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Put the spark back into your vehicle by hiring a top auto electrician.

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Today's vehicles are more reliant on electrical systems than they ever have been, and it can be extremely frustrating when something goes wrong. This is where an auto electrician can come in handy.

Our guide will help you to navigate the world of auto electrics so you can make an informed decision and hire the best person for the job, getting you back on the road in no time.

What is an auto electrician?

In basic terms, an auto electrician is a specially trained electrician who carries out repairs and replacements on electrical systems in a vehicle. Generally, their expertise covers cars, motorbikes, trucks and most other types of automotive.

What type of services does an auto electrician deliver?

Auto electricians offer a wide range of services which ultimately involve repairing or replacing a number of different electrical systems in your vehicle. Take a look at the detailed list of services below to understand what they can offer you.

Engine electrics

Arguably the most crucial part of the car's electronics, the engine relies on sound and safe components to function correctly. An auto electrician will carry out an inspection of your vehicle battery, starter motor and battery, repairing or replacing any of the connecting parts.


Most modern vehicles are fitted with microprocessor-controlled anti-lock braking systems (ABS). Auto electricians will use a diagnostic machine to ensure your ABS is running at full capacity and to a safe standard.

Car lighting

Maintaining good headlights, foglights and indicators is both a legal requirement and good safety practice. If you have any issues with your vehicle's lights, an auto electrician will carry out this repair service.

General vehicle electronics

Auto electricians can also offer smaller, but no less important services, such as repairing issues with windscreen wipers, central locking and dashboard lights. All of these items require electrical systems to work.

Roadside assistance

A high number of roadside breakdowns are the result of electrical faults within the vehicle. A mobile auto electrician can diagnose and often repair the fault at the roadside, letting you avoid expensive tow truck charges.

Where do I find an auto electrician?

There are a couple of different ways of finding an auto electrician. A quick Google search of "auto electrician near me" will be sufficient enough to produce a long list of local auto electricians in your area.

Alternatively, you can use a local market place like Oneflare or Airtasker to connect to handy auto electricians near you.

What questions should I ask an auto electrician?

  • Are you licensed? Auto electricians require a license to practice in Australia. Asking them to prove this will ensure the service you receive is from a fully qualified professional.
  • Are you insured? Australian law requires all auto electricians to be insured. This is also a great reflection of the quality of service.
  • What does your estimated quote include? Asking this question will ensure there is crystal clear clarity between you and the electrician. Often, quotes don't include parts or unexpected labour time.

How much does an auto electrician typically charge?

Auto electricians charge customers differently, depending on the job in question and how long it takes to complete. If any new or extra parts are needed for the job, then this will increase the price significantly.

Typically, an auto electrician will charge an hourly rate of between $35 and $80.

It is important to shop around for the best deal, as different auto electricians and companies charge different hourly rates. Choosing the right person for the right price should always be at the forefront of your mind.

Bottom line

Although the ins and outs of your vehicle's electrical functions may be a mystery, finding an auto electrical service to fix them doesn't have to be. By understanding how the process works and using our guide, finding the right auto electrician for the job has never been easier.

Frequently asked questions about auto electrician

What are the most common auto electrical problems?

One of the most common auto electrical problems is that a vehicle will not start, followed by the complete failure of the vehicle's electronics. In many cases it is simply a failure of the vehicle's battery, other times it can be something far more severe.

Do auto electricians require a license?

A license is required to practice as an auto electrician in Australia. To gain a license you'll also need to have a specific set of qualifications.

What are the advantages of hiring an auto electrician?

Hiring an auto electrician will give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the functionality and safety of your vehicle. Ignoring, or failing to deal with an electrical problem correctly, may result in a serious fault in the vehicle and even cause a roadside accident.

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