sizzle in a sharp comedy.Steven Soderbergh117
Reality Bites19946.6Romance, Drama, ComedyA college graduate makes a movie about her confused friends, seeking the answers to quandaries in her own mixed-up life. Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke and Ben Stiller star in the defining slacker comedy.Ben Stiller94
Atonement20077.8Romance, DramaIn this thought-provoking, Oscar winning love story, based on Ian McEwan's celebrated novel, Keira Knightley and James McAvoy star as a young couple torn apart by false accusations and WWII.Joe Wright117
Definitely, Maybe20087.2Romance, ComedyA father decides to tell his little girl the story of how he met her mother when she starts asking awkward questions about sex and relationships.Adam Brooks107
Forgetting Sarah Marshall20087.2Romance, ComedyA struggling musician escapes to Hawaii on a vacation after he is jilted by his television star girlfriend Sarah for another guy, only to find his ex staying in the same hotel with her new man.Nicholas Stoller, Nick Stoller106
Priceless20067.1Romance, ComedyThe French do romance like no one else. A beautiful adventuress mistakes a shy waiter for a young millionaire, but makes a hasty retreat when she discovers the truth.Pierre Salvadori101
Far and Away19926.5Romance, DramaRon Howard's epic about two Irish immigrants in the 1890's Oklahoma land rush. After landing in Boston, Tom Cruise dreams of love with Nicole Kidman as they struggle for the money to head out west.Ron Howard134
Roxanne19876.6Romance, ComedyFred Schepisi directs this hilarious comedy, inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac, as a man with the heart of a great lover and the nose for trouble, who helps his mate win the lovely Roxanne.Fred Schepisi102
Nine Months19955.4Romance, ComedyA commitment-phobic psychiatrist learns that his girlfriend is pregnant, becoming Torn between advice from an overbearing couple and his bachelor buddy. He's got to grow up - or risk losing it all.Chris Columbus99
The Jewel Of The Nile19856.0Romance, Comedy, Action & AdventureMichael Douglas and Kathleen Turner return in the sequel to Romancing The Stone with nasty Danny DeVito on their trail. Desert perils and treacherous tribes can't stop their quest for the coveted jewel.Lewis Teague101
Kissing Jessica Stein20016.7Romance, ComedyAdrift in the dating game and fed up with her fruitless search for Mr Right, a desperately quirky New Yorker gives same-sex romance a whirl while her loved ones look on in wonder.Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, Charles Herman-Wurmfield92
Romancing The Stone19846.9Action & AdventureIn Kathleen Turner's Golden Globe(R) nominated performance, a romance writer finds herself in the wilds of Columbia teamed up with a dashing soldier of fortune on the trail of treasure.Robert Zemeckis101
Last Chance Harvey20086.7Romance, DramaA New York jingle writer and a 40-something woman whose life is limited to work meet at an airport bar, soon finding themselves happily thrust into an unexpected romance.Joel Hopkins89
The Prince & Me 3: Royal Honeymoon20084.5Romance, ComedyIn the third instalment of this romantic comedy, the Royal couple are on their honeymoon. But Polonius is plotting against the King and when Paige's ex arrives on the scene, a duel quickly follows.Catherine Cyran88
Secretary20027.1Romance, Drama, ComedyWhen Maggie Gyllenhaal lands a job at James Spader's law office the work seems normal. But in between typing and filing they cross the line into kinky behaviour that would get any other boss jailed.Steven Shainberg107
Intolerable Cruelty20036.3Romance, ComedyA hilarious romantic comedy about men, women, and everything that can go wrong between them. Sparks fly when brilliant divorce attorney Miles meets his match in the beautiful but ruthless Marylin.Joel Coen95
Up In The Air20097.5Romance, Drama, ComedyA corporate downsizing expert's cherished life on the road is threatened just as he meets the woman of his dreams.Jason Reitman104
Titanic19977.7Romance, DramaUpper-class Rose and steerage passenger Jack find love on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic.James Cameron186
Bulworth19986.8Romance, Drama, ComedyIn this comedic look at politics Warren Beatty stars as a disillusioned senator who takes a contract out on himself, but finds a new lease on life after getting in touch with his inner rap-artist.Warren Beatty103
Great Expectations19986.8Romance, DramaFrom the director of Y Tu Mama Tambien comes this sensual update of the Dickens classic about a poor boy who falls in love with a mysterious heiress groomed to break men's hearts.Alfonso Cuaron106
Days of Thunder19905.8Romance, Drama, Action & AdventureTom Cruise is a hotshot driver with a hot temper in the high-pressure world of NASCAR racing. A spectacular action film reminiscent of Top Gun, co-starring Randy Quaid, Robert Duvall and Nicole Kidman.Tony Scott103
Love Story19706.9Romance, DramaDespite their opposite backgrounds, Oliver and Jennifer share a chemistry they cannot deny - and a love they cannot ignore, but the romance is soon to be cut short by tragedy.Arthur Hiller96
An Officer And A Gentleman19827.0RomanceZack, a loner from a broken home, enters Officer Candidate School to become a Navy pilot, and in 13 torturous weeks, he learns the importance of discipline, love and friendship.Taylor Hackford119
She's Having A Baby19885.8Romance, Drama, ComedyA couple face the terrors of adulthood, from interfering in-laws and career crises to overextended credit and maintaining a house, but are they up to the perils of impending parenthood?John Hughes101
America's Sweethearts20015.7Romance, Drama, ComedyCatherine Zeta-Jones and John Cusack are Hollywood's favourite couple on-screen and off until their public romance turns into a nasty breakup. Billy Crystal and Julia Roberts co-star in a clever comedy.Joe Roth99
One Fine Day19966.4Romance, ComedyWhen their kids miss a school trip, bickering single parents Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney are stuck with each other for a day and find that opposites do attract in a charming romantic comedy.Michael Hoffman104
It's Kind of a Funny Story20107.2Romance, Drama, ComedyIn this poignantly funny tale, a 16-year-old, stressed out from the demands of being a teenager, checks himself into a mental health clinic where he learns about life, love and growing up.Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck97
Footloose19846.4Romance, DramaJohn Lithgow, Lori Singer. In this beloved classic, Kevin Bacon stars as a Chicago teen who ends up in a town where dancing is banned by the local preacher. So he teams up with the preacher's daughter and gets everyone dancin'.Herbert Ross102
Frankie And Johnny19916.7Romance, Drama, ComedyNathan Lane, Hector Elizondo. Romance blossoms when Al Pacino stars as ex-con now cook Johnny, who meets Michelle Pfeiffer's Frankie, an aloof disenchanted waitress, proving you never choose love - love chooses you.Garry Marshall113
The Prince & Me 4: An Elephant Adventure20104.5Romance, ComedyTo save a friend from a life of unhappiness, the royal newlyweds must prove love really does conquer all. When they are invited to a royal wedding in Sangyoon, the Danish newlyweds become involved in a thrilling adventure.Catherine Cyran89
Pride & Prejudice20057.8Romance, Drama, ComedyJudi Dench, Carey Mulligan. Keira Knightley (Elizabeth) stars in this story based on Jane Austen's novel about the five Bennet sisters in Georgian England. Matthew Macfadyen (Mr Darcy) plays Knightley's romantic interest.Joe Wright121
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain19956.6Romance, Comedy(1995) Tara Fitzgerald, Ian Hart. This irresistible comedy set in a Welsh village in 1917, stars Hugh Grant as a cartographer who arrives with his partner to measure the town's mountain, but finds it is 16 feet short of the official height.Christopher Monger, Chris Monger92
About Adam20006.0Romance, ComedyStuart Townsend, Frances O'Connor. This romantic comedy stars Kate Hudson as a young woman who thinks she's found true love, but he has a secret that soon involves most everyone in her family that not one of them could predict.Gerard Stembridge92
A Month By the Lake19956.4Romance, Drama, ComedyAt a luxurious Lake Como resort, Miss Bentley, an attractive older guest, has her eye on a handsome, well-to-do bachelor, but he's more interested in a beautiful young nanny.John Irvin87
The Pallbearer19964.9Romance, ComedyDelivering a eulogy and serve as pallbearer for a classmate he doesn't remember, Tom is soon torn between reconnecting with an old flame and his impulsive affair with the grieving mother.Matt Reeves, Natt Reeves94
Tadpole20006.3Romance, Drama, ComedyA teenage boy who loves and quotes Voltaire, speaks French and can tell a lot about a woman by her hands, becomes enamoured with his beautiful stepmother.Gary Winick75
The Third Wheel20025.5Romance, ComedyA well-liked guy has one night to create the perfect date for a beautiful co-worker, and does so with the help and good wishes of the rest of his office who are making side bets on his progress.Jordan Brady83
Love, Wedding, Marriage20114.9Romance, ComedyA couples counsellor begins to neglect her husband mere weeks after their own storybook nuptials when the sudden failure of her parents' marriage preoccupies her.Dermot Mulroney86
A Good Woman20046.5Romance, Drama, ComedyOn the Italian Riviera of the 1930's a marriage is tested amid gossip of adultery. Scarlett Johansson and Helen Hunt bring a lavish jazz-age style to Oscar Wilde?s popular play, Lady Windermere's Fan.Mike Barker89
The Affair Of The Necklace20016.1Romance, Drama(2002) Christopher Walken, Simon Baker. This costume drama stars Hilary Swank as a French countess whose royal title has been stripped by the crown; she wants her good name back with the aid of a courtside gigolo and a diamond necklace.Charles Shyer112
From Prada To Nada20115.5Romance, Drama, Comedy(2011) Camilla Belle, Alexa Vega. In this romantic comedy, two sisters of Mexican descent from Beverly Hills, learn how the other side lives after their father dies unexpectedly, and they're taken in by their estranged aunt in East L.A.Angel Gracia102
Ceremony20105.6Romance, Comedy(2010) Uma Thurman, Michael Angarano. Lively romantic comedy, where an overly confident young man drags along his best friend to crash the wedding of the woman he loves, in one last bold attempt to steal her away from her fiancee.Max Winkler86
Girl With A Pearl Earring20037.0Romance, DramaColin Firth,Tom Wilkinson. Set in the 17th century, Griet (Scarlett Johansson) is a shy girl sent to work as a maid in the household of the artist Johannes Vermeer, and poses for a painting without the knowledge of his wife.Peter Webber96
Wishful Thinking19965.1Romance, ComedyWhen it becomes clear to Elizabeth that Max not ready to get married, she becomes more and more withdrawn... until Max is convinced that she is cheating - prompting jealousy and manipulation.Desiree Casado, Drew Barrymore85
Little City19976.1Romance, Drama, ComedyBest friends Adam and Kevin have a lot in common. In fact, Kevin is having an affair with Adam?s girlfriend, and when the beautiful Rebecca arrives, a new set of twists add to an already tangled mix.Roberto Benabib86
Mozart and The Whale20057.0Romance, Drama, ComedyThis is a heart-warming, romantic drama inspired by the true story of two people with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, whose emotional dysfunctions threaten to sabotage their budding romance.Petter Naess90
Stranger Than Fiction20067.7Romance, Drama, ComedyA lonely tax officer starts hearing a voice narrating his daily activities and realises that his life and impending death are in the hands of a novelist. Comedy with Will Ferrell and Dustin Hoffman.Marc Forster108
Laws Of Attraction20045.9Romance, ComedyGet ready to fall in love with this witty romantic comedy! Can two high-powered divorce lawyers make it as man and wife? Find out with the romance that proves that love always gets the last word.Peter Howitt86
The Wedding Planner20015.2Romance, ComedyA romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez as a wedding planner who is always unflappable... until she falls for Matthew McConaughey. He just happens to be the groom in the biggest wedding of her career.Adam Shankman99
10 Years20116.1Romance, Drama, ComedyIn this ensemble comedy, this film follows a group of friends on the night of their high school reunion who, a decade later, still haven't quite grown up.Jamie Linden96
Music And Lyrics20076.5Romance, ComedyAlex is a washed-up '80s pop star who must compose a hit for a teen idol. Though he's never written a decent lyric in his life, sparks fly when he teams up with an offbeat woman with a flair for words.Marc Lawrence99
The Majestic20016.9Romance, DramaA blacklisted screenwriter with amnesia is mistaken for the son of a man who owns a rundown cinema. Jim Carrey stars in a movie that loops through America's communist witch hunt of the early 1950's.Frank Darabont146
Virgin Territory20074.8Drama, Comedy, Action & AdventureBased on the novel by Giovanni Boccaccio, a lovely maiden with three likely suitors finds the competition to take her hand in marriage heating up to a fever pitch in this adventuresome comedy romance.David Lelan, David Leland93
The Last Kiss20066.5Romance, Drama, ComedyZach Braff has a perfect but pregnant girlfriend (Jacinda Barrett). So he's weighing up the merits of settling down or taking off with a comely co-ed (Rachel Bilson). Comedy about a dangerous liaison.Tony Goldwyn99
No Reservations20076.3Romance, Drama, ComedyComedy with Catherine Zeta-Jones, an intimidating master chef who lives her life the way she runs a kitchen. Things really get hot when she 'inherits' a niece and romance cooks up with a brash new chef.Scott Hicks100
Lucky You20075.9Romance, DramaHuck Cheever (Eric Bana), a gambler beset with personal problems, comes up against his estranged hotshot father (Robert Duvall) in the world series of poker. Drew Barrymore plays Huck's love interest.Curtis Hanson118
Frances Ha20127.4Drama, ComedyIn this wry romance a New Yorker tries to sort out her ambitions and her life. Greta Gerwig sparkles in an arthouse gem about the frustrations and joys of being young and unsure of where to go next.Noah Baumbach82
The Best Offer20137.8Romance, Thriller, DramaItaly. Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess & Donald Sutherland star in this drama, set in the European art world, about an auctioneer becoming increasingly obsessed with a client he has never met.Giuseppe Tornatore125
About Time20137.8Romance, Drama, ComedyDomhnall Gleeson & Rachel McAdams star in this charming, Richard Curtis-directed comedy about a young man who discovers on his 21st birthday that he possesses an extraordinary power.Richard Curtis118
A Home At The End Of The World20046.8Romance, DramaTwo childhood friends face their past relationships and a love triangle as they struggle with a father's death and an unexpected pregnancy.Asia Vieira, Michael Mayer (VI)93
Doc Hollywood19916.1Romance, ComedyThis romantic comedy follows a Beverly Hills-bound doctor who gets stranded in a Southern town where he finds himself falling in love, and re-evaluating his life.Michael Caton-Jones99
Captain Corelli's Mandolin20015.9Romance, DramaAn officer with a passion for the mandolin and the daughter of a village doctor must choose between allegiance and love during Italy's occupation of Greece in WW II.John Madden123
Get Over It20015.8Romance, ComedyWhen Berke Landers, a popular high school basketball star, gets dumped by his lifelong girlfriend, he turns to his best friend's sister for consolation. Ben Foster and Kirsten Dunst star in a breezy teen romance with a refreshing jolt of wit and energy.Tommy O'Haver82
Heaven20027.1Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaA woman sworn to avenge her husband's death at the hands of a drug dealer falls in love with a police investigator. A potent story of retribution and redemption with Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi.Tom Tykwer93
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!20045.6Romance, Drama, ComedyImagine meeting your favourite big-screen idol and he winds up idolising you! That's what happens to Rosalee, a star-struck small-town girl, who wins a date with handsome Hollywood hunk Tad Hamilton.Robert Luketic92
Havana19906.0Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaJack is trying to make on big score in 1958 Havana - a pleasure-seeker's paradise on the verge of insurgency. But his plan doesn't include falling for Roberta, the beautiful wife of a revolutionary.Sydney Pollack138
Worth Winning19896.0Romance, ComedyMeet Taylor Worth - a man who has three months to get engaged to three women of his friends' choice. Now, the problem isn't getting them to accept the proposal, the problem is: they have.Will Mackenzie98
M. Butterfly19936.8Romance, DramaA fictional tale about love's mysteries between a French diplomat and a Beijing Opera star, as Rene learns Song Liling is a spy. And it's not the only shocking secret his beloved "butterfly" hides.David Cronenberg96
Klute19717.2Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaA high class hooker becomes involved with a small town cop when he comes to New York to investigate the disappearance of a friend of his who apparently had a relationship with her.Alan J. Pakula109
Dave19936.8Romance, ComedyA kindhearted man who works to help people find jobs is manipulated into doubling for the President of the United States after he suffers a stroke in the arms of a young woman.Ivan Reitman105
Prizzi's Honor19856.8Mystery & Crime, Romance, Drama, ComedyAn underworld hit man meets his match in the beautiful Irene. Their love affair takes a turn for the bizarre when Charley discovers that Irene is also a professional killer - and she's out to get him.John Huston, J. Huston123
The Spectacular Now20137.2Romance, Drama, ComedyAn acclaimed and sensitive tale of a party boy who finds himself attracted to his opposite, a quiet, down-to-earth girl. An unpredictable and refreshing take on the coming-of-age drama.James Ponsoldt91
Romeo And Juliet20137.7Romance, DramaThe tragedy of the star-crossed lovers from enemy families in Verona is refreshed by Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld. Shakespeare's classic remains as timeless, transcendent and powerful as ever.Carlo Carlei113
Kill Your Darlings20136.5Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaCapturing a powerful moment in the development of some of history?s great writers, this biopic sees a young Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) caught up in a murder investigation in the 1950s.John Krokidas98
Her20138.0SciFi & Fantasy, Romance, DramaDuring the final stages of divorce a lonely writer discovers the perfect partner is his computer's artificially intelligent operating system. Heartbroken after the end of a relationship, a writer becomes intrigued and falls for a new, advanced operating system - a bright, female voice, who is insightful and surprisingly funny. A unique, powerful tale.Spike Jonze121
The Right Kind Of Wrong20136.2Romance, ComedyA failed writer whose life has been destroyed by his ex’s nasty blog finally meets the woman of his dreams - at her wedding. Ryan Kwanten shines in this totally unique romantic comedy.Jeremiah S. Chechik93
Night Train To Lisbon20136.8Mystery & Crime, Romance, ThrillerA professor abandons his boring life to track the fate of a Portuguese author who took on the fascist dictator Salazar. Jeremy Irons stars in an epic adventure full of political and emotional intrigue.106
The Love Bug19976.4Kids & Family, ComedyHerbie, the compact car with a heart as big as a Fleetwood Brougham, helps young couples find romance while he wins races all over the world.Peyton Reed84
Are We Officially Dating?20146.1Romance, ComedyThe plan of three males friends to remain single forever is derailed when they each fall in love. Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan and Imogen Poots star in this romantic comedy.Tom Gormican90
Cuban Fury20146.2Romance, ComedyTwo decades ago he was the UK Junior Salsa Champion. Now he's a hopeless, overweight office worker. But that Latin fire is about to reignite.James Griffiths93
Labor Day20136.9Romance, DramaA single mum and her teenage son have their lives changed forever by an escaped convict who they are forced to take into their home.Jason Reitman106
Endless Love20146.3Romance, DramaWhen beautiful Jade meets charismatic David, her sheltered world of privilege is turned upside down as the pair's instant desire sparks a reckless summer love affair. Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde star in this wildly romantic remake of a tale of a privileged girl and her passion for the son of a mechanic, and the parents trying to tear them apart.Shana Feste100
About Last Night20146.1Romance, ComedyTwo guys and two girls experience the highs and lows of dating, sex and relationships in this hilarious, critically acclaimed tale.Steve Pink96
For Better Or For Worse20145.3Romance, ComedyOpposites attract when the charming and incredibly irritating Marco opens shop as a divorce attorney right next to Wendy?s wedding chapel, forcing their lives to be suddenly intertwined.Marita Grabiak83
Chinese Puzzle20137.0Romance, Drama, ComedyA flighty author who follows his wife and kids from Paris to New York when she leaves him complicates his life with carefree liaisons.Cedric Klapisch112
The Face Of Love20136.1Romance, Drama, ComedyIn a relationship with a man who looks exactly like her late husband, a widow's feelings for her new love interest are inextricably intertwined with those she had for the man from her past.Arie Posin88
Words And Pictures20136.6Romance, Drama, ComedyA school teacher has not published in years, filling his spare time with alcohol. When he meets a new teacher on campus, the two flirt and provoke each other with equal relish.Fred Schepisi111
Walk Of Shame20146.0Romance, ComedyA resourceful reporter's one-night stand with a handsome stranger leaves her stranded without a phone, car, ID, or money - and only 8 hours before the most important job interview of her career.Steven Brill90
Undiscovered20054.2Romance, Drama, ComedySet in the world of up-and-coming-artists, this heartfelt romantic comedy tells the story of an aspiring model who falls in love with a struggling musician.Meiert Avis93
The Lunchbox20137.8Romance, DramaA mistaken delivery in Mumbai's famous lunchbox delivery system connects a young housewife to an old man in the dusk of his life as they build a fantasy world together through notes in the lunchbox.Ritesh Batra100
Stranded In Paradise20145.4RomanceA high-powered executive travels to Puerto Rico in an attempt to save her career, but when disaster strikes and a hurricane shuts down the whole island, she meets a handsome world traveller.Bert Kish85
My Summer Of Love20046.8Romance, DramaKindred spirits from different worlds become entangled together one volatile summer, but what starts as a magical friendship soon becomes laced with deception and danger.Pavel Pavlikovskiy, Pawel Pawlikowski83
Love's Labour's Lost20006.1Romance, Drama, ComedyThe King of Navare and his three best friends think that they've sworn off love in the pursuit of intellectual enlightenment, until the Princess of France and her beautiful attendants arrive.Kenneth Branagh90
Full Frontal20024.8Romance, Drama, ComedyIt's a chaotic day for seven strangers from Hollywood who end up at the birthday party of a mutual friend. Before the night is over, relationships are tested, hearts are broken, and passions are renewed.Steven Soderbergh96
Four Weddings And A Funeral19947.1Romance, Drama, ComedyCharlie is always the best man but never the groom. But today he's in for a real surprise because not only did he forget the ring ... but he also just caught a glimpse of the girl of his dreams!Mike Newell113
Much Ado About Nothing19937.4Romance, Drama, ComedyAdapted from William Shakespeare, the film tells the story of two couples - playful bickering defines one couple, whereas romance and betrayal describe the other.Kenneth Branagh106
De-Lovely20046.6Romance, Drama, ComedyA sparkling celebration of American composer Cole Porter's music, as well as a stirring exploration of the artist's journey and the undying power of love.Irwin Winkler120
Wedding Daze20065.7Romance, ComedyAnderson has given up on love after a breakup. Dared by his best friend to get back in the saddle during breakfast at a local diner, Anderson proposes to the first girl he sees: Katie, their waitress.Michael Ian Black88
Betsy's Wedding19905.6Romance, ComedyDetermined to give his daughter Betsy a fantastic wedding, Eddie gets into a business deal with his unscrupulous brother-in-law Oscar, involving him with shady partners he'd rather not know about.Alan Alda90
Suddenly 302004N/ARomance, ComedyWith the help of some magic wishing dust, 13-year-old Jenna Rink becomes 30 and gorgeous overnight, with everything she ever wanted, except for the true love she left behind.Gary Winick93

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