Top 5 family movies to watch now on Presto

Thinking about signing up for Presto? Here are some of the top family movies to watch that are available with the service.

Presto is a streaming service that’s available to Australian viewers. With no lock-in contracts and unlimited streaming available on a wide range of films and TV shows, Presto is a popular choice. But, what about the selection of kid’s and family-friendly movies? Read on for a guide to what family movies to watch now on Presto.

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101 Dalmatians (1961)

This classic Disney flick follows the story of a family of Dalmatians who thwart the evil plans of picture-perfect villain: Cruella Deville. The digitally remastered version of the iconic 1961 animation delivers pure family fun complete with singalongs.

Runtime: 1hr 38 mins

IMDB rating: 7.2

Awards: BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film (1962)

Nutty Professor (1997)

Nutty Professor (1997)

In one of his most loved roles, Eddie Murphy plays an obese professor who drinks a magical weight loss potion and turns into the suave but obnoxious Buddy Love. The success of the first Nutty Professor inspired a couple of follow-ups, but we still think the first was the best.

Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins

IMDB rating: 5.5

Awards: People’s Choice Award for Favourite Comedy, Academy Award for Best Makeup (1997), Bafta Award for Best Hair and Makeup (1997), Academy of Science Fiction (1997), Fantasy and Horror award for Best Actor and Best Makeup (1997), Kids Choice Award for Best

Movie (1997), National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor (1997), Online Film and Television for Favourite Male Actor (1997).

James and the Giant Peach (1996)

James and the Giant Peach (1996)

James and the Giant Peach brings to life one of Roald Dahl’s most magical tales. A young orphan boy embarks on a life-changing journey and escapes from an unhappy existence with his terrible guardians when he befriends a company of insects who live inside a giant peach.

Runtime: 1 hr 19 mins
IMDB rating: 6.7

Awards: Annecy International Animated Film Festival Award for Best Animated Film (1997), Kansas City Film Festival Award for Best Animated Film (1996), Young Artist Awards for Best Family Feature (1997).

Freaky Friday (2003)

Freaky Friday (2003)

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis star in this fun, family film about a over-worked mother and teenage daughter who switch bodies, and find a humorous and touching insight into each others lives.

Runtime: 1 hr 37 mins

IMDB rating: 6.1

Awards: BMI Film and TV Awards for Music (2004), MTV Movie Awards for Breakthrough Female Performance (2004), Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards for Best Live Action fantasy Film (2004), Teen Choice Award for Movie Hissy Hit and Breakout Female Star (2004).

Bandslam (2009)

Bandslam (2009)

A group of high school-aged misfits form a band and rocket to stardom achieving their wildest dreams. This all-singing, all-dancing film tracks their journey and stars teen sensations Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka.

Runtime: 1 hr 51 mins

IMDB rating: 6.4

Awards: N/A

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

This classic Disney movie take kids (and big kids) on a journey with an apprentice witch, a conman, and three adventurous children as they fly atop a four-post bed on a mission to discover the key to a spell to defend Britain and save the day.

Runtime: 1 hr 57 mins
IMDB rating: 7.0

Awards (If any): Academy Award for Best Special Effects (1972), Saint Jordi Awards for Best Children’s Film (1973).

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Set in Hawaii, a little girl adopt an curious pet who turns out to be an extraterrestrial on the run from a galactic criminal past. Disney Classic goodness in one of the most loved children's films of the modern era.

Runtime: 1 hr 25 mins

IMDB rating: 7.1

Awards: Annie Awards for Outstanding Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production (2003), Casting Society of America Award for Best Casting for Animated Voiceover, Feature Film (2003), Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Best Animated Film (2003), Motion Picture

Sound Editors Award for Best Sound Editing in Animated Features - Music (2003), Sarajevo Film Festival Award Audience Award (2002), Tokyo Anime Award (2004), Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards for Best Film (2002), Young Artists Award for Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role - Age Ten or Under (2003).

Looking for more options? Check out the full catalogue of Presto kids movies:

Movie Title
Runtime (minutes)
The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps20004.3Kids & Family, ComedySherman Klump's getting married but his alter-ego, Buddy Love, is a problem. He steals Sherman's fountain of youth formula and tangles with the whole Klump family.Peter Segal102
101 Dalmatians19967.2Kids & Family, ComedyIn this classic tale of puppy love and dog-napping, the entire canine kingdom races to their rescue when fashionista Cruella De Vil steals Dalmatian pups to make a fur coat.Stephen Herek98
Freaky Friday20036.1Kids & Family, Drama, ComedyThings get freaky one Friday when a mother and daughter who can't agree on clothes, hair, music or men find themselves inside each other's body in a comedy starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.Mark Waters (VIII), Mark Waters93
Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen20044.5Kids & Family, ComedyLindsay Lohan and Adam Garcia star in this comedy about a teenage girl convinced that city life revolves around her until her family moves out to the suburbs, where she finds herself competing for attention.Sara Sugarman86
Tom & Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale20078.7Animation, Kids & Family, ComedyFollow Tom and Jerry's usual antics in this Christmas holiday themed adventure which uses music from Tchaikovsky's famous 'The Nutcracker' ballet.Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone46
Bandslam20096.4Kids & Family, ComedyAn ensemble of nerdy misfits transform into the hottest rock outfit in the land to win the coveted battle-of-the-bands contest. High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens stars in this toe-tapping comedy.Todd Graff106
Bedknobs And Broomsticks19717.0Animation, Kids & Family, ComedyIn this Disney favourite, Angela Lansbury is an apprentice witch who takes in three orphans. Together they defend England from the Nazis while searching for a book she needs to graduate in witchery.Robert Stevenson112
Ice Princess20056.0Kids & Family, ComedyWith a strong-willed mother pushing her toward a top university, it seems as if brainy high school misfit Casey may never get the chance to be like the elite skating prodigies she sees at the rink.Tim Fywell94
James And The Giant Peach19966.7Animation, Kids & FamilyRoald Dahl story of an orphan in charge of two nasty aunts who ends up inside an airborne peach. The stars in this combination of live action and animation include Joanna Lumley and Susan Sarandon.Henry Selick76
Pete's Dragon19776.3Animation, Kids & FamilyA charmer about a runaway orphan and his pet dragon who can't always be seen. Mickey Rooney and Helen Reddy star in Disney's musical combination of live action and traditional animation.Don Chaffey123
Dumbo19417.3Animation, Kids & FamilyWith the support of Timothy the mouse, floppy-eared Dumbo soars to fame as the world's only flying elephant. Timeless Walt Disney children's classic about friendship, acceptance, courage and belief.Sam Armstrong, Jack Kinney61
Lilo & Stitch20027.1Animation, Kids & FamilyDisney's animated musical about Lilo, a lonely Hawaiian girl who adopts a funny-looking dog. She doesn't know he's a wacky alien created by a mad scientist. Tia Carrere and Ving Rhames are star voices.Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders (III)81
Pocahontas19956.6Animation, Kids & FamilyThis Disney animation paints the romance between Indian beauty Pocahontas and handsome British captain John Smith in dazzling colour and sweeping music. Voices include Mel Gibson and Linda Hunt.Eric Goldberg, Mike Gabriel77
Brother Bear20036.7Animation, Kids & FamilyJoaquin Phoenix is the voice of native American boy Kenai whose brother is killed by a bear protecting her cubs. Seeking revenge, he is turned into a bear and sees nature and life through new eyes.Aaron Blaise, Robert Walker81
Brother Bear 220066.3Animation, Kids & FamilyKenai awakes from hibernation to find more adventures with his little brother Koda and the wisecracking mooses, Rutt and Tuke. Along the way, destiny is turned upside down in this animated sequel.Ben Gluck, Benjamin Gluck70
Camp Rock20084.9Kids & Family, Romance, ComedyA girl with a great voice is thrilled to go to music camp - until she has to work in the kitchen. When a pop star hears her sing without seeing her, he makes it his mission to put a face to the voice.Matthew Diamond90
Uptown Girls20036.1Kids & Family, ComedyA rich girl whose inheritance vanishes has to work for the first time, but when she becomes a nanny she inherits a kid who's neglected by her parents, and each discovers in the other a true friend.Boaz Yakin88
Herbie Goes Bananas19804.8Kids & Family, Comedy, Action & AdventureEveryone's favourite love bug returns in this high octane adventure in Central America, when Herbie and his two new owners get sidetracked en route to a race by a smuggling syndicate.Vincent McEveety89
Meet The Robinsons20076.9Animation, Kids & FamilyA lonely orphan's dream of finding the family he never knew comes true when he's catapulted into the future. An animated Disney comedy featuring the voices of Tom Selleck, Adam West and Angela Bassett.Steve Anderson (V), Stephen J. Anderson90
TinkerBell2008N/AAnimation, Kids & FamilyThe beloved fairy is given a voice for the first time as Tinker Bell and her friends set out to save Pixie Hollow.Bradley Raymond74
The AristoCats19707.1Animation, Kids & FamilyDuchess and her kittens stand to inherit their owner's fortune ? until Edgar the butler kicks them out. But things start to purr when they meet O'Malley the alley cat in this Disney animation gem.Wolfgang Reitherman, John Lounsbery75
The Fox And The Hound19817.3Animation, Kids & FamilyTod, a young fox, is taken in by a woman after a hunter kills his mother. He befriends Copper, a hound dog pup. As they grow up their friendship is tested when Copper realises his job is hunting foxes.Corey Feldman, Jack Albertson79
The Fox And The Hound II20065.5Animation, Kids & FamilyWhen Copper the hound joins The Singing Strays, fame threatens to come between him and his fox friend Tod. This follow-up to the Disney classic features the voices of Patrick Swayze and Reba McEntire.Jim Kammerud66
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame19966.9Animation, Kids & FamilyAnimated version of the classic tale of Quasimodo the deformed, courageous outcast. He escapes from the bell tower of Notre Dame Cathedral, high above 15th century Paris, to find a life worth dying for.Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise87
Mulan19987.5Animation, Kids & FamilyDisney animates the Chinese fable about a girl who cuts her hair and impersonates a man to fight the Huns and protect her Emperor. She is helped by Mushu, a wisecracking dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy.Barry Cook, Tony Bancroft84
The Rescuers Down Under19906.9Animation, Kids & FamilyA poacher (voice of George C. Scott) kidnaps an Aboriginal boy to snare a golden eagle. Hero mice Bianca and Bernard fly Down Under for a rescue with Wilbur the albatross and Jake the kangaroo rat.Hendel Butoy, Mike Gabriel74
Bridge To Terabithia20077.2SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureTwo children find the secret kingdom of Terabithia, where they reign supreme among giants, ogres and other strange creatures. Uplifting fantasy-adventure about the power of imagination and friendship.Gabor Csupo91
Dr. Dolittle 220014.6Kids & Family, ComedyDesperate to save a forest from loggers, The Doctor who talks to the animals releases an endangered bear that turns out to have a junk food diet and no survival skills.Steve Carr83
Lassie20055.8Kids & Family, Action & AdventureUK. Determined to return to her true family, Lassie escapes from her new owner and begins a treacherous journey home. Faithful update of the original Lassie story with Peter O?Toole and Samantha Morton.Charles Sturridge95
A Cinderella Story20045.8Romance, Kids & Family, Drama, ComedyA student is controlled by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, but her anonymous email buddy is a real Prince Charming. Will she turn into a pumpkin when they finally meet at the school dance?Mark Rosman91
TMNT20076.4Animation, Kids & FamilyThe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return to their crime-fighting roots to save New York. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Laurence Fishburne and Patrick Stewart lend their voices to this action-packed sequel.Kevin Munroe83
Zoom20064.2Kids & Family, Comedy, Action & AdventureWith Earth facing destruction, an over-the-hill superhero is reluctantly called back into action and forced to train four super-powered kids to save the planet.Peter Hewitt84
The Prince & Me20044.5Romance, Kids & Family, ComedyA would-be doctor (Julia Stiles) collides with a lazy but handsome exchange student (Luke Mably). After a prickly beginning she falls in love, only to discover that he's the Crown Prince of Denmark.Martha Coolidge106
The Incredibles20048.0Animation, Kids & FamilyA family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world.Brad Bird110
Adventures In Babysitting19876.8Kids & Family, ComedyElisabeth Shue's cosy babysitting evening spins out of control after a help call from a frantic friend. Babysitter and kids leave safe suburbia on a hilarious expedition to the grown-up side of town.Chris Columbus98
The Mighty Ducks19926.4Kids & Family, ComedyA big-time lawyer (Emilio Estevez) haunted by his sporting heartache takes over the worst peewee ice hockey team around. In teaching them how to win he also faces his old ghosts. A goal for comedy.Stephen Herek99
Shark Tale20046.0Animation, Kids & FamilyA vegetarian shark and a hip-hop fish find themselves in very deep water. Will Smith and Robert De Niro head a star voice cast in an undersea comedy that proves it's OK to swim against the current.Bibo Bergeron, Vicky Jenson86
The Simpsons Movie20067.4Animation, Kids & Family, ComedyWhen accident-prone Homer creates environmental chaos Springfield is quarantined and television's favourite dysfunctional family flee to Alaska. Does he have what it takes to return and face his crime?David Silverman83
Big Fat Liar20025.4Kids & Family, ComedyJason has a reputation for stretching the truth. So, when big-time Hollywood producer Marty Wolf steals his class paper and turns it into a smash hit movie, no one believes Jason's latest tall tale!Shawn Levy84
The Little Rascals19946.2Kids & Family, ComedyAn update on the classic comedy shorts from the 1920s and 30s with Spanky, Buckwheat and the gang. There's a crisis in the He-Man Women Haters Club when Alfalfa falls in love with - yecchh! - a girl. Further trouble ensues when their clubhouse is destroyed and their prized go-cart is stolen by neighbourhood bullies.Penelope Spheeris79
Finding Neverland20047.8Kids & Family, DramaThe true story behind the creation of magical Peter Pan, one of the world's favourite childhood characters. An uplifting drama about a famously imaginative author.Marc Forster97
Ella Enchanted20046.3Kids & Family, ComedyElla's gift of obedience from her fairy godmother proves itself to be quite the curse once Ella finds herself in the hands of several unscrupulous characters that she quite literally cannot disobey.Tommy O'Haver92
Nancy Drew20075.9Kids & FamilyYoung sleuth Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) is out to solve an age-old mystery: the death of movie star Dehlia Draycott. But a bigger mystery is how she?ll fit in with the mean teen queens at Hollywood High.Andrew Fleming95
Return To Never Land20025.8Animation, Kids & FamilyHalf a century after the original children's classic comes the sequel set in London in World War II. Wendy's daughter Jane is kidnapped by Captain Hook and the ageless Peter Pan must come to her rescue.Robin Budd, Donovan Cook69
Bambi II20066.1Animation, Kids & FamilyBambi reunites with his father, The Great Prince, who must now raise the young fawn and teach him the ways of the forest - discovering that there is much he can learn from his spirited young son.Brian Pimental, Jim Ballantine69
Peter Pan19537.4Animation, Kids & FamilyAfter a visit from Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, Wendy and her brothers follow him to Neverland where war is raging with the evil pirate, Captain Hook. An incomparable Walt Disney classic.Wilfred Jackson, Clyde Geronimi74
Cool Dog20104.0Kids & Family(2010) Michael Pare, Jackson Pace. When Jimmy, a vibrant 10-year-old boy must relocate to NYC, Rainy his German Shepherd travels to the big apple on a series of adventures to find his master.Danny Lerner
Flight Of The Navigator19866.9SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & Adventure(1986) Joey Cramer, Paul Reubens. After a mystifying disappearance aboard a spectacular, futuristic spacecraft, a boy returns to earth possessing vast, undiscovered knowledge about the farthest reaches of the universe.Randal Kleiser
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West19916.4Animation, Kids & FamilyA family of Emigre mice decide to move out to the west, unaware that they are falling into a trap perpetrated by a smooth talking cat.Amy Irving, Cathy Cavadini75
The Little Mermaid19897.6Animation, Kids & FamilyWhen a dissatisfied mermaid princess who dreams of meeting a human strikes a deal with a cunning sea witch, she unleashes a terrible series of events. Relive the Disney magic with this classic.Buddy Hackett, Christopher Daniel Barnes79
Good Boy!20035.1Kids & FamilyOwen Baker has been working as a dog-walker all summer, and finally gets to adopt a dog of his own! He discovers his new dog; Hubble is actually an interplanetary scout from outer space.John Robert Hoffman, John Hoffman84
Barnyard20065.6Animation, Kids & FamilyWhen the farmer's away, the animals play, sing and dance. A party cow must eventually take responsibility and be a leader in this amusing light-hearted tale.Steve Oedekerk86
Super Buddies20134.6Kids & FamilyFive cute pups kick some alien tail when a shape-shifting bully from outer space threatens the planet. Disney's most courageous canines are back in this fun-filled, family adventure.Robert Vince77
The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising20074.8SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureA young time-traveller is the last in a line of warriors who have spent their lives fighting evil. Alexander Ludwig and Ian McShane star in an adaptation of The Dark Is Rising, a fantasy book series.David L. Cunningham94
Barney's Great Adventure19982.8Kids & FamilyBarney the purple dinosaur stars in a musical adventure that begins when a huge egg deposited on a farm by a shooting star is accidentally carted off.Steve Gomer73
Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt20096.9Animation, Kids & FamilyThe festivities are put on hold when Mickey's magical clubhouse mysteriously breaks into pieces and disappears with Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy inside!Victor Cook47
Fly Away Home19966.8Kids & FamilyOscar-winner Anna Paquin stars in this breathtaking family drama as an orphaned girl who must teach a flock of motherless geese to fly south before the authorities clip their wings.102
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York19926.5Kids & Family, ComedyAmerica's smallest hero and his booby traps are back, this time in NYC! The notorious Wet Bandits, still smarting from their last encounter, are bound for NYC too, plotting a huge holiday heist.Chris Columbus115
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown20066.8Animation, Kids & FamilyThe sub-zero heroes are back in the sequel to the hit comedy Ice Age. To escape a flood, the comical creatures embark on a hilarious journey across a thawing landscape that is laugh-out-loud family fun.Estella Elliot, Carlos Saldanha87
Night At The Museum20066.4Kids & Family, Comedy, Action & AdventureWhen good-hearted dreamer Larry Daley is hired as night watchman at the Museum of Natural History, he soon discovers that an ancient curse brings all the exhibits to life after the sun sets.Shawn Levy104
Titan A.E.20006.6SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyA young human named Cale holds the key to defeating the Drej, a vicious alien race who have destroyed the Earth, as he sets out to find the long lost Titan, a gigantic spaceship.Don Bluth, Gary Goldman91
Akeelah And The Bee20067.5Kids & Family, DramaA young girl's love for words unwittingly unites a neighbourhood in her daring quest to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.Doug Atchison108
Are We Done Yet?20073.9Kids & Family, ComedyNick's new home quickly becomes a costly project when he finds himself at the mercy of an eccentric contractor who is turning his suburban dream into a riotous nightmare.Steve Carr88
Mr. Bean's Holiday20076.3Kids & Family, ComedyMr Bean can't believe his luck when he wins a camcorder and an all-expense-paid vacation to the French Riviera. But during his journey to the south, he falls face first into a series of mishaps.Steve Bendelack86
Madeline19985.9Kids & FamilyOscar-winner Frances McDormand stars as a sympathetic schoolmistress in this adaptation of Ludwig Bemelman's classic children's book of the adventures of the orphaned Madeline.Daisy von Scherler Mayer, Daisy Mayer85
Home Alone19907.4Kids & Family, ComedyWhen an eight-year-old boy is left behind in his family's rush to the airport, he decides to enjoy his temporary freedom. When two bumbling burglars upset his plans, they get far more than they expected.Chris Columbus98
Role Models20086.9ComedyA pair of energy drink salesmen are forced into the role of big brothers to fulfill a community service obligation, which quickly becomes a pint-sized hassle as they learn kids can be unpredictable.David Wain94
The Flintstones19944.8Kids & FamilyAfter an aptitude test mix up, Fred Flintstone trades his job as Bronto-crane operator for a vice presidency. An evil executive then plots to use Fred as the fall guy in an embezzlement scheme!Brian Levant86
Peter Pan20037.4SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & FamilyDiscover the magic and adventure of J.M. Barrie's reimagined timeless tale, telling the story of Wendy, John and Michael Darling, who are whisked off to Neverland by the eternally youthful Peter Pan.Freddie Popplewell, Geoffrey Palmer108
Home Alone 319974.2Kids & FamilyInternational crooks have hidden a military computer chip inside a toy car, but an airport mix up lands it in the hands of whiz-kid Alex who's home alone - he's the military's new secret weapon!Raja Gosnell98
The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas20003.6Kids & Family, ComedyFred and Barney down tools at the quarry to woo Wilma and Betty in Rock Vegas. Fred's gambling habit gets him framed by love rival Chip Rockerfeller. Joan Collins plays Wilma's high-falutin' mother.Brian Levant87
Mickey's Adventures In Wonderland20096.1Animation, Kids & FamilyWhen Donald's mechanical cuckoo bird birthday present for Daisy flies away, Mickey, Donald and Pluto go on a wild, imaginative adventure in a fantasy Wonderland to retrieve the runaway gift.Donovan Cook47
Furry Vengeance20103.7Kids & FamilyThis hilarious family comedy tells of a developer whose latest project threatens the local forest creatures. Led by an incredibly clever raccoon, they turn a peaceful cul-de-sac into a battlefield.Isaac Pingree87
A Heartbeat Away20114.6Kids & Family, ComedySebastian Gregory, Isabel Lucas. When an accident prevents his father from leading the Municipal Marching Band, a young guitarist reluctantly takes up the baton to whip the members into shape for a must win competition.Gale Edwards87
Duma20057.3Kids & Family, Drama, Action & AdventureCarroll Ballard directs the exciting story of 12-year-old, Xan, who decides to return the cheetah he raised from a cub to the wild instead of allowing pursuers to place it in captivity.Carroll Ballard96
Funky Monkey20043.5Kids & Family, Comedy(2004) Matthew Modine, Seth Adkins. A rogue CIA agent and a kung fu fighting chimp named Clemens stage a daring escape from a top-secret government testing facility.Harry Basil, Gene Quintano89
My Dog Skip20007.0Kids & FamilySet in Mississippi in the 1940s, this award-winning film tells the heart-warming story of a shy outcast whose life is enriched by a pet pooch that sticks by him as he grows up.Jay Russell, Jay W. Russell91
Free Willy 3: The Rescue19974.5Kids & FamilyJason James Richter, August Schellenberg. In the third instalment in the Free Willy series, a teenage Jesse and old friend Randolph try to foil an illegal whaler threatening Willy and his pregnant mate.Sam Pillsbury81
Quest For Camelot19986.1SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & Family(1998) Jessalyn Gilsig, Cary Elwes. An adventurous girl, a young blind hermit and a goofy two headed dragon race to find the lost sword Excalibur to save King Arthur and Camelot from disaster.Bronson Pinchot, Bryan White82
Scooby-Doo20024.9Kids & Family(2002) Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. Zoinks! Two years after a clash of egos forced Mystery Inc. to close its doors, Scooby-Doo and the gang are summoned to Spooky Island to investigate a series of paranormal incidents.Raja Gosnell83
The Road To El Dorado20006.8Animation, Kids & FamilyGet ready for an exhilarating ride of a lifetime! Join Tulio and Miguel and their hilarious horse Altivo as they set sail, map in hand, in search of golden treasure.Eric Bergeron, Will Finn85
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron20027.0Animation, Kids & FamilySpirit is a wild and rambunctious stallion who travels across the frontiers of the Old West; where he befriends a young human and finds true love with a mare.Lorna Cook, Kelly Asbury80
Hansel And Gretel19877.1Kids & FamilyCloris Leachman stars as the evil witch Griselda in this enchanting version of the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tale about two siblings who wander into the forest against their parents' orders.Len Talan82
Dino Time20124.8Animation, Kids & FamilyThree kids accidently set off a time-machine and find themselves transported back in time where they meet a T-Rex named Tyra and her rambunctious dinosaur son Dodger.John Kafka, Yoon-suk Choi82
Stuart Little19995.9Animation, Kids & FamilyJoin the fun when the Little family adopts an adorably spunky boy named Stuart, who looks a lot like a mouse. But, Snowbell, the family cat wants Stuart out of the house...permanently!Rob Minkoff81
Problem Child 219914.4Kids & Family, ComedyJunior's dad falls in love with a beautiful woman who wants to marry him and eliminate Junior from the picture.Dennis Dugan, Brian Levant86
Grizzly Falls19995.9Kids & Family, Drama, Action & AdventureWhen a young boy is captured by a grizzly bear, he begins the most incredible journey of a lifetime forging a trusting alliance with the beast.Stuart Raffill, Stewart Raffill90
Alpha And Omega20105.3Animation, Kids & FamilyWhat makes for the ultimate road trip? Just ask Kate and Humphrey, two wolves who are trying to get home after being taken by park rangers and shipped halfway across the country.Anthony Bell, Ben Gluck84
Valiant20055.6Animation, Kids & FamilyThe story of a little wood pigeon named Valiant who overcomes his small size to become a hero in Great Britain's Royal Homing Pigeon Service during World War II.Gary Chapman72
How To Eat Fried Worms20065.4Kids & Family, ComedyOn his first day at a new school young Billy squares off against the class bully. He accepts a revolting dare that could change the balance of power in the class - and his tastebuds. A family comedy.Bob Dolman80
Hoot20065.6Kids & Family, Drama, ComedyKids set out to save a population of owls endangered by construction in Florida. They come up against crooked politicians and bumbling cops in an eco-minded film produced by the singer Jimmy Buffet.Wil Shriner
Happily N'ever After20064.5Animation, Kids & Family, ComedyCinderella becomes a freedom fighter when her power-hungry stepmother takes control of Fairytale Land. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr and Sigourney Weaver voice this animated fairytale.Paul J. Bolger83
The Last Mimzy20076.3SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & FamilyTwo children find Mimzy - a magical stuffed rabbit which gives the children exceptional power to move objects with their mind and solve complex equations - which attracts the FBI's attention.Robert Shaye92
The Dolphin: Story Of A Dreamer20093.9Animation, Kids & FamilyA little dolphin with big dreams goes on a magical journey of discovery as he ventures beyond the safety of his pod into the unknown. An animated adventure to make a splash with young and old alike.Eduardo Schuldt84
Angels Sing20135.6Kids & FamilyFamily. A gift from a mysterious stranger helps Michael find the Christmas spirit that he lost in his childhood. Stars Harry Connick Jr.Tim McCanlies83
The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie19817.1Animation, Kids & FamilyHare we go again! The ear-repressible Bugs Bunny hosts an award show through some of the cwaziest cartoon cwassics!Friz Freleng76
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit2005N/AAnimation, Kids & FamilyWallace and his loyal dog, Gromit, set out to discover the mystery behind the garden sabotage that plagues their village and threatens the annual giant vegetable growing contest.Helena Bonham Carter, John Thomson81
Thumbelina19946.3Animation, Kids & FamilyShe sprang from a flower and is barely the size of a thumb, but her love is gigantic! The treasured Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale comes to life in this magnificently magical, animated musical.Don Bluth, Gary Goldman83
Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins20095.8Kids & FamilyWhat brings best friends together? For Daphne, Velma, Fred, Shaggy and spunky pup Scooby-Doo, it's a mystery! Special fun makes this "how-it-all-began" story a doggone great time!Brian Levant79
The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale20134.1Animation, Kids & FamilyYoung Alise disappears in a forest after the Royal Family adopts her. Princess Odette, Derek, Jean-Bob the Frog and Speed the Turtle set out rescue her in this fifth instalment of the animation series.Richard Rich80
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 220136.5Animation, Kids & FamilyIn this awesome sequel Flint learns that his infamous machine is still working, only now it;s churning out mutant food beasts! He and his buddies must save the world yet again.Kris Pearn, Cody Cameron91
Cinderella19507.3Animation, Kids & FamilyCinderella has faith her dreams of a better life will come true. When her cruel stepmother prevents Cinderella from attending the Royal Ball, she gets some unexpected help from her Fairy Godmother.Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson72
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True20024.9Animation, Kids & FamilyCinderella, in her new role as Princess discovers that life in the Royal Court is more challenging than she expected.John Kafka, Darrell Rooney70
Cinderella III: A Twist In Time20076.0Animation, Kids & FamilyWhat if the slipper does not fit? When her evil stepmother gets hold of the Fairy Godmothers magic wand and turns back the hands of time, Cinderella must try to break through the evil spell.Frank Nissen71
D2: The Mighty Ducks19945.9Kids & Family, ComedyThe Mighty Ducks are back on the ice and are gearing up for the game of their lives as they represent Team USA in the Junior Goodwill Games in Los Angeles.Sam Weisman102
D3: The Mighty Ducks19965.2Kids & FamilyThe quack attack is back! Emilio Estevez stars with the original Mighty Ducks in a slick comedy about the most popular ice hockey team in the movies. Can they beat the hotshots under a lousy new coach?Robert Lieberman, Robert H. Lieberman99
Marco And The Pirates20124.2Animation, Kids & FamilyA motley crew of monkey pirates scramble to save their beloved island from a diabolical takeover. A wild clash of epic proportions unfolds in this animated children’s feature full of monkey business.Jan Rahbek72
The Wind in the Willows19967.4Kids & Family, ComedyIn this wry adventure for the young at heart, this is an adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's beloved tale of Toad and his riverbank friends.Terry Jones84
Planes20135.7Animation, Kids & FamilyWhen a mild-mannered cropdusting plane with a fear of heights enters a global air race a high-flying adventure begins. This Disney smash stars the voices of Dane Cook & Teri Hatcher.Klay Hall87
Frozen20137.7Animation, Kids & FamilyWhen a princess inadvertently forces an eternal winter onto her kingdom, her sister must mend their relationship to end the freeze. This Disney smash stars the voices of Kristen Bell & Josh Gadd.Jennifer Lee (XXX), Jennifer Lee97
Moshi Monsters: The Movie20133.2Animation, Kids & FamilyBritain. Join the Moshi Monsters as they embark on an action-fuelled family adventure to save their weird and wonderful world from disaster. Voiced by Phillipa Alexander and Steve Cleverly.Wip Vernooij, Morgan Francis77
Fantasia19407.8SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyWitness the special wonder of Mickey Mouse as the mischievous Sorcerer's Apprentice and see the music come to life and hear the pictures burst into song in Walt Disney's innovative Fantasia!Deems Taylor, Hugh Douglas119
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II20024.7Animation, Kids & FamilyQuasimodo goes into action when a magician seeks to steal one of the bells of Notre Dame.Bradley Raymond63
Life-Size20005.6Kids & Family, ComedySad after the death of her mum, Casey would do anything to see her again. But when a series of mystic mishaps mistakenly brings her fashion doll Eve to life instead, it changes Casey's world forever!Mark Rosman84
The Wild20065.4Animation, Kids & FamilyA wild and witty comic adventure! When a funny band of furry friends escape from the city zoo, they discover that New York City is the biggest, craziest jungle of all.Dominic Scott Kay, Eddie Izzard78
Pocahontas II: Journey To The New World19984.9Animation, Kids & FamilyPocahontas sets off on a journey to England with Meeko, Flit, and Percy. Hearing rumours of John Smith's death, Pocahontas tries to prevent war and battle.Tom Ellery, Bradley Raymond70
Khumba20135.8Animation, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureBorn into a superstitious herd, a half-striped zebra must prove himself by going on a daring, dangerous mission. This inspirational animation stars voices of Liam Neeson, Steve Buscemi and more.Anthony Silverston81
The Emperor's New Groove20007.3Animation, Kids & FamilyEmperor Kuzco is turned into a llama by his ex-administrator Yzma, and must now regain his throne with the help of Pacha, the gentle llama herder.Mark Dindal75
Recess: All Growed Down20037.1AnimationSurrounded by a gang of wild new kindergartners, the big kids get captured and meet up with Chief Stinky...the self-proclaimed kindergarten king. Important lessons about the business of growing up!Howy Parkins57
Recess: Taking The Fifth Grade20036.9Animation, Kids & FamilyIt's an all-new school year for the kids as the gang hits the fifth grade running! But they're stopped in their tracks when they discover some unwelcome changes - no pizza, no playground, no lockers!Howy Parkins, Brenda Piluso59
Disney's Leroy & Stitch20066.2Animation, Kids & FamilyThe dastardly Dr. Hamsterviel forces Jumba to create a new experiment - Leroy, the evil twin of Stitch, cloning the nasty creature to form his own army. Now they must battle the legion of Leroys!Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway69
Zenon: Z320045.5Kids & Family, ComedyZenon Kar is competing to win the Galactic Teen Supreme contest but is torn when her aspiration to beat handsome competitor Bronley Hale is interrupted by moon activist Sage Borealis.Steve Rash77
The Rocketeer19916.4SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureThe discovery of a top-secret jetpack hurls test pilot Cliff Secord into a daring adventure of mystery, suspense and intrigue as he encounters an assortment of ruthless villains.Joe Johnston104
Now You See It...20056.5Kids & FamilyAllyson Miller signs up to produce a new reality show that is searching for the world's greatest kid magician. She stumbles upon Danny Sinclair, who appears to have something more? His powers are real.Duwayne Dunham
Pixel Perfect20045.9SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, ComedyTechno-wiz Roscoe sees his friend's band the Zettabytes floundering because they don't have the right image, so he uses computer technology to craft singer Loretta Modern - a perfect rockin' hologram.Mark A.Z. Dippe86
The Love Bug19976.4Kids & Family, ComedyHerbie, the compact car with a heart as big as a Fleetwood Brougham, helps young couples find romance while he wins races all over the world.Peyton Reed84
My Favorite Martian19994.9SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, ComedyThis hilarious adventure begins when an ambitious TV reporter, Tim O'Hara, stumbles upon a Martian who has just crash on Earth, giving him the story of the millennium.Donald Petrie89
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey19936.9Kids & FamilyAn incredible journey across the ruggedly beautiful Sierras. Chance, Sassy & Shadow encounter unexpected surprises from man, beast, and nature alike in a story of love, courage and devotion.Duwayne Dunham81
Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco19965.8Kids & FamilyWhen the pets accidently get separated from their vacationing owners, Chance, Shadow and Sassy navigate the mean streets of San Francisco, trying to find their home across the Golden Gate Bridge.David R. Ellis85
Swiss Family Robinson19607.2Kids & Family, Action & AdventureThis film chronicles the brave Robinson family after they are shipwrecked on a deserted island then meet a band of cutthroat pirates who threaten to destroy their makeshift paradise.Ken Annakin121
Tall Tale19955.8SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureSummoned by the imagination of a young boy, Pecos Bill, the gun-slinging, tornado-riding cowboy legend, sets out to help the lad save the family farm from a greedy land-grabber.Jeremiah S. Chechik92
Going To The Mat20047.2Kids & Family, DramaStruggling to maintain his independence while adjusting to a new home and school, Jace joins the wrestling team, the only sport in which the blind compete on an equal footing with the sighted.Stuart Gillard88
Fantasia 200020007.3Animation, Kids & FamilyIn this fun-filled movie, breathtaking images are coupled with classical music favourites. From Beethoven to Gershwin, wild animation brings the music of the masters to colourful life.James Algar, Paul Brizzi71
Tarzan II20055.6Animation, Kids & FamilyBefore he was King of the Jungle, Tarzan was an awkward young kid just trying to fit in. When one of his missteps puts his family in jeopardy, Tarzan decides they would be better off without him.Brian Smith (XV), Brian Smith68
Tarzan19997.2Animation, Kids & FamilyAs Tarzan matures into a young man, his life changes forever when he finally meets other humans, with whom he feels an immediate and irresistible bond... but not all can be trusted.Chris Buck (II), Chris Buck84
The Country Bears20023.9Kids & FamilyDesperate to protect his newfound heritage, Beary seeks out the legendary 70s rock band - The Country Bears - in the hopes he can convince them to perform a benefit concert to save the musical venue.Peter Hastings84
The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea20005.6Animation, Kids & FamilyAriel and Prince Eric are happily married and living on land. After being blessed with the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter, they face a new threat from Ursula's evil and even crazier sister.Jim Kammerud, Brian Smith72
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning20086.5Animation, Kids & FamilyIn a time long before Ariel met Prince Eric and walked on land - a time when music was banned from the underwater kingdom of Atlantica, Ariel was torn between family duty and her love of music.Peggy Holmes74
Twitches20055.5Kids & Family, ComedyIdentical twins are separated at birth when their father sends them to Earth for protection against evil forces. On their 21st birthday they are reunited and discover their magical powers.Stuart Gillard82
One Hundred And One Dalmatians1961N/AAnimation, Kids & FamilyIt's one big happy dog family - until the outrageous Cruella De Vil kidnaps the puppies, along with every other Dalmatian in the city! The courageous pups must outsmart their evil captor!Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton S. Luske76
Mulan II20055.7Animation, Kids & FamilyBefore their wedding, Mulan and Shang must seal a national alliance by escorting three princesses to their own arranged marriages, causing a fight between Mulan and her beloved fiance.Darrell Rooney, Lynne Southerland75
A Goofy Movie19956.8Animation, Kids & FamilyGoofy finds himself up to his floppy ears in misadventure and is "driven" to distraction when he takes Max on a fishing trip in an effort to spend quality time together and bridge the generation gap.Kevin Lima74
Mr. Magoo19973.8Kids & Family, ComedyThe movie about the myopic millionaire who refuses to wear glasses. Magoo tangles with jewel thieves as his cartoon character morphs into the shape of bungling, stumbling Leslie 'Naked Gun' Nielsen.Stanley Tong84
The Million Dollar Duck19715.7Kids & FamilyResearch professor Albert Dooley cashes in on new-found riches after an ordinary bird turns extraordinary when he is accidentally zapped with radiation and casually starts laying "golden eggs".Vincent McEveety88
Operation Dumbo Drop19954.9Kids & Family, ComedyA veteran army captain teams up with by-the-book West Point officer to secretly transport a full-grown elephant across 200 miles of rugged terrain to reach a remote jungle village.Simon Wincer103
Balloon Farm19995.3Kids & FamilyHarvey is the genial farmer who grows a bumper crop of colourful balloons in his field. Grouchy old Wheezle is unmoved by Potter's harvest, and convinces the townspeople they've been swindled.William Dear88
Big Red19626.5Kids & FamilyThis film is the warm, poignant story of a wealthy, but lonely man in need of a son, a backwoods orphan in need of a father, and the grand champion Irish Setter who leads both to perilous adventure.Norman Tokar85
Whispers: An Elephant's Tale20004.9Kids & FamilyA baby elephant searching for his mother, instead finds a sassy and independent outcast. They brave the dangers of the dark forest on their way toward The Great River, a paradise for elephants.Dereck Joubert69
Halloweentown High20046.1Kids & Family, ComedyMarnie the teenage witch sets up an exchange program for Halloweentown students to attend her human high school, but must get to the bottom of things when strange things start happening.David Jackson, David S. Jackson78
Mail To The Chief20005.3Kids & Family, ComedyThe President logs on to a national affairs chat room and strikes up a conversation with someone who offers simple, yet remarkably savvy re-election advice, then learns it's Kenny - a 13-year-old boy!Eric Champnella85
Unidentified Flying Oddball19795.1SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, Comedy, Action & AdventureAn astronaut and his robot companion accidentally fly backwards in time and end up prisoners at the court of King Arthur.Russ Mayberry89
Tiger Cruise20046.4Kids & Family, DramaMaddie has one goal: to convince her father to end his Navy career and become a full-time dad. But as the shocking news of the September 11 tragedy reaches their ship, her dad goes in to combat mode.Duwayne Dunham84
Animals United20104.9Animation, Kids & FamilyWhen the animals of Africa discover that their water is going to a luxury resort all creatures great and small fight back. Stephen Fry, Jim Broadbent and Vanessa Redgrave voice this call of the wild.Reinhard Klooss, Holger Tappe89
Justin And The Knights Of Valour20136.1Kids & FamilyIn a kingdom where bureaucrats rule and knights have been ousted, Justin begins a quest to become a knight, undertaking tests by experts in the ancient ways of the order of Valour. Animation with Freddie Highmore, Saoirse Ronan and Antonio Banderas heading the top voice cast.Manuel Sicilia92
Space Warriors20134.3Kids & Family, Action & AdventureWhen astronauts become stranded in space it is up to an elite gang of teenage cadets to save the day and bring the crew home.Sean McNamara89
Geppetto20005.4SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, ComedyA lonely woodcarver only wants a son to complete his life; but after the Blue Fairy grants him his wish and brings Pinocchio to life, he discovers how difficult it is to raise a child.Tom Moore84
Pollyanna19607.3Kids & FamilyA young girl arrives in the town of Harrington where, since being orphaned by the death of her parents, she is to live with her aunt, the social and economic arbiter of the community.David Swift (II), David Swift129
Safety Patrol19984.2Kids & FamilyAn 11-year-old safety fanatic overcomes a mother-and-son con team and a group of bullies, with the help of his misfit friends, to keep their school safe from the bad guys' influence.Savage Steve Holland85
The Pooch And The Pauper20003.9Kids & FamilyIn a chaotic mix-up, the pampered First Dog of the United States is captured by an animal control officer - while his lookalike, the streetwise, mangy Moocher is taken home to the White House.Alex Zamm84
Holidaze20136.0Kids & FamilyA high powered corporate workaholic is in for an unpleasant surprise when she wakes up in an alternate universe where she never left home and is married to her high school boyfriend.Jerry Ciccoritti82
The Devil And Max Devlin19815.0SciFi & Fantasy, Kids & Family, ComedyWhen a ruthless landlord is struck by a bus, he meets a diabolical soul manager with an offer to return to life on earth if he can convince three innocent people to sign their souls over to the devil.Steven Hilliard Stern91
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch20057.1Animation, Kids & FamilyStitch's molecular makeup is out of whack, bringing back his old evil self. Lilo must find a way to restore Stitch's goodness level before he ruins everything, including Lilo's big hula competition.Michael LaBash, Anthony Leondis65
The Young Black Stallion20035.6Kids & Family, DramaA young girl befriends a wild colt in the desert after being separated from her father in Arabia during World War II.Simon Wincer48
Pinocchio19407.5Animation, Kids & FamilyBe transported to a wondrous fantasy world where puppets come to life, crickets talk and, under the right circumstances, wishing upon a star can make dreams come true.Hamilton Luske, Ben Sharpsteen84
Muppets Most Wanted20146.5Kids & Family, ComedyWhen the world's greatest criminal impersonates Kermit the Frog and manipulates the Muppets for his own evil means, only the real Kermit can save the day.James Bobin103
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas19937.9SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyBored with the same annual routine, the beloved Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, Jack Skellington, finds a new purpose in life when he accidentally stumbles upon the entryway to Christmastown.Henry Selick73
Chinese Puzzle20137.0Romance, Drama, ComedyA flighty author who follows his wife and kids from Paris to New York when she leaves him complicates his life with carefree liaisons.Cedric Klapisch112
Postman Pat: The Movie20144.6Animation, Kids & FamilyLured by a TV talent show, Postman Pat seems certain to find that there is more to life than wealth and celebrity.Mike Disa83
Minuscule: Valley Of The Lost Ants20137.1Animation, Kids & FamilyA ruthless war erupts between rival ant colonies over a box of sugar cubes. A ladybug befriends a black ant to save his tribe from the horrible red ants in this very sweet piece of animation.Helene Giraud, Thomas Szabo84
Dear Dumb Diary20135.8Kids & Family11-year-old Jamie? vivid daydreams about how life should be are played out as full-blown musical productions, as she writes her innermost thoughts in her beloved Dumb Diary.Kristin Hanggi88
A Monsterous Holiday 2013 6.3Animation, Kids & FamilyA geeky school kid's plan to become a great inventor goes smoothly until suddenly he's got a monster problem on his hands that threatens the entire town.Gordon Crum46
Atlantis: Milo's Return20034.9SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyFrom the dusty deserts of the Southwest to the icy heights of the Nordic mountains, the team's newest quest sets them against gigantic sea monsters, spectacular spirits and powerful legends.Victor Cook, Toby Shelton77
Atlantis: The Lost Empire20016.8SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & FamilyA young adventurer leads a group of daredevils to find the elusive undersea kingdom known as Atlantis, but what they find there defies their expectations.Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise91
Robin Hood19736.7Animation, Kids & FamilyHeroic Robin Hood - along with his trusted companion Little John and his devoted band of merry men - conjures up one famously funny and daring deed after another to outfox greedy Prince John.Wolfgang Reitherman79
DuckTales The Movie: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp19906.9Animation, Kids & FamilyAdventure-loving Scrooge McDuck and his Duckburg companions match wits and wishes with an evil sorcerer to gain possession of a magical lamp.Paul Brizzi, Gaetan Brizzi70
Ginger Meggs19826.0Kids & Family, ComedyAlong with the never-ending nuisance of school life, his rival Eddie Coogan, and bully Tiger Kelly - life can be tough for a young upstart such as Ginger - especially if there's fishing to be done.Jonathan Dawson97
A Christmas Tree Miracle20136.2Kids & FamilyTaken in by an eccentric Christmas tree farmer after losing everything, the George family, accustomed to the luxuries of a privileged suburban life, learn that miracles can come true if you believe!J.W. Myers102
Satellite Boy20126.3Kids & Family, DramaFor Pete, a 12-year-old Aboriginal boy, home is an abandoned outdoor cinema in the outback. When it is threatened with demolition, Pete sees his world in jeopardy and sets off for the city.Catriona McKenzie85
The Story Of Frozen20148.1Kids & FamilyA behind-the-scenes exclusive look at the origins and evolution of the Academy Award winning film FROZEN, featuring the animators, director, composers and intrepid studio boss John Lasseter.John Lasseter41
Sleeping Beauty19597.3Animation, Kids & FamilyPrincess Aurora is cursed by a vengeful fairy and doomed to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a deep slumber, with the only remedy being a kiss from her one true love.Eric Larson (II), Les Clark72
Problem Child19905.2Kids & Family, ComedyWhen a seven-year-old comes into their lives, the Healys hope he will brighten their days. But Junior is more mischievous than they imagined, turning ordinary days into full-scale nightmares.Robert Simonds, Dennis Dugan77
Kaena: The Prophecy20036.2SciFi & Fantasy, Animation, Kids & Family, Action & AdventureA rebellious, high-spirited teenage girl defies the High Priest and ancestral beliefs to take the perilous journey through Axis and discover what dark secrets lie beyond the clouds.Chris Delaporte, Pascal Pinon87
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: Three Musketeers20046.4Animation, Kids & FamilyHapless 17th century janitors Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck become unlikely heroes when they learn of Captain Pete's dastardly plan to kidnap Princess Minnie and imprison her forever.Donovan Cook64
The Even Stevens Movie20036.3Kids & Family, ComedyThe Stevens all-expense paid vacation is dreams come true, until they discover that the stranger who offered the trip is the host of a new reality show, and everything they do is being televised.Sean McNamara90
First Kid19965.1Kids & Family, ComedyA Secret Service agent is assigned to protect the President's rebellious son even though he?d rather be protecting the President, and Luke would prefer to be just a regular kid without a watchdog.David M. Evans, David Mickey Evans96
Glory Road20067.2Kids & Family, DramaThe inspiring true story of the underdog Texas Western basketball team, with history's first all-African American starting line-up of players, who surprisingly won the 1966 NCAA tournament title.James Gartner113
Stitch! The Movie20036.1Animation, Kids & Family, ComedyLilo and Stitch learn that Jumba smuggled his first 625 alien experiments to Earth, and now the evil Captain Gantu wants those other aliens back.Tony Craig, Robert Gannaway58
Twitches Too20075.5Kids & FamilyTwo girls who discover that they are both twin sisters and princesses uncover evidence that their missing father may still be alive.Stuart Gillard79
Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin19976.9Animation, Kids & FamilyChristopher Robin spills honey on his note for his best friend Pooh to tell him it's time to begin school, causing Pooh to think that he has gone to "skull" and needs his help.Karl Geurs72
Tru Confessions20027.9Kids & Family, Drama, ComedyThe poignant story of a family with a developmentally disabled son, whose twin sister makes a documentary about life with her brother in order to enter a contest for a chance to win a TV hosting job.Paul Hoen83
Winnie The Pooh: Springtime With Roo20026.4Kids & FamilyIt's spring! Pooh and Tigger are ready to play, but Rabbit expects them all to stay inside until every last bit of spring-cleaning is finished! Can anything - or anyone - change Rabbit's mind?Saul Andrew Blinkoff62
The Love Bug19686.4Kids & Family, ComedyJim Douglas, a down-on-his-luck race car driver, reluctantly teams up with Herbie, the lovable car with a mind of his own.Robert Stevenson103
Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo19775.4Kids & Family, Comedy, Action & AdventureUpon entering a Paris-to-Monte Carlo road race, Herbie falls hood over wheels in love. Also vying for his attention is a gang of jewel thieves - who have hidden a stolen gem in Herbie's gas tank!Vincent McEveety100
Herbie Rides Again19745.5Kids & Family, ComedyMrs. Steinmetz is out to save her beloved home from the wrecking ball of greedy real estate tycoon Alonzo Hawk. It's up to Herbie and his bug battalion to "come through in the clutch"!Robert Stevenson84
Babysitters Beware20094.6Kids & Family, ComedyDanny devises a plan to get him placed on the infamous No Sit List - a list for kids that are so bad no babysitter will take them. But the stakes are raised when he is babysat by an ex-prison guard.Douglas Horn68
3 Ninjas Kick Back19944.2Kids & Family, Action & AdventureFollowing their grandfather to Japan, three under-aged ninjas find themselves in the middle of martial arts mayhem.Charles T. Kanganis89
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up19953.9Kids & Family, Comedy, Action & AdventureAfter befriending a local Native American girl, the ninja's are drawn into a modern-day battle between the local Native Americans and a corrupt businessman.Sang-ok Shin, Simon S. Sheen84
3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain19982.7Kids & Family, Comedy, Action & AdventureWhile having a blast at their favourite amusement park, Mega Mountain, the Ninja brothers witness the kidnapping of TV action superstar Dave Dragon by evil Lothar Zogg and his kid-hating boss, Medusa.Sean McNamara90
Yours, Mine & Ours20055.3Kids & Family, ComedySingle parents Frank and Helen plan to tie the knot ... but with 18 children between them trying to sabotage the marriage, they discover that weddings - and families - can't be built in a day.Raja Gosnell84
Teen Wolf19857.8Kids & Family, ComedyA teenager discovers that he's a werewolf, becoming the big wolf on campus. Will his new-found popularity go to his head, or will he realise that underneath all that fur he's just like everybody else?Rod Daniel88
Hotel For Dogs20095.3Kids & Family, ComedyAndi and her brother have to use their quick wit to help find a new home for their dog, Friday. The resourceful kids stumble upon an abandoned hotel and transform it into a magical dog-paradise.Thor Freudenthal95
The Wild Thornberrys Movie20025.1Animation, Kids & FamilyDeep in the heart of Africa are greedy poachers lurking in the jungle and it's up to Eliza, a girl who has the secret ability to talk to animals, to foil their evil plan.Cathy Malkasian, Jeff McGrath81
Frozen Sing-Along Edition2013N/AAnimation, Kids & FamilySing along with your favourite Frozen friends including Anna, Elsa and the newly-appointed royal historians of Arendelle for a fun and frosty interactive musical showcase.Jennifer Lee (XXX), Jennifer Lee97
Pooh's Heffalump Movie20056.4Animation, Kids & FamilyRoo and Lumpy the Heffalump strike up a friendship and work together to dispel the unfounded fears of their respective friends and families.Frank Nissen65
An Extremely Goofy Movie20006.4Animation, Kids & FamilyJust starting college, Max is elated to be on his own and away from his lovable yet embarrassing dad, Goofy. But Max's freedom is cut short when Goofy enrols at the same school.Ian Harrowell, Douglas McCarthy75
Heavyweights19956.5Kids & Family, ComedyWhen a neurotic fitness guru buys a fat camp and imposes an absurd diet and exercise regime, the kids must devise a plan to take over before their entire summer wastes away.Steven Brill, David B. Householter93
Underdog20074.8Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, ComedyAfter an accident in the mysterious lab of maniacal scientist Dr. Simon Barsinister, an ordinary beagle unexpectedly finds himself with unimaginable powers and the ability to speak.Frederik Du Chau78

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