The best burgers that Sydney has to offer | 2019 ultimate list

Not all burgers were created equal. That’s why we’re on a hunt to find the best burger in Sydney.

Finding the best burger in Sydney is a lot harder in 2018 than it was a decade ago. It used to be relegated to the dull end of the menu, but these days the once humble burger is now – alongside kale chips and espresso martinis – a staple of the Sydney diet. Don't scoff. You know it to be true.

Fine dining and fast food are both deeply invested in the burger hype as are its consumers, who have gone on to create its own private Facebook group: Fatties Burger Appreciation Society.

Never before have you been able to get your two-handed dinner with such a variety: the classic beef, a cheesy weesy, an Aussie lamb, pulled pork, mini sliders, breakie burgers and even the humble veggie burger all make an appearance on this list.

Fine dining? Who needs it?

Some of us swear by the burger for a disappointment-free meal, while others are firmly in the "every once in a while" camp. You might be the healthiest little Vegemite in your bootcamp, but when you're having a cheat day, there's nothing better than sinking your teeth into a juicy hunk of meat between two buns.

Don't waste your calories on an average meal. These are the best burgers in Sydney. Memorise. Consume. Repeat.

And wipe off that drool. There's eating to be done.

Dee Why Hotel, Dee Why


Now, somewhere in the past year or so you might have heard tale of the Trufflenator. It was a meaty monster of a thing consisting of two 100g Wagyu beef patties, bacon, American cheese and onion rings all dressed with black truffle mayo, truffle butter, truffle-infused Havarti cheese and truffle maple syrup, making it a heart attack between two soft Japanese buns that you couldn't help but say, "Oh god, yes" to.

  • Address: 834 Pittwater Road, Dee Why
  • Open: Monday-Sat 10am-late, Sunday 10am-10pm
  • Must-try: The Famous Trufflenator
  • Price range: $80 for two (approx.)

The Potting Shed, Alexandria


This is perfection in a bite. Imagine a Big Mac that's everything you ever dreamed it could be: quality ingredients, soft buns, juicy meat with that sauce you know and love… that is the closest we can get to describing The Potting Shed’s Angus Beef Cheeseburger which comes housed in a pretzel bun.

The terracotta pot the accompanying chips are served in goes well with The Potting Shed’s charming country-house feel, too.

  • Address: 4143 Bourke Rd, Alexandria
  • Open: 11:30am-late daily
  • Must-try: The Shed Cheese Burger
  • Price range: $65 for two (approx.)

Mary’s, Newtown


Succulent, juicy and “ridiculously greasy”, there’s a reason people are lining out the door come weekends and we think it’s more than the Americana vibe and friendly wait staff. It’s not the Aria or Rockpool of burgers, more like the best fast food you’ve ever had, but we’re not complaining.

You can’t order cocktails at McDonalds.

To find Mary's look for the red lightbulb and the line of hungry burger worshippers. You'll get it when you get there.

  • Address: 6 Mary St, Newtown
  • Open: Monday to Friday 4pm - 12am, Saturday 12pm - 12am, Sunday 12am - 10pm
  • Must-try: Mary's Burger
  • Price range: $70 for two (approx.)

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Ze Pickle, Surry Hills


Queensland is fast becoming the origin for guilty pleasure noms with a penchant for Australian domination. First it was Doughnut Time, now it's Ze Pickle.

Its Surry Hills outfit is the third in its chain (it already has stores in Burleigh Heads and Fortitude Valley) and is "ze" place to knock back a craft beer and wrap your mouth around an inventive burger in a setting that screams "unpretentious".

  • Address: 6/17-51 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills
  • Open: Monday - Sunday, 12pm - late
  • Must-try: It's Chewy Mate
  • Price range: $55 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: Facebook

Burgers by Josh, pop-up


Pop-ups are known to have launched many a chefs career and notoriety, and none so much as Burgers By Josh. Burger fiends travelled far and wide to gaze in wonderment at his overindulgent burgers and sides.

Jurassic fries, twice booked in beer batter and poured over with Americana cheese and house 1000 island dressing was only the tip of the iceberg when compared to its infamous burgers, which could house any number of artery-pumping combinations including Wagyu beef, Americana cheese, lemon aioli, smoked green chilli relish, and house made pickles to Wagyu beef, dorritos, pickled jalapeno relish, chipotle cremas, Americana cheese and pica de gallo.

And all on Josh's signature milk buns. Tuck in.

  • Address: 17 Parramatta Road, Annandale, Sydney, NSW
  • Open: Monday - Sunday, 12pm-2:30pm and 5:30pm-9pm
  • Must-try: J Burger
  • Price range: $40 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: the Burgers By Josh website

Bar Luca, Sydney CBD


If there's only one burger that you try at Bar Luca make it the Blame Canada. It's all kinds of mouth watering, artery pumping, Canadian goodness - from the maple glazed streaky bacon and maple aioli right down to the mountain of poutine. Licking your lips already, aren't you?

Now top that with a 200g wagyu beef battle and some all American cheddar and you'll be right ready to forgive Canada for just about anything. Well, maybe not Justin Bieber.

Still licking your lips? Order a side of ice cream loaded fries and we promise you, all will be right with the world soon.

  • Address: 52 Phillip Street, CBD, Sydney, NSW
  • Open: Monday - Sunday, 12pm-2:30pm and 5:30pm-9pm
  • Must-try: Blame Canada Burger
  • Price range: $60 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: the Bar Luca website

Burger Project, Sydney


Defy the messy American burger for one moment and delight in the beauty of the creations by master chef Neil Perry. Founded in 2014, his "burger project" is committed to healthy, nutritious burgers that made with tender love and care.

Expect nothing less than all-Australian beef, sourced from Cape Grim in Tasmania, cut and rolled daily and ice cream that is churned daily for your guilty pleasure.

  • Address: World Square, Sydney
  • Open: Monday - Sunday, 11am-9pm
  • Must-try: The Bacon Project Burger
  • Price range: $45 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: Facebook

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Chur Burger, Surry Hills


New Zealand has done a few things right (Lorde, Hobbits etc) and we’re adding Chur Burger to that list. When a place wins ‘Best Burger’ in a city awash with burger joints, you sit up and take notice.

Luckily, it hasn’t gone to their heads; a burger will still only set you back $10.

  • Address: 48 Albion St, Surry Hills
  • Open: Monday - Saturday, 11:30am-10pm
  • Must-try: Spicy "Af" Chicken Burger
  • Price range: $50 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: Facebook

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Bare Grill Cafe, La Parouse


You know a burger joint is serious about its burgers when it goes so far as to brand them. And the burgers are Bare Grill are seriously good.

Expect the cafe to bulge at the walls over the weekend, but to make up for it has a stunning view to stare at when you do finally get inside.

The menu is 16-burgers strong which includes everything from your stock standard "original" cheese burger to a "death by burger" challenge burger. Not for the small stomached, we suggest you starve during the day if you wish to take down the 10 beef patty stack it packs.

  • Address: Shop 3/1599 Anzac Parade, La Perouse
  • Open: Monday - Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday - Sunday 11am-9pm
  • Must-try: The Bare Burger
  • Price range: $50 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: the Bare Grill website

Five Points Burgers, North Sydney


The North Shore's worst kept secret is Five Points. Believe us, it's worth crossing the bridge for.

Five Points offers quality American-style burgers and is open until late or until the store is sold out. Come in hungry, you'll need it to finish the massive whoppers these guys push out the doors daily.
  • Address: 124 Walker Street, North Sydney
  • Open: Monday - Wednesday 11:30am-5:30pm, Thursday - Friday 11:30am-9pm
  • Must-try: The Manhattan Burger
  • Price range: $40 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: Facebook

Bondi Hardware, Bondi Beach


Technically, Bondi Hardware’s burgers fall under the category of ‘sliders’, but sometimes food in miniature form is twice as nice.

Sink your teeth into its mini cheeseburgers with pickled onions, or if you’re down before 11am, a brunch slider with crispy bacon and avocado is an excellent hangover cure. Best served with a chilli-infused Bloody Mary and a dip in Bondi Beach afterwards.

  • Address: 39 Hall Street, Bondi Beach
  • Open: Monday - Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday 12pm-12am, Saturday 9am-12am, Sunday 9am-10pm
  • Price range: $95 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: Facebook

The Soda Factory, Surry Hills


Our favourite hot dog joint The Soda Factory entered the burger game this year and we can’t get enough.

Step inside this 1950s Americana speakeasy (yes, it’s a thing) to find a dark wooden enclave of milkshakes and nostalgia.

If you haven’t been down to this Surry Hills bar yet, it’s really time you did.

  • Address: 16 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills
  • Open: Monday - Thursday 5pm-2am, Friday 5pm-3am, Saturday 6pm-3am
  • Must-try: Fat Bubba's Chicken Burger
  • Price range: $75 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: Facebook

Vic's Meat Market, Pyrmont


There's some about seeing your meat go from market to plate practically in front of you that's so deliciously mesmerising. Attached to Vic's Meat Market is its Kong Bar.

The menu is short and easy to swallow consisting of pulled port and brisket sandwiches, but you're looking at that smoked Wagyu cheeseburger, aren't you? It's everything you expect, from a butchery that specialises in Wagyu and owns a custom-built Yoder smoker which is only fed ironbark and applewood. Yeah, you know you want this.

  • Address: Sydney Fish Market, Bank Street, Pyrmont
  • Open: Monday - Sunday 10am-4pm
  • Must-try: Smoked Wagyu Cheese Burger
  • Price range: $60 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: their website

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Soul Burger, Randwick


Vegan? While burger hounds will always be true to the meat patty we can appreciate that some of us might not worship at this same altar. That's why Soul Burger was born.

It's the holy grail of vegan burger joints, priding itself in fresh, healthy and plant-based burgers that look and taste a treat. Ingredients given the plant based treatment include spicy sausage, battered fish, cheese and, naturally, the "meat" patty. For those not completely sold on this plant based thing, there's also a falafel and mushroom burger to help ease you into the idea.

  • Address: 49 Perouse Road, Sydney
  • Open: Monday - Sunday 12pm-10pm
  • Must-try: The Aussie Burger
  • Price range: $30 for two (approx.)
  • Find them on: Facebook

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Hashtag Burgers, Pop-up


Burger pop-ups are so in right now and Hashtag Burgers is one of those hidden gems that hasn't become too big for its britches... yet.

It's not exactly a burger joint to be fair, but it does host infamous burger pop-up Funk-N-Burgers. I say infamous, because the Funk-N-Burger event is known to have an In-And-Out Burger inspired pop-up. Take it from experience, while the burgers might not be the exact same as the chain, they're still pretty darn good. And in the spirit of In-And-Out, the kids' meal comes with a free toy, too. #winning.

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