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Robyn Foyster

Robyn Foyster


Robyn Foyster is an award-winning journalist and the owner and publisher of Women Love Tech, The Carousel and Game Changers. She is also the founder of retail app Sweep – the world’s first AR community-based shopping app. An experienced executive and board director, Robyn has successfully led multiple companies including her own media and tech business. Prior to that, Robyn was a senior publisher and TV executive and highly respected Editor-in-Chief of the country's biggest selling magazine, The Australian Women's Weekly.

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How do we encourage more women in STEM?

Tech entrepreneur Robyn Foyster looks at the value of encouraging women to explore STEM fields – and how we can unlock more opportunities for them.

Robyn Foyster 20 February 2020
How do we encourage more women in STEM?
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