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Best Presto crime movies

From hijackings to bank robberies, check out our guide to the best Presto crime movies.

Since the beginning of movies, everyone has loved watching the cops chase the robbers. Thankfully today crime movies are better than ever, bringing maximum tension and maximum thrill. And on Presto’s fully on-demand streaming service there are some great crime movies to chose from. So sit back and enjoy. Want all the TV shows and movies? You can get a free trial with each of the streaming internet tv providers below:

jack ryan-shadow recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Chris Pine and Keira Knightley star in this thriller about a lone CIA operative racing against the clock to stop a terrorist attack. How could you not want to see a movie with that storyline? Runtime: 1 hr 45 mins. IMDB rating: 6.2/10



Arnie is back in this rip-roaring tale of DEA agents versus drug cartels. It’s high on action and even higher on suspense. Cops versus robbers, thoroughly updated. Runtime: 1 hr 49 mins. IMDB rating: 5.7/10

non stop


An Air Marshall receives a cryptic text message demanding money or they will blow up the plane he is on. Liam Neeson saves the day once again. Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins. IMDB rating: 7/10

the two faces of january

The Two Faces of January

An engaging mystery about a couple and their run-in with a con artist while on vacation. The plot thickens when an unexpected murder complicates their relationship Runtime: 1 hr 31 mins IMDB rating: 6.2/10

now you see mee

Now You See Me

An all-star cast (Including Australia’s very own Isla Fisher) star in this thrilling tale of a team of illusionists who rob a bank and the FBI agents who are deemed with figuring out how they did it. Runtime: 1 hr 50 mins. IMDB rating: 7.3/10

After a few more crime-filled flicks? Check out all of the Presto crime movies available:

Movie Title
Runtime (minutes)
Flightplan20056.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureEveryone onboard a plane doubts the sanity of a frantic mother (Jodie Foster) who claims her daughter has disappeared in mid-flight. What really happened could be more terrifying than anybody imagined.Robert Schwentke94
Deja Vu20067.0Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureObsessed with a beautiful victim, a federal agent (Denzel Washington) travels back in time to prevent a terrorist attack during the New Orleans mardi gras in this sci-fi thriller co-starring Val Kilmer.Tony Scott121
I, Robot20047.1SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureIn 2035 technology and robots are a trusted part of life. When that trust is broken only one man sees the real danger ahead: Will Smith, a technophobic cop out to stop robots from ruling the world.Alex Proyas110
Awake20076.5Mystery & Crime, ThrillerDuring surgery a millionaire (Hayden Christensen) lies on the operating table conscious but paralysed, as he learns of a plot to kill him. Jessica Alba & Terrence Howard co-star in a twisting thriller.Joby Harold80
Push20096.1SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, ThrillerA group of Americans with superhuman abilities fight a government agency trying to steal their powers and create an army of psychic warriors. Sci-fi thriller starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning.Paul McGuigan107
The Butterfly Effect 220064.4SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaA young man meddles with the past to try and alter the future. But he soon discovers that his leaps through time have dire consequences in the present. Eric Lively stars in this sci-fi thriller sequel.John R. Leonetti88
Dead Calm19896.8Mystery & Crime, ThrillerWinner of four Australian Film Institute awards including Best Cinematography, a killer abducts and seduces a young woman after leaving her husband to die on the boat whose crew he's just slaughtered.Phillip Noyce92
The Shining19808.5Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaBased on the bestseller by Stephen King, all work and no play makes Jack - the caretaker of an isolated resort - go way off the deep end, terrorising his young son and wife.Stanley Kubrick137
Mr. Brooks20077.4Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaMr Brooks (Kevin Costner) is a businessman, philanthropist and loving family man. He's also an insatiable serial killer, so clever that no one has suspected him - until now. A psychological thriller.Bruce A. Evans115
Crank20067.0Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA hitman injected with a drug that will kill him if his heart rate drops sets out to get square, with poison in his veins and vengeance in his heart. Jason Statham and Dwight Yoakam pump the adrenalin.Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor84
Cactus20085.8Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaAn ordinary man stuck between a rock and a much harder place needs cash. Fast. He accepts a job to kidnap and deliver a pro gambler to his keepers in the Australian outback: No questions asked.Jasmine Yuen Carrucan85
The Thomas Crown Affair19996.8Mystery & Crime, Romance, ThrillerAn adventure of a millionaire playboy who steals a priceless work of art and then strikes up a fiery romance with the brilliant female insurance investigator who is on to his game.John McTiernan108
Robocop19877.5SciFi & Fantasy, Drama, Action & AdventureWhen a good Detroit cop gets blown away, scientists piece him back together as a crime-fighting cyborg. As a machine, he cleans up the streets but is tormented by nightmares of his own humanity.Paul Verhoeven98
Be Cool20055.6Mystery & Crime, ComedyAfter conquering Hollywood in Get Shorty, super-cool mobster Chili Palmer (John Travolta) takes on the far more dangerous music business. Uma Thurman and Vince Vaughn also star in this comedy sequel.F. Gary Gray114
Blown Away19946.1Mystery & Crime, Action & AdventureA terrorist (Tommy Lee Jones) breaks out of jail in Northern Ireland and heads for Boston to settle an old score. His target is ex-bomb maker Jeff Bridges who betrayed him over a fallout in the IRA.Stephen Hopkins115
Into The Blue20055.8Mystery & Crime, Action & AdventureWhen two sexy young divers go on an extreme adventure, the last thing they expect to see below the shark-infested waters is a legendary pirate ship rumoured to contain millions of dollars in gold.John Stockwell105
Out Of Time20036.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaHow do you solve a double homicide when all the evidence points to you? A top cop becomes the prime suspect when his lover and her abusive husband are murdered. Thriller starring Denzel Washington.Carl Franklin101
The Omen20067.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWhen horrible events begin to occur around young Damien, a terrible truth must be confronted. Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles are the not-so-proud parents of a demon child in this chilling remake.John Moore105
Sleeping With The Enemy19916.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA wife fakes her death to escape her abusive husband, relocating to a small Midwestern town with a new identity. She falls in love again, but her obsessive husband isn't far behind. Stars Julia Roberts.Joseph Ruben93
Valkyrie20087.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA loyal German officer decides that he must take action to assassinate Hitler and overthrow his Nazi government using Hitler's own emergency plan.Bryan Singer115
U-57120006.6Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureA US Navy Captain and his crew are enjoying time off when they receive word that they must go on a top-secret assignment into enemy waters and infiltrate a severely damaged Nazi U-boat.Jonathan Mostow111
Turner & Hooch19896.0Mystery & Crime, Thriller, ComedyThe world of Scott Turner, a compulsively neat detective, goes to the dogs when he's forced to team up with the only witness to a crime - a drooling junkyard mutt named Hooch.Roger Spottiswoode95
Death Defying Acts20075.9Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaOn a tour of Britain in 1926 Harry Houdini starts an affair with a psychic out to con the famous escapologist. However all does not go to plan. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Guy Pearce and Timothy Spall star.Gillian Armstrong92
A Simple Plan19987.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaThree people find $4 million in a downed plane and to keep it, all they have to do is wait. If only it was that simple. Billy Bob Thornton and Bridget Fonda star in a morality tale laced with tension.Sam Raimi116
Revolver20056.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureCrime boss Ray Liotta puts a contract on a grifter who has taken him down. The grifter (Jason Statham) is protected by two loan sharks who make him an offer he can't refuse in this Guy Ritchie film.Guy Ritchie101
Syriana20057.0Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaAn intelligent, intricate espionage thriller which produced a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for George Clooney. When an assassination is bungled it immerses a CIA agent in a Middle East oil conspiracy.Stephen Gaghan122
Pulp Fiction19948.9Mystery & Crime, DramaIn a black comedy about small-time hoods and big-time criminals, the lives of seemingly unrelated people are woven together in a wildly entertaining and exhilarating adventure that thrills and amuses. Quentin Tarantino's black comedy about small-time hoods and big-time criminals. One of the most audacious and imitated films of all time, starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman.Quentin Tarantino148
TMNT20076.4Animation, Kids & FamilyThe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return to their crime-fighting roots to save New York. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Laurence Fishburne and Patrick Stewart lend their voices to this action-packed sequel.Kevin Munroe83
Mulholland Dr.20018.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA naive actress (Naomi Watts) seeking fame in Hollywood finds something much more sinister. David Lynch's masterpiece is a journey to the dark heart of the American dream that leaves no soul intact.David Lynch140
Point Of No Return19945.9Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureAn ex-soldier whose life has been disrupted and his emotions disturbed by his experiences at war and in prison, escapes from police custody after attending the burial of his murdered brother.Vincent Monton93
The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations20095.6SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaA young man who can time travel attempts to solve his girlfriend's mysterious death. But is that causing the death of many others? Chris Carmack (The O.C.) and Rachel Miner star in a third thriller.Seth Grossman90
The Butterfly Effect20047.7SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaAshton Kutcher, playing a young man trying to dig up childhood memories, finds a technique that allows him to travel back in time. He finds he is able to change history - with unexpected consequences.Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber109
Gosford Park20017.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, ComedyA loathsome industrialist winds up dead at a society-rich hunting weekend in November 1932 at stately Gosford Park, where he and his wife Lady Sylvia host an assortment of upper class guests.A brilliant Robert Altman 'whodunit' starring Helen Mirren and Alan Bates.Robert Altman131
Deceived19916.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaWhen her "perfect" husband is apparently killed, a woman confronts some perplexing mysteries about him. She finds chilling evidence of a plot that threatens her life.Damian Harris103
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle19926.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA couple don't realise that their nanny's husband was the gynecologist who killed himself after being accused of molesting the wife. Now the nanny (Rebecca De Mornay) wants revenge in this thriller.Curtis Hanson105
Memento20008.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA man who can't build new memories (Guy Pearce) tries to solve his wife's murder, the last thing he can recall. In a very clever plot, one story line moves forward while the other reveals the past.Christopher Nolan108
Noise20076.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA troubled cop is pitched into the chaos that follows a mass murder on a train. He must unravel a web of secrecy shrouding a community in a tight drama starring Brendan Cowell.Matthew Saville103
Stakeout19876.6Mystery & Crime, Thriller, ComedyAn FBI agent on a stakeout starts a torrid affair with the woman he's watching while his partner fumes through binoculars. Superb comic timing and chemistry between Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez.John Badham112
Cypher20026.9SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA computer programmer who turns to corporate espionage is caught in a spiral where even his own identity is put in doubt. Paranoia drives this hi-tech cyber thriller with Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu.Vincenzo Natali95
Basic20036.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureAn ex-Ranger now in the Drug Enforcement Agency is drawn into the mysterious disappearance of a reviled Special Forces instructor and part of his elite team. John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson star.John McTiernan94
Horsemen20095.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaA detective discovers a terrifying link between a murder spree and the biblical prophecies of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. Dennis Quaid and Ziyi Zhang star.Jonas Åkerlund86
The Juror19965.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA juror in a major mafia trial regrets doing her civic duty when a psychopathic gangster threatens her son and her friends unless she says 'not guilty'.Brian Gibson113
Layer Cake20047.4Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureA drug dealer is given one last job before retiring: find the missing drug-addict daughter of a crime boss. Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller star in a thriller full of double-crosses and hidden alliances.Matthew Vaughn101
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy20117.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaIn this adaptation of John Le Carre's thrilling Cold War-era spy novel, Gary Oldman stars as a retired secret agent who is pulled back into the game to ferret out a Soviet agent in MI6.Tomas Alfredson122
The Box20095.6SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerMarried couple Cameron Diaz and James Marsden are in the crosshairs of a terrible moral dilemma after a mysterious stranger (Frank Langella) offers them $1 million to commit a simple but shocking act.Richard Kelly110
Paranormal Activity20076.3Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWhen things begin to go bump in the night a married couple rig up a video recorder to capture what happens while they sleep. A deliciously scary flick that lingers with you long after the end credits.Oren Peli82
Species II19984.2SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureIn the sequel to Species, an astronaut recently returned from a mission discovers a dangerous link between Eve, a clone made from the original alien-human hybrid, Sil, and himself.Peter Medak89
Hitman20076.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureBased on the top-selling video game, a genetically engineered assassin is snared in a conspiracy when his hit on the Russian President goes horribly wrong.Xavier Gens90
The Simpsons Movie20067.4Animation, Kids & Family, ComedyWhen accident-prone Homer creates environmental chaos Springfield is quarantined and television's favourite dysfunctional family flee to Alaska. Does he have what it takes to return and face his crime?David Silverman83
Not Without My Daughter19916.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaBased on the true story of an American woman who travels with her Iranian husband to his homeland. When he will not allow her to return home, she must find a way to flee the country with her daughter.Brian Gilbert111
Raising Cain19925.9Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaWhen a respected psychologist and loving father takes a year off to raise his daughter his multiple personalities emerge. John Lithgow and Lolita Davidovich star in a wicked thriller that won't let go.Brian De Palma87
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind20027.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, ComedyGeorge Clooney, Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore star in the comedy thriller that poses an irresistible question: what would happen if a wildly successful TV producer was also a top-secret CIA assassin?George Clooney108
Heavenly Creatures19947.5Mystery & Crime, DramaNew Zealand. A disturbing portrait of two teenage girls whose obsessive friendship leads to a terrible true crime that shocked a nation. This hypnotic thriller from Peter Jackson stars Kate Winslet.Peter Jackson95
The Others20017.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerA mother of two ailing children (Nicole Kidman) awaits her man's return from World War II. Chilling events and visions lead her to believe something supernatural is afoot in this creepy ghost story.Alejandro Amenabar100
Red Rock West19937.0Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama(1993) Dennis Hopper, Lara Flynn Boyle. Oscar winner Nicolas Cage stars as Michael, a down-trodden marine vet in this offbeat mystery about an average guy who is mistaken for a professional hit-man.John Dahl94
The Prestige20068.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureA pair of magicians (Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale) become bitter enemies when their biggest trick goes terribly wrong. Rivalry explodes into obsession, deceit and sabotage in this piece of cinema magic.Christopher Nolan125
Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans20096.7Mystery & Crime(2009) Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes. Action hero, Nicolas Cage stars as Terence McDonagh, who is a drug and gambling-addled detective in post-Katrina New Orleans investigating the killing of five Senegalese immigrants.Werner Herzog
The Expatriate20126.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureWhen they find themselves stuck in the middle of an international conspiracy, an ex CIA agent and his estranged daughter find themselves targeted for termination. Stars Aaron Eckhart.Philipp Stolzl100
Sinister20126.8HorrorAfter moving to a house in which a horrific crime took place a writer finds footage of murders. In each film is a mysterious figure whose lust for blood is not yet satisfied. Ethan Hawke.Scott Derrickson105
Changing Lanes20026.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureOne wrong turn deserves another. Affluent Wall Street lawyer Gavin Banek (Ben Affleck) and recovering alcoholic Doyle Gipson (Samuel L. Jackson) are both involved in a fender bender accident that fuel's their intense road rage.Roger Michell94
Europa Report20136.5SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, ThrillerWhen unmanned probes suggest that a hidden ocean could exist underneath Europa's icy surface and may contain single-celled life, six of the best astronauts are sent on a malfunctioning mission.Sebastian Cordero86
See Spot Run20015.4Comedy(2001) David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan. A mailman takes in a stray dog only to learn that it's an FBI drug-sniffing canine that has escaped from a witness protection programme and is now targeted for assassination by a crime boss.John Whitesell
Hummingbird20137.8Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureAfter returning from Afghanistan disillusioned, damaged and homeless, a special forces commando (Jason Statham) is drawn into the violence and criminality of London's dangerous underworld.Steven Knight96
Sexy Beast20007.3Mystery & Crime, Drama, ComedyA sadistic thug tries to coax an ex-villain back to London for one last job, resulting in an explosive battle of wills.Jonathan Glazer85
Jackie Brown19977.5Mystery & CrimeA flight attendant is forced to become a key figure in a plot between the police and an arms dealer after being caught supplementing her meagre income by smuggling cash in to the country.Quentin Tarantino148
The Shadow19945.9Mystery & Crime, Action & AdventureA man becomes a superhero when he assumes a mysterious alter ego: The Shadow. He must take down the last descendant of Genghis Khan who is hatching a plot to conquer the world.Russell Mulcahy102
Last Passenger20135.6Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureUK. A sociopath hijacks a London train to crash it and take the passengers to the grave with him. Dougray Scott stars in a thriller that stays on the rails with snappy dialogue and relentless pace.Omid Nooshin92
8mm19996.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA private detective is hired to discover if a snuff film is real. With the help of a streetwise adult bookstore clerk, his search will take him into a dark underworld.Joel Schumacher117
Pain & Gain20136.5Comedy, Action & AdventureThree bodybuilders turn to crime to improve their lives but things get crazy when the kidnapping caper goes horribly wrong. Mark Wahlberg & Dwayne Johnson star in this true story.Michael Bay124
Now You See Me20137.3Mystery & Crime, ThrillerJesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Common, Woody Harrelson & Morgan Freeman star in this special effects extravaganza about FBI agents hunting a band of bank-robbing illusionists.Louis Leterrier110
The Frozen Ground20136.4Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaBased on true events, this is the story of an Alaska State Trooper, a serial killer and the girl who holds the secret to stopping the evil. Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens.Scott Walker, Gov. Scott Walker101
Insidious: Chapter 220136.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWhen they once again experience a terrifying haunting the members of the Lambert family realise they are not free of the past. Patrick Wilson & Rose Byrne return for this chilling sequel.James Wan101
What Lies Beneath20006.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaRobert Zemeckis directs Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford as Dr Norman and Claire Spencer in this supernatural thriller about terrifying secrets that won't stay buried.Robert Zemeckis124
Blood and Wine19966.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaAfter stealing a million-dollar diamond necklace, it looks like Alex's life is back on track - until conflicts with his wife and stepson escalate, and larceny, greed, love, and lust converge.Bob Rafelson96
Smilla's Sense Of Snow19976.4Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA beautiful but emotionally chilly half-Inuit glaciologist applies her uncanny understanding of the properties of snow to the fastidious investigation of the murder of an Inuit boy in Copenhagen.Bille August116
Speed19947.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA L.A.P.D. SWAT team specialist is sent to defuse a bomb that has been planted on a bus. But until he does, they must keep the bus speeding at more than 50 miles per hour - or the bomb will explode.Jan de Bont111
28 Weeks Later20077.0SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerThe U.S. Army steps in to help repatriate Mainland Britain, but one of the returning refugees carries a terrible secret that threatens to reignite the deadly explosion of bloodlust, carnage and chaos.Juan Carlos Fresnadillo96
Die Hard 4.020077.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureNYC detective John McClane delivers old school justice to a new breed of techno-terrorists when a massive computer attack on the U.S. infrastructure threatens to shut down the entire country.Len Wiseman123
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer20075.7SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureIn the second instalment of this popular live-action series, the Fantastic Four meet their greatest challenge yet as the Silver Surfer comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction.Tim Story88
Ghost Rider20075.2Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, Action & AdventureMotorcycle star Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) sold his soul to Satan (Peter Fonda) to save his father's life. Now he's done a new deal with the devil. If he fails to deliver all hell will be unleashed.Mark Steven Johnson105
Perfect Stranger20075.7Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA journalist goes undercover to flush out businessman Harrison Hill as her childhood friend's killer. Posing as one of his temps, she enters into a game of online cat-and-mouse.James Foley104
The Condemned20076.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA death-row prisoner in a corrupt Central American prison is purchased by a wealthy television producer to take part in an illegal reality game show where he must fight to death to earn his freedom.Scott Wiper109
Psycho19988.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerAfter a woman is brutally slayed in one of movie history's most memorable scenes, her sister and a detective come looking for her, uncovering the unspeakable secret of Norman Bates' life.Gus Van Sant99
True Lies19947.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureHarry Tasker is a Special Agent - although to his wife, he's just a boring computer salesman. When his two lives unexpectedly collide, they find themselves in the clutches of international terrorists.James Cameron, Tony Scott135
American Gangster20077.8DramaArmed with ruthless tactics and a strict sense of honour, crime boss Frank Lucas rules Harlem's chaotic drug underworld. An outcast cop sets out to bring down Lucas's multimillion-dollar empire.Ridley Scott150
Untraceable20086.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA Special Agent is put in charge of a case involving a tech-savvy killer who displays graphic murders on his own website. The more people log on to watch the execution, the quicker the victim dies.Gregory Hoblit97
Spiral20076.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaIn this psychological thriller, a reclusive artist becomes enamoured with his new subject. But as the man inside is revealed, there is something below the surface darker than anyone imagined.Joel Moore, Adam Green86
Butterfly On A Wheel20076.7Mystery & Crime, ThrillerA married couple realise their nightmare is about to take a deadly turn when they have to face their child's abductor's horrifying challenge - would they kill an innocent man to save their own child?Mike Barker91
The Game19977.8Mystery & Crime, ThrillerA millionaire gets a strange birthday present from his wayward brother: a live-action game with no rules that turns his life into chaos. Or is it a game? Clever thriller starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.David Fincher123
Sneakers19927.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Comedy, Action & AdventureGovernment agents blackmail a team of computer hackers into stealing national security secrets. Robert Redford, River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier and Dan Aykroyd star in a lighthearted techno-comedy romp.Phil Alden Robinson120
From Hell20016.8Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWhile Jack The Ripper rules the streets, terror reigned. His crimes were unspeakable. His blood lust, unquenchable. His identity, unknown ... until a psychic Inspector is assigned to the case.Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes117
Broken Arrow19966.0Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA renegade Air Force pilot holds the US Government to ransom over two stolen nukes in Death Valley until the co-pilot he should have killed teams up with a resourceful ranger to foil his plans.John Woo104
Die Hard19888.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureHigh above the city of L.A., a team of terrorists has seized a building, taken hostages, and declared war. But one man has managed to escape detection - an off duty cop with only a service revolver.John McTiernan126
Midnight Express19787.7Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaThe true story of Billy Hayes, an American college student and naive traveller, whose life changes dramatically when caught in a nightmare of his own making in a Turkish jail after smuggling drugs.Alan Parker116
Christine19836.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerBorn in Detroit, Christine is a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury with a radio that never dies. Stephen King's dream machine will cost you a one-way ticket to hell if you incur her wrath.John Carpenter105
Cujo19836.0Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerBased on a Stephen King tale, a wayward mother and son are trapped in a broken down car while terrorised by a savage St. Bernard that was bitten on the nose by a rabid bat. A showdown is inevitable.Lewis Teague89
Die Hard 219907.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureMcClane returns as the heroic cop who battles not only terrorist, but also an incompetent airport Police Chief, the tough commander of the army's anti-terrorist squad and a deadly winter snowstorm.Renny Harlin118
Firestorm19984.6Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureAs nature's ultimate inferno threatens to engulf him, Graves is caught in the middle of a deadly situation trying to outsmart a cunning killer and save an ornithologist who is being held hostage.Dean Semler85
Johnny Handsome19896.1Mystery & Crime, DramaA pretty gangsta with facial deformities is double-crossed during a robbery and sent to prison. There, a sympathetic surgeon makes a deal to give him a new face - a new shot at life ... and revenge.Walter Hill89
Angel Heart19877.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaIn this steamy thriller, a world weary detective is hired by an elusive mogul to find a missing recording artist, leading him on a journey which unlocks his own dark heart.Alan Parker108
Independence Day19966.9SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA blockbuster with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum leading the last stand of the human race on July 4, Independence Day, after giant alien spacecraft invade Earth and destroy Washington, New York and LA.Roland Emmerich138
The Ghost Writer20107.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaWhen a gifted ghostwriter is hired to write the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang, he quickly finds himself trapped in a web of political and sexual intrigue.Roman Polanski122
Beautiful Creatures20006.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, ComedyWhen two women cover up the accidental murder of one boyfriend, they hatch a scheme to collect a huge ransom. It's a perfect plan until a corrupt detective and an old beau want in on the scam.Bill Eagles84
Fun With Dick And Jane20056.1ComedyA couple who lose their minds whilst trying to hold onto the elusive American dream turn to crime to get back in the black, and outwit a greedy, corporate executive.Barry Sonnenfeld, Alec Baldwin86
The Prophecy19956.6SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerFed up with God giving all of his attention to humans, the angel Gabriel decides to stage a coup and enlists the help of a recently deceased and inhumanly malevolent army general.Gregory Widen93
The Prophecy: Forsaken20054.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWith control of the ancient religious text Lexicon and its enormous power at stake, a group of fallen angels will stop at nothing to capture it and the young woman who possesses it.Joel Soisson72
Dirty Pretty Things20027.4Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaThis mystery tells of immigrants trying to live their clandestine lives in London while dealing with the discovery of an organ donor ring that's being run out of the hotel where they work.Stephen Frears92
Criminal20046.4Mystery & Crime, Drama(2004) John C. Reilly, Diego Luna. Richard Gaddis is a well-dressed conman who partners with another grifter to sell a fake rare currency note to a wealthy collector, but things go awry when they try to deceive each other.Greggory Jacobs, Gregory Jacobs83
Blitz20116.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & Adventure(2011) Jason Statham, Paddy Considine. Detective Sergeant Tom Brant (Jason Statham) is a hot headed police officer from the South East London station, who is assigned to capturing a maniacal serial killer who is targeting police.Elliott Lester, Rob Hardy93
Where The Money Is20006.3Mystery & Crime, Drama, Comedy(2000) Paul Newman, Linda Fiorentino. Frail bank robber, Henry arrives from prison to a nursing home where his bored nurse Carol and her husband discover he is fighting fit, and together the plan a robbery for a bit of excitement.Marek Kanievska84
Shoot 'em Up20076.7Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureAs a crazy gunman attacks a pregnant woman, a bystander steps in to help, but when he finds them still on his tail after he delivers the baby, the bystander puts his own unique skills into action.Michael Davis83
The Silence Of The Lambs19918.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWinner of 5 Oscars(R) including Best Picture. A young F.B.I. cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer to receive his help to catch another serial killer who skins his victims.Jonathan Demme113
Red Dragon20027.2Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaEx-FBI agent Edward Norton agrees to profile a serial killer (Ralph Fiennes). But he needs the help of the notorious Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) who plays along in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.Brett Ratner119
The Black Dahlia20065.6Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA thriller inspired by the most notorious murder in Hollywood history and based on the James Ellroy novel. Josh Hartnett and Aaron Eckhart star as detectives, with Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Swank.Brian DePalma116
Leaves Of Grass20096.5Mystery & Crime, Drama, ComedyA philosophy professor returns home upon receiving news that his twin brother has been murdered by a drug deal gone wrong, but quickly learns that his death has been great exaggerated.Tim Blake Nelson100
In Too Deep19996.1Mystery & Crime, Drama, Action & AdventureOfficer Jeff Cole is given a dangerous mission: infiltrate the syndicate of ?God?, the charismatic and deadly crime lord who rules the city?s streets. But soon he begins to get in over his head...Michael Rymer92
House At The End Of The Street20125.6Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerHorror. Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot. A mother and daughter uncover creepy secrets when they move to a new town.Mark Tonderai96
And Soon The Darkness20105.2Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWhen two American girls go on a bike trip in a remote part of Argentina, one ends up missing and the other goes on a frantic search. With danger mounting, she must find her friend before darkness falls.Marcos Efron87
Mad Money20085.8Drama, ComedyRiotous comedy about three women who concoct a scheme to steal millions from the Federal Reserve Bank. Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes have the crime of their lives along with Ted Danson.Callie Khouri99
Highwaymen20045.7Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureA man sets out to avenge the death of his wife by tracking down her murderer - a serial killer who hunts and kills women using his '72 El Dorado.Robert Harmon77
The Illusionist20067.6SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, DramaThe opposite worlds of reality and illusion crash in a face-off between a 19th century magician and the policeman sworn to expose him. Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel and Rufus Sewell star.Neil Burger, Bob Yari104
Hannibal Rising20076.2Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaThe fifth film about serial killer Hannibal Lecter is a "prequel". It starts with his boyhood in World War II Lithuania where his family was massacred and he watched starving soldiers eat his sister.Peter Webber116
The Night Listener20065.9Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaPopular late-night radio show host Gabriel Noone develops an intense phone relationship with young listener Pete and his adopted mother just as his own domestic life is undergoing drastic changes.Patrick Stettner86
The Number 2320076.4Mystery & Crime, ThrillerAmiable Walter Sparrow becomes obsessed with a novel he believes was written about him. As more similarities arise his obsession turns to paranoia. Suspenseful change of pace for funnyman Jim Carrey.Joel Schumacher94
The Reaping20075.7Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWhen her family is murdered a missionary turns her back on religion and embraces science. But a mystical occurrence in a small town forces her to question her beliefs. Thriller starring Hilary Swank.Stephen Hopkins95
Ocean's Thirteen20076.9Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Comedy, Action & AdventureAl Pacino joins the cast after Ocean's 11 and 12. He's a thieving casino owner that Danny (George Clooney) and the gang set out to ruin - not for money but revenge. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon star.Steven Soderbergh117
Fracture20077.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA criminal genius (Anthony Hopkins) shoots his unfaithful wife, confesses to the police, pleads not guilty - then demands to go on trial. A chess-like battle of wits with a hotshot prosecutor follows.Gregory Hoblit109
The Invisible20076.3Mystery & Crime, DramaA handsome young writer with a bright future is brutally attacked and left for dead - except he's not - he's trapped in a ghostly limbo where no one can see him or hear him.David S. Goyer98
Metallica Through The Never20137.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureA real Metallica concert backdrops the dark story of a roadie (Dane DeHaan) sent on a mission to find a mysterious package during the gig. This is a loud, spectacular, two-headed wild beast of a movie.Nimrod Antal89
Paranoia20135.7Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaWhen he's put in place to spy on his boss's old mentor, Adam enjoys the perks but soon realises he's only a pawn in the corporate game and about to pay a dangerous price.Robert Luketic101
You're Next20116.5Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerIn this unique take on the cabin-in-the-woods genre, the hunters become the hunted when one of the family members they're trying to kill reveals her handy survival skills.Adam Wingard90
2 Guns20136.8Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureUndercover agents learn the truth about each other following a botched mission to infiltrate a drug cartel. Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington star in this powerful action comedy.Baltasar Kormakur105
Escape Plan20136.8SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureAction heroes Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger reunite in this tense thriller about two men who devise a daring plan to break out of the world’s most secret and secure prison.Mikael Hafstrom111
Heaven20027.1Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaA woman sworn to avenge her husband's death at the hands of a drug dealer falls in love with a police investigator. A potent story of retribution and redemption with Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi.Tom Tykwer93
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead19956.8Mystery & Crime, ThrillerFive crimes face the chop after botching a mob job and the leader has 48 hours to put things right for his pals and the woman he desires.Gary Fleder110
Empire State20135.2Mystery & Crime, Drama, Action & AdventureChris makes the mistake of mentioning the Empire State's lax security to his friend and is soon drawn into an elaborate scheme to rob the abundant amounts of cash being stored there.Dito Montiel90
Eagle Eye20086.6Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureStrangers are ripped from their ordinary lives when they are "activated" as part of a high tech assassination plot. They try to escape - but where do you go when the enemy is everywhere?D.J. Caruso112
Havana19906.0Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaJack is trying to make on big score in 1958 Havana - a pleasure-seeker's paradise on the verge of insurgency. But his plan doesn't include falling for Roberta, the beautiful wife of a revolutionary.Sydney Pollack138
Klute19717.2Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaA high class hooker becomes involved with a small town cop when he comes to New York to investigate the disappearance of a friend of his who apparently had a relationship with her.Alan J. Pakula109
Orphan20097.0Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaA husband and wife who recently lost their baby adopt a 9-year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she seems to be.Jaume Collet-Serra117
Instinct19996.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaWhen a noted anthropologist is imprisoned for murder, it's up to a young psychiatrist to get through to him. Soon both men embark on an extraordinary journey fuelled by their hunger for the truth.Jon Turteltaub118
Insomnia20027.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaWhen two LAPD detectives are sent to a remote Alaskan town to aid in the investigation of an alarming teen murder, they find themselves under the glare of the region's perpetual daylight.Christopher Nolan113
Prizzi's Honor19856.8Mystery & Crime, Romance, Drama, ComedyAn underworld hit man meets his match in the beautiful Irene. Their love affair takes a turn for the bizarre when Charley discovers that Irene is also a professional killer - and she's out to get him.John Huston, J. Huston123
Life Of Crime20135.8Drama, ComedyThe wife of a corrupt real estate developer is kidnapped by two common criminals who intend to extort him, but the husband decides he'd actually rather not pay the ransom to get back his wife.Daniel Schechter95
Thelma & Louise19916.8Drama, ComedyWinner of Best Screenplay at the Academy Awards, two accidental outlaws embark on a crime filled road trip with a determined detective on their trail and a sweet-talking hitchhiker in their path.Ridley Scott124
Dom Hemingway20136.2Drama, ComedyUK. A larger-than-life safe-cracker, released after 12 years in prison, looks to settle the ultimate debt. This hilarious crime caper stars Jude Law, Emilia Clarke and Richard E. Grant.Richard Shepard89
Shelter20107.9Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaDr Cara Jessup, an esteemed psychiatrist, whose scepticism of Multiple Personality Disorder is challenged when she meets a disturbing new patient who possesses the personalities of murder victims.Bjorn Stein, Mans Marlind108
Coriolanus20116.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaAfter being banished from Rome, a revered and feared Roman General allies himself with his sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city.Ralph Fiennes123
Pompeii20145.6Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureAs nature's fury destroys his city, a slave-turned-gladiator attempts to save his true love, a woman betrothed to a corrupt Roman senator.Paul W.S. Anderson100
Kill Your Darlings20136.5Mystery & Crime, Romance, Thriller, DramaCapturing a powerful moment in the development of some of history?s great writers, this biopic sees a young Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) caught up in a murder investigation in the 1950s.John Krokidas98
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit20146.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureChris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley & Kenneth Branagh star in an explosive action film about a CIA operative desperately racing against time to shut down a massive terrorist attack.Kenneth Branagh101
Closed Circuit20136.2Mystery & Crime, ThrillerWhen two ex-lovers are forced to re-unite for a high-profile terrorism case they begin to identify a deadly conspiracy. Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Julia Styles & Jim Broadbent star.John Crowley92
Night Train To Lisbon20136.8Mystery & Crime, Romance, ThrillerA professor abandons his boring life to track the fate of a Portuguese author who took on the fascist dictator Salazar. Jeremy Irons stars in an epic adventure full of political and emotional intrigue.106
In The House20127.4Mystery & Crime, Thriller, ComedyA 16-year-old insinuates himself into the house of a literature class student and writes about it in essays, but the boy?s intrusion will unleash a series of uncontrollable events.Francois Ozon101
Non-Stop20147.0Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureAir Marshal Bill Marks receives cryptic text messages during a flight demanding the airline to transfer $150 million into an off-shore account..or a passenger will be killed every 20 minutes.Jaume Collet-Serra101
Sabotage20145.7Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Action & AdventureWhen an elite DEA team takes down a drug lord $10 million goes missing from a cartel safe house. Suddenly members of the team are picked off one by one.David Ayer104
Blood Ties20136.5Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaClive Owen, Billy Crudup, Marion Cotillard, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana and James Caan star in this tense and powerful story of two brothers on opposite sides of the law in 1970s Brooklyn.Guillaume Canet127
Death Clique20145.7Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaIn this dark psychodrama, a jealous high school rivalry takes a grim turn when an unsuspecting teen is lured to an abandoned warehouse and killed in a shocking act of violence.Doug Campbell85
Deadly Spa20134.3Mystery & Crime, ThrillerFrom hot stone massages and cliffside yoga, Still Canyon Resort is everything that was advertised online. But there was one thing that wasn't in the brochure?no one ever leaves.Marita Grabiak85
Enemy20136.8Mystery & Crime, ThrillerA man becomes bizarrely intertwined with his exact double after spotting him in a movie. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a dual role in a hypnotic psychological thriller where only one man can survive.Denis Villeneuve87
Odd Thomas20136.9Mystery & Crime, ThrillerA clairvoyant cook who can communicate with the dead plunges into an apocalyptic battle of good versus evil. Anton Yelchin and Willem Dafoe star in a supernatural thriller based on the Dean Koontz book.Stephen Sommers92
Plush20135.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaDespite being married, rising rock star Hayley gives in to the new guitarist's advances. But as she slowly discovers Enzo's dark history, she realises she may have let a madman into her home.Catherine Hardwicke95
Blood20128.0Mystery & Crime, ThrillerWhen a shocking murder is committed in their small town, the Fairburn brothers will do whatever it takes to catch the killer, and try to live-up to the reputation of their ex-police chief father.Nick Murphy88
Locke20137.1Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaIvan receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will unravel his family, job, and soul - all taking place over the course of one absolutely riveting car ride.Steven Knight81
Friday The 13th19806.5Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerWelcome to Camp Crystal Lake, its history is bloody and the locals say it's cursed. It's the perfect place for a psychopath to slay camp counsellors one by one, under the light of a romantic full moon.Sean S. Cunningham91
Breathless20128.0Mystery & CrimeA Texas trailer housewife must find the cash from a robbery hidden by her small-time thief husband, dispose of a dead body, distract a nosy sheriff and outsmart a persistent private investigator.Jesse Baget87
Below20026.2SciFi & Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, ThrillerThe American submarine USS Tiger Shark picks up three survivors from a downed British hospital ship, but the unexpected visitors seem to spark a series of chilling, otherworldly occurrences.David Twohy101
Curdled19965.9Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, ComedyA seductive mass murderer meets his match when he encounters a sexy young woman named Gabriela, assigned to clean up one of his crime scenes.Reb Braddock85
Nightwatch19976.2Mystery & Crime, Horror, Thriller, DramaUni student Martin ignores warnings and takes a job as a city-morgue night watchman for extra cash. Odd happenings at the morgue are linked to a serial killer, and Inspector Thomas Cray investigates.Ole Bornedal97
Paid In Full20027.0Mystery & Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action & AdventureDrawn by the seductive lure of easy money in the illicit Harlem underground, Ace uses his skills to quickly take control of the streets and seize all the power than comes with it.Charles Stone III94
The Human Stain20036.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaAs an affair between a professor and cleaner heats up, the woman's husband becomes more dangerous, and a 50-year-old secret from the professors' past surfaces, threatening to ruin his entire life.Robert Benton101
Assassination Tango20025.8Mystery & Crime, DramaWhen the General he's sent to kill delays his return to the country, a seasoned hit man passes the time with a beautiful dancer who becomes his guide into Argentina's sensual world of the tango.Robert Duvall109
Hackers19956.2Mystery & Crime, ThrillerA neophyte "hacker" becomes the target of the FBI after he unknowingly taps into a high-tech embezzling scheme which could cause a horrific environmental disaster, in this suspenseful drama.Iain Softley101
House Of Games19877.3Mystery & Crime, Thriller, DramaA successful psychiatrist and bestselling author is drawn into the world of one of her patients, a compulsive gambler who introduces her to a dangerous and alluring confidence man.David Mamet97
Gang Related19976.7Mystery & Crime, Drama, Action & AdventureTwo men face the consequences after they kill a man and pin the murder on an innocent transient.Jim Kouf, Kathryn Bigelow106
Exorcist: The Beginning20045.1Mystery & Crime, Horror, ThrillerIn the place where evil was born, Father Merrin will finally see its true face as atrocities are committed against an innocent village - atrocities he has seen before and prayed to never see again.Renny Harlin108
Teaching Mrs. Tingle19995.2Mystery & Crime, Thriller, ComedyLeigh Ann Watson dreams of a college scholarship but her hopes are ruined when the dreaded Mrs. Tingle falsely accuses her of cheating! Now Leigh Ann wants to teach Mrs. Tingle a lesson of her own!Kevin Williamson91

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