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Best Nintendo Switch cases: 13 of the best travel cases for your portable games system

Whatever your preference for protection, be it pouch, bag or hard case, we've rounded up the best options here.

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The best thing about the Nintendo Switch, after the fact that it has sole exclusivity of games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is its portability. But it's a rough-and-tumble world out there and you'll need to protect your investment from all sorts of hazards.

Second problem: the phenomenal sales of the Nintendo Switch have attracted lots of peripheral manufacturers, some of them great, others dodgy as anything. Fortunately, we're on hand to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to travel solutions.

Collected here are the best options that money can buy. No matter what your size, weight and protection level requirements, there's bound to be something that's very much your bag.

Amazon Basics Vaultcase

Amazon Basics best Nintendo Switch case

Alright let's start out simple. Really simple. Painfully basic, in fact. The AmazonBasics Vault Case is about as straight up and down, both physically and philosophically, as you can get.

You're looking at a snug, clam-looking unit that neatly encapsulates your Switch. When you use the double zips to seal your Switch into this sucker we're talking wetsuit-level closeness to the unit. And as we all know: the less jiggle, the less chance of shock damage.

Beyond its decent durability, the AmazonBasics is a fairly no-frills offering.

The upper half of this clam includes a small fold-out material section that comfortably houses 10 game cards. I found these were gripped in adequately enough and even after a vigorous shaking I never opened the shell to be greeted with a hail of loose cards.

Behind it is a mesh pocket that holds way less than some product shots would have you believe (cramming additional Joy-Cons in, for example, is pretty ill-advised).

Beyond that, what the AmazonBasics lacks in superfluous features and design plot-twists, it more than makes up for in good old-fashioned reliability and an absurdly low price. For most of us that's more than enough to seal the deal.

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Fintie Protective Case

Fintie best Nintendo Switch case

Though it's relatively unknown in the gaming space, Fintie has quite a stellar reputation for quality cases to encapsulate tablets, laptops, wearable tech, cameras, printers and more.

Its Protective Case is a darn good first effort if you're after a super slim design that physically attaches to your console for extra protection while also providing the means to become a makeshift stand for on-the-go hands-free action.

Essentially, what we're looking at here is an EVA hard shell design that offers an inner pocket (that can actually hold an additional pair of Joy-Cons this time around) and comes with a storage sheet that locks in 10 game cards.

As for added features, you get a console strap to lash your Switch in a bit tighter. Also, everything is cinched together with a double zipper and there's a built-in elastic strap on top to aid carrying and to make this look like the world's smallest hand/man bag.

Last but not least, this is the case to pick if you want to sit neatly between the two extremes that are "boring and uninspired" and "so gamey looking I feel self-conscious at this boardroom meeting".

Fintie gives you a choice of rather chic outer skins, including rose gold, galaxy, a few red/white/blue options and two camo themes for those of you keen to lose your handheld while camping in a forest or arctic tundra.

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Mumba Carrying Case

Mumba best Nintendo Switch case

Here's one for the big spender who has 20+ games in their library. The Mumba Carrying Case has huge storage capacity for gamecards, not to mention a zip-sealable section in the top shell that can feasibly carry amiibos, modestly sized headphones, controllers and charging cables.

Even better, when this clam-style shell closes down for a zip-up, the fold-out game holding section neatly covers and further protects the entire length and breadth of your screen.

Speaking of added protection, you get a vertical strap inside that anchors your Switch down. Think of it as insurance for when you forget to zip the case closed.

The EVA case itself is also remarkably difficult to scratch and passed the drop test we did with our long-suffering test Switch.

The only downside I can see is that at 350g she's a little heftier than many other carry cases in her class. Beyond that, the quality craftsmanship on offer along with the respectable price point make this a winner for us.

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FYoung Switch Stand Charging Case

FYoung best Nintendo Switch case

Here's an interesting hybrid for you. In one svelte package FYoung offers the protection of a robust case and an in-built stand that includes a 10,000mAh battery that doubles the lifespan of any on-the-go game session.

Admittedly, that's not the largest capacity power source you'll find in Nintendo Switch circles, but it's convenient to have and comes with the console standard USB-C plus a micro USB to let you charge other devices, too.

The downshot: said cables are painfully short. Your devices are going to have to come to them in a sometimes awkwardly angled embrace.

On the plus side, the material pouch on the top half of this clam unit can hold a decent amount of accessories. It's also nice to see that a means to check the battery level has been implemented via four blue LED lights and a button.

Power producing, well pocketed and just as protective as you please, we think FYoung has delivered the goods with this one.

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WaterField Nintendo Switch Pouch

Here's the carry solution if you're an avid Nintendo Switch gamer and you've got some class. After all, this isn't 1989. Our hobby is no longer children's sole domain and you're probably much closer to the average gamer demographic nowadays (late 30s).

That being the case, you'd be mortified at your next Globocorp AGM if a fellow executive glanced over at you and spotted a Switch travel case made of blinding neon colours and more velcro than your dad's favourite wallet.

No, what they will get an envious eyeful of is the Waterfield Pouch, a Gucci-looking carry case lavished with premium full-grain leather, ballistic nylon and waxed canvasing. Heck, even the zipper is fancy, thanks to its YKK self-locking design (that won't scratch your precious Switch screen) and if you need more bling you can opt up to an aluminium or brass nickel-plated carabiner attachment.

Admittedly this is a style-over-substance solution, a pack-light pouch for those who don't want to lug around too many accessories. You'll only fit in the basics: console, a USB-C, a handful of games and some headphones, but you'll look fabulous while doing it.

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Brothers Starter Kit

If you're a true Nintendo fan, chances are you'll want to go official with everything you buy. I get it. It's a part of the quasi-cult mentality that's been burned into your brain since the NES era and the “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality” that Nintendo stuccoed on everything.

If that's your deal, then this is most definitely your bag: an officially licensed, durable, soft canvas case that flies the stars-'n-'shrooms flag of the great plumber himself.

This hard/rubbery case with embossed Mario detailing provides a decent amount of protection and offers some great storage too. You're looking at slots for 12 game cards, but it's a bit annoying that there's no divider – nothing to protect the Switch's screen from getting scratched up by loose accessories.

This is probably why the case comes with a bonus screen protector and applicator, plus some soft silicone grips for your Joy-Cons.

Prospective buyers should note that there is a decent amount of thickness to this model and it may be too bulky for your needs. Not a problem, though: there's another officially licensed PDP case that drops out the added accessories and is about half as thick.

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Butterfox Deluxe Travel Carrying Case

As the name would suggest, the Butterfox looks smooth and is smartly designed to be your all-in-one carry solution. It is priced above the rest of the field, but there's a reason for that: the talented craftspeople at Butterfox are constantly updating this case's design, pushing it towards perfection. I can detect no mentionable downsides to the product as the team has listened to the niggling feedback from many an OCD and pedantic Amazon reviewer. The end result is an incredibly well-designed hard case.

It'll hold your Switch, a USB-A-to-C cable, a pocket wall charger, two extra Joy-Cons and four wrist straps in a compact and stylish fashion. You also get 19 little snug and safe slots for game cards and two micro SD cards, typically the easiest-to-lose items in any Switch owner's collection.

Speaking of snug, even those of you who have thrown caution to the wind by not getting a screen protector will be worry-free here, thanks to microfibre-lined innards that won't defile the face of your Switch. It also comes with the soft central dividers that many officially licensed cases lack, which means fewer chances of jiggled accessories causing unpleasant scratches. This is an impressive mix of style and Switch safety.

Go out and buy with confidence in your choice of black, red, blue, green or pink.

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Deluxe Zelda Sheikah Eye Hard Case

Here's another officially licensed option for the purists among you. Built to exceed Nintendo's demanding standards, this puppy's main advantage over the Super Mario variant mentioned above is that it doesn't force you to pay for accessories you don't need, and it's less bulky.

Not only is this case less bulky, but its durable slate-gray Koskin leather outer-shell bears some beautifully embossed Zelda Breath of the Wild artwork.

This is more or less a collector's item for one of the most well-reviewed must-own games on the system.

Carry-wise, you're looking at a pure Switch case that is felt-lined to protect your sensitive Joy-Con sticks, plus there's a dedicated padded screen panel that holds the console in place. Don't expect to carry much else beyond a power cable and/or earphones, but I do love that there are hidden compartments for squirrelling away eight or so games (presumably for the winter).

The only downside I can mention: comes with a strong new-car smell. Have some Febreze ready to fire.

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Keys Factory Quick Pouch

Here's the case you need if you hold the adorability factor above all other concerns. Though it'll win no prizes in durability stress tests, the Japan-based outfit known as Keys Factory has delivered quite the endearing carry solution here.

It's more or less a glorified pencil case design measuring 30cm x 13cm x 3cm and made from super-stretchy material. This is ideal for gamers who most likely already own a solid backpack they trust and are after a bit of secondary protection.

It's mainly for the folks who love cute, clever designs. The Mario overalls motif is pleasingly eye-catching, even though it may look to some people like you're jamming foreign objects into the dismembered torso of one of gaming's most beloved icons. Speaking of, this also comes in a bunch of other designs including (natch) a Luigi's overalls motif, plus there are a handful of sexy Splatoon-inspired options, too.

Last but not least, in a pinch the carry case can be used as a means to protect your screen from any scratches from Nintendo's ill-designed console dock. Just flip it upside down and snug it over the front of the dock before you slot the Switch in.

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iDudu Messenger Travel bag

iDudu Messenger Bag

Originally selected for childish reasons owing to the phonetic sound of the name “iDudu”, this beast of a messenger bag quickly proved its worth to me in other ways. Its pockets a-go-go with this compact, protective and portable travel bag, thanks to tons of padded compartments that complement the main storage area (specifically, two sewn-in compartments designed to hold your Switch and dock respectively).

You also get a back zipper pocket that provides additional storage space for accessories, extra cabling or a power bank. I personally used it to (just) hold a 10-inch tablet.

Basically what you're looking at here is the perfect blend of compact looks with a spacious interior. It's thin but padded, and a decent alternative to the many, many hard-shell cases out there that look like toolboxes and aren't commuter-friendly on their own. Nintendo was big on positioning its Switch as the start-a-party machine and this messenger bag is stylish and unassuming enough to let you casually set one up without looking like an obsessed gamer.

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Mumba Nintendo Switch Clear Hybrid Protective Case

We've covered large bags and mid-size cases. But what about the minimalist end of the spectrum, the “you're protected but it feels like it's barely there” approach that wouldn't be out of place in a Durex marketing campaign.

Mumba has that corner of the market covered with its Slimfit series, a premium clear hybrid protective case whose scratch-resistant, skid-proof material goes so far as to prevent sun discolouration. (But what any gamer worth their thumbs would be doing outside escapes me.)

This is an exact-cut design that sleeves itself around your precious Switch and allows you full access to all ports, functions and buttons. This puppy's snug.

Better yet, it has a large shock-resistant TPU bumper sitting on the back of the console that provides rugged defence against droppage and some additional thickness that, I think, makes the Switch a bit more ergonomic to use. The only two downsides: you'll want to buy a tempered-glass screen protector to protect the front and this is not dock-friendly nor easy to clip off when you do want to slide your Switch back into its original home.

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Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case

The term “Big Bertha” is thrown around a lot these days (mostly by me and maybe three other people I grew up with) but rarely has it been more aptly applied than here.

The Hermitshell Hard EVA case is a monster of a thing. It has been custom-built to fit in a Nintendo Switch and all the accessories you can throw at it (charging cradle, AC adaptor with power cord, Joy-Con Grip or Switch Pro Controller, HDMI cable). It's also not fazed about looking like The Football, that nuclear launch station briefcase that's handcuffed to the POTUS's closest secret service agent.

I kid, of course. It's fashionable enough with its nice, smooth and shiny polyester-like EVA material that does not flex or give when pushed or punched. The only downsides I've experienced come from a lack of foam inserts in certain compartments, which can make for some excess jiggling of accessories.

It's a minor problem, though. On the whole, this is a beast of a case that's modestly priced for what it is.

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Orzly Protective Hard Portable Travel Case

If you're into the protection offered by the EVA material, but don't want to be lugging around something that resembles a Koopa shell with a handle, this Orzly Travel case is a good middle-ground.

Its comfy, microfibre belly will fit in a Switch tablet with both Joy-Cons attached and the upper section features a separate inner pocket that can accommodate more Joy-Cons or some cabling. There's no way a larger item, like a Pro controller and a dock, will squeeze in there though.

It's also worth mentioning that this is probably the most inconspicuous case solution on this list. If you know that you're going to be in a dodgy environment, having something as nondescript and logo-less as this might be a good idea.

Honestly, after vigorous testing, I can think of few downsides with this product, except for the fact that the little elastic carry strap is a bit weaksauce.

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