Bank of Melbourne Gold and Platinum Credit Card Insurances

Whether you're a Gold or Platinum cardholder you'll find that you have access to a range of insurance policies designed to protect you in a variety of situations.

If you are a Bank of Melbourne Gold or a Bank of Melbourne Platinum credit cardholder you are rewarded for their business via an extensive range of perks and benefits, including a wide selection of complimentary insurance policies which are offered by Allianz Global Assistance .

By simply paying for your purchases with your credit card for example, you could gain access to purchase security which protects goods against theft, damage or loss, or extended warranties on products you've purchased with an Australian warranty.

If you're taking an overseas trip, you could be covered for medical expenses, cancellations, unexpected expenses, delays and more. What's even more interesting is that in some cases, if you are travelling with your spouse and/or dependent children, they might also be eligible for some compensation, including medical expenses, accidents and much more.

One problem many people still have with these types of complimentary cover is that the policy documents that accompany the card are so long and full of general terms and conditions they simply don't have the patience to try and decipher what their benefits are, which is quite understandable. Life is hectic enough without you having to spend hours upon hours trying to make sense of a document that seems written by and for lawyers.

So as a card holder, learn more below about Bank of Melbourne's Gold and Platinum Credit card insurance policies, in what situations the policies apply and the situations in which you will not receive compensation. We'll also be looking at the coverage limits for each policy, which may vary depending on the type of card you have. Last but not least we will be covering exclusions and special situations.

Table of Contents:

An Overview of the Insurances Attached to the Bank of Melbourne Gold and Platinum Cards

If you own a Bank of Melbourne Gold or Platinum credit card, you are entitled to coverage in a number of situations and for various purchases, as long as you abide by the conditions stipulated in the policy. Firstly, for the various policies to be activated, you will usually need to charge the purchase – whether it's a trip or an item – to your Bank of Melbourne Gold or Platinum credit card. In some cases, you only need to pay part of the full cost with your credit card, but you still need to use it for the policy to apply.

Melbourne Gold and Platinum Card Details

So, let's take a closer look at exactly what you are covered for, the compensation limits and the conditions under which you are entitled to these benefits.

Overseas Travel Insurance Policy


If you're a current Bank of Melbourne Gold or Platinum cardholder, you, your spouse and any dependent children you may have are entitled to international travel insurance as long as all persons are 80 years of age or younger.

Eligibility requires you to having a return overseas travel ticket before you leave Australia and by charging a minimum of $500 of your prepaid travel costs to your credit card. These costs include but are not limited to the cost of your return ticket, airport or departure taxes and prepaid overseas accommodation.

For your spouse and dependent children to be eligible for this insurance, they must accompany you on the entire trip. They also need to have a return ticket prior to leaving the country and at least $500 of their prepaid travel costs must have been charged to your card. These conditions apply to each individual.

The insurance policy applies for trips of up to three months if you have a Gold card and up six months if you have a Platinum card. If an event occurs that is covered by this policy which delays your return to Australia, the policy can be extended for up to four weeks or until your return to Australia, whichever takes place earlier.

Following are the different types of coverage available and the associated limits under this policy:

Overseas Medical and Hospital Expenses

As long as you are 80 years old or under, you are eligible for coverage of any medical and hospital expenses you might incur while travelling overseas. Your spouse and any dependent children you may have are also covered by this policy.

Note that the insurer can return you to Australia for further medical treatment, if they feel it is required. However, this policy doesn't cover any medical and hospital expenses you might incur on Australian soil, which means you will have to claim on Medicare or to use any other medical insurance policy you have from an Australian company. If you refuse to return, the insurer will no longer pay for any other expenses you might subsequently incur.

In terms of medical expenses, the insurer will cover the following:

  • Medical, surgical or paramedical treatment;
  • Any other treatment recommended by a registered medical professional;
  • Costs related to ambulance services, hospitalisation or a nursing home;
  • Emergency transport to Australia or another destination if you don't have access to medical services in your current location or if they are substandard. Remember, evacuation can only be approved and arranged by Allianz Global Assistance;
  • Emergency dental treatment for healthy, natural teeth if a dentist gives written confirmation that care was required due to sudden onset of acute pain. Note: This does not cover ongoing dental treatment.

If the insurer determines that your claim is valid and agrees to pay your hospital and medical expenses overseas, they will also offer compensation for incidental expenses, including the rental of a TV and newspapers, or any calls you need to make from the hospital for each 24-hour period in which you are hospitalised as a bed care patient, as long as you provide a confirmation in writing from the hospital regarding the length of your stay.

The benefits are unlimited under this policy, except for dental treatment, which is limited to $2,000 per person. Additionally, your allowance for miscellaneous expenses as a bed care patient cannot exceed $15,000 in total, which is limited to $100 per day. An excess of $250 per claim is applicable, though.

In certain situations, a relative or friend may have to travel to your location to provide care or to act as your companion on your return trip to Australia. The insurer will cover their costs, which are payable directly to the person escorting you, as long as all the following conditions are met:

  • You have suffered an injury or have fallen extremely ill while the policy is still valid and you require assistance
  • You can provide a written recommendation from a qualified doctor that you require a companion;
  • Allianz assist agrees the person is necessary.

In terms of medical expenses, your claim will be approved if:

  • You fall ill while abroad;
  • You suffer an accidental injury caused by a sudden physical force while on your overseas trip.

Your claim for medical expenses will only be approved if these expenses were incurred overseas while on your trip, you are the person legally responsible for paying these costs and you can show the insurer written proof from a qualified and registered doctor that you were indeed ill or you incurred said injury. This proof must also detail the treatment you must undergo. Furthermore, the insurer must establish that the medical expenses in question are of a reasonable amount and were reasonably required.

Conversely, you aren't covered for medical expenses that are the result of a pre-existing medical condition other than the ones that are already covered, which we will look at a little later on. If your pre-existing medical condition was already approved in writing by the insurer and you have already paid the administration fee, you do not fall under this exclusion.

This policy does not cover expenses that:

  • Are the result of dental treatment required due to decaying or deteriorated teeth or that use precious metals;
  • You can be reimbursed for by a private medical fund or a government program;
  • You incur on Australian soil;
  • Are caused by HIV, AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or any other illness associated with these, regardless of how you became infected;
  • Are the result of a sexually transmitted disease;
  • Are caused by a disease that was contracted by giving or taking a drug, unless the procedure was performed under the supervision of a qualified, registered medical professional;
  • Are incurred more than a year after you fell ill or were disabled.

Lost or damaged property

This policy covers you during your trip, for the accidental loss, damage or theft of certain personal goods, which you either took with you or were purchased on your trip. Following are the items covered by this policy as well as the compensation limits for each type of card:

  • Luggage, clothes and valuables - Up to $5,000 per item for Platinum cardholders and up to $3,500 for Gold cardholders;
  • Binoculars and portable electrical items - Up to $5,000 per item for Platinum cardholders and up to $3,500 for Gold cardholders;
  • Cameras along with accessories and related equipment - Up to $5,500 per item for Platinum cardholders and up to $3,500 for Gold cardholders;
  • Laptops and related items - Up to $5,500 in total for both Gold cardholders;
  • Travel documents, money orders, cash credit cards, petrol coupons, currency notes, postal orders, bank notes or traveller's cheques that you had with you on your trip and meant to use personally. These are covered up to $550 per person and up to$1,250 per family for both types of cards.

Items that were purchased in the name of a business or for the use of a business entity are not covered by this policy. Additionally, scratched lenses of items like cameras and binoculars as well as scratched screens on laptops are not covered.

However, if your luggage has been misdirected, delayed or has temporarily been misplaced, you will receive up to $800 per person but maximum $1,600 per family for Platinum cardholders and up to $550 per person but no more than $1,000 per family for Gold cardholders. If you are submitting a claim for this event, though, you will need to provide written proof issued by the carrier who handled your luggage as well as receipts for the purchase of the items you needed to get.

In terms of traveller's cheques, travel documents or credit cards, you can only make a claim if you were fully compliant with every stipulation you agree to when these were issued. Additionally, you must have made a report that you lost any of these items within 24 hours of discovering their disappearance.

Note that you will need to prove you own the property you are making the claim for as well as proving its value, either via a receipt or valuation. If you cannot offer proof regarding the value of the items you lost, you will receive a maximum 10% of the maximum limit mentioned above for each item.

Please note that you will have to pay an excess of $250 for each claim except for the loss of travel documents, credit cards and traveller's cheques or the emergency replacement of clothing and toiletries. If you have to make multiple claims as the result of a single occurrence, the excess is payable only once.

Unexpected Cancellation of Trip and Other Unexpected costs

Once you have fulfilled the eligibility conditions of the international travel insurance policy, you are also covered for the sudden cancellation of your trip and other related unexpected costs. The expense will only be covered if it arises during the coverage period and due to one of the following reasons:

  • The occurrence of a natural disaster, current or recent, or there is a good chance of a natural disaster taking place at your destination or at your home or the home of you travelling companion while you are supposed to be on your trip;
  • While you are travelling abroad, your travel documents or those of the person accompanying you are lost or stolen;
  • Your residence in Australia or that belonging to the person accompanying you is destroyed;
  • You or the person you will be going with end up in quarantine;
  • You or the person going with you are subpoenaed to present yourselves in court in Australia;
  • A pre-existing medical condition as long as you have received approval and paid the required fee or it is automatically covered. If you only become aware that you have a medical issue after you purchased the tickets you still qualify for coverage, though not for medical coverage. Furthermore, you will still qualify if you, your travel companion or a relative in Australia dies, is seriously injured or contracts a serious illness;
  • Cancellation of authorised leave as long as you or your travelling companion are in the full-time employ of the police, ambulance, emergency, defence or fire services;
  • You or your travel companion have to take exams for your studies that you weren't expecting
  • A special event has been cancelled or delayed for reasons out of your control or your trip is delayed or cancelled by the carrier because of unexpected mechanical issues, bad weather, natural disasters, riots, strikes or civil commotion;
  • The unexpected retrenchment of you or your companion, but not voluntary redundancy or retrenchment;
  • You miss the next leg of your journey because your connecting flight was delayed or cancelled;
  • You miss out on your trip because you travel documents were stolen and you reported the disappearance to the police and give the insurer a copy of the report;
  • The licenced travel agent goes bankrupt.

In any of these situations, you have unlimited coverage, except for the travel agent's cancellation fee, which cannot exceed $500 or 15% of the total value of the trip the agent arranged for you, whichever is lower.

In terms of the insolvency or financial collapse of the travel agent, Platinum cardholders are entitled to a maximum $5,000 per person and no more than $10,000 per family. Gold cardholders can receive a maximum compensation of $3,750 per person but the total amount of the claim cannot exceed $7,500 for an entire family. You will have to pay the first $250 for every claim you lodge.

If you decide to continue your trip and do so as soon as you are able to, the insurer can choose to cover any parts of your cancelled trip that you already paid for and couldn't use and which aren't refundable. The other option they have is to cover the expense of you travelling in a higher class or the cost of higher seasonal travel rates, if that is all that is available. The insurer will cover these expenses after deducting any refunds you received due to the cancellation of your trip.

The insurance company will also pay for any portion of your cancelled accommodation arrangements that you couldn't take advantage of and couldn't obtain a refund for.

However, if you choose not to resume your trip, you will receive compensation for any travel and accommodation arrangements you didn't use but paid for and couldn't get a refund for.

An important point to note when it comes to cancellations is that if your travel agent won't refund the value or will only refund part of the value of a ticket or accommodation paid for using frequent flyer points or by redeeming a reward, this insurance will cover you for the quoted retail price of the ticket at the time it was issued.

Resuming your Trip after a Death in the Family

This policy provides you with cover for reasonable transport costs to return to Australia and then continue your trip if you have to get back to Australia right away because of the death of a family member. However, there are certain conditions that need to be met for you to receive compensation. They are as follows:

  • Your claim is not part of any of the exclusions stipulated in the policy. Although, if your relative had not been declared to have a terminal illness by a medical professional before you left on your trip, this doesn't qualify;
  • The death happened after you booked your trip;
  • Your trip wasn't over before you had to come back and you still had two weeks or 25% of your trip left, whichever option is greater;
  • The resumption of your journey takes places no later than 30 days of your return to Australia.

The insurer will cover the costs of an economy ticket to Australia and another ticket so you can go back to where you were supposed to be at the time. The maximum benefit amount Platinum cardholders can receive is $5,750 per person but no more than $12,500 for an entire family. Gold cardholders can get at most $5,250 per person but not more than $12,500 per family. An excess of $250 is applicable.

If you knew that your relative was close to dying and there was a good chance the event would occur while you were away on your trip, you're not entitled to compensation.

Extra Information

Special event

If you'll be missing a special event because your trip was cancelled unexpectedly due to circumstances outside of your control, you may receive compensation to cover the cost of an alternative means of transport so you can get to your destination and not miss the special event in question. Platinum cardholders are entitled to a maximum of $3,750 and Gold cardholders can get up to $3,250. You will be required to pay an excess of $250.

Rental vehicle excess

If you become legally liable to pay an insurance excess or deductible after filing a claim against a rental vehicle's comprehensive insurance policy, you're entitled to reimbursement by the insurer. The following conditions must be fulfilled for this to apply:

  • The rental agency you rented the vehicle from is licenced;
  • You were operating the vehicle in question in full accordance with the local laws of the area you are in;
  • The rental agreement must also have standard comprehensive motor insurance, which is normally offered by the rental agency and covers the loss or damage of the vehicle;
  • You need to abide by all the requirements of the rental agency according to the rental agreement and the insurer of the vehicle.

Platinum cardholders receive up to $5,500 to cover this event while Gold cardholders get up to $5,000, but a $250 excess does apply.

If you incur costs caused by loss or damage as a result of operating the vehicle in way that is not in accordance with the terms of the agreement, the natural wear and tear of the vehicle, damage caused by vermin and insects, inherent problem or damage, gradual deterioration or driving the vehicle on roads that are not public, you are not entitled to compensation.

Travel delay

You can be reimbursed up to $500 per person but no more than $1,100 for any additional meal and accommodation expenses you incur due to the delay of your transportation. The delay must be caused by unforeseen issues that you had no control over and should be a minimum of six hours.

Note that you must supply receipts as proof of your costs and a confirmation in writing from the carrier detailing how long the delay was and you will have to cover the first $250 out of your own pocket.

Funeral expenses

While on your trip, you are covered for funeral expenses for an unlimited amount as long as your death is not caused by suicide or a pre-existing medical condition that is not automatically covered by the policy or that has not received prior written approval from the insurer and for which you have paid the required fee.

Funeral expenses refer to the return of your remains or ashes to Australia as well as the cost of an overseas funeral or cremation. These costs will be covered if you perish while on your trip and the insurer is shown a death certificate issued by a qualified, registered medical professional to prove what caused your demise.

Accidental death

If the Bank of Melbourne transit accident insurance policy doesn't cover accidental death, you have coverage under this policy if you die due to an injury suffered in an accident. For this claim to be approved, death must take place no longer than 12 months after the accident, which must have been caused by visible, violent and external means. A death certificate must also be provided for confirmation.

If the vehicle you were a passenger in is involved in such an accident but your body is lost, after 12 months you will be considered dead as a result of the accident and compensation will be provided.

For Platinum cardholders, the insurer will pay $50,000 for the cardholder and $25,000 for the spouse and any dependent children on the trip but no more than $150,000 for the whole family. If you are a Gold cardholder, the insurer will cover up to $25,000 each for you, your spouse and any dependent children but no more than $75,000 per family.

Personal liability

Sometimes things happen that we really wish didn't or we simply misjudge a situation and end up causing bodily harm or the death of someone or damage to someone else's property someone through unintentional negligence. Under this policy, you are covered for personal liability up to $2,500,000. Note that only the insurer has the right to settle or defend the claim and only they can make an offer or payment or accept one.

Therefore, you're covered for personal liability as long as the event that caused it happened while you were on your trip and was unintentional or unexpected in terms of the consequences. Your legal fees will also be covered up to a reasonable level if the insurer incurs them in your name or you incur them after a written agreement with the insurer.

Please note that you're not covered for bodily harm or the death or illness of someone travelling with you or an employee. Likewise, you are not covered if the personal liability stems from:

  • The fact that you own or occupy a piece of land or a building, other than a residence you are temporarily living in as a tenant or lessee;
  • The fact that you control, use or own a motorised vehicle, watercraft or aircraft. If you're only a passenger and do not own the transport in question, you're not included in this exclusion;
  • Your occupation, profession or business;
  • The damage to a property that you own or control;
  • Fines or penalties, including exemplary, punitive, liquidated or aggravated damages, which are damages a judge might require a person to pay as a penalty and are not the same as those paid as compensation.

Loss of income

You, as the cardholder, and your spouse are covered for loss of income. The insurer will pay this benefit every month in arrears as long as all of the following are fulfilled:

  • You or your spouse are not able to go back to the work you did before leaving Australia after returning from your trip only because of injuries you suffered while travelling;
  • There is a medical certificate issued by an Australian qualified, registered medical professional to back this claim;
  • You or your spouse had a job or work waiting for you on your return to Australia. Written proof must be provided.

As a Platinum cardholder, you get $1,000 per person per week for at most 12 consecutive weeks but no more than a total of $12,000. Gold cardholders get at most $750 per week per person but no more than $9,000.

Domestic Pets

If any of the events this policy provides coverage for delay your return to Australia or the transport you were returning on was delayed by circumstances outside of your control, your insurance period will be extended for four weeks, during which time any extra boarding costs you might incur for domestic cats and dogs will be covered.

However, it is essential that you provide the insurer with proof of the extra fees incurred.

The maximum amount you can receive is $50 for each 24-hour period but no more than $500.

Assault needing hospitalisation

If you're assaulted while on your overseas trip and you need to be hospitalised because of the severity of your injuries, you'll receive compensation as long as there is a medical certificate to back your claim. The insurer must also be provided with a police report on the incident. The most you can receive, regardless of the type of card you own, is $500.


If control of the transport you're on while overseas is seized forcefully or via threats by people who are not authorised and you're detained more than 12 hours by these people, you'll be compensated with up to $250 per person for every 24 hours you're in captivity but no more than $20,000 per family.

Kidnap and ransom

If you're illegally abducted and held hostage while on a trip for the simple reason of extortion or ransom, the insurer will cover the cost of paying off the kidnappers to secure your release but no more than $100,000.

However, you'll only be reimbursed if you fulfil certain conditions. Firstly, you have to do your best to minimise how much you lose. You also shouldn't inform anyone that you have such an insurance policy and make sure to let the authorities know as soon as possible about what is happening and follow their advice and instructions.

Likewise, you should get in touch with the insurer immediately to appraise them of the situation. Try to ensure you remember identifying details, such as serial numbers of the cash or other items being handed over to get you released.

Additionally, you must never before have been kidnapped illegally or forcibly held hostage for the kidnappers to get ransom money. You also must never have had a threat of extortion made against you or someone in your family, whether they live in Australia or elsewhere.

Note that the insurer will not cover a kidnapping that took place in the countries or territorial waters of Somalia, Philippines, Mexico or any other countries found in Central or South America.

Transit accident cover

If you sustain an injury or pass away as the result of being a passenger, boarding or alighting a plane, train, ferry or bus, while you're travelling abroad, you're entitled to compensation. Note that you cannot be the driver, pilot or member of the crew.

This policy only goes into effect if the whole trip was paid for using your credit card. In some cases, coverage is available for your spouse and any dependent children you might have.

Thus, when the accident you're involved in leads to any of the injuries in the table below within one year of the accident occurring, you're entitled to receive compensation as listed in the table. If you suffer more than one injury due to the same accident, you'll only be compensated for the more severe injury.


Amount you're entitled to ($)

Platinum Card

Gold Card




Loss of both hands or feet



Loss of one hand and one foot



Loss of sight completely in both eyes



Loss of sight completely in one eye and loss of one hand or one foot



Loss of one hand or one foot



Loss of entire sight in one eye



The most you're entitled to, regardless of the number of claims resulting from one event, is $1,300,000 if you are a Platinum cardholder and $650,000 if you're a Gold cardholder, irrespective of how many cardholders, spouses and dependent children died in the accident.

Interstate Flight Inconvenience Coverage

This particular policy is only available to Platinum cardholders while they're travelling on a holiday in Australia in another state. The holiday can be up to 14 days and the entire cost of the return air ticket must have been charged to the credit card for the policy to be active. If you're eligible for this insurance, so too are your spouse and dependent children as long as the entire cost of their interstate air ticket has been paid for using the credit card. The coverage under this policy is valid for 14 days, except for cancellation insurance.

The benefits you're entitled to under this policy include:

Flight and baggage delays


If the interstate flight you intend to travel on is delayed for four hours or more and no other option in terms of transport is offered, you can charge up to $50 for every person on your credit card for food and refreshments. However, you cannot exceed $100 in total.

If your baggage has gone missing and has been delayed for more than 12 hours in reaching you, you may use your credit card to spend up to $75 per person for essential items, including clothes and toiletries, without exceeding $250.

Personal items that were lost or damaged

While on your interstate holiday, you have coverage for the theft, loss or damage of the clothes and other personal property you have with you, except for laptops and business goods. The most you can get for each item is $500 but no more than $1,250 in total, but you'll have to pay the first $250 for each claim.

Funeral expenses coverage after accidental death

If you're involved in an accident which led to your demise due to injuries you sustained in the accident in question, the insurer will pay up to $2,500 per person but no more than $5,000 to cover your funeral expenses. Your closest relatives will have to get in touch with Allianz to file a claim.

Funeral expenses refer to the cost of having your remains or ashes returned to your home town or city in Australia and the cost of your cremation or funeral.

Cancellation of your domestic trip

You'll receive a maximum of $1,750 if your domestic trip is cancelled due to reasons outside of your control and you have paid for said travel arrangements using your credit card. You're eligible for reimbursement as long as the trip was cancelled for any one of the following reasons:

  • You or the person accompanying you pass away, suffer a serious injury or become seriously ill, for which medical advice written by a qualified, registered medical professional will need to be provided;
  • Your normal home in Australia is devastated but not by acts of terrorism;
  • You have to go into quarantine;
  • You receive a subpoena to attend court in Australia;
  • Your trip is delayed or cancelled by the carrier due to an unforeseen natural disaster;
  • You or your spouse are suddenly retrenched.

This cover will no longer be valid 14 days after you leave your normal Australian residence to travel straight to the airport where you'll board the interstate flight or when you return home, if it's before the 14 days are up. An excess of $250 does apply to this situation.

Domestic rental vehicle excess coverage

If you have a Platinum card, you're entitled to coverage for rental vehicle excesses or deductibles in Australia which you have to pay as a result of making a claim based on the insurance policy that comes with the rental vehicle. The conditions for this policy to apply are:

  • You must have rented the vehicle from a licenced organisation;
  • The rental agreement must include standard comprehensive motor insurance that covers the loss or damage of the vehicle;
  • You must be in full compliance with all the rental agency's stipulations in the rental agreement and those of the vehicle insurance company.

If all the conditions are fulfilled, you can receive compensation up to $5,500 but an excess of $250 applies.

However, certain costs will not be covered. Thus, you will not be reimbursed for expenses caused by:

  • Loss or damage to the vehicle caused by improper operation;
  • Normal wear and tear, damage caused by vermin or insects, inherent damage or problems and gradual deterioration;
  • Taking the rental vehicle on non-public roads.

Purchase security coverage

If you use your Platinum card to make purchases, some items will be covered by the Purchase Security policy against theft, loss or damage for up to four months. Gold cardholders get this advantage for three months after the date of purchase. Thus, your goods are protected, regardless of where in the world you by them. Note that coverage becomes active only once you have taken possession of the items.

The insurer will not reimburse you for more than you charged to your credit card when purchasing the item. In terms of jewellery, fine arts and watches, Platinum cardholders are entitled to a maximum of $3,500 per claim they lodge and Gold cardholders can get no more than $3,000. The total value of benefits you can receive over a 12 month period, regardless of how many claims you make, cannot exceed $135,000 for Platinum cardholders and $125,000 for Gold cardholders.

Please note that you will have to pay an excess of $250 for each claim.

Extended warranty coverage

The Extended warranty coverage comes into play once the manufacturer's Australian warranty expires. This policy only comes into effect if you have purchased the item in question using your credit card and the whole value of the good was charged.

This policy is only applicable to items with an existing Australian warranty of six months or more but up to five years. The extended warranty period will be equal to the Australian warranty period but not greater than one year. The table below illustrates this:

Australian Warranty Period

Extended Warranty Period

Six months

Six months

Nine months

Nine months

One year

One year

Five years

One year

More than five years


This policy covers items that stop working as they should as a result of breaking down or becoming defective, as long as the defect or breakdown in question is covered by the manufacturer's Australian warranty.

Thus, the most you can receive as part of this policy is the actual amount you paid for the item in question using your credit card but no more than $20,000 per year for Platinum cards and $10,000 for Gold cards. For this policy, an excess of $250 does apply.

Price guarantee cover

The guaranteed price cover is a policy that is only available if you're a Platinum cardholder and only for the purchase of new items on Australian territory using your credit card. This coverage ensures that you get the best price for any item you buy.

Thus, if you show the insurer a printed catalogue within 21 days of purchase that features the exact same item at a lower price in a store that is no further than 25 kilometres from the store where you made your first purchase, you'll be reimbursed for the difference in price, as long as it's higher than $75. However, you cannot receive more than $300.

What Isn't Covered?

As with any insurance policy, there are situations that are not eligible for coverage. While the insurance policies attached to the Bank of Melbourne Gold and Platinum Credit Cards provide generous coverage for a wide range of events, there are still some that the insurer cannot provide cover for due to the costs or types of events involved.

Some of these include:

  • Travel – If you travel even though you have been advised not to do so by a medical professional, you are not eligible for insurance. Travelling with the intent of obtaining medical advice or treatment is also a situation that you cannot be insured for. Last but not least, you won't receive coverage if you travel after being told by a registered, qualified medical professional that you have a terminal condition.
  • Risky sports – You cannot be insured if an event is caused by you engaging in underwater activities that require artificial breathing equipment unless you have a diving licence or are diving with a qualified and registered diving instructor. Likewise, if the event is the result of rock climbing that requires the use of equipment, ropes or guides, as well as abseiling, bungee jumping, pot holing, caving, white water rafting, boating, running with the bulls, or tobogganing, you cannot be insured.
  • Lawful destruction – Your property or personal goods cannot be covered if they are lawfully destroyed or your ownership or control of said property or items is removed regardless of the person or organisation that does it.
  • Employment – If the event occurs as the result of your job or work, whether you are getting paid for it or not and whether it's in Australia or abroad, you cannot receive coverage. So, if you can't take leave from your job, you cannot receive benefits unless the event fulfils the conditions of the 'sudden cancellation of your trip and other unexpected costs' section of the 'international travel insurance policy'.

What do I do if I Need to Make a Claim?

What you do when making a claim will depend on where in the world you are.

Making a claim while overseas

If you're travelling overseas and need to make a claim or enquire with Allianz about any of your policies. This number can be reverse charged via Australia Direct.

Be sure you have the following documents with you:

  • The insurance policy booklet
  • Copies of your overseas return travel tickets
  • Eligible credit card account statements
  • Any necessary receipts and documents to prove you're eligible for the insurance.

Making a claim while in Australia

Call Allianz on within 30 days of returning overseas or from your interstate trip. If you're making a guaranteed pricing claim you'll need to phone Allianz within 21 days.

Remember Allianz provide their policyholders with some other complimentary emergency services, and these include:

  • Access to registered medical assistance
  • Emergency transportation to the nearest hospital
  • Emergency evacuation if needed
  • Keeping your family up to date in regards to your condition
  • Guaranteeing payment to hospitals and verifying insurance
  • Providing second opinions on medical matters

Remember, the complimentary insurance provided by your Bank of Melbourne credit card is as useful as your knowledge of it's coverage is. Read this, note down the numbers you need to call, and enjoy your overseas trip.

Important: Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850, AFS Licence No. 234708 is the issuer of the insurance group policy to Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 providing eligible Bank of Melbourne account holders and cardholders to claim under it as third party beneficiaries. For more information on this policy please refer to terms, conditions, limits and exclusions, of the group policy, set out in the Credit Card Complimentary Insurance Terms and Conditions. Bank of Melbourne/ Westpac does not guarantee the insurance.

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    NarendraFebruary 16, 2015

    My self and family wish to travel overseas. If we purchase our air ticket using Bank Of Melbourne Platinum Card, are we covered for travel insurance?

    • finder Customer Care
      JonathanFebruary 17, 2015Staff

      Hi Narendra, thanks for your inquiry!

      To be eligible for this cover you need to have a return overseas travel ticket before you leave Australia and by charging a minimum of $500 of your prepaid travel costs to your credit card. These costs include but are not limited to the cost of your return ticket, airport or departure taxes and prepaid overseas accommodation. Your spouse and any dependent children are also entitled to this insurance if they accompany you on the entire trip. They also need to have a return ticket prior to leaving the country and at least $500 of their prepaid travel costs must have been charged to your card.



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